Grasping Evil - Chapter 340.2

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The aura turned into a gale which blew towards Ning Fan as if it was trying to test him.

When the gust of strong wind approached him, the purple star in his left eye flickered and immediately, the incoming wind split into two and parted for him.

“Precisely. I’m here to fulfill my promise and obtain the emperor’s star. Marshal Lu, please open the palace gates!”

Ning Fan's tone was neither humble nor arrogant. With a swing of his hand, he kept the scroll painting and patted his storage pouch again to take out a black chess piece.

Within the giant palace, Lu Wu sensed that Ning Fan had actually blocked his aura force with the power of his ancestral blood. To him, it was a little shocking. 

A Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator can actually block my aura force... This young man is not weak… 

When he noticed the black chess piece in Ning Fan’s hands, his eyes glinted with surprise.

“You have already obtained the approval of Lord Celestial Emperor!”

Ning Fan might not know what the black chess piece actually meant, but Lu Wu did.

In the year before he had gone into slumber, he had once passed a key to Lu Daochen. The key, however, was just the first step in obtaining the inheritance of the emperor’s star.

The second step was to use the key to unlock the remnant trace of intent that was left by the Celestial Emperor in the Star Palace and obtain his approval.

As for the third step, it was to use this black chess piece to comprehend the power of the Celestial Emperor’s Black Star!

Since Ning Fan was able to get this black chess piece, he undoubtedly had already obtained the approval from the remaining intent of the Celestial Emperor. That is to say, he certainly was eligible to acquire the inheritance of the emperor’s star!

There was no need for other tests anymore!

Nearly at the same moment, Lu Wu was ready to open the gate of the Cloud Palace. But when his gaze fell on the female corpse behind Ning Fan, an even more tremendous feeling of shock filled him, making him suddenly forget about the gate.


Within the giant palace, the giant beast lay on the ground with his white fur hanging down. His appearance looked old and his eyes were dim but his facial expression was as calm as a quiet pond.

However, just as he saw the female corpse, his eyes shot out the light of excitement. He had never thought that he, Lu Wu, would be able to meet the Princess again 150 million years after the destruction of the Heavenly Court.

When the Heavenly Court was destroyed, Lu Wu was deprived of all his memories, Just like the other survivors.

Even so, he still remembered the Celestial Emperor and the Princess!

Originally, he was only surprised by the fact that Ning Fan possessed ancestral blood. At this moment, however, he was astonished at the appearance of the princess by Ning Fan’s side. He could not understand why a Divine Transformation Realm young man would be travelling together with the Princess.

All of a sudden, Lu Wu seemed to see an illusion.

At this moment, the young man standing outside the Cloud Palace was not an expert who possessed ancestral blood but … a butterfly, a butterfly which he had seen many times in the Heavenly Court!


The light of the killing formation around the Cloud Palace turned dimmer and with a loud bang, a giant gate burst open.

“So your name is Lu Bei. You may enter the palace to accept the inheritance of the emperor’s star. But the others shall stay outside for the time being… The Celestial Emperor established an immortal formation on this palace. Other than the person who possesses the ‘Celestial Emperor Chess Piece’, no one is able to come in unless they have Immortal Emperor Realm cultivation base… There is a black chess piece in your hand, while I have a white chess piece in mine… You, come in!”

Lu Wu opened the giant gate of the Cloud Palace, but this giant gate could only allow Ning Fan to enter.

Leaving all the women waiting outside, Ning Fan made a step forward and turned into a trace of purple mist, flowing into the Cloud Palace.

Holding the black chess piece in his hand, Ning Fan had a feeling that he could be immune to all the attacks and traps in the Cloud Palace with it.

Therefore, he was not worried about being attacked by Lu Wu or any other changes which would get him into trouble when he went inside.

Within the Cloud Palace, no light was able to penetrate inside and there were no torches at all. The atmosphere within was dark like a lightless cellar.

In the vast and seemingly boundless palace, echoes of Ning Fan’s footsteps could be heard from time to time.

Without knowing how long he had walked, Ning Fan came to a halt. Even though the place in front of him was complete darkness, he managed to see through it with his Fu Li Eye.

In the darkness ahead, a giant beast which was eight thousand zhang* long lied on the ground. His body was snow-white without any miscellaneous hair. It was an incredibly gigantic Cloud Beast.

However, this Cloud Beast was not a real entity but a virtual being.

Besides, his snowy white body was covered with bizzare blood marks.

“I’m Lu Wu… But I don’t know why I feel like I have seen you before… It’s so weird.” The giant beast’s face wore an eccentric expression.

“Perhaps we did really meet before. But I can’t be sure about it.”

Ning Fan still remembered that when he was prying into Samsara, he cried out Lu Wu’s name involuntarily and it was heard by him.

Perhaps they only met each other in the illusory realm of Samsara. Or perhaps, Lu Wu was just familiar with his previous life where he was just a butterfly.

Ning Fan was not going to explain anything but just sighed with emotion.

The Lu Wu in front of him was undoubtedly a dead man.

Although he had already died, his soul was sealed in this place, rendering him unable to go into Samsara.

Even though he had recognized Mu Weiliang, perhaps other than remembering Mu Weiliang’s identity, he do not remember whether she was dead or alive, let alone the cause of her death… 

“This is Samsara! Under the power of Samsara, even the former mighty Demon Marshal could do nothing to resist but lose his memories…”

His comprehension of Samsara had increased by a bit once again. Ning Fan’s gaze pierced through the darkness and fell on the blood marks covering the giant beast’s body and said with his brows knitted together.

“So this is the evil mark? This is the thing that sealed your remnant soul, making you unable to enter Samsara after your death and suffer eternal damnation?”

“Indeed. This is the evil mark. Before I went into slumber, there were some great True Spirit Races asking for the emperor’s star from me. But in the end, I did not hand it over to them. As such, they planted this evil mark on me, trying to force me to give in. Although I have forgotten why the Heavenly Court was destroyed, I still remembered the order from His Majesty… The Star of the Celestial Emperor must not be given to the demon race. In the great True Spirit Races, those who still retain their royal bloodlines today are the traitors who betrayed us in the past!”

The expression of the giant beast was filled with rage as he mentioned the word ‘traitors’. However, it eventually became calm and composed again.

He had forgotten too many things and even the whole story of the True Spirit Clan’s betrayal.

“If you can help me clear this evil mark, I would then be able to enter Samsara. It’s of course good news to me. But if you can’t, it doesn’t matter. After all, this matter is not important at all. You just need to take my white chess piece away, combine it with the black one in your hand and then comprehend the Celestial Emperor’s Star Technique.”

The giant beast opened its mouth and spat out a white ray. It was particularly dazzling in the dark. The white ray then condensed into a white chess piece and fell into Ning Fan’s palm.

When the two chess pieces were in his palms at the same time, insights and new comprehensions began to transmit into Ning Fan’s mind through the chess pieces.

These insights were all about the Starlight Body Tempering Technique!

At the same time, above the white clouds outside the palace, innumerable black stars appeared all of a sudden. 

All these stars were formed from the condensation of power from the whole Star Palace.

Then, traces of black star power shot into the Cloud Palace and flowed into Ning Fan’s body.

In just an instant, the severe injuries on Ning Fan’s body began to heal at an incredible speed!

“This is the Black Star Technique of Lord Celestial Emperor! With this healing technique, even if one’s injuries are caused by an Immortal Emperor, they could be healed instantly. The more severe one’s condition is, the easier it would be to comprehend the secret behind this healing technique. The heavy injuries on your body are truly a blessing in disguise. At the moment they recover, you will have a great chance of learning this technique!”

Lu Wu said with an envious tone.

However, Ning Fan did not reply to him again at all.

His state of mind was completely immersed within the black starlight.

Inwardly, he was recalling every word the Celestial Emperor said to him in their conversations in the illusory dream and every detail during the chess games they had.

“So this is the Black Star Technique!”

“If I learn this technique, no matter how a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator injures me in the future, I can recover completely within a short period of time! If I study it more and master it, not only could I cure Ning Gu but I would be able to also create physical bodies for Ning Honghong and the other Mu Weiliang!”

“This is an opportunity! I must succeed in comprehending it! After all, this is the most special secret technique of the Celestial Emperor!”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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