Grasping Evil - Chapter 337.2

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“What exactly is that golden purple sand-like mist made of!?  It could actually melt a big hole on the Immortal Void Realm Grand Formation!” 

“This little cunning kid led me into this formation and then escaped from this place by using a secret technique… But do you think that you can really run away from my grasp in a situation like this!?”

The burly, cloaked man sneered and then charged towards the sky without any care. With his eyes fixed to the formation light appearing above his head, he immediately bit off the tip of his tongue and sacrificed a part of his cultivation to cast a secret technique. In just an instant, his cultivation base dropped to the Early Void Refinement Realm, but at the same time, he spewed out a massive cloud of black mist which encompassed the vicinity of one million li* (1 li = 0.5 km).

“World Dissolving Technique!”

The mist summoned using this technique could melt an entire world away.

This technique was considered as an extremely powerful technique among Realm Beasts. Ordinary Realm Beasts might not even be able to learn it in their entire lives.

The burly, cloaked man used the damage he inflicted on himself as a cost to spew out a mouthful of black mist. As such, this black mist was certainly not insignificant!

At the moment it was spewed on the formation light, the reputable Immortal Void Realm Grand Formation immediately started to melt in its entirety!

After a short while, a loud bang blasted everyone’s ears.  That impressive Immortal Void Realm Grand Formation which contained 49000 formation eyes was directly broken into pieces by the burly, cloaked man!

The formation light totally disappeared and the only thing which still remained inside the ruins was the eighteen ancient giant doors floating in the sky at the end of one side. They were the eighteen doors of life and death which led to the place where Lu Wu was sealed.

“This technique will not only take a toll on my cultivation base, but will also hasten the arrival of my Great Heavenly Tribulation. Thus, I won’t use this technique if it wasn’t necessary… Lu Bei, you are the only person who caused me to inflict so much damage on myself. If I don’t tear you into thousands of pieces, how can I get rid of this deep hatred inside my heart! You must DIE!”

At this moment, the Realm Beast was even more eager to kill Ning Fan rather than Yuan Yao.

Killing Yuan Yao was just a mission to him while Ning Fan, however, was someone who he needed to vent out his hatred!

A mere little ant could actually block my attacks multiple times, forcing me to perform self-sacrificial techniques a number of times, and even sneak attacked me with his mysterious golden purple mist… 

It was completely impossible for the Realm Beast to put up with those humiliations!  

To Ning Fan, breaking a hole in the Immortal Void Realm Grand Formation was also a physically demanding task. He had barely managed to pull it off.

If it was not because he had a deep understanding of this formation and knew which part of the formation light was the thinnest and weakest, he definitely would not have been able to puncture a hole for escape so smoothly. 

However, before he could heave a sigh of relief after boring a hole with great effort, Ning Fan discovered with surprise that the Realm Beast had once again inflicted damage on himself, acting just like a devil lord who had lost his sanity and destroyed the whole formation.

“That is a Immortal Void Realm Grand Formation which is strong enough to trap a Void Fragmentation Realm expert. It was actually destroyed by this beast with just a mouthful of black mist!”

The power gap between Ning Fan and the Realm Beast was no longer just their cultivation base… The difference between the two of them was literally like heaven and earth!

“If that black mist were to hit my body, even if I summon the rogue devil, hide inside Yuan Yao World, or defend myself using my Inlaid Star Compass, I will still end up dead without a doubt! This Realm Beast is too strong! If it was not because his cultivation had regressed significantly and suffered heavy injuries, he won’t even need a single breath to finish me off!”

“I am not his match… However, I can’t back off and neither can I be afraid of him! I must survive! I can’t just die here.”

“I can’t die! Before I attain my goals, I can’t die!”

Ning Fan stood high above the sky and looked down at the burly, cloaked man who had just destroyed the formation with a cloud of black mist.

Escape? There was already no way to escape!

Die? He was unwilling to die just like that!

The only way out is to fight. Why should I be afraid to fight?! 

“Little You Er1, please lend me the power of your primordial spirit!” 

“Mm, even if you didn’t ask for it, I was already prepared to lend you my primordial spirit power … This Realm Beast is too powerful. Usually, ordinary Realm Beasts aren’t able to master so many techniques of the Realm Beast Race at all. The reason why this Realm Beast would hunt down Sister Yuan Yao is definitely not simple! I’m afraid this Realm Beast was likely sent by ‘that person’...  That person used to hunt me down like this in the past! You must not die in his hands!”

Inside the Profound Yin World of the Yin Yang Locket, Luo You was standing proudly and unyieldingly, while the figure of her personal enemy appeared in her mind. As she thought about that person, her attractive eyes turned cold immediately.

Her ten delicate fingers moved to perform a series of hand seals and inserted all the remaining power of her primordial spirit into Ning Fan’s body through a minor crack on the Profound Yin World.

Ning Fan’s eyes gradually turned cold. Inside his dantian, a feeling of warmth started to spread throughout his body and a feminine but noble temperament encircled him.

His eyes sparkled with a soft killing intent as he stroked the hair on his temple gently, behaving just like a woman. Even his voice had turned lady-like.

“You’re the Realm Beast that was sent by the Great Elder, aren’t you? Hehe, he still did not learn all right and now he even chose to collude with the Realm Beast Race.”

That voice did not belong to Ning Fan!

Besides, the control over his body was not in his hands too!

Instead… it was Luo You’s voice and she was the one controlling his body! 

“Primordial Spirit Possession Technique! You aren’t Lu Bei. Who exactly are you? How did you know about the Great Elder!?”

The burly, cloaked man’s eyes were filled with shock. At this moment, Ning Fan’s qi had almost reached the Early Void Refinement Realm.

Moreover, the aura force being emanated by this Early Void Refinement Realm power was extremely unusual. It seemed like his cultivation had regressed to the Early Void Refinement Realm due to heavy injuries, just like the burly, cloaked man!

There was no way for him not to figure out that there was actually a primordial spirit of a powerful expert who had taken control of Ning Fan!

However, the burly man just could not understand what level that expert was. It was because a single trace of that expert’s primordial spirit was able to give him an immense sense of danger!

“No matter what, I must kill him before the primordial spirit of that expert has completely taken over him! Besides, I must never allow the relationship between the Great Elder and the Realm Beast Race to be leaked!”   

The burly, cloaked man’s eyes blazed with killing intent as he let out a roar of rage, turning into hundreds of thousands of zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) tall giant beast. Its skin was pitch black. 

The surface of the beast’s body was covered with innumerable scars and the white bones beneath were visible. It was an extremely appalling sight to look at. 

The scars and bones aside, there were a total of 9 dark golden runes on his body initially. However, when he was pursuing Yuan Yao, he had used eight of them, and he was now left with the last one!

It was the unique ability of the Realm Beast Race - The Ancestral Power Talisman!

Every single Realm Beast was born with nine talismans granted by their ancestors. Every single ancestral talisman had the power to save their lives and also attack their enemies. As the cultivation level of the Realm Beasts rises, the power of their ancestral talismans would become greater as well.

However, there was no way to replenish the depleted talismans. For every talisman the Realm Beast uses, they would then have one less in their possession.

At this moment, the Realm Beast activated his ancestral talisman and in the next second, his dark enormous beast body emitted dazzling light like the glare of the sun. When the light dispersed, the space within the Heaven Hall of the Star Palace which encompassed tens of billions of li* (500 m per li) trembled!

“No matter who you are, you must die today! Ancestral Talisman, break!”

When the last ancestral talisman had broken, an unimaginable crushing power spread in all directions along with the blinding rays all of a sudden. In just a moment, it swept across the vicinity of ten billion li* (500 m per li). The earth within the Heaven Hall crumbled and every last piece of them was crushed to pieces in the hollow space! 

When the Heaven Hall was destroyed, even the Earth Hall and Human Hall were also heavily affected. Countless parts of the hollow space exploded!

Especially the Heaven Hall which was located right at the center of the explosion of the ancestral talisman, one third of the Star Palace was directly blown to pieces! 

Outside the Star Palace, most of the top talents from the Northern Heaven were completely dumbstruck.

Only a few of them were staring solemnly at the Star Palace while most of them were filled with shock.

“This is...the ‘Ancestral Talisman Crushing Technique’ of the Realm Beasts! A single ancestral talisman could completely destroy the entire Heaven Hall! Don’t tell me that this Realm Beast is the Crossing Truth Realm True Immortal who has been pursuing Lu Bei? Not good!”

The Human Hall and Earth Hall were still around, but the entire Heaven Hall was completely gone.

Inside the dark hollow space, one third of the Star Palace has completely disappeared. What replaced it was a nearly hundreds of thousands of zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall gigantic fierce beast which bizarrely appeared at the hollow space.

Behind the gigantic fierce beast, eighteen giant doors remained floating in the air. Surprisingly, none of them were broken. No one knew where each of the gates would lead to.

In front of the beast, countless dark golden rays being emanated by the ancestral talisman had covered a young man, making the young man look like the sun. No one could clearly see his appearance.

The top talents were already petrified looking at the gigantic fierce beast who detonated his ancient talisman to destroy the Star Palace. All of them did not even have the courage to run away.

When they saw the young man who was being attacked by the dark golden light of the ancestral talisman, all of them were panic-stricken...

That young man who was being pursued by the Realm Beast, is... Lu Bei!?

“Yin Rong (Lit: Eroding Yin) Technique… Crush!”

A voice which sounded excessively soft for a man echoed out from the space shrouded by the dark golden light.

‘Ning Fan’ activated his second divine star located at the center of his eyebrows, the Star of Eroding Yin, and used its power to engulf the dark golden light of the ancestral talisman.

The power of the Eroding Yin was the best way to restrain the power of True Yang.

Even more so since the power of True Yang was the main source of power for the Realm Beast’s ancestral talisman.

Needless to say, the reason why Luo You learned this technique was of course for dealing with Realm Beasts!

The current Ning Fan’s body was completely handed over for Luo You to control. In other words, Luo You was the one who cast the ‘Eroding Yin Technique’ just now. Even if they had to face a Crossing Truth Realm Beast’s ancestral talisman, what was there for them to be afraid of?

When the word ‘crush’ was uttered, the dark golden light which circled around Ning Fan’s body broke !

Taking gentle steps as if he was travelling on lotus leaves, he walked out from the dazzling light. His cold-piercing eyes which flashed with killing intent fell upon the Realm Beast, looking at that beast in the way a woman would cast her glare. 

“This elder sister is now Lu Bei…”


A feeling of immense shock immediately welled up in the hearts of countless top talents from the Northern Heaven.

“H-He is Lu Bei?! H-He is the man being hunted down by Realm Beast?!”

“This man has actually fended off the ancestral talisman of a Realm Beast of the Crossing Truth Realm… He is truly a monster!”

“But… Why does this Lu Bei behave like such a sissy… Could it be that he is not ‘straight’?’ A male cultivator said quietly with an inquisitive tone.

“Shut up! Are you trying to get yourself killed?! No matter if he is a sissy or not, his power is extremely terrifying. If you utter any nonsense again, beware that he comes after you!” Another male cultivator fearfully spoke.

“Pah! So what if he is a sissy? Just look at how unique and charming he is…” A number of female cultivators from the Northern Heaven were actually infatuated by the current feminine temperament that ‘Ning Fan’ displayed. When they looked at him, their eyes lit up with passion.

Ning Fan could not help but laugh bitterly. Currently, his body was no longer under his control. All his speech and actions were done by Luo You who took control over his body.

Since Luo You was a woman, her tone, words and actions were naturally lady-like.

Now, Ning Fan had no idea whether Luo You would be able to resist the Realm Beast. The only thing he was certain of was that in the eyes of the group of top talents from the Northern Heaven, he who used to be a fine straight man had been thought to be a hermaphrodite…

Fine. If they think that I am a bisexual, then let it be… There’s nothing I could do about it now… Let’s talk about it later after killing this Realm Beast.

“Little You Er, are you confident enough to win against this beast?” Ning Fan asked in his mind.

“Difficult…” Luo You’s brows frowned with unease.

After all, it was just the power from her remaining primordial spirit. The Yin Rong (Lit: Eroding Yin) Technique had nearly used up all of her remaining power.

“However, this elder sister will never surrender to a Realm Beast. Even if I have to sacrifice my body, I will also settle the score with this beast!” Luo You spoke with an icily arrogant tone.

“Please remember! You are now using my body, not yours…” Ning Fan interrupted.

Hopefully my own physical body won’t be broken by her.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


1.  Little You Er is actually Luo You. It’s just an affectionate way of calling her. 

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