Grasping Evil - Chapter 335.1

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There was a mess on the cattail hassock. The pain she felt earlier eventually subsided.

Yuan Yao’s face was filled with a complicated expression. She covered her charming body with her torn clothes and said indifferently:

“Alright… Please go out now. I’m going to meditate in seclusion to recover my cultivation level…”

Yuan Yao’s tone was very cold. However, it wasn’t what Yuan Yao’s had originally intended. It was actually because of the effect brought upon by the Venerated Indifference Realm when her cultivation level was about to recover.

A cultivator who has attained the Venerated Indifference Realm was not heartless. Instead, they only cast all their feelings aside, locking them up and forgetting them forever...


Ning Fan gave a deep look at Yuan Yao. Afterwards, he draped his white robes over his body and left the place after giving her a nod. 

He knew that from the moment Yuan Yao regained her cultivation level, both of them would be individuals from two different worlds.

“Unless the day comes when I reach her cultivation level and show up in front of her again with a lofty status equivalent to hers, she won’t bother to cast a single glance at me again!”

Ning Fan’s eyes suddenly burned with ambition.

That day will certainly come!

The view of Ning Fan’s back looked rather lonesome, making Yuan Yao become unable to bear the sight of it.

Only when Ning Fan had gone far away did she take off her facade. Her facial expression was bitter and unreadable.

“I’m sorry, I have to treat you indifferently. I don’t mean to hurt you… It’s just that we… we can’t…”

We just can’t. It’s not because I don’t have feelings for you but because of the massive difference of our identities.

Ning Fan walked out from the golden flame palace. Inside the Yin Yang Locket, Luo You was comforting him softly.

“My dear silly little brother, you must not blame her for treating you like this. After all, she can’t have a relationship with any man because of her identity. You will know it soon in the future… If the matter between you and her were to be leaked out, you would be killed and she won’t have a good ending either… She has to be indifferent towards you for your sake.”

“Mm. I know that. I just feel slightly uncomfortable in my heart. I don’t like her lofty and bossy tone when she spoke to me. Even if it’s just a facade, I don’t like it at all.”

“Then you have to work harder to improve your cultivation level. This Elder Sister really looks forward to the day where you fight your way up to the Lost World Palace in a peerless and magnificent fashion and take Sister Yao Er away with you… Umm… That scene would certainly shock countless elderly experts in the Northern Heaven until their eyeballs pop out… But of course, you would probably be pursued by numerous forces of the Northern Heaven…”

Luo You laughed with great interest. She was indeed a woman who appeared to be kind on the outside but evil on the inside. 

“Oh yes, one more thing…” Luo You suddenly spoke in an inexplicably mysterious tone.

“What is it?” Ning Fan was rather speechless to this two-faced woman.

“After you made out with her for the second time, the level of your Yin Yang Transformation experienced some improvements.”


Ning Fan’s eyes widened slightly with surprise. He stopped walking and closed his eyes to examine the inner parts of his body.

Previously, he had been wholeheartedly trying to rescue Yuan Yao and never realized the changes of his Yin Yang Transformation. But how could there be no changes on his Yin Yang Transformation after having sex with her twice?

As soon as he took a look at what’s inside of him, Ning Fan was immediately overjoyed.

“Yin Yang Transformation is on the verge of breaking through!”

His cultivation method did not really level up completely. He still needed a longer period of secluded meditation in order to completely push that cultivation method into another level.

However, Ning Fan understood well enough how difficult it was to enhance his cultivation level up to the current level!

If not for the two sessions of sexual intercourse with Yuan Yao and her unnaturally high cultivation,  it would have been impossible for Ning Fan’s Yin Yang Transformation to make such great progress! 

“*Giggle* So what do you think? The effect of Sister Yao Er’s ‘backyard’ is good, isn’t it? Originally, in order to attain the third level of this cultivation method, you needed to have intercourse a hundred times with a female cultivator at the Void Fragmentation Realm. However, Sister Yao Er’s cultivation level is far beyond the Void Fragmentation Realm. After just two times of intercourse with her ‘backyard’, your cultivation method has become a hair’s breadth away from the third level. Once the cultivation method improves to the next level, you may activate the Profound Yin World with the power of the locket. The Profound Yin World is different from your Yuan Yao Jade. It is not a chiliocosm but a … dichiliocosm!”

“A dichiliocosm? What do you mean?” Ning Fan asked with an astonished tone.

“You should know that among the Treasures of Cosmos, storage pouch ranks the lowest while the Immortal's Abode Magical Treasure is considered slightly better than it. In the Immortal World, most of the Void Refinement Realm cultivators own an Immortal's Abode Magical Treasure which allows them to hide themselves within that space anytime for secluded meditation. Of course, to some of the weak cultivators or juniors, hiding inside the space of the Immortal's Abode Treasure is also a method to save themselves from danger… However, you must remember that hiding inside the portable space is just a life-saving trick for the weak! To strong experts, the space within the Immortal's Abode Treasure can be crushed with just a wave of hand!”

Luo You said solemnly.

After all, what she said was proven by the fate that befell the two elderly cultivators from the White Devil Sect. They tried to hide in their Immortal's Abode but were still tragically killed by the Realm Beast. They thought that after they picked up a portable immortal’s abode, they would be able to hide within it and avoid being pursued at any time. This method could still be used when dealing with cultivators of the Divine Transformation Realm. However, if one faces a Void Refinement Realm expert, it would just be an insignificant technique that was not worth mentioning at all.

“A chiliocosm is one level higher than the Immortal's Abode. The Immortal's Abode Magical Treasure can be crushed by a Void Refinement Realm expert. As for a chiliocosm, however, an immortal might not even be able to break it… Well, it’s a different case for a Realm Beast. Like that Realm Beast which was pursuing us has, without a doubt, many ways to destroy a Chiliocosm Treasure… However, if you hide in a Dichiliocosm Treasure, even an Immortal Emperor might not be able to attack you! That would mean…”

Luo You’s tone sounded envious.

“That would mean that if your Yin Yang Transformation attains the third level and activates the dichiliocosm within the Yin Yang Locket - Profound Yin World, no matter who tries to hunt you down, be it an immortal or a Realm Beast, none of them would be able to do anything to you! Unfortunately, your cultivation method has yet to attain the third level completely and the Profound Yin World still can’t be activated. I can’t go out and you can’t come in. Thus, there is no way you can hide in this Profound Yin World to seek refuge… But! Thanks to Sister Yao Er, your cultivation level has been greatly increased and technically speaking, you can now enjoy two benefits!”

“What are these two benefits?” Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with interest. He liked benefits.

“First and foremost, I can share some of the power of my primordial spirit with you through the gap of the Profound Yin World, allowing you to possess strength at the Early Void Refinement Realm for a short while. However, I can only do this once. Beside, my primordial spirit is already extremely feeble and is becoming illusory. After lending the power to you, my primordial spirit will lose its last trace of power and I will be forced to fall into temporary slumber… It will be the last chance for me to help you! If you are cornered by the Realm Beast, as a last resort… I will seal my own primordial spirit and give you the power to resist the Realm Beast! After all, both of us are already on the same ship.”

“Sealing your own primordial spirit in order to give me your power? With the current condition of your primordial spirit, wouldn’t you face the danger of death if you do that? If you seal your own primordial spirit, you would certainly die if you couldn’t search for the items needed to nourish your primordial spirit in several years! I don’t want your power!”

Ning Fan frowned. He did not like to borrow strength from others, especially Luo You's as doing so might put her life at risk.

He owed Luo You too many favors. It would be inappropriate for him to continue owing her more.

“Pfft… Do you really think I want to lend you my power? If you are really on the verge of dying, both of us won’t have any choice. We’ll talk about it later… Well, you still have the second benefit and this advantage is also something given to you by Sister Yao Er. She has the Spirit Physique of Purple Lust. After you had sex with her twice, you could be considered to have gathered the first spirit for the Stele of Sun and Moon.”

“Stele of Sun and Moon? Is it the huge fire stele that appeared in my dream before?”

Ning Fan muttered inwardly. 

Unexpectedly, as my Yin Yang Transformation improved, I now own one more trump card and am able to borrow Luo You’s power.

“Lastly, I want to thank you for rescuing Sister Yao Er…” Inside the Profound Yin World, Luo You slightly curtsied at Ning Fan properly, even though Ning Fan could not see it.

“Do you need to be so polite to me judging from our current relationship? Let’s just stop our conversation here. I have to go out and control the golden flame chariot. I have spent quite some time helping Bei Yao break her seals. I think the women might be worried…”

Ning Fan left in a rush after speaking those words.

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