Grasping Evil - Chapter 331.2

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Another reason why he would take out his spiritual puppets without any reservation was because he needed to slaughter all the packs of wolves and intrude the snowy valley to assassinate Tan Lang who was slumber in the demon egg.

The faster it finishes, the better!

Ning Fan hid his ten fingers under his sleeves and secretly performed hand seals to predict the future.

His art of divination was inherited from Ancient Chaos’ memories and it was not an excellent one.

However, the more he performed the divination, the stronger he felt that a sense of danger was approaching.

I’m afraid this sense of danger is due to that Realm Beast… We must not waste any more time…

Once everyone had come to a consensus in cooperating with each other, all of them no longer lingered around that place and directly set out to the snowy valley.

Lu Jiefen took out his Purple Yang Mirror and used the flames produced by the mirror to support Qu Shun, Lin Su and others while rushing to their destination.

As for Ning Fan, he sent everyone in his group onto the golden flame chariot with a flick of his sleeve. Then, they turned into a golden fiery ray of light and dashed forward, creating a rift amidst the snowy air.

A purple ray and a golden ray of light shot out from the complicated valley, passing through the heavy snowstorm and traversing tens of thousands of star hills.

At the end of a few hilltops, a narrow road which led to a mountain valley loomed within their field of vision.

That mountain valley only had a remote and narrow path. It was thickly covered by snow and it was heavily guarded by packs of wolves.

When they arrived at the place, the coldness of the atmosphere had frozen a few Nascent Soul Realm cultivators of the White Devil Sect to death. Upon being exposed to the extreme weather of the area, the weaklings of the group sighed remorsefully while travelling in trepidation.

However, the eyes of the strong experts like Ning Fan were filled with solemnity and ardor.

As long as they could kill their way into the snowy valley and wipe out the wolf packs, they could then take advantage of the opportunity to finish off the slumbering Wolf King. After that, they could cancel the seal at the end of the valley and enter the central domain of the Heaven Hall!

At the moment when two beams which were respectively purple and golden entered the valley, one million wolf demons within that area looked up and their eyes flashed with surprise.

Within them, seventeen Late Divine Transformation Realm star wolves and eight blood wolves used the same intonation to speak exactly the same words at the same time!

“So many Divine Transformation Realm beings actually intend to enter the valley to kill my slumbering demon body! How dare they be so bold?!”

All the wolf demons at the scene were Tan Lang’s clones.

The seventeen star wolves and the eight blood wolves were also parts of Tan Lang’s soul.

He expelled a great amount of his demon soul’s power from his body and condensed the star power to create these numbers of wolves to guard the snowy valley.

As for his true demon body, it was slumbering within the demon egg without any consciousness somewhere in the valley, attempting to break free from its star spirit body!

“Whoever dares to disturb me during my sleep shall be killed!”

The sound of a roar was amplified by the roar of a million wolves. The wolf demons which were as concentrated as an ant colony immediately parted into two groups. One of them charged towards Lu Jiefen’s group while the other stormed towards Ning Fan’s!

When wolf demons let out roars simultaneously, their killing intent was earth-shattering and their roars rumbled like thunder. Some of the star hills within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) experienced avalanches as the earth quaked violently!

It was the combination of killing intent from one million wolf demons! The more the number of people, the greater the aura; and of course the more vigorous the killing intent!

The experts from the White Devil Sect including Lin Su were stupefied by the scene before them.

They were the proud sons of heaven from the Upper World. In their usual cultivation, they had never stained their hands with blood, let alone witness a massive battle involving millions!

This was a battle with the demon race. It was not a place where the members of the human race should come.

To them, a scene like this would only be possible during a world war which would happen once in a thousand years. However, one thousand years ago, they had never taken part in the world war at all!

The members of the White Devil Sect were caught off guard by that sudden attack and some of the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were immediately killed under the jaws of the tremendous packs of wolves. Lu Jiefen and Qu Shun were cultivators who were trained and tempered through bloodsheds. They had grown accustomed to large-scale battles like this. Even so, when facing such a huge number of enemies, they also found it hard to cope with the situation.

8 star wolves, 2 blood wolves at the peak stage of the Divine Transformation Realm and one blood wolf at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm led a pack consisting nearly five hundred thousand wolves to surround Lu Jiefen’s group like a tidal wave. In a single moment, they had actually gained the upper hand in battle!

As for Ning Fan’s side, there were nine star wolves and five blood wolves leading five hundred thousand wolf demons attacking his group.

Countless screams and cries of agony could be heard from the battle formation of the White Devil Sect. Wu Yan could not help but feel a little worried.

“Lu Bei, there are so many wolf demons. You must be careful…”

“Don’t worry!” Ning Fan replied to her with only two words!

This bloody battle against one million wolf demons in the snowy valley would probably become the most painful and the most unforgettable memory for the outstanding beings of the White Devil Sect in their entire lifetimes.

To Ning Fan, however, he had seen such a bloody scene far too many times…

The Demon Sinister Forest was the sea of blood which he painted using the lives of innumerable ghosts and spirits.

The Star Palace was the graveyard where he piled up many corpses of sea beasts!

Now, these five hundred thousand wolf demons would not be able to suppress Ning Fan at all!

In just his trip in the Star Sea alone, his hands had already taken millions upon millions of lives of sea beasts!


As soon as Ning Fan shouted that single word with his mouth, a dark sword sense swept across the surroundings, instantly eliminating five thousand wolf demons which had besieged the golden flame chariot!

Every time the dark color spread, there would be countless wolf demons dying with their bodies exploding into pieces.

At the moment when Ning Fan had activated his killing intent, a blood-red Baleful Qi began to disperse in the sky within ten thousand li* (500m per li), dying it crimson red as if doomsday had arrived.

That was the Baleful Qi which he acquired  through millions upon millions of corpses!

Just as this Baleful Qi spread, not a single wolf below the Divine Transformation Realm among the five hundred thousand wolf demons dared to look Ning Fan in the eye. Each of them was trembling uncontrollably and instinctively fell down from the sky, lying flat on the snowy ground. Their minds were in a state of chaos!

It was the collision of killing intents! Surprisingly, the party who lost was the packs of wolves!

The killing intent which was combined from five hundred thousand demon wolves was actually overwhelmed by Ning Fan’s alone!

“Five hundred thousand wolf demons? It’s not enough! Trying to compete killing intent with me without five hundred thousand Gold Core Realm beings? It’s courting death!”

The crowd tactic performed by the five hundred thousand beings below the Gold Core Realm had no effect on Ning Fan at all!

What he uttered was extremely wild and arrogant. But that was the truth!

With just a single shout, he scared off the rest of the packs, leaving only eight star wolves at the late stage of Divine Transformation Realm, three blood wolves at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm and 2 blood wolves at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm!

The two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm blood wolves would of course be assigned to the black puppet and the black dragon to handle.

As for the three Peak Divine Transformation Realm blood wolves, Ning Fan planned to take them all himself.

The remaining eight star wolves would be ganged up by Yue Lingkong and the rest of his group!

The snow shrouded the sky. Standing amidst the sky, Ning Fan held the Blood Dragon Demon Sword and emanated a bloody Baleful Qi just like a devil god!

The three blood wolves encircled him. After they recognized Ning Fan’s appearance, the three of them revealed a ferocious look.

“It’s you! You are that little brat which cut down one of my incarnations!”

“Very well. By luck, you managed to kill one of my separated souls on that day. Today, you still want to intrude into the snowy valley and eliminate my slumbering demon body, don’t you!”

“Little brat, name yourself. I would never kill a nameless warrior!”

The three blood wolves had locked in their killing intents on Ning Fan and let out a series of bellows of anger with pairs of bloodshot eyes. Those pairs of eyes only appear when one meets their personal enemies!

Ning Fan did not even look at the three wolves. His eyes had also become blood-red. All his killing qi was fused into the blood sword, trying to gain complete control over it!

In the past when he forcibly tore off the first seal on the sword, it upgraded the sword and became a Half-Step Void Treasure. The reason why it could not break through to the level of a Void Treasure was because Ning Fan’s killing qi was not enough to suppress the blood intent of the sword.

Today, however, Ning Fan was already different from before. Facing the sword, he coldly spoke, “If you still don’t yield to me, then you will be broken into pieces today!”

His hands were stained with the fresh blood of countless enemies. He wanted to completely suppress this blood sword which was forged using the demon skeleton of a blood dragon!


The blood sword let out a dissatisfied roar. It was a treasured sword which was made using the bones of the Immortal Blood Dragon. How could it yield to just an ant of the mortal world?

However, Ning Fan’s killing intent was just too overwhelming! His Baleful Qi was just too vigorous!

The blood dragon within the sword had no other options but to yield to him!

If it doesn’t, Ning Fan could insert his Baleful Qi which was strong enough to cause the blood dragon’s Dao to crack and break the sword!

The roar the sword emitted gradually subsided. What replaced that was an enormous aura which soared high up into the sky from it!

At this moment, the blood sword became sparkling-red as if it was a coated glaze and its body was engraved with strange blood-red runes. Without a doubt, it had already turned into a Void Treasure!

“A Mortal Void Treasure!”

The three blood wolves’ faces were filled with greed.

They were the clones created from Tan Lang’s soul. Therefore, each of them had also inherited the greedy nature which originally belonged to Tan Lang.

Void Treasure. It was a precious treasure which was also sought after by Void Refinement Realm experts. As for this blood sword, it still had the second and third seals which had yet to be unsealed. It was not an ordinary Void Treasure. Instead, it was an excellent item which Tan Lang coveted greatly!


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