Grasping Evil - Chapter 334.1

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Yuan Yao tried to jump down from the golden flame chariot. However, she was pulled by Ning Fan into his arms and was forcibly brought back to the chariot.

During the days she spent at Ning Fan’s side, she had been working hard on unsealing the seals which were implanted inside her body, allowing her cultivation level to almost recover to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. She fell into Ning Fan’s arms with her soft breasts glued to Ning Fan’s chest, enabling her to clearly feel Ning Fan’s body temperature.

“H-How dare you! Let me go now! If the others saw us…”

She was a little flustered as she had not experienced this kind of feeling before. It just stirred up her memories of that crazy night.

Her mind was in disarray. At this moment, she had forgotten that they were being chased by the Realm Beast. She had also forgotten that she was prepared to leave on her own. The only thing she wanted to do now was to escape from Ning Fan’s arms as quickly as possible.

Her phoenix eyes carried a hint of anger. But when she saw Ning Fan’s which glinted with dominance, her angry voice was actually stuck in her throat and her aura weakened. Then, with a lower tone, she said.

“Lu Bei, let me go. I’m just going to be a burden to you if I continue to stay here…”

“You’re not allowed to go!”

What echoed into Yuan Yao’s ears was Ning Fan’s imposing voice.

Ning Fan eyes had never been so solemn before. He knew that the smartest way to deal with the trouble of the Realm Beast was to leave Yuan Yao alone and cut whatever relation he has with her.

However, he had promised Luo You to save Yuan Yao’s life and he had also promised Yuan Yao to keep her safe. He just could not cast Yuan Yao aside at this point of time and flee on his own! 

“All my life, I’ve killed so many but those have nothing to do with good or evil. Whatever I did was all for my Dao Heart and to ensure that I never leave a single regret in my life. If I give up and leave you alone right here, then all the challenges and adversities I’ve faced with my teeth gritted along the path of my devil cultivation would then become meaningless! In the future, I’m sure that I will regret it! And I don’t want to be filled with regrets!”

Ning Fan let loose of her as a formidable aura force which did not seem to fear the earth or heavens surged within his body. That scene caused Yuan Yao’s expression to change greatly.

“No matter who my enemy is, be it a Realm Beast, or even an Immortal Emperor, if I promised to protect you, then I will never abandon you. You just need to obediently stay on the chariot and don’t leave!”


Ning Fan was actually giving Yuan Yao an order!

Yuan Yao’s heart swayed and her thoughts were in disorder. In the past, she was the one who gave others orders. There was not even a time for her to be ordered around by someone else.

At this moment, she felt that she was just too weak and feeble. Right now, she felt like she could only survive under Ning Fan’s protection …  

Even though I am being pursued by a Realm Beast, he is unwilling to cast me aside...

“It is no ordinary beast but a Realm Beast instead!  Even if we hide in the chiliocosm of a Treasure of the Cosmos, it can also smash the world within with just a single slap… You might die if you bring me along with you…” Yuan Yao’s heart was extremely confused.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here!”

Ning Fan only gave her a short, indifferent reply. However, from the sentence he just uttered, it showed that he had already decided to put aside his own life.

Even though it was just a single sentence, it contained the heroic pride which countless outstanding beings of the Northern Heaven could not match! 

Even though it was just a single sentence, it touched Yuan Yao, making her  unable to restrain the emotions welling up in her heart.

Yuan Yao’s eyes scanned through Wu Yan, Xi Ran, Yue Lingkong, and eventually paused at the female corpse whose facial expression was as calm as usual. Apparently, the other women did not seem to have the intention of casting her aside. Moreover, the female corpse even reached out her hand to stroke Yuan Yao’s cheek as if she was trying to console her. 

“Don’t… worry… Light… is… here…”

“Yes. He’s here…”

Yuan Yao closed her beautiful eyes with a smile. Probably, it’s entirely possible that it would be an extremely blissful thing for me to be protected by a man who is willing to put his entire life for it once in my entire life…

Even though we are just strangers who met each other by chance and are not meant to be together in the end…

“I am not running away anymore. But I can’t just be your burden…Lu Bei, could you do me one last favor…Use the power of your Wind Mist Finger to help me completely break my seals!”

“What!? Your injuries aren’t healed yet! If your seals are to be lifted completely, you might be able to kill the Realm Beast, but it’s likely that you would be unable to endure your original cultivation, making you explode into pieces!” Ning Fan refused her offer with a grim look.

“Be rest assured that I know what I’m doing… I know it is not the best idea but I want to take a chance…”

Yuan Yao bit her lip gently. She knew that if she erases the seals completely right now, she would probably die in her current condition, but…

She just wanted to bet once. If she doesn’t die, she would do everything in her power…to protect Ning Fan!

“Little cucumber, Yuan Yao is right, you should just help her lift her seals. We will temporarily take control of the golden flame chariot. As for the windstorm of the Void Realm behind the chariot, if it initiates any attacks, just let your army of spiritual puppets handle it…”

Yue Lingkong no longer cracked jokes. At this moment, she became unbelievably serious, and in an instant she just came up with a rational judgement.


Ning Fan slapped his storage pouch and took out nine puppets including the black puppet. He gave them a simple order: smash any blades or attacks from the windstorm with your fists.

The women were responsible for driving the chariot, while the black puppets were guarding it. If it wasn’t for the Realm Beast who had come chasing after them too, it wouldn’t be too dangerous for them to just face the attacks from the windstorm of the Void Realm.

There wasn’t much time for him to hesitate anymore. 

If that’s the case, I shall quickly tear off Yuan Yao’s seals before the Realm Beast arrives!

“I still have three Sixth Revolution Undying Pills. You should consume all of them. Although they can’t fully heal your injuries, at least they can more or less suppress your injuries …” 

Without uttering any more words, Ning Fan pulled Yuan Yao’s hands and walked directly into the golden flame chariot. 

Yuan Yao’s shoulders shivered suddenly. She clenched her jaws and did not try to break free.

Inside the golden flame palace of the chariot, both of them vanished in rays of light and reappeared in a clean and quiet room.

There was an ancient demon statue which was enshrined in the room. The never-ending sandalwood smoke coming out from the incense burner made the air within the room become slightly filled with the fragrance of incense.

“You need to sit on this cattail hassock and take off your top!”

“Do I really need to take off my shirt?”

Yuan Yao bit her lips shyly. Other than the only hot and steamy night she had with Ning Fan, she was always formal and serious towards Ning Fan. 

This would be her first time undressing herself and exposing her naked body in front of Ning Fan in her conscious state. She was unwilling to do so but it was something that must be done.

There were two seals inside her body. With one of them being planted at her stomach, while the other at her forehead.

The seal on her forehead was not hard to deal with. However, to lift the seal on her stomach, it could not be done without taking off her top garments.

Last time when Ning Fan kissed Yuan Yao, he had passed her the Poison King Token which contained the power of his Wind Mist Finger. That power had an unexpectedly good effect on corroding the seal.

Yuan Yao had been thinking about what the power of that mysterious golden purple mist truly was for thousands of times. To her, it was extremely terrifying. However, up until now, she still could not figure it out.

Aside from that, there was still one more thing that made her more confused as she contemplated more about it: what her feelings really are towards Ning Fan.

Was she feeling thankful to Ning Fan for rescuing her multiple times?

Was she feeling touched because he escorted her throughout their journey?

Was she blaming him for destroying her chastity?

Was she feeling impressed by Ning Fan’s remarkable talent?

She didn’t know. She didn’t understand. Perhaps she had already understood everything clearly, but when facing the cruel reality in front of her, she just did not have courage to break through the barrier of her feelings.

“Fine, I’ll take off my shirt! However, when you are getting rid of the seals later, don’t you simply touch or look at me. You need to understand that between us…”

“I understand. You’ve said it a lot of times!” 

Ning Fan’s eyebrows were knitted together slightly. When she saw Ning Fan was slightly unhappy, she immediately shut her mouth feeling annoyed with herself.

What’s wrong with me? Why did I say that even though I knew he hates those who talk to him in a lofty and arrogant manner?

She bent down slightly with her back facing against the ancient statue. She felt her heartbeat race. It had never ever pounded at such a speed before.

Her cheeks turned red and hot. Gently, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes tightly, beginning to undo the buttons on her thin shirt which then fell down her body. 

That astounding beauty was indescribable!

Before she met Ning Fan, she was the high and lofty lord of the Lost World Palace. Every word she said and every action she made could bring changes upon the situation of the Northern Heaven. A single order she gave could cause the entire Rain World to be destroyed.

She was so noble and virtuous that she allowed no one to desecrate her. But right at this moment, she took off her shirt shyly, just like a maiden who was at her first wedding night, exposing her silky white her skin.

Perhaps it was because of embarrassment. Perhaps it was because of the dim yellowish candlelight. Her pure white complexion was tinged with pink. That lustrous surface made her skin look tender and elastic.

After undressing only her top, she paused, leaving her tube top on.


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