Grasping Evil - Chapter 334.2

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A pale-bluish white tube top seemed to be incapable of totally covering her white ample breasts. Her chest moved up and down rapidly as if she was panting since she was overwhelmed by her nervousness. Subconsciously, she even placed her hands around her chest to cover them, trying to prevent others from seeing that sexually arousing view.

Ning Fan, however, seemed to have been captivated by the sight before his eyes.

He might have seen countless women’s naked bodies before, but Yuan Yao definitely was the woman who possessed the most femininity.

Especially Yuan Yao’s Spirit Physique of Purple Lust. It gave her a charm which could rarely be found among ordinary women. That mystical power nearly lit Ning Fan’s fire of desire.  

It’s truly a terrifying charm!

When she sensed Ning Fan’s eyes which were blazing with lust, Yuan Yao opened her eyes and said with an impatient tone. 

“Have you seen enough!? Shouldn’t you help me break the seals right now?!”

“I’m sorry. You’re just too beautiful.”

Ning Fan gave her an awkward smile. He then silently muttered the mental spell of the Yin Yang Transformation to suppress his lust which was stimulated by her charm. At the next moment, his eyes were filled with solemnity again. 

He was a free and easy person. To him, everything was pretty straightforward. If he loves, he loves, if he hates, he hates. If he thinks something is beautiful, then it’s truly beautiful; if he thinks something is ugly, then it is truly ugly.

He wasn’t a villain who would take advantage of others when they are in a perilous state. However, he was also not a pretentious man who acted as if he was morally better than others. He was just a man who knew how to distinguish between his priorities. Therefore, he would not do anything improper and excessive at a time like this.

Ning Fan sat down with his legs crossed in front of Yuan Yao. Under the light of the candles, whenever their eyes met and locked, they would then immediately avert their gazes with a complicated look on their faces. 

“Let’s begin…”


Ning Fan took a deep breath and started to rotate his magic power on his fingertips. Gradually, strands of golden purple sand-like mist rose from them. He carefully placed his fingers on Yuan Yao’s lower abdomen, rubbing the surface of her skin gently and slowly.

A feeling of numbness and heat surged within Yuan Yao’s heart as Ning Fan’s fingertips made contact with her skin, causing her to close her eyes in embarrassment and shame. Deep inside her heart, she could not help but feel extremely remorseful.

“If my four daughters know that their mother had such close contact with a man, they would probably be very disappointed in me…”

Yuan Yao’s remorse carried a hint of misery. That misery was because of her self-blame, a mental barrier which could not even be wiped away by the power of Ning Fan’s Yin Plucking Finger.

Ning Fan pitied her slightly from the bottom of his heart.

This woman’s status is just too aloof. Therefore, the responsibilities which she shouldered are immensely great. As such, she can’t make any mistakes, let alone lose her purity.

“I need to be more cautious so that I don’t embarrass her…”

Ning Fan became even more serious. With his talent in seals and formations as well as his mighty Wind Mist Finger, it was not difficult for him to lift the seal on her lower abdomen.

His care and prudence made Yuan Yao appear to be less tense. Instead, she was deeply moved by him.

“We’re already at a critical stage like this and he is still concerned about my feelings…”

“If he were to be born one hundred thousand years ago, no, if he were to be born one thousand years ago, perhaps…”

Bit by bit, the seal on Yuan Yao’s body was cautiously corroded by Ning Fan. A rush of warm magic power began to flow throughout her body. Originally, it should have been a comfortable experience. However, because of the excessive magic power, every extra magic power that was freed would squeeze into her immortal veins, making the injuries which were inflicted upon her by the Realm Beast become excruciatingly painful.

Meanwhile, because of the touch of Ning Fan’s fingertips, it caused Yuan Yao’s body to experience a tingling sensation, making her body soft and powerless while being in agony.

Even though Ning Fan had restrained the movement of his fingers and avoided touching her sensitive parts, the stimulation from his touch was still too severe to Yuan Yao…

Pain and comfort. Numbness and excitement. Mixtures of feelings filled her entire body, putting her into an unconscious state. With a pair of misty eyes, she stared lustfully at Ning Fan. However, she forcibly restrained herself from yielding to her lust.

She had been struggling to forget that absurd night she had with Ning Fan. Despite that, at the current moment, the scenes which happened during that night surfaced within her brain one after another.

Her own “backyard” was broken in by Ning Fan with force, causing blood to sprinkle onto the bed sheets.

The pain and pleasure during the process was tormenting her internally.

“Lu Bei, why did I have to meet you…”

She began to speak incoherently.

“Keep your aura. The first seal is going to be completely lifted!”

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with determination as he ferociously pressed down his finger against her belly. Under the erosion of his golden purple mist, the sound of breaking glass seemed to have echoed from Yuan Yao’s belly. All of a sudden, a rune which was formed from countless blood-red lines dispersed!


A feeling of pain that she had never felt before struck her, causing her to nearly pass out. Her body lost her balance and leaned forward, falling into Ning Fan’s chest. Her soft and ample bosom which were only covered with a thin tube top pressed against Ning Fan’s chest just like that.

The agony she felt made her regain a bit of her consciousness. However, all of a sudden, she was reluctant to stay away from this hug.

As the first seal was lifted, a tremendous amount of magic power nearly at the Void Fragmentation Realm converged within Yuan Yao’s body. However, it did not make her immediately regain her cultivation level.

Just as that massive magic power dispersed within her body, an immense pain struck her, aggravating her injuries. Her condition became so severe that it nearly killed her!

Since her magic power was sealed for quite some time, she would still need more time to completely refine it…

After eliminating the seal on her lower abdomen, there was one more seal located on her forehead which would be much easier to erase.

In fact, it was planted by Yuan Yao herself. As long as she regains her Void Fragmentation Realm cultivation, she could break it off with ease.

“Now, you just need to meditate in seclusion to refine your magic power. You only have to force the magic power which has just been unlocked back into your immortal veins and you will then be able to regain your Void Fragmentation Realm cultivation…”

Ning Fan muttered gently. However, Yuan Yao was still leaning wearily on his chest. Her eyelids became heavier and heavier and her consciousness was slipping away bit by bit.

“P-painful. It’s so painful… Lu Bei… I feel like I’m dying…”

Her breathing was feeble. Currently, her condition severely worsened and it would be totally impossible for her to endure the enormous amount of power which had just been freed!

She wanted to gamble. She wanted to gamble for the chance to recover her cultivation level. Unfortunately, she failed!

Yuan Yao’s consciousness had already become hazy. A large amount of fresh blood was gushing out from the seven apertures of her head and even her lower part, dying the thin cloth which covered her lower body bloody-red.

Her mental state was in a trance and she seemed to have seen an illusory scene amidst the blurriness of her sight.

In that scene, she was an unmarried maiden. It was her younger self who was still an ignorant and muddle-headed girl. Standing in a valley which was covered with fragrant thoroughwort, she stared at a cold-looking young man who was slowly walking further and further away from in front of her…

“Lu Bei…”

While seeing the view of the young man’s back, the young lady’s mind was already unclear.

It was the situation which she longed for the most before her death. Unfortunately, it would never appear in reality.

“Why would she become like this?! Sister Yao Er!” Within the Yin Yang Locket, an anxious and troubled voice echoed.

When she saw Yuan Yao was about to die, Luo You was no longer as composed and calm as usual.

“Did I just hear Little Sister You’s voice? Was it an illusion…” Leaning powerlessly onto Ning Fan’s body, Yuan Yao mumbled with great effort.

Ning Fan was greatly confused. He immediately cast aside the distracting thoughts and cleared his mind. With his teeth clenched, he took out the three Undying Pills and shoved them into Yuan Yao’s mouth.

“You aren’t allowed to die!”

His authoritative command and his strong manly smell brought back Yuan Yao’s consciousness.

She slowly lifted her eyelids. Absent-mindedly, she could vaguely see that Ning Fan had straightened her body and fed her three Undying Pills with his mouth.


Her sweet-smelling lips were stuffed by Ning Fan’s lips while her fragrant tongue was fondled by him using his own. Under the ecstatic stimulation, Yuan Yao felt that her injuries were not as painful as before and her consciousness was slowly returning.

“Wuuu… You can’t… be like this…” In an indistinct manner, she murmured something. Even so, Ning Fan did not listen to a single word she said. After a long while, only then did he let loose of Yuan Yao’s lips and asked with a concerned tone.

“How do you feel now? Have your injuries been suppressed a little? Do you still feel pain?”

“Mm. I’m much better now… Thank you…”

As the pills were assimilated by her body, her condition stabilized and her injuries were kept under control. Gradually, her breathing calmed down.

Currently, however, she was still half leaning on Ning Fan’s arm with an ambiguous feeling. Her lips still had Ning Fan’s temperature which was left on her when she was forcefully kissed by him.

Her injuries might have been suppressed, but the pain she was experiencing became even more serious because of the violent medicinal power from the pills. It was intensified nearly by two times.

As the pain struck, Yuan Yao let out a shriek and passed out once more.

“How could this be?! Sister Yao Er’s injuries have already been under control but the pain she felt has actually become even more severe?!” Luo You said in a surprised tone.

“I guess there’s only one way out…”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with sympathy.

Should I perform dual-cultivation with her to relieve her pain?

After hesitating for a moment, his eyes became stern and he pressed his body against Yuan Yao’s and his hands glided down her body, stroking the inner part of her thighs.

The first time they made out was due to Yuan Yao who bewitched him.

This time, it was Ning Fan who took the initiative. Although he was trying to save her, he was not going to give her any explanations anymore after that!

“Why should I explain to someone else when I, Ning Fan, do something?!”

With a pull, the thin cloth covering Yuan Yao’s body was removed. He pushed both of her legs wide apart and stared at the pink, tender ‘backyard’. His eyes then glinted with determination.

Yuan Yao’s private part was already wet and glossy.

As for Ning Fan, he no longer wasted a single second and he penetrated straight into her.

“Mm…. Mm…”

Seductive moans echoed out of the golden flame palace.

In her half-conscious state, Yuan Yao could faintly feel that she was once again being violated by Ning Fan.

Her cold and aloof temperament dissipated along with the pain she felt. However, when her magic power returned, her usual temperament resurfaced again in her eyes.

When she completely recovers her original cultivation level, perhaps Ning Fan and her would only be strangers…

Reality was always cruel.

This time, however, she did not resist… Instead, she allowed Ning Fan to do anything to her.

In the future, we will never meet again and neither will our relationship bear any fruits… This time will be the last… I’ll just let him do whatever he wants…

I… really am not a good woman…

Yuan Yao’s arms clasped around Ning Fan’s body, hugging him even tighter.

Regardless of what tomorrow’s evening will be like, we will both be strangers…


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