Grasping Evil - Chapter 332.3

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After putting so much effort, they only came to realize that all the benefits had been cheated out of them by the White Devil Sect. None of them could do anything about it. 

But when they thought of it from another perspective, the journey in the Star Palace was full of danger and most of the time, everyone was only able to survive because of Ning Fan who protected them.

Besides, out of the seven Honorable Demon Generals excluding Lu Daochen, four of them had all been planted with demon seal by Ning Fan and were kept as demon slaves.

Anyhow, the seven of them should show some courtesy by having a polite conversation with Ning Fan for their parting, even though they were very unwilling to do so.

“Hai, Lu Bei. The key… is gone and it can only be blamed on the shamelessness of the experts from the White Devil Sect. None of us have expected that the two of them would suddenly betray us so you need not take it to heart…”

Both the Wind General and Thunder General comforted Ning Fan. With unreadable facial expressions, they then took out their formation disks and left the Star Palace, returning to the Second World.

The rest of them greeted Ning Fan with cupped fists as an act of courtesy one after another and left after bidding him a brief farewell.

Since the Key of the Star Palace had already been seized by others, there was no point for them to continue staying here as it was impossible for them to obtain the emperor’s star. Moreover, staying in the Star Palace would only put themselves in greater danger. 

“Let’s go. We shall all dismiss ourselves now… Furthermore, we still have to return to our tribes and disseminate the news of Marshal Lu’s death …”

As they thought of Lu Wu’s death, no matter how iron-hearted each of the Honorable Demon Generals were, they could not help but sigh and sob about it.

The seven Honorable Demon Generals left in succession and finally, it was Lu Daochen’s turn. He felt slightly pleased and relieved. With reluctance, he then cupped his fists, activated his formation disk and vanished...

“Lu Bei, be careful in your journey… If there is a chance in the future, come back to visit Wan Er …”

“Of course I will!”

Ning Fan cupped his fists as well and his eyes flashed with a hint of sadness.

Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness, whenever there is a meeting, there is bound to be a parting as well.

Setting all his feelings aside, he kept all his spiritual puppets, leaving only the black dragon and black puppet by his side for self-defense.

Once all the female cultivators had boarded the golden flame chariot, Ning Fan leaped onto it and maneuvered it to the other side of this snowy ground without caring about the fights between the White Devil Sect experts and Lu Jiefen and Qu Shun anymore.

“Is the key really in your hands? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Yuan Yao’s eyes were filled with a faint trace of petulance. Her current facial expression was extremely like that of a woman who was bickering with her lover.

“I was afraid that if I told you earlier, you will fight me to death to obtain the key … To be honest, I don’t want to fight with you. If I obtain the inheritance of the emperor’s star, I would certainly give you a trace of the black star’s power so that you can save your sister.”

“This… Thank you…”

Yuan Yao sighed softly. Originally, she had something to tell Ning Fan. In the end, however, those words were stuck in her throat. 

“I’m also unwilling to be your enemy…”

Along with Tan Lang’s death, the enormous iceberg which sealed off all the paths at the end of the ice basin was now only an outward show. As soon as the golden flame chariot crashed through it, a path was literally opened up. At the end of the path was a bright glowing gate.

In a golden flash, the golden flame chariot charged into the gate, entering the next area… 

Yuan Yao, Wu Yan and Xi Ran all felt a sudden feeling of reluctance. They can’t help but feel that they were going to part with each other soon.

“Lu Bei will leave once he gets the emperor’s star… In this life...will we meet each other…again?”

It was the same question that arose within the three women’s minds. However, nobody dared to open their mouths and ask as it would only add up more sadness.

On the other side, the two elderly experts of the White Devil Sect carefully kept the storage pouch containing Tan Lang’s corpse. They certainly had no idea that Tan Lang was already dead.

They also did not know that because of their actions, Ning Fan did not instantly activate the power of the black snow which he planted within them to kill them but let them become the scapegoats instead.

Activating it is just to let them die earlier.

Even if I don’t activate it right now, the power of Wind Snow would also activate itself soon.

However, before their deaths, Ning Fan made use of them by using them as a decoy to draw Lu Jiefen and the others’ attention away.

He then took advantage of the opportunity to find Lu Wu to complete his mission and obtain the inheritance of the emperor’s star.

Lu Jiefen was very infuriated, extremely infuriated!

He had already reserved half of his power earlier to defend himself in case someone broke the agreement and started an internal fight.

However, who Lu Jiefen was keeping an eye on was Ning Fan. What he felt most worried about was that Ning Fan, the cunning young man who never played by rules, would sneak-attack him at any moment.

“I never expected that Lu Bei wasn’t the one who attacked me but the two helpers whom I brought along! If I had known about it, I wouldn’t have invited the White Devil Sect and I shouldn’t have saved Lin Su back then! I would just let him die!” Lu Jiefen yelled in fury.

“This prince also didn’t expect it either. This time, Lu Bei has already behaved himself but it was the two other rats from the White Devil Sect who were making trouble… There is nothing to be afraid of from the two elderly experts. It isn’t difficult to kill the two of them, let alone obtain the Wolf King back. But I have one thing that I can’t understand… Lu Bei is a person who never does anything with a loss. With that personality, why didn’t he come and chase after the two traitors after he was sneak-attacked and had the Key to the Star Palace stolen away from him? It just does not seem like the way he would do things… Don’t tell me that he did not have the intention of obtaining the emperor’s star. Is there something that I’ve missed?”

Qu Shun’s eyes turned solemn.

However clever he might be, he would never figure out that whatever Ning Fan had done to contend for the key all the way was just for show.

Ning Fan had already gotten the Key of the Star Palace long before coming to the Third World.

Within the snow valley which were covered with wolf carcasses, there were only seven Divine Transformation Realm cultivators from the Demon World, seven Divine Transformation Realm experts from the White Devil Sect including Lin Su and a few Nascent Soul Realm cultivators who were still alive. The others had already perished during the battle. 

A moment ago, both parties were still fighting alongside each other and saw the wolves as their enemies. But at the moment when the two experts from the White Devil Sect returned, another fight immediately began between the two groups. 

“Junior! We’ve obtained the key! Let’s go now!” The White Devil Sect experts shouted hastily at Lin Su.

“Zhao Ge! Do it! Kill the members of the White Devil Sect!” Qu Shun’s eyes were cold and indifferent as he ordered one of his subordinates. 

Zhao Ge and Lin Su’s expressions immediately changed upon hearing Qu Shun’s words. None of them were fools. Since the White Devil Sect had seized the key, then their enemy was no longer Ning Fan or the wolf demons but the White Devil Sect itself!


Lu Jiefen’s wielded his Purple Yang Mirror and blocked two the White Devil Sect experts’ escape route for. Qu Shun took this opportunity and took out a golden palm-leaf fan. With just a single flap, a column of golden flames was shot out vigorously.

From the bottom of their hearts, the two elderly experts knew that it would be hard for them to keep the key for themselves if they don’t fight with Lu Jiefen and others until they die.

“Humph! You are just courting death to have become enemies of our sect, the White Devil Sect!”

“So what if you guys are from the White Devil Sect? We are demons and you all are humans. Naturally, you are our enemies. What can others do to us for killing both of you?! Hand over the ice egg of the Wolf King and everything can still be forgiven!” Lu Jiefen shouted with wrath.

“Don’t even think that’s possible!” The two White Devil Sect experts sneered coldly.

Thus, another clash began!

However, nobody noticed that there was a ray of light that flashed past outside the snow valley with a burly man who was draped in a long cloak appearing at the peak of a star hill. He lowered his cold-piercing eyes and looked attentively at the fight which had just started.

“The demon race… The White Devil Sect…”

No one knew his presence.

However, when he heard of the word ‘key’, his eyes lit up with joy.

“That’s it! The Key of the Star Palace! If I get the key, then I would obtain the emperor’s star! Then, that lowly slave woman would surely come looking for me to obtain that emperor’s star. I would then kill her! I have plenty of ways to end her life in mind!”

The burly man grinned sinisterly. Standing at the top of the star mountain while bathing in the icy snow, he then made a stomp on the ground! 

That move he made caused the hollow space within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500 m per li) to be crushed entirely!

The experts of the two parties who were engaging each other just now were abnormally fearful at the same time.

“A Void Refinement Realm expert! Why is there a Void Refinement Realm expert here?”

“Crushing the hollow space within one hundred thousand li* (500 m per li) with just a single step! I’m afraid not even a Mid Void Refinement Realm can compare to that level of strength… That person must be at the Late Void Refinement Realm!”

The atmosphere was filled with exclamations of fright and cries. However, at the next moment, all of them were drowned by a domineering voice.

“Give me the key and I shall kill all of you with your corpse intact.”

The cloaked burly man said with a menacing tone.

“That friend over there, we are from the White Devil Sect…” Lin Su’s eyes glinted with surprise. Facing that burly man in front of him, he had no courage to resist him at all.

The only thing that he could do was to declare his identity in order to threaten him.

“Who is your friend?!”

The burly man then made another stomp. Without showing any signs, pieces of jet-black knives condensed from the power of the void shot towards Lin Su, shredding him into pieces.

In an instant, Lin Su’s life was snuffed out!

The two elderly men were both frightened and angered at the same time. However, that expression on their faces turned into terror at the next moment.

It was because the burly man who was standing a certain distance away had his gaze fixed on both of them.

“Give me the key!”

Well, it was proven that a loss might not necessarily be a bad thing but a blessing in disguise.

Keeping Tan Lang’s demon egg for oneself might not necessarily be a good thing as well…


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