Grasping Evil - Chapter 338.1

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In the hollow space, rubbles and broken debris floated everywhere.

Within the ruins of the Star Palace, two experts stood facing each other. The tremendous aura force being emanated by the both of them made the top talents suffocate.

On one side, there was a black Realm Beast which was hundreds of thousands of zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) tall. However, due to his severe injuries, he could only reveal an Early Void Refinement Realm aura.

On the other end, there was ‘Ning Fan’ who was fiddling with his hair gently with his finger while wearing a relaxed smile on his face. Even though his actions were feminine and the Early Void Refinement Realm qi he exhibited seemed to be weakening, when comparing both of their auras, Ning Fan’s was rather stronger than the Realm Beast’s!

“Lu Bei versus the Realm Beast, who will come out victorious?!”

“Why do you still bother about it? We only have one single mission now… and that is to run!”

As the Star Palace was shattered and the advent of danger, these experts from the Northern Heaven no longer dared to linger around that place. Each of them took out their own star disks respectively and began leaving along a path in the Void Realm.

Even those love-struck female cultivators who were admiring Ning Fan left reluctantly after being urged by their senior brothers.

This place had already become the battlefield for Lu Bei and the Realm Beast. Regardless of whoever wins or loses, their battle would certainly affect a large region and those who stayed to watch it would die without a doubt!

Of all the tens of thousands of top talents from the Northern Heaven, almost no one cared about who gains the emperor’s star in the end. All of them were only focused on getting out of that place hurriedly.

Despite whatever that was happening in the Void Realm, be it ‘Ning Fan’ or the Realm Beast, none of them shifted their gaze away from each other. They did not seem to bother about the people who left at all, as they were contending using their auras.

After a short confrontation of their auras, a loud bang reverberated in the sky. The Realm Beast’s aura had actually been defeated by Ning Fan’s who was now possessed by Luo You!

“Who exactly are you?! You might have possessed a small fry from the mortal world but you know about the affairs of the Realm Beast Race. You are definitely not a nameless being!”

The Realm Beast panted heavily but the killing intent within his eyes had never receded.

In terms of their auras, he might not be stronger than Luo You. However, in terms of the strength and hardness of their physical bodies, Ning Fan’s body definitely could not compare to the Realm Beast’s.


The beast let out a deafening roar, the Realm Beast raised its enormous claw and brutally clawed at the hollow space in front of him.

Even if his cultivation was greatly weakened, the strength of his physical body still remained. The force of that claw directly conjured a one hundred thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) large black palm imprint which went straight for Ning Fan’s head.

“Realm Palm Technique!”

The horrible palm imprint would cause the hollow space to shake every time it went past it.

Looking at the huge palm above his head, ‘Ning Fan’... No, Luo You’s eyes turned grim and she let out a gentle snort.

“Are you trying to bully this elder sister with the strength of your beast body? Humph! Apparently, you don’t seem to know that the secret technique of my bloodline specializes in tackling different kinds of body refining cultivators! Plenty of beauties can charm a heroic man and a three thousand li* long river can bury a brave lionheart. This is an unchanging principle… ‘The Three Thousand Li* of Weakening Water Technique!’”

As she was borrowing Ning Fan’s physical body to cast the technique, a trace of water-blue magic power flowed at his fingertips.

Luo You performed a series of hand seals and eventually pointed one of her fingers to the sky. Immediately, above her head, layers upon layers of still water-blue pond emerged. This pool of water wasx… the Weakening Water!

This cold enfeebling water had nine layers!

The one hundred thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) large palm imprint of the Realm Beast slammed right onto the quiet pond and easily destroyed it.

However, for every layer that was crushed, there would be a trace of strange blue magic power seeping into the palm imprint, immediately weakening its strength.

When the first layer of the pond disappeared, the size of the palm imprint shrank to only fifty thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang).

When the third layer was destroyed, the palm imprint was now only ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) large.

After the sixth layer was broken through, the size of the palm imprint was merely five thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) large.

When the final layer of the pond was destroyed, the palm imprint became only one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) large.

The power of this palm imprint was just nothing more than an attack from a common Divine Transformation Realm cultivator.

With the help of Ning Fan’s physical body, Luo You held her bare hands in the air, rubbed them together and made a clap which directly crushed the incoming palm imprint.

At the moment when the palm imprint was parried, traces of water-blue aura flowed into the Realm Beast’s body through the palm imprint.

As soon as the water-blue aura went inside of him, the Realm Beast’s gigantic body began to shrink at a rapid pace and eventually became only one thousand zhang* tall!

“The Three Thousand Li* of Weakening Water Technique! You are a member from the Luo Clan!”

The Realm Beast widened his eyes. According to hearsay, the Luo Clan of the Northern Heaven had a bloodline secret technique named Three Thousand Li* of Weakening Water. It was a terrifying divine ability which could seal off the strength of one’s physical body!

The Realm Beast was originally prepared to depend on the strength of his beast body to suppress Luo You. However, he had never expected that Luo You would seal off his overpowering strength with her secret technique as soon as she faced him.

A three thousand li* long river may bury a brave lionheart!

Even though you have True Immortal Realm Body Refining Realm, once you are affected by this technique, your strength would be greatly weakened, making your muscles and bones soft and powerless!

All the top talents had already fled away. Thus, no one was able to witness how bizarre and terrifying this technique was.

Within the state of mind, Ning Fan was inwardly astonished. 

If I meet anyone from Luo You’s clan in the future, I must be extra careful. This secret technique is somewhat heaven-defying… 

For the burly, cloaked man, since his strength was restricted, it was pointless for him to turn into his beast form.

By making a spin, the Realm Beast turned into his human appearance again. Under his cloak, the pair of eerie green eyes were filled with resentment.

“You’re the remaining survivor of the Luo Clan. It will be a great contribution if I eliminate you! I suppose you no longer have much power left after fending off the power of my Ancestral Talisman and sealed off my body refining realm with your injured primordial spirit! I’m afraid that you can’t even perform any of the Luo Clan’s secret techniques anymore.”

The burly man sneered and made a step forward, dashing directly towards Luo You.

Although his strength had been sealed, the defense of his physical body still remained intact. He would definitely gain the upper hand if he engages Luo You in close combat.

Luo You’s eyes narrowed coldly . Her primordial spirit was already impaired. After casting the Eroding Yin Technique and the Weakening Water Technique in succession, her primordial spirit had become even weaker. There was no way she could endure the exertion of performing large-scale secret techniques.

Seeing that the burly man was throwing a ferocious fist towards her, Luo You was immediately overwhelmed. She blocked it with difficulty using Ning Fan’s body but she was then struck by the burly man directly on the scapular, breaking every last bone of Ning Fan’s shoulder!

Luo You was not good in a physical battle like this at all!

When the burly man saw that his first punch had gotten him an advantage, he smirked coldly and threw out a torrent of punches.

Despite dodging left and right as fast as she could, Luo You kept being hit by the burly man’s punches. Of course, these punches landed on Ning Fan’s physical body.

“Let me confront him! You just need to lend me the power of your primordial spirit!”

Within the state of mind, Ning Fan could not stand watching the fight anymore.

Luo You was not good in body techniques. Even though she had sealed the Realm Beast’s True Immortal Level strength, she still could not gain any advantages.

“I’m sorry… I’m not really good at close-quarter combat… You take it from here…” Luo You apologized and her tone was filled with remorse.

It was because of her that Ning Fan’s physical body suffered severe injuries.


When Ning Fan regained control over his body, he suddenly closed his eyes. He stood facing directly at the burly man’s punch without dodging or ducking.

In the burly cloaked man’s eyes, it was an act of humiliation.

“Humph! Are you giving up now after realizing that you aren’t my match?”

Looking at Ning Fan who seemed to be awaiting his death with his head held high, the burly, cloaked man thought he had victory in his grasps.

However, when he landed his punch on Ning Fan’s body, he felt his punch did not strike anything at all.

At the same time, Ning Fan who should have been hit by that punch abruptly opened his eyes which were beaming with energy. His body dispersed into countless black shadows. When the shadows recondensed, a cold young man with black hair and robes appeared at one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) away.

“You seemed to be having a good time hunting me, don’t you?!”

“You felt very pleased punching me, don’t you?!”

The young man dispersed into shadows and the shadows condensed into one again.

After several times of dispersal and condensation, Ning Fan examined the inner parts of his body and found that the bones which were broken by the burly man earlier were already healed.

Even though he still had some wounds, they were not an obstruction for him to continue battling the Realm Beast.

“Realm Beast, come and die!”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with indifference. Along the way, he had been pursued by the Realm Beast and had a few close brushes with death. Currently, this Realm Beast’s strength had been restrained by Luo You and his cultivation base had dropped to the Void Refinement Realm. As for him, his power had also reached the Void Refinement Realm with the help of Luo You’s power!

At this moment, Ning Fan finally had the qualification to compete with the burly man.

Luo You might not be good in physical confrontation, but Ning Fan’s body techniques were not weak!


Ning Fan threw out his fist which collided against the burly man’s. When the two fists clashed, both of them were sent backwards for ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) in the hollow space. However, they immediately charged towards each other and fought again. They seemed to be on equal footing and within a short period of time, it was hard to distinguish the victor between them!

What was different between the two of them was their looks.

Ning Fan’s eyes were icy-cold and calm as if nothing from this world could distract him.

As for the burly man, however, his eyes were blazing with anger.

“The incarnation technique? And you have actually cultivated it to the level of self-recovery? But so what if you have that technique?!”

The burly man felt even more humiliated by Ning Fan.

After all, what kind of being was he? If it was not because he was grievously injured and if not for Luo You who had sealed off his strength, pinching Ning Fan to death would certainly be as easy as crushing an ant.

How dare a mere Divine Transformation Realm small fry fight me hand-to-hand!

Even though the burly man was unscathed due to the extreme toughness of his physical defense, his heart was seething with rage.

“Go to hell, you mere ant! Go to hell! GO TO HELL!”

The burly man roared loudly, stirring up countless windstorms from the Void Realm.

No matter how hard the burly man’s fists were and no matter how ferocious the windstorms were, each time Ning Fan’s body dispersed, the shadows would condense again and would continue to fight him.

There were no fancy skills or techniques. What he had was the will to fight and to land each and every one of his punches onto his opponent’s body!


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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