Grasping Evil - Chapter 333.1

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The cloaked burly man showed up in a vigorous manner. Everything had just happened within a single breath’s time. 

After Lin Su’s death, the cold threat uttered by the burly man reverberated within the two elderly experts’ minds, gradually transforming into the feeling of fear which flooded their hearts.

It can’t be wrong! This cloaked burly man must be a Late Void Refinement Realm expert! He is a superb expert who can kill hundreds of Divine Transformation Realm cultivators all on his own!

Moreover, if the two of them were not wrong, that burly man’s cultivation level seemed to have regressed due to the injuries he suffered.

“What exactly is his original cultivation level?”

“No, we can’t mess with him… We absolutely can’t mess with him!”

The two of them were originally helpers whom Lin Su invited to help him seize the emperor’s star.

Currently, since Lin Su was already dead they, of course, did not dare to gamble their lives against a Late Void Refinement Realm expert just for the emperor’s star which could boost their cultivation level.

“T-The key is right here…”

They both gulped and took out a ten thousand zhang* huge iceberg-like egg with difficulty from their storage pouch and placed it on the snowy ground.

After that, the two of them cupped their fists in the direction of the star mountain while their bodies shivered in fear.  With a shaky voice, they spoke.

“This is the key… We, juniors, will leave nowfirst. Please excuse us… ”

What the two old experts had in their minds was quite fanciful as they were thinking of leading the surviving members of the White Devil Sect to escape from Star Palace.

However, just as they took out the iceberg, their action immediately triggered the advent of their deaths.

“Hmm… Even though there are things that changed, it’s indeed the aura of the demon marshal slumbering in this land. Judging from the situation, the original demon marshal had died and his body was then eaten by another Void Refinement Realm expert…” 

The burly man took a step forward and in the blink of an eye, he appeared right before the ice egg which was now situated on the snow valley from the peak of the star mountain which was tens of thousands of li* (500m per li) away. With an indifferent tone, he spoke:

“The Key of the Star Palace is most probably with this wolf… Since you handed over the key, you, members of the White Devil Sect, can die now!”

As soon as his voice fell, the burly man immediately stretched his five fingers out like a claw.  His action might look casual, but it immediately stirred up an unimaginable windstorm of the Void Realm!

He actually wanted to kill everyone who was there to get rid of witnesses!

Even Lu Jiefen and Qu Shun were no exceptions!

Under the windstorm of the Void Realm, all cultivators below the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, including the Divine Transformation Realm experts were killed in just a moment! 

The two elderly experts’ faces scowled and they roared in rage. 

“Y-You didn't keep your promise! We have already handed over the key! Why didn’t you let us go?!”

“What a joke! I just asked you to hand over the key! When did I promise to spare you all? While I was in my prime, Void Fragmentation experts or even Life Immortals were just my snacks. I could have easily killed them with just a single wave of my hand! What qualifications do mere Divine Transformation Realm cultivators like you all have to reason with me?!”

The cloaked burly man pointed using his finger and four blades of the Void Realm flew swiftly towards Lu Jiefen and the other three men at an incredible speed.

It was just a random attack from the burly man. Even so, its destructive power was certainly not any weaker than that of an ordinary Early Void Refinement Realm expert’s all-out attack! 

Qu Shun waved his golden fan and a billow of golden flames blasted out. However, when the golden flames clashed against the blades, a hissing sound could be heard and the flames dispersed and died away.

Qu Shun hurriedly broke the life jade and a Void Refinement Realm protective light barrier enclosed his body.

However, when he was struck by the blades, the protective light barrier broke and his triple-layered battle armor shattered. Upon receiving the attack, Qu Shun was already in a grievous state and he was on the verge of dying!

Since Qu Shun was already so badly beaten, the two elderly experts of the White Devil Sect were even worse.

Previously, they were sneak-attacked by the black dragon and the black puppet. Moreover, when they were trying to seize the egg, their shoulders and chests were injured by Ning Fan’s punch. After the two confrontations, the injuries they suffered were not light. 

Now, as they were facing the blades of the void which dashed towards them, both of them panicked and immediately defended themselves with their magical weapons.

“Black Ice Tortoise, appear!”

“Pure Flask of Wind and Snow, suppress!”

These two magic weapons were Half-Step Void Treasures. However, even magic weapons at this grade were instantly crushed to powder upon contact with the blades.

Both of them summoned their spiritual equipment and armors. However, all of them were shattered one after another by the blades and in the end, their bodies were also destroyed along with whatever they had taken out to protect themselves, leaving only two panic-stricken primordial spirits. They hastily picked up their storage pouches. Out of fear, they took out a Treasure of Immortal’s Abode and hid within it!

Among them, only Lu Jiefen has yet to suffer any injuries at all. Facing the incoming blade, he wielded his natal magical treasure - Purple Yang Mirror without hesitation.

He then spat out a mouthful of blood essence which seeped into the mirror. Under his control, the Purple Yang mirror shot out tens of thousands of purple light rays in succession which clashed against the blade.

However, the amount of purple light rays he conjured were not enough to deplete the power of the void blades and it gave the blade the opportunity to hit the Purple Yang Mirror instead. A precious mirror treasure that was in perfectly good condition was then split into halves. The probability of restoring the mirror to its original state was unknown.

Even though Lu Jiefen was unscathed, he had lost a great treasure. Lu Jiefen was definitely not calm after losing such a precious treasure. 

“His random strike could even crush a Void Treasure! His power is just too terrifying!”

Lu Jie Fen’s heart was flooded with astonishment. His lifelong dream was to break through to the Void Refinement Realm and become a powerful being like the demon marshal.

But when standing in front of the cloaked burly man, not even an ordinary Void Refinement Realm was worth mentioning at all since they can be killed instantaneously.

Moreover, this burly man was so arrogant and crazy enough to claim that he could kill Void Fragmentation Realm and Life Immortal Realm experts like crushing ants during his prime.

What exactly was his true cultivation level in his prime?

We can’t fight him with strength!

“Prince Qu Shun, let’s retreat!”

Lu Jiefen could not reconcile the fact that the emperor’s star which he had been scheming and planning hard to get would brush past him just like that.

However, no matter how unwilling he was, he did not even have the strength to resist an overpowered expert like the cloaked man.

He patted his storage pouch and produced a golden black formation disk, lifting it into the air.

“I’m leaving now!”

The series of actions made by Lu Jiefen had caused the cloaked man to be a little surprised. 

“Unexpectedly, you actually have a Void Treasure as an aegis…”

But when the cloaked man noticed that Lu Jiefen was trying to escape, he just laughed grimly and mocked.

“Once you’ve fallen into my hands, you… can never flee away!”

At first glance, the burly man knew that what Lu Jiefen took out should be some kind of formation disk that could allow him to teleport and flee. Thus, he did not pay much attention to it. 

He did not think that anyone could escape from him simply with just a formation disk.

He spread his hand claw-like once more and clawed at the direction of the golden flame formation disk. Immediately, the disk trembled and was nearly broken but fortunately, it did not. 

Upon seeing the condition of his formation disk, Lu Jiefen’s face lit up and hurriedly activated the formation light. A dazzling formation light then covered his body. In a blinding flash, he then dashed into the Void Realm and his presence was nowhere to be spotted.

This had slightly astonished the cloaked man.

“Void Breaking Formation Disk! It can break into the Void and travel for millions upon millions of li* (500m per li) in an instant with the help of void power… It was unlikely for even Void Refinement Realm experts to own such an item… I was careless just now to let him slip away by luck!”

It all happened just within a short moment.

The cloaked burly man then turned his eyes immediately to the space where the two elderly experts of the White Devil Sect were hiding in.

“Hiding inside a Treasure of Immortal’s Abode, huh? There are always some small fry who think that after picking up a Treasure of Immortal’s Abode, they could then hide inside it during a life and death moments and won’t be hurt by anyone. How ridiculous that is! In the face of a Void Refinement Realm cultivator, it would only need a little tear on the space of the Treasure of Immortal’s Abode and it would all crumble!”

The burly man then clawed at the two elderly expert’s hiding space. All of a sudden, a tremendous tearing force shredded that space to pieces!

As the space was destroyed, the two elderly men coughed out blood and revealed themselves. Their eyes were filled with terror. Within their hands, they held a broken Treasure of Immortal’s Abode. 

“Impossible! Even a cultivator of the Void Refinement Realm can only tear the Immortal's Abode Space but not destroy it. Only a creature of that kind would be able to do this… I understand now. You aren’t human! Y-You are… a Realm Beast!”

“You know too much! Let me send you all to hell!”

The cloaked burly man no longer showed any mercy anymore. He lifted one of his fingers and an immensely huge power fell upon their primordial spirits. As the power spread, the two primordial spirits trembled and passed out. With a flick of his sleeve, they were kept into it.

Within the battlefield, there were only the cloaked burly giant and Qu Shun left.

After being struck by the blades of the void, Qu Shun was grievously injured and nearly met his death. He could not even use a trace of his demon power now.

Apparently, it looked like he was going to end up like the two experts of the White Devil Sec, dying under the burly man’s hands.

His expression remained ferocious and unyielding. He bit the tip of his tongue and forcibly spat out a mouthful of golden blood. Within the blood, there were actually pieces of golden scales.

“Innate Talent of Golden Qilin, the Art of Bloody Terrain!”

Rivers and mountains were dyed with golden blood, using the golden light to travel along the sky!

When this mouthful of golden blood was spat out, countless golden blood began to well up from his skin and flowed out, spreading into the vast sky.

In the next moment, the space under the heavens was basked in golden light and the shadow of the Qilin. That golden light was so dazzling that it was even painful to the burly man’s eyes, making him unable to clearly see Qu Shun’s movement. 

“I will definitely kill you the next time I see you!” Qu Shun spat out a harsh threat and disappeared ethereally in the golden light.

However, right after his departure, the cloaked man narrowed with coldness and he indifferently spoke. 

“What an arrogant brat! If it wasn’t for the sake of your identity as a member of the Golden Qilin Race, do you really think I can’t break your Art of Bloody Terrain? The son of Emperor Qu of the Demon World… Hmmph! Killing you is like drinking soup if I didn’t consider the relations that I once had with your ancestors. Crush!”

The cloaked giant stretched out one of his hands and clawed at the sky. The bright and majestic golden light which filled the boundless air faded.

Apparently, although the burly man was indeed careless to let Lu Jiefen escape, it seemed that he had decided to let Qu Shun go.

Towards the group of Divine Transformation Realm experts, the cloaked giant barely had any interest. He just wanted to quickly get the Key of the Star Palace and wait for Yuan Yao to fall right into his trap.

Looking at the ten thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) tall egg, the man slammed one of his palms onto it. The solid ice which was strong enough to withstand tens of Divine Transformation Realm cultivators’ attacks shattered.

As for Tan Lang’s corpse which was sealed in ice within the egg, it dropped onto the snowy ground in front of the cloaked man with a thud.



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