Grasping Evil - Chapter 339.2

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All of them stopped in the Void Realm to spectate the battle. Aside from that, a number of them also prepared to report the huge change happening in the Star Palace by sending out their messages secretly. 

However, when each of those top talents tried to take out their message transmission compasses or wield their message transmission flying swords, their items broke without notice. At the next moment, a cold and aloof voice of a woman echoed to their ears.

“No one is allowed to linger around here and none of you shall report the incident that happened in this place to your clans or families. If any of you violates this order, I will definitely show no mercy!” 

*Suck in a cold breath*

The hair on every one of the top talents’ bodies stood out of fear.

They were being threatened and that person who threatened them was a Shedding Void Realm old monster!

Would they dare to disobey? Definitely not!

“Retreat! We must leave this place as quickly as possible! Let me make this clear beforehand. Whoever dares to divulge anything regarding the incident that happened in the Star Palace using secret techniques on our way back to the Northern Heaven, shouldn’t blame me for being ruthless and merciless!”

A Half-Step Void Refinement Realm old monster said with a threatening tone as his eyes coldly scanned across each and every one of the young cultivators. 

Yuan Yao had already demanded this group of top talents to get lost and allowed no one to leak out anything. This old monster did not dare to disregard her. But what he was worried about was some reckless and ignorant kids that would still report to their own clans. Their action would surely enrage Yuan Yao, making her want to kill them and possibly dragging other innocent people into the matter.

Thus, he must put out a warning first. 

This old man's words immediately drew countless people's support.

“Old Ancestor Yuan Ming is right. Whoever dares to leak out anything and offend this Shedding Void Realm senior, even if you’re one of the top talents, I will also kill you with no exception!”

“I will kill whoever dares to tell anyone anything about this incident too!”

“I agree!”

The brief and simple words uttered by Yuan Yao directly caused the tens of thousands of top talents to behave obediently. Not a single person from that group dared to disobey.

That just showed that when one’s prestige grows to a certain extent, they would make others obey them without the need of any mental seals.

The group of top talents was completely gone this time.

As for the three Realm Beasts, other than the burly, cloaked man who had fallen to his knees, the other two True Immortals’ faces were filled with apprehension.


“My name is Bei Yao!” Yuan Yao darted a worried look at Ning Fan lest he figure out her true identity. 

She was scared. In the past, she did not dare to tell Ning Fan about her true identity. Now, she was even more afraid to tell him the truth.

In the past, she did not dare because she was afraid that Ning Fan would conspire against her and take advantage of her.

At this moment, however, the reason why she did not want to let Ning Fan know her identity was because she was afraid that she would involve him in even more trouble.

There would not be any good ending for her relationship with Ning Fan. Even if she protects Ning Fan at this moment, they would never stay together in the future. All of this was because Yuan Yao was the Lord of the Lost World Palace. It was an extremely unique identity. If she violates the rules … she would die and Ning Fan would also be hunted down by countless forces. 

Her cold piercing phoenix eyes swept across the three Realm Beasts. The burly, cloaked man was still kowtowing to apologize for what he had done. As for the other two Realm Beasts, their hearts and souls felt a jolt as their eyes met hers and knelt down immediately with their teeth clenched.

“Bei… Bei Yao Xianzi, we were too reckless and ignorant. We are sinners. But it was the Great Elder’s order and we were just taking orders from him…”

“The Great Elder…” Yuan Yao gritted her teeth. She didn’t say much about him as if she had already had an idea who the mastermind behind it all.

She then turned her gaze to Ning Fan. When she saw his condition again, her heart could not help but feel pain again.

She was never a sinister woman, but today, she wanted to be sinister just one time!

“There’s no use for you all to kneel before me. I want the three of you to kowtow to Ning Fan!” Bei Yao said and her face was frigid cold.

“What!? We are reputable Crossing Truth Realm True Immortals. How could we kowtow to a Divine Transformation Realm ant!”

Piack! Piack! Piack!

Yuan Yao’s body leaned slightly forward as if she had just moved but her body still remained at the same spot without moving.

However, the three experts’ faces were suddenly covered with horrifying palm imprints. Half of their faces were crushed!

Without a doubt, they were left by Yuan Yao who had charged forward to slap them with a terrifying speed! 

“I don’t mind being scolded by you all, but I will not tolerate it if you do it to him!”


The three True Immortals had their pride. They might be able to lower their pride when facing Yuan Yao, but if they need to yield to Ning Fan, it would be even more intolerable than killing them directly...

However, if they don’t want to die, then they must kowtow to Ning Fan.

The three of them clenched their jaws hard as if they were in great agony and eventually kowtowed several times towards Ning Fan.

Yuan Yao revealed a resentful sneer.

It was her first time showing that expression in her entire life. She used to blame Ning Fan for being merciful on the members of the White Demon Sect in the past.

Today, however, only then did she realize that no matter how kind a person might be, they would also turn evil if a person important to them has been hurt!

“You all might have done what I told you to do, but I will still not show any mercy... I hate killing people, but I am even more unhappy to see him being hurt like that. Lu Bei, when you were being pursued just now, you lost two spiritual puppets, didn’t you? … Now, I will give you three puppets as a gift! Puppet Sacrificial Technique!”

All the pain inside Yuan Yao’s heart had turned into a purple ray that condensed within her hand. When she lifted one of her fingers and pointed at them, the purple ray shot out.

At first, it was just a purple light beam. However, it eventually split into three beams and entered the bodies of the three experts.

When the purple light beam went inside their bodies, they immediately turned into blazing purple flames which engulfed their bodies entirely. As their bodies were being burnt by the purple flame, they were overwhelmed with immense pain and eventually, each of them screamed to death with their eyes filled with grudge.

“You… did not keep your promise! We have already knelt down…”

“I’ve never said I will let you all go! Puppets, appear!”


Within the purple flames, the three experts’ demon souls were completely incinerated, leaving only their strong physical bodies.

Ning Fan was silently observing every word Yuan Yao said and every move she made. He did not interfere. However, when he saw Yuan Yao kill the three of them with resentment and even turned them into puppets, Ning Fan could not help but feel sympathetic for her.

"You don't have to force yourself to... kill. Taking the lives of others has never been an enjoyable thing. I know that you don't like killing anyone. With your help, it probably would have been better to let me kill them.”

“But they have hurt you…” Yuan Yao’s eyes no longer had the nobility and arrogance she had before. There was only confusion and emptiness.

Self-blame, remorse, fear... She could not imagine how crazy and insane she would react if Ning Fan really died.


A mouthful of fresh blood spewed out from her mouth. Yuan Yao’s face turned pale immediately and the purple flame on her fingertips was extinguished after just burning halfway leaving three half-completed spiritual puppets. Her vision turned black and she nearly fainted.

Actually, she had not fully recovered her cultivation base at all...

However, when she saw Ning Fan was in danger just now, she refused to continue waiting. Therefore, she forcefully assimilated the tremendous amount of magic power into her immortal veins at the expense of her condition. The process almost caused her to die due to the severity of her injuries.

“Bei Yao!”

Ning Fan's eyes widened with nervousness. He quickly went for her and held her up. When he checked her breathing, only then did he find out that this woman had not completely recovered her cultivation base yet. Nonetheless, she struggled to come save him instead...

“I’m sorry. These three corpses are fine True Immortal Realm bodies. Unfortunately, I failed to refine them into puppets…”  

Yuan Yao hated herself for being useless. Perhaps it was because she was about to part with Ning Fan and they might not meet each other again after they parted ways.

I can’t even refine three Immortal Realm spiritual puppets for him before we part...

Half-completed products. These three mere half-completed products are just equivalent to three Early Void Refinement Realm cultivators. Would they be enough to protect him?

“I like these three spiritual puppets very much. They are only at the Early Void Refinement Realm, aren’t they? Then they really suit me well. With my cultivation base, it would definitely be impossible for me to control Void Fragmentation Realm or even Immortal Realm spiritual puppets. Perhaps, I might even suffer a backlash or be devoured by them!”

Ning Fan mischievously pinched Yuan Yao's wrist and praised the three Realm Beast puppets without any reservations. Without a second thought, he kept them into his storage pouch.

After being touched by what Ning Fan said, Yuan Yao seemed to have regained her strength. Petulantly, she pulled her hands back and struggled to stand properly with her phoenix eyes glaring at Ning Fan.

"The thing that happened between you and me will never happen again. It was the last time... You better behave yourself!"

Yuan Ning was really distressed and angry at the injured Ning Fan.

He is already half-dead, but he still wants to flirt with me? Is he trying to throw his life away for sexual pleasure!?

“By the way… I want to thank you… Thank you for protecting me all the way until here. If there is a chance in the future, I will surely repay you in the Northern Heaven!” Yuan Yao said seriously.

There was no way she didn’t feel touched when Ning Fan refused to sell her out when he was facing three True Immortals.

“How will you repay me?” Ning Fan's eyes deliberately looked at Yuan Yao's ample breasts.

"You ... don't even think about it!" Yuan Yao was slightly nervous and she immediately covered her breasts by crossing her arms in front of her chest.

I definitely can’t do that for the third time with him! The first time was an accident and the second time was inevitable. If it happens for the third time ... I will really get into real trouble!

I must protect my own bottomline!


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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