Grasping Evil - Chapter 331.3

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“I must... get this sword!” The three blood wolves sneered evilly and vanished into three rays of blood-red light, rushing towards Ning Fan.

“Well then, exchange it with your lives!”

Ning Fan clawed at the earth with one of his hands. Then, the soul of the great earth within one hundred thousand li* (500 m per li) was drawn into his palm. After absorbing it all, his aura rose drastically, rising straight to the peak of the Late Divine Transformation Realm!

When he pressed his finger against his glabella, the Separation Slayer Sword appeared. Holding the Separation Slayer Sword in his left hand while holding the Blood Sword in his right, he wielded them furiously but gracefully as if he was doing a dual-sword dance. His sword qi soared into the air as threads of swords began to revolve around his body.

It was unrestrained like the random clouds in the sky and its speed was fast like tempestuous rain. All the sword threads did not seem to be cutting hollow space but the chests of his enemies instead.

“Heart Drawing Sword!”

It has been a long time since the last time he used this technique. However, based on the power of these two swords in his hands today and his comprehension of the Dao of Sword, the might of this technique had become incredibly terrifying!

“It’s bad!”

The expressions of these three blood wolves changed and their shadows which were charging at Ning Fan were forcibly stopped. At the same time, the three of them vomited blood and their hearts were crushed.

The Nascent Soul Realm sword technique might be unable to kill the three wolves, but it was enough to make them suffer serious injuries!

Without giving them any time to think, Ning Fan wielded the Separation Slayer Sword in his left hand. With its incredible sharpness, it smoothly chopped off the head of one of the bloody wolves.

The might of the blood sword in his right hand spread throughout the air. As soon as he wielded it, a sea of blood appeared. The demon bodies of the remaining two blood wolves then burst to bits, leaving their panic-stricken demon souls.

In the blink of an eye, all three of their demon bodies were destroyed by Ning Fan and were only left with their demon souls! 

That scene had deeply astonished Lin Su and the others who were still being attacked by the packs of wolves. Even Lu Jie Fen also heaved a deep breath, feeling impressed by Ning Fan’s capabilities.

If he were in Ning Fan’s shoes, he would not be able to achieve victory against three Peak Divine Transformation Realm blood wolves in such a short amount of time even though he could surely beat them!

The three souls of the blood wolves were greatly frightened and they wanted to flee away at once. However, Ning Fan simply wielded the Separation Slayer Sword in his left hand again, transforming it into a sword shadow of starlight, and commanded it to chase after them.

At the same time, he pointed one of his fingers out on his right hand, displaying the Heaven Sealing Technique. The souls of the three wolves trembled all of a sudden and were literally immobilized in midair!

“Oh no! We can’t run away! Ahhh!”

The three of them let out yelps of pain at the same time as their souls were minced to pieces by the Separation Slayer Sword!

Their shredded souls were then effortlessly kept by Ning Fan into his sleeve for the black puppet to feed on later.

His eyes were then locked on to the two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm blood wolves again.

Those two wolves were now kept occupied by the black puppet and the refined dragon corpse. None of them had the time to pay attention to what was happening around them at all. 

When they sensed Ning Fan’s gaze locking onto them, both their facial expressions changed. With great surprise, they found out that the three blood wolves already died at Ning Fan’s hands after just a dozen breaths. 

“H-how… dare you kill the blood wolves which were created from parts of my soul! Once I awaken from my slumber, I will surely annihilate you and your entire family!”

“Unfortunately, you won’t ever have the chance!”

Ning Fan kept both the Separation Slayer Sword and the Blood Sword and trudged towards the two wolves step-by-step.

His steps might seem slow and steady but every step he took could almost traverse several thousands of li* (500m per li). When he made the first step, he appeared in white robes just like the clouds floating in the sky. As for the following step he made, he turned into a dark shadow that was black like ink. His forms were eerily switching between black and white and eventually, he completely transformed into a shadow of darkness in the end.


Both the blood wolves had never expected that Ning Fan would be able to summon an incarnation. While facing Ning Fan who was approaching them one step at a time, they felt rather helpless as they could not spare a hand to defend themselves against him.  All of a sudden, they let out a howl respectively. Instantly, the five hundred thousand demon wolves who still could not stop trembling in fear behaved as if their minds were being controlled. Each and every one of them were no longer afraid of Ning Fan and charged towards him like a tidal wave.


In an instant, the pack of wolves which would make one’s heart palpitate with fright ran over Ning Fan’s black shadow, smashing it to pieces. 

However, at the moment when his black shadow broke apart, it immediately dispersed in all directions.  Then, the scene was filled with a series of heartrending screams. One hundred thousand demon wolves were ripped to shreds, killing every last one of them! 

A single dispersal and fusion of his dark shadow eliminated one hundred thousand demon wolves!

When his black shadow went through five dispersals and fusions, all five hundred thousand demon wolves had been turned into remains with their blood flooding the area like a sea of blood, turning the valley of snow into a ghastly and gloomy ruins. 

He’s strong, too strong!

After transforming into the black shadow, Ning Fan’s aura was already at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm! 

“What kind of incarnation technique was that?! Now, it’s bad! Having this man here, my slumbering demon body would be in grave danger!”

The two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm blood wolves were in great shock. One of them immediately abandoned the other and fled in the direction of the snow valley.

The blood wolf which was left behind had to face the black dragon and the black puppet all on its own. After just a brief moment, it had already received some severe injuries. Looking at Ning Fan who was coming closer to it, it’s expression had already revealed its will to die.

“Using the body of this blood wolf, even if I have to risk losing its life, I won’t let you all hurt my real demon body! Blood Ignition!”

The blood wolf had gone into a frenzied mode and ignited its own demon blood!

In this world, the scene where a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert would be forced to ignite their demon blood was just too rare! 

“Oh no! That blood wolf which has escaped must be going to awaken his sleeping demon body at all costs! The Wolf King has given up on continuing his slumber. He must have felt threatened by Lu Bei and therefore, he wants to wake himself up by force to protect himself and kill his enemies!”

As soon as Yue Lingkong noticed the blood wolf which soared into the sky and fled, she said all that with an anxious tone.

One of the wolves was running away whereas the other was fighting desperately.

Yue Lingkong, as well as all the other experts present knew from the bottom of their hearts how scary a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm being who had ignited their own blood was.

A Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert who wants to go all-out and put their life on the line to struggle might even be able to parry the attacks from three to four experts at a single time.

If the blood wolf ran away and successfully awakens his sleeping main demon body, who else could kill the conscious Wolf King whose cultivation level was at the Void Refinement Realm?!

“We must not let the Wolf King awaken! Or else the only choice we have is to let go of the emperor’s star and leave the Star Palace at once!” Qu Shun was afraid too. Every cultivator who was at the battlefield was tied down by the packs of wolves. The only person who could move freely and pursue the blood wolf was Ning Fan!

“Lu Bei! Do it now! Not a single one of us will be able to get the emperor’s star if we let that blood wolf run away!”

Lu Jie Fen yelled in distress.

Even though he did not believe Ning Fan would have the capability to kill a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm being, he thought it would be enough to save the situation as long as Ning Fan could pin down the blood wolf!

“Lu Bei! ACT NOW!”

“General Bei! We must not allow that sinful wolf to escape!”

“General Bei!”

Each of the shouts and calls that filled the air were asking Ning Fan to act.

Everyone had placed their hopes on Ning Fan.

However, Ning Fan’s heart was not touched at all by their calls for action. His eyes revealed a hint of coldness. That coldness was a natural feeling that surged from the bottom of his bones after transforming into an incarnation.

“You all are noisy! It’s just a blood wolf. Do you think it can run away from me? Black Tempest Rupture Art!”

The black shadow made a step forward and dispersed into a black cloud.

At the next moment, traces of black shadows emerged in front of the escaping blood wolf without showing any signs. All of a sudden, it was hauled into the darkness by the black shadows.

If the blood wolf was determined to fight Ning Fan, his technique might not necessarily be effective at its first attempt. 

However, since the blood wolf had placed all its focus in escaping, it was caught off guard and was then struck by the Black Tempest Rupture Art. How would it be possible for it to survive!

“Ahh! M-My demon body…”

That blood wolf howled in pain and its face was filled with reluctance as it died within the black shadows.

The black shadows condensed again and Ning Fan reappeared in black robes, blocking the entrance to the valley of snow. With a pair of cold eyes, he glared at the wolves as if he alone was able to hold out against thousands of them. 

In his gory hand, he held a feeble demon soul of the blood wolf which had already passed out.

Instantly, that scene seemed to have stirred a hurricane within the hearts of all the experts around.

“What… was that magical technique?”

Killing a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm being with just a single move! 

Even though it was a sneak-attack, Lu Jie Fen and the other Half-Step Void Refinement experts reckoned that they would probably have to suffer serious injuries and wondered if they could withstand the technique if Ning Fan were to attack them head-on with it!

What a terrifying magical technique!

He has just attained the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, b-but… he is already capable of killing a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert!

“So this is… Lu Bei?” Lin Su’s heart suddenly jolted.

How could Lin Su fight against a person like him?

If Lin Su were to know Ning Fan has such power, he would never have started a feud with Ning Fan!


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