Grasping Evil - Chapter 338.2

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The toughness of the burly, cloaked man’s physical defense was not something Ning Fan can penetrate.

On the other hand, the injuries that Ning Fan suffered were getting more and more severe after exchanging punches with the burly man. 

While in his incarnation state, it was not true at all that Ning Fan would not get injured. The reason why he remained unscathed in the past was because his opponents could not possibly harm him as they were just too weak.

However, his opponent this time was different. It was a Realm Beast and his attacks inflicted destructive damage on Ning Fan’s incarnation.

Ning Fan’s black robe was drenched with fresh blood. A burning sensation ran all over his body due to the aching pain of his wounds. However, Ning Fan’s eyes remained as cold and indifferent as ever.

His determination could not be affected by any emotion. His courage could not be shattered by any powerful enemy. His focus could not be enchanted by any illusion… 

His incarnation had no heart, making him emotionless and fearless!


Another clash of fists from the two powerhouses. Ning Fan was blasted tens of thousands of zhang* (3.33m per zhang) away, barely able to stand on his feet. The Realm Beast was not any better. After receiving a torrent of blows from Ning Fan, although he was not directly harmed, the wounds on his body split open indirectly worsening his previous injuries.

The top talents from the Northern Heaven who had already escaped a million li* (500m per li) paused. Each of them had fear lingering within their hearts. 

They had finally fled to a safe distance but they were still concerned about the battle between Ning Fan and the Realm Beast. Every one of them took out their secret treasures such as the Heavenly Dwelling Mirror and the Transmission Stone to explore the battlefield above the sky outside the Star Palace.

However, when they saw the scene which was projected in their respective treasures, none of them could remain calm.

Look at that black-robed young man battling the Realm Beast! He’s so thin and feeble! But that expression on his cold and indifferent… 

Fearless! From the beginning, this young man who was under the pseudonym of Lu Bei had never been afraid of the Realm Beast.

While all the top talents were desperately fleeing away for their lives once they saw the Realm Beast, Ning Fan still remained at the same place and confronted that mighty beast with his bare fists!

The ruins within the Heaven Hall was stained with fresh red blood.

However, no matter how much blood he shed, Ning Fan’s courage grew as the battle progressed. 

“I have no idea what secret technique this Lu Bei has cast. His cultivation base is obviously only at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, but he has managed to boost his power to the Void Refinement Realm and face the Realm Beast!”

“It seems that it’s the Primordial Spirit Possession Technique…  It seems there is a primordial spirit of a powerful expert hiding within Lu Bei. As for the reason why he can put up a fight with the Realm Beast, it should be because he borrowed power from this expert!”

“So what if he borrows power from others? Being able to incorporate an external power for their own use is also a symbol of one’s capabilities, isn’t it? Furthermore, even if he borrowed someone else’s power which allowed him to temporarily use Void Refinement Realm level of power, it’s impossible for him to fight against the Realm Beast toe-to-toe with just that… Lu Bei seems to have used some kind of secret technique which caused the Realm Beast to be unable to display the original strength of his physical body, disabling him from performing any True Immortal Realm body refining techniques!”

“What?! There is such a secret technique which can seal one’s physical strength in this world?! That is just too heaven-defying!”

Each of the young men were discussing spiritedly about Ning Fan. In their eyes, the impression that Ning Fan gave them became more and more inscrutable.

Each of the young girls, however, were infatuated with Ning Fan. In their eyes, the earlier Ning Fan with a feminine disposition was unique and gentle. At this moment, however, the current callous and strong Ning Fan made these lofty and pampered young ladies from aristocratic families become immersed in their fantasy.

“He’s… so charming…”

Ning Fan did not know that there were innumerable top talents paying attention to him. At this moment, Ning Fan was unbelievably focused. His eyes were only locked onto a single person: the burly, cloaked man.

His incarnation dispersed and recondensed again and again but his injuries became heavier over time. Ning Fan had already forgotten about winning and losing. There was only a stubborn determination within his mind: to hold on until the moment when Yuan Yao recovers her original cultivation base! 

In his life, there were a lot of times where he knew that he could not defeat his enemies but he could not retreat regardless. 

Ning Fan’s consciousness gradually became blurry. His demon blood was also boiling. All of a sudden, fragments of memories from his demon bloodline flooded into his Sea of Consciousness. Countless illusory scenes from the ancient times flashed past his eyes. Those were the scenes of how the members of the Fu Li Race were born from time immemorial.

Originally, there was no Fu Li Race in this world until one day, a young man in purple robes massacred the Great Antiquity with his own power and commanded the entire demon race.

On that day, most of the demons surrendered and the members of the True Spirit Races were appropriately settled down by this purple-robed young man.

On that day, however, there were a few True Spirit old ancestors who swore to fight without surrendering. They ignited all of their demon blood and fought until their very last breath.

Even though those demons were unable to escape death in the end, they had gained the purple-robed young man’s respect. He then resurrected this group of True Spirit ancestors using a great divine ability and remolded them into new beings. This group of True Spirits  were later named as the Fu Li Race!

Hold (Fu 扶) against the inclined heaven, go (Li 离) against all villainous hearts!

Only those who never kneel in defeat and never surrender in death would be qualified to guard the Heavenly Dao and uphold justice!

“The Fu Li Race were the remnants who refused to yield and had burnt their demon blood to the last drop in order to fight to their last breath…” 

“My encounter with the Fu Li was accidental as I awakened the Fu Li blood by chance. But this is not an accident! It was as if I was meant for it as I have never yielded to anyone too…” 

“On the path of cultivation, one shall advance against Heaven… If one doesn’t have a lofty and unyielding character, then they shall not have the qualifications to desire the throne at the pinnacle of power!”

The blurriness in his eyes subsided gradually and a trace of comprehension surged in his mind.

This bloody fight to the death had unexpectedly raised the cultivation of his state of mind! 

The Realm Beast could no longer tolerate him anymore!

He despised small fries and he was unwilling to have an equal fight with them.

In his eyes, Ning Fan was one of them and he was the most annoying one.

“Detestable! It’ll be better if there are some other ways to kill this brat… That lowly slave woman is hiding in the golden flame chariot and it has been kept by him in his storage pouch. Once I finish him off and kill the lowly maid, everything will be over!”

While he was planning and scheming, two strange large gates suddenly appeared in the sky. When the gates opened, a black-robed old men walked out from each of them. Both of them looked ferocious and ruthless.

As soon as they arrived, their faces darkened.

“Hei Mu1, the Great Elder ordered you to kill the lowly slave woman but why are you dealing with a Divine Transformation Realm cockroach here?!”

The two individuals arrived too suddenly. At the moment the giant gates opened, the Northern Heaven top talents were nearly shocked to death.

“The Realm Gate Technique! Another two Realm Beasts of the True Immortal Realm have descended to the mortal world!”

“This is bad! Let’s retreat now!”

That sudden change had eliminated the top talents’ thoughts of continuing to spy on Ning Fan. All of them were in a hurry to escape.

Ning Fan’s eyes narrowed with seriousness as well upon seeing the appearance of the two men. After another clash of fists with the burly, cloaked man, he immediately pulled away to increase the distance between him and his opponent. His breath was weak but he was still standing upright.

“Another two True Immortals!”

Blood oozed out from the seven orifices on Ning Fan’s head. His eyes remained cold but this time, they were filled with sternness.

I’m afraid my life will end here today… 

“The Realm Gate? Ye Lu2, Ye Gu3, why are you here?!”

Annoyance welled up in the burly cloaked man’s eyes.

“Aren’t you supposed to ask yourself that! The Great Elder has given you the order to kill a lowly slave woman who has sealed her own cultivation base. But you took such a long time and you didn’t even return to report the accomplishment of your task. The Great Elder is already somewhat anxious. By the way, where’s Hei Wu4?”

“He has died… He was killed by that lowly slave woman!”

“Trash! Two Crossing Truth Realm experts actually failed to pursue a lowly slave who had sealed her own cultivation base? Not only that, one of you had actually gotten killed during the pursuit...? Where is that lowly slave woman?! Her life plate is still not broken! Why aren’t you going after her but fighting a Divine Transformation Realm young man here?!”

Both of the black-robed old men sarcastically glared at the burly, cloaked man.

The contemptuous looks on their faces made the burly man seethe with anger. If it was not for a number of reasons, he would have already killed Yuan Yao. Why else would he be shaming himself here and entangle himself with Ning Fan?

“Don’t be too proud, you two! That woman is hiding inside the golden flame chariot in this man’s storage pouch! After killing this young man, we can then kill that woman! Let’s attack together to send him to hell!”

As soon as the burly, cloaked man spoke, the two True Immortals shifted their gazes to Ning Fan.

They were now in their peak state, unlike the burly, cloaked man.

With their current power, they could pinch Ning Fan to death like an ant!

One of the old men directly made a stomp forward. With just the power of a single stomp, he had caused countless cracks to form and spread in the hollow space. In the blink of an eye, Ning Fan was jolted by the force of that stomp, causing him to vomit blood. Upon receiving that impact, he was already in a grievous condition. 

“Hand over the lowly slave woman! Then, I will spare your life!” The old man named Ye Lu sneered evilly.

“In your dreams!”

“Are you courting death!”

Ye Lu made another stomp and every bone and tendon in Ning Fan’s body completely broke. Blood gushed out from him like a fountain of blood. However, he still rose up from the ground.

“D-Don’t you ever think that I will do that!”

Ning Fan looked at these three men with a smirk. He knew he might die and the reason was simply because he was too weak.

However, while his cultivation base could be weak, his heart could not!

If he yields and survives that way, his life would become meaningless no matter how strong and powerful he might be in the future!

“Oh? This young man is rather thick-headed and has a strong life force. However, you will certainly die once I do another stomp. I’m currently at the crucial moment of tempering my state of mind and I really don’t want to kill anyone… I’m giving you one last chance, hand over that woman!”

“Over my dead body!” Ning Fan sneered.

The smirk on his face immediately lit up the anger within the old man.

“Well, well, well! What a brave man. You want to die, don’t you? Then let me fulfill your wish!”

Ye Lu condensed killing qi on his foot. If he stomps that foot onto the ground, Ning Fan would surely die.

However, before he could land his foot onto the ground, the atmosphere within the vicinity of one million li* (500m per li) was suddenly being pressured by a peerless aura force! 

Next, a ray of golden light flashed within Ning Fan’s storage pouch and the beautiful shadow of a woman who donned a palace attire gradually emerged. 

Upon seeing Ning Fan’s condition, she could not help but feel pain within her heart…

“I never liked taking someone else’s life. But neither do I like seeing him injured!”

“You all shall die for this!” 


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Hei Mu (Chinese: 黑木pinyin: hēi mù)
    :Lit – Hei 黑means the color of black; Mu 木means wood
    -It is the Realm Beast battling Ning Fan.

  2. Ye Lu (Chinese: 夜戮pinyin: yè lù)
    :Lit – Ye 夜means night; Lu戮means slay
    -One of the newly-arrived Realm Beast.

  3. Ye Gu (Chinese: 夜孤pinyin: yè gū)
    :Lit – Ye 夜means night; Gu孤means lonely
    -One of the newly-arrived Realm Beast.

  4. Hei Wu(Chinese: 黑无pinyin: hēi wú)
    :Lit – Hei 黑means the color of black; Wu无means nothingness
    -The Realm Beast that has been killed by Yuan Yao earlier.

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