Grasping Evil - Chapter 332.2

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Most of the people that were there also became composed after seeing Ning Fan open his mouth to stop a conflict from arising. As he said, if they really want to fight, they should do it after breaking this iceberg-like giant egg together.

“It’s not a simple thing to do! The ice egg where the Wolf King is sleeping inside was condensed borrowing the cold qi of the whole snow valley. I’m afraid its hardness might already be strong enough to withstand an attack at the Mid Void Refinement Realm… It seems that we all still need to join hands one more time and attack it together at the same time to break this ice egg!” Qu Shun suggested with a solemn expression. 

“Alright! I will make a count of three and then let’s cast our strongest techniques together to break the shell of this egg!”

Lu Jie Fen said and glanced at everyone there. Qu Shun was the first one to nod his head in agreement with his words followed by Ning Fan. As for the two elderly men from the White Devil Sect, they also agreed after exchanging glances with each other.

Once the plan was set, they all took out their magic weapons and performed hand seals. Each of them began to raise their own auras. All of a sudden, the temperature within the basin raised drastically as a strong gale began to blow. 

Ning Fan patted his storage pouch and took out his Blood Sword. His eyes were gradually being filled with traces of sword intent. The aura of the sword turned into sword threads that whirled around him.




At the exact moment Lu Jie Fen shouted out ‘three’, everyone pulled themselves away from each other and cast their strongest strikes at the ice egg.

Except for… the two elderly experts from the White Devil Sect!

A series of attacks bombarded the giant egg of ice. Although it had been struck by attacks from tens of Divine Transformation Realm experts present, there were only a few cracks on the egg. Moreover, through the cracks, a trace of faint golden demon blood began to flow out. 

Ning Fan also wielded his sword at the ice egg. However, his mind was constantly perturbed by the two elderly experts of the White Devil Sect beside him.

Once everyone was exhausted after striking the ice egg. Both the elderly experts’ eyes were filled with killing intent.

Each of them took out an immortal charm that emanated a forceful cold qi. A column of ice flames flashed on the tips of their fingers and the charms were ignited. And then, they turned into two traces of bone-chilling wind and blew towards everyone in a moment!

“Hehe! Just like the saying goes that there is too little gruel for too many monks. As for the matter of breaking the ice egg, both of us will figure out another way ourselves. Small fry from the Mortal World like you all can die now!”

Robbing the treasure! Without a doubt, they were attempting to rob the treasure and take it all for themselves!

Most of the people harbored some other thoughts within their minds. During their first attempt in attacking the egg, all of them had reserved half of their strength in case somebody among them violates the agreement.

However, even though they had taken precautions, none of them expected that the elderly men from the White Devil Sect would be so arrogant as to try to keep the ice egg for themselves by attacking all the experts here.

Under the icy windstorm, even Lu Jie Fen and Qu Shun were slightly hurt when they were blown by it. Their eyes were filled with anger.

“Detestable! You two are actually trying to keep the Key of the Star Palace for yourselves?!”

“Haha! So what if we do? Be incensed!”

The two elderly experts shouted and murmured some incantations. The icy wind immediately got stronger. An Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator might also be torn apart by it even if they were prepared to defend against it!

After Lu Jie Fen and Qu Shun were blown away, the two elderly men’s gaze locked onto the ice egg which was already half-broken after the previous barrages of attacks. In a flash, they appeared in front of the iceberg. They both exercised immense strength which was strong enough to move a mountain and literally lifted the egg off from where it was and placed it on their shoulders. Apparently, they were trying to keep it in their storage pouch!

That icy wind was so powerful that it could at least drag away all the experts at the scene for at least the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. To them, that amount of time was enough for them to run away with the ice egg containing Tan Lang. Afterward, they could pick a safer place to slowly break it and kill Tan Lang!

The icy windstorm blew towards Ning Fan and his group. It was so fierce that it seemed like it was going to blow them all away.

Each of the Honorable Demon Generals’ faces was seething with rage. They intended to scold the two elderly men for their disgraceful actions. However, before they could even open their mouths, a wall of black flames abruptly appeared from the ground and soared into the sky. It had blocked out parts of the wind, protecting all the female cultivators and Honorable Demon Generals from being injured!

Moreover, after the icy wind was stopped, the wall of flames transformed into nine black fire dragons which were one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) long each. Their appearance had caused the power of the icy wind to be greatly weakened!

“Keeping a treasure for yourselves is not something you should do…”

Ning Fan passed through the black flames and stepped on one of the fire dragons, rushing past the icy wind. In a flash, he landed heavily on top of the iceberg. His moves were as fast as lightning. At the next moment, he violently sucked at the crack on the egg, extracting droplets of faint golden demon blood from within. 

These droplets of demon blood were similar to those he got from the First World. They contained tremendous power within.

These droplets of blood initially belonged to Lu Wu. After that, they were consumed by Tan Lang. Now, however, Ning Fan had literally sucked all of them out from just an injury on Tan Lang! 

Nobody noticed that Ning Fan had taken advantage of the chaos to extract all of Tan Lang’s demon blood. Under his sleeves, eighteen drops of golden demon blood congealed!

After Tan Lang’s demon blood was sucked dry, he was now dying and his breath became weak and feeble!

Sympathetically, the two elderly experts from the White Devil Sect had yet to realize that Tan Lang who was slumbering inside the giant iceberg above their shoulders was going to be a dead wolf soon.

This wolf did not have the key. Besides, after its blood was completely drawn out by Ning Fan, it was completely worthless.

Since these two old monsters of the White Devil Sect want it, then I’ll just let it be!


Standing at the peak of the iceberg, Ning Fan suddenly bent down and landed a strong hard fist on it.


More cracks were formed on the iceberg. Furthermore, the force of his punch spread into the internal parts of the iceberg through these cracks, affecting Tan Lang’s slumbering demon body. Upon receiving the impact, Tan Lang’s demon soul was shattered, completely eradicating that sinful wolf!

The remaining force of his punch then spread towards the shoulders of the two old monsters. Upon impact, the bones of their shoulders were totally crushed.  They spat out mouthfuls of fresh blood. Even so, their eyes flashed with ferocity and they forcibly kept the iceberg into their storage pouch.

“Young man! The next time we meet, it will be your death! Get lost!”

They glared viciously at Ning Fan. They knew that it was not a good time to fight with Ning Fan and they should immediately flee away with the treasure.

One of them held the Black Ice Tortoise Shield while the other held the Pure Flask of Wind and Snow. When they both vanished into the distance, the group of experts yelled in anger.

“Shameless! How dare you go against your own words! It’s such a shame to regard yourselves as experts from the White Devil Sect of!”

“Hmph! You wanna keep the Key of the Star Palace to yourselves? In your dreams!”

In the blink of an eye, Lu Jie Fen and Qu Shun teleported with all their might and pursued the two elderly experts in anger.

Upon seeing what had happened, Yue Lingkong and Yuan Yao were panicking. They also wanted to go forward and chase after them too. But they were held back by Ning Fan with his palm.

“We don’t have to fight for it!”

“But why? They have just taken the key to the Star Palace away!”

“Nope. They didn’t!”

Ning Fan smirked and kept the eighteen drops of golden blood into a flask. After that, he comforted the worried female cultivators including Yuan Yao using telepathy.

“Ever since the beginning, the key has already been with me …”


Other than the female corpse whose face remained relaxed and composed, the other four female cultivators were all taken by surprise.

“H… How could it be? I don’t understand… ” Xi Ran was confused. After all, if the Key had always been with Ning Fan since the beginning, then why did he work so hard to slaughter the Wolf King?

“There is not much time for me to explain now. I have killed Tan Lang during the mess earlier. Before those guys find out about it and come back, we should take advantage of this opportunity to enter the central domain of the Heaven Hall… ”

Ning Fan only said those words to the female cultivators through telepathy and only they could hear him. 

Not to mention Lu Daochen, he, of course, had already known that the key was in Ning Fan’s hands as he was the one who presented the key to him.

As for the other seven Honorable Demon Generals, some of them were kept by Ning Fan as his slaves while the others only had a shallow relationship with him. Thus, all of them were unworthy to be told about this secret.

“Master Lu, I’m now going to fulfill my promise… As Honorable Demon Generals, I recommend that you all should leave the Star Palace as soon as possible and return to the Second World to manage the tribes. I have a hunch that the Star Palace is not going to be peaceful soon…”

When Ning Fan thought of the imminent sense of crisis which grew stronger and closer as time passed by, his eyes became solemn.

“Alright. Just go and fulfill the promise between you and me… I just have one word for you… Thank you for this great favor!”

Lu Daochen who had a pair of old cloudy eyes was more than thrilled to bits. He could finally accomplish his lifetime wish: to free Demon Marshal Lu’s remnant soul from punishment.

It was Ning Fan who helped him accomplish his long-cherished wish. He had deeply carved the debt of gratitude which he owed Ning Fan into his mind.

No matter how successful he would be once he ascends to the Land of Demons in the future, he would never forget that there was once a person named Lu Bei who had helped him accomplish his longstanding wish which was even more important than his own life.

The icy wind had not totally dissipated. However, the atmosphere within this frozen land had gradually died down.

The other seven Honorable Demon Generals were looking at each other with doubt.

“Uhhh… That’s it? Is it over? Is it time for us to go home now?”

They did not know that the key was now in Ning Fan’s hands. Each of their faces still had a hint of indignation for not being able to get even a share of the benefits. 

After hearing Ning Fan’s words, they understood that Ning Fan was implying for them to leave. Obviously, there were some secrets that could not be told within the central domain of the Heaven Hall. Therefore, he did not plan on bringing anyone along.

These Honorable Demon Generals only knew that the key was robbed by those two White Devil Sect experts.


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