Grasping Evil - Chapter 333.2

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Tan Lang could be said to be the most unlucky expert in this Star Palace!

A Mid Void Refinement Realm expert who was in perfectly good condition lost his life just like that after Ning Fan intervened.

Undoubtedly, the cloaked burly man was also quite unlucky too. When he realized that the slumbering wolf no longer had any life force left after breaking the ice seal, his face changed instantly.

“It’s dead?! How could a slumbering demon be dead? Huh? All of its demon blood was drained out!”

An extremely unpleasant feeling surged within his heart.

Without any hesitation, he slammed his palm onto Tan Lang’s corpse making that lifeless body turn into a cloud of bloody mist. However, there was nothing like a key there.

“The key is not here?! How come there’s no key here?!”

His heart was flooded with the feeling of being cheated. Furious, the cloaked burly man flicked his long sleeve and summoned the injured primordial spirits of the two White Devil Sect experts. He pointed at them with his finger to wake them up and asked with an imposing tone. 

“The key! Where is it?!”

Previously, the two of them were grievously injured by the burly man. After that, they were knocked unconscious. Now, however, they were woken up again. After experiencing whatever they had been through, the two primordial spirits were already in a state of delirium. With blank expressions, they asked:

“The key? It’s in the Wolf King’s hands… ”

“You lied!”

*Pong* The burly man crushed one of the primordial spirits and then coldly stared at the other.

This time, the other senior was completely shocked which brought him to his senses. He finally recalled how powerful and terrifying the cloaked burly man in front of him was.

“S-Senior!  How could the key be lost? After we seized the egg, we had never opened it before…”

That remaining elderly expert tried hard to justify himself. However, when he saw the burly man’s cold eyes which glowed with faint green light, he knew that the monstrous being was not satisfied with his answer!

As if he knew that he was going to die, his brain became abnormally nimble and his thoughts suddenly became extra clear.

He seemed to remember that before taking the ice egg away, he was severely injured by Ning Fan who stood on top of the ice egg.

“Could it be that Lu Bei has taken the key? Yes! It must be him! There was only one reason why he didn’t chase after us after we had stolen the ice egg - he had already known beforehand that the key wasn’t inside the Egg! Probably, that key… is already in his hands!”

That elderly expert decided to sling mud at Ning Fan. However, coincidentally, he had guessed the truth correctly. The key was with Ning Fan.

“Who is Lu Bei?” The cloaked burly man asked indifferently.

“Lu Bei is…”

That elderly expert felt like he had just seen the light of hope. In his mind, he thought that his life might last a little longer if he tried a little harder to satisfy the cloaked burly man.

Unfortunately, he had underestimated the degree of cruelty of the burly man.

“It’s too troublesome. You don’t need to talk anymore. Let me just search your soul directly!”


An enormous power of spirit sense invaded the elderly expert’s Sea of Consciousness, crumbling it crushing his primordial spirit.

After searching that elderly expert’s soul to death, the cloaked burly man did not even show any pity towards him. Instead, his eerie green eyes glinted with a hint of surprise.

“I found it! You lowly slave! I didn’t expect you to be hiding by this Lu Bei’s side!”

From that elderly expert’s memory, the cloaked burly man did not manage to find the whereabouts of the key, but he discovered Yuan Yao’s location!

In his memory, there was a Divine Transformation Realm female cultivator whose face was veiled standing behind Ning Fan. She seemed to have suffered some injuries. To the burly man, that woman was no doubt Yuan Yao! 

“You lowly slave! This time, you won’t be able run away from me again! As for Lu Bei… Hmph!”

The cloaked burly man made a cold sneer. There was nothing that could make him happier other than discovering Yuan Yao’s whereabouts.

Once he kills Yuan Yao, his mission would then be accomplished!

He closed his eyes and let out a cacophony of devilish laughter. Then, he vigorously spread out his spirit sense which was much stronger than that of a Life Immortal!

He was injured and his divine sense was greatly damaged. However, if he goes all-out and ignores his injuries, he still could use the power of his divine sense.

Other than that, with the help of his spirit sense, he performed a hand seal and cast some kind of extremely formidable spirit sense technique. As soon as this technique was cast, the burly man’s injuries were aggravated. He coughed out some blood and his cultivation level regressed back to the Mid Void Refinement Realm.

“World Sense Technique!”

The World Sense Technique was a special secret art of the Realm Beast Tribe.

As long as the caster is somewhere in a chiliocosm, this technique would allow the caster’s spirit sense to fuse with the soul of that realm, enabling him to know everything within the area!

By casting this technique in the Star Palace, the views of all the locations within the Star Palace came into the man’s eyes.

“I found you!”

The burly man suddenly opened his eyes wide and took a step forward, transforming into a gust of hollow wind. In just an instant, he had flown two hundred thousand li* (500m per li)!

“Lu Bei and you lowly slave! Where are you both trying to run?!”

He let out an evil and menacing bellow. With the help of the World Sense Technique, countless lands within the Heaven Hall crumbled under his roar!

That force which crushed everything in its way rushed towards the golden flame chariot at an unimaginable speed! Outside the Void Realm, a group of talented humans from the Four Heavens were trying to enter the Star Palace. None of them knew that the Star Palace had experienced a great change.

“Have you heard about it? Young Master Lin Su from the White Devil Sect has entered the Star Palace. He claimed that he’s going to find that Lu Bei who had defeated Zi Chuan and humiliated him! I’m afraid that Lu Bei is going to die!” A short and small young man sighed while clicking his tongue.

“I don’t think so? Although I don’t know who Lu Bei is, since this person can beat Zi Chuan, he can already be considered as an outstanding expert among the young generations of the Four Heavens. Perhaps Lu Bei is not a match for Lin Su. However, it is rather impossible for him to be killed by Lin Su…” A fat and chubby expert rebutted.

“I suggest you do not trust that information! I heard that Lu Bei was just a nobody from the Mortal World. It was by luck for a person like him to beat Zi Chuan. One should know that Lin Su is much stronger and more powerful than Zi Chuan. Furthermore, he is an expert of the Late Divine Transformation Realm!” The short cultivator replied sternly.

However, just as his voice fell, the whole Star Palace in front of them quaked under a devilish voice of a peerless expert!

“Lu Bei and you lowly slave! Where are you both trying to run?!”

The owner of this voice seemed to have suffered some injuries and his cultivation level was greatly weakened.

However, the aura hiding within the words were enough to show that this person was definitely a peerless expert in the past!

“A Crossing Truth Realm True Immortal! When he spoke, the entire Star Palace trembled! He must be an injured True Immortal whose cultivation level has regressed greatly! This True Immortal Realm being is now in the Star Palace. We must not go in there if we don’t want to get ourselves killed!”

“Based on this True Immortal’s tone, the people whom he is pursuing seem to be a man and a woman… The woman’s name wasn’t mentioned but the man… is Lu Bei?!”

“Lu Bei! The man who beat Zi Chuan! Isn’t he just at the Early Divine Transformation Realm? How did he mess around with a Crossing Truth Realm True Immortal?”

“Judging from his tone, it seems like he is pursuing Lu Bei but he actually can’t catch up with him… This Lu Bei can escape from being hunted down by a True Immortal?! Isn’t he just too powerful?”

Outside the Star Palace, tens of thousands of top talents who came from nearly one hundred different groups were astonished at the same time!

It was all because they had heard an angry bellow from a True Immortal!

It was all because they heard that a young man named Lu Bei was able to escape from a True Immortal!

“Who is Lu Bei?”

Each of the top talents who usually behaved in a supercilious and haughty manner revealed a look of admiration. They wanted to see how monstrous and powerful that person was to be able to run away from a True Immortal while only being at the Early Divine Transformation Realm!

That short cultivator was stupefied. Just now, he was still claiming that Lu Bei would certainly die in Lin Su’s hands. 

It now seems like that Lu Bei could even escape from a True Immortal alive. How would it be possible for him to be killed by Lin Su?

Moreover, if Lin Su meets Lu Bei, he might not be able to withstand Lu Bei for even a single round!

“Young man, you have just gotten yourself into huge trouble! You’ve just said something bad about Lu Bei. Beware that he comes out from the Star Palace and teaches you a lesson!” A few of his partners joked.

However, that short cultivator did not find it laughable at all.

“What the hell! I was just simply saying some words and because of that, I have just offended a fierce and powerful man? A man so fearless and strong that he could run away from a True Immortal?”

“It’s bad! I’m going to flee now!”

Under the World Sense Technique, that voice echoed to a far distance.

It triggered a series of destructions in the hollow space. Even though it just happened within the Heaven Hall, it caused the three Star Seas in the Earth Hall to shake violently and produce tsunami waves.

At the central domain of the Heaven Hall, Ning Fan rode on his golden flame chariot which moved as fast as lightning. His face remained grim.

The unpleasant feeling within his heart was proven.

“Lu Bei and you lowly slave! Where are you both trying to run?!”

That bellow of rage, almost caused all the palaces in the Heaven Hall to crumble! 

While the buildings were crumbling, countless windstorms of the Void Realm rushed at them. They were stubbornly chasing behind them as if they were tied to the chariot.

If the golden flame chariot were to stop even for a second, it would then be engulfed by the windstorm!

“Brother Lu Bei… Who is that? He’s so scary. I’m scared… It seems like he wants to hunt us down. Why?!” Xi Ran asked as if she was about to cry.

“He is a… Realm Beast!”

Ning Fan’s words immediately stirred up a wave of shock within Wu Yan, Xi Ran and Yue Lingkong’s hearts.

“A Realm Beast?! That ferocious beast which lives in the Void Realm and catches immortals as their snacks?! Why would such a beast want to kill us?!” The three women were stunned.

“It’s all because of me… I’m sorry. It’s all my fault… Lu Bei, I’m leaving now. I don’t want to get you all into trouble… He has already used the World Sense Technique. He is able to see everything in this place now. As long as I leave, you all will be alright….”

Yuan Yao gritted her teeth. She knew that she only had a slim chance of surviving if she faced that realm beast. However, she was unwilling to encumber Ning Fan.

“What are you talking about?! I’ve given you my word that I am going to keep you safe!”

Ning Fan frowned. If he cast Yuan Yao aside now, all the things he had gone through in the past would be meaningless.

“But I’m afraid that I will…”

“There is no but! We must run away and we will do it together!”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with determination. That determination in his eyes made Yuan Yao feel a sudden warmth in her heart. However, it caused her to become even more unwilling to cause Ning Fan trouble.

“I’m sorry. I just can’t burden you…”

She gave Ning Fan a final look and suddenly leaped out from the edge of the chariot.

“Bei Yao!”

“Sister Bei Yao!”

All women on the chariot were surprised by her action. After all, after spending so many days together, there was bound to be some emotions and attachment between them.

“Come back!”

Ning Fan’s brows knitted even more tightly together. He then leapt into the air and hugged Yuan Yao as tight as he could.

“Don’t go away!” 


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