Grasping Evil - Chapter 335.2

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Outside the golden flame chariot, the group of puppets threw out their fists one after another, smashing the void windstorms every time they came.

Yue Lingkong, Wu Yan and Xi Ran were all exhausted from controlling the golden flame chariot. Perhaps they lacked the dignity of a general as these three women were unable to navigate the chariot as skillfully as Ning Fan.

Everyone, including the female corpse, lent a helping hand to drive the golden flame chariot. As her spiritual intelligence had slightly recovered, she now knew to give help on some minor things.

When they noticed that Ning Fan had finally come out from the golden flame palace. Wu Yan could not help but find it odd and said, “Why did you go there for such a long time? This is…”

Just as she raised her question, she smelled a very strong fragrance of a woman on Ning Fan, making her cheeks turn red instantly.

So when we were all busy outside, he was having a good time with Yuan Yao and had fun inside… 

“You are really… Oh yes. How is Bei Yao’s condition?” Yue Lingkong was also rather speechless towards his action. Of course she had no idea that the reason why Ning Fan would perform dual cultivation with Yuan Yao was just to lessen Yuan Yao’s pain.

“After having sex with her, her life is safe now. However, it would still take some time for her to fully recover her original cultivation level. During this period of time, let’s escape as far as we can. Someone has given me the map of the central domain of the Heaven Hall before. According to that map, there should be an Immortal Void Realm Formation located one billion li* (500 m per li) ahead. I already know the arrangement of all of its formation eyes! We can make use of this formation to shake off the Realm Beast!”


Other than the female corpse, all the women expressed their contempt.

So it turns out that Ning Fan was trying to save Yuan Yao’s life by practicing dual cultivation with her? And it was surprisingly Yuan Yao who benefitted from it? 

Ning Fan did not explain more and the women did not bother to continue asking. As they were currently being pursued by the Realm Beast, some minor details were not worth mentioning.

“Speaking of which, why would the Realm Beast pursue Sister Bei Yao? What exactly is the level of her true strength? What is her true identity?”

Unable to comprehend it at all, Xi Ran posed that question. As a matter of fact, all women there also wanted to ask the same question.

“I don’t know who she is and how powerful her cultivation level truly is. For all I know, she had previously sealed her own cultivation level and was then ambushed by two Realm Beasts. Even with the limitation she deliberately placed on her cultivation level, she still managed to kill one of them using her great techniques. Once she recovers her original cultivation level, the Realm Beast would just be a small fry for her! As for her identity, I suppose that she is perhaps… one of the four mistresses of the Lost World Palace in the Northern Heaven…”

“What? The Lost World Palace of the Northern Heaven? She is a person with such a significant identity and yet you still dared to do those things to her… Little Cucumber, are you trying to kill yourself?” Yue Lingkong exclaimed.

The mistresses of the Lost World Palace were not the kind of people whom the mortals could lay a finger on.

Even Yue Lingkong knew that there was the Fourth Mistress of the Lost World Palace at the External Endless Sea. Although her cultivation level was not high, no one including the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea would dare to mess with her.

Both Xi Ran and Wu Yan’s faces immediately turned red after hearing Ning Fan’s words.

So what if she is from the Lost World Palace? 

Even the demon concubines of the Spirit King were taken in by Ning Fan into his harem... 

“Lu Bei might not be a lascivious guy but he is truly a man brave enough to take upon himself extreme risks for… women!”

These three women had reached a consensus that Ning Fan could be considered to have extremely strong self-control among his fellow men. Not only that, the guts he had was rather shocking too. 

They did not stay on that topic anymore. Ning Fan took over the control of the golden flame chariot and constantly altered the course of the chariot by changing his hand seals.

In the area of ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) behind the golden flame chariot, the hollow space kept crumbling, transforming into dark windstorms which rushed towards them.

Ning Fan did not even dart a glance at this kind of windstorm. Every time they struck, he could break them with just a wave of his palm. 

Nine days passed by in a flash. Within those nine days, they had traveled nearly one billion li* (500 m per li). the Immortal Void Realm Formation was currently not far away from them.

“Just a little more… And then we will reach the Immortal Void Realm Formation. Once we go there, we will be safer with the help of the force of that formation…”

Just as Ning Fan had just finished talking, his countenance suddenly changed. An unprecedented feeling of crisis rose within him, causing him to pat his storage pouch without hesitation and take out a glittering golden bell!

At the moment when the bell appeared, countless traces of void power were grabbed by someone and were condensed into millions droplets of pitch-black rain which pounded on the golden flame chariot.

Simultaneously, a cold and menacing voice echoed from deep within the mass of clouds and wind behind them, travelling towards them over a long distance which brought along a terribly tempestuous wind!

“None of you can run away from me! The Art of Realm Rain!”

The owner of that voice was a green-eyed burly man draped in a cloak. He was flying towards them as if he was trudging in the sky. Each and every step he made broke the hollow space.

“That man… is the Realm Beast!”

The group of women’s faces were filled with shock. What surprised them even more was the millions of pitch-black rain drops which were condensed by the burly man by just reaching out his hand to grab the air!  

Every drop of the pitch-black rain was filled with void power which made every one of them destructive enough to instantly kill a Peak Gold Core Realm cultivator if it so little as touches them!

In other words, these one million pitch-black rain droplets could slaughter one million Peak Gold Core Realm cultivators in the blink of an eye.

“Damn it! I cannot withstand this technique!”

Yue Lingkong’s face did not seem to be relaxed. In fact, she was filled with reluctance to admit the fact that even if she regains her original cultivation level, she would still be unable to withstand that technique!

Since she was already in such condition, Wu Yan and Xi Ran would of course be no better than her at all when facing that attack. 

As each of the black rain droplets rained down on the golden flame chariot, they instantly left marks and ripples on it.

Within just an instant, there were already numerous holes on the golden flame chariot which were created by the pelting of the rain.

Although the golden flame chariot was not broken, its power and speed had been significantly weakened due to the damage endured by the body of the chariot.

“The black rain is indeed powerful! However, while you can display the Art of Realm Rain, I can wield the Eastern Ocean Bell! Appear!”

Ning Fan suddenly changed his hand seal. The Eastern Ocean Bell soared up into the sky and grew larger. It emitted millions of golden rays which formed a golden afterglow irradiating every part of the sky. As the golden light spread, all traces of the black rain were erased!

This magical treasure was just a treasure of the Supreme Grade. It was not suitable for it to be used in fights as it was fragile. However, its unusual ability acted like a natural restraint on void power. In the twinkling of an eye, as the golden afterglow being emanated by the Eastern Ocean Bell swept across the sky, the millions of black raindrops which contained void power were easily eliminated.

At this moment, even the Realm Beast who was pursuing them behind had his facial expression changed for the first time.

“Is this… the ‘Heaven Suppressing Bell’ from the Eastern Heaven?! No! It shouldn’t be! How could an immortal treasure of that kind fall into your hands? Moreover, with your mere Divine Transformation Realm cultivation, there is completely no way for you to properly make use of it… Is it just an imitation?”

The cloaked burly man thought carefully about it and immediately felt relieved after coming up with his own deductions.

To the burly man, it would be great if it was not the Heaven Suppressing Bell. If it truly was, he would definitely flee as far away as possible at once.

To Realm Beasts, the Heaven Suppressing Bell was like a terrible nightmare.

In the distance, a formation diagram of a grand formation which was shrouded with purple qi was vaguely visible. Without any hesitation, Ning Fan took out every magical treasure he could find from his storage pouch and performed hand seals to break them. Borrowing the force from destroying them, he increased the speed of the golden flame chariot to an unimaginable level. He attempted to charge into the formation and shake off the pursuit of the Realm Beast.

“This is… an Immortal Void Realm Formation - Zi Wei Black Palace Formation! Hmph! It seems you were all planning on entering this formation to get away from me. If I let you enter this formation, even I would find it difficult to kill you all… When I made my first move earlier, you managed to fend it off by chance. However, I’m sure that you won’t be able to withstand my second move! Innate Talent of the Realm Beast Race - Heavenly Sound Art!”

A trace of an eerie black sound wave was condensing in the cloaked burly man’s larynx.

At the exact moment the sound wave burst forth, it struck the golden flame chariot directly, splitting it into two!

All of a sudden, Ning Fan and the others were all surrounded by the Heavenly Sound which was powerful enough to kill an Early Void Refinement Realm expert!

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