Grasping Evil - Chapter 341.1

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Ning Fan closed his eyes and it was as if he had forgotten the entire world.

When he reopened them, Ning Fan’s mind was immersed inside a world of starlight.

Dark crystals glowing with dusky light were embedded in the world’s heaven and earth. Each and every one of these crystals was the source of star power of this world.

He reached out his hand and drew one of the crystals towards him. When he held it in his hand, the look on his face immediately changed.

The moment he held the crystal, it suddenly broke into pieces and turned into a black beam which then entered his body. In the next moment, Ning Fan felt a sharp pain inside his body. What followed it was a burning sensation which ran across his devil marks on his back.

“What is this crystal!?”

His eyes gradually calmed down and the pain he felt when the crystal entered his body just now subsided.

However, after examining the internal parts of his body, his eyes slightly widened with surprise because he realized that after that piece of crystal went inside, his demon power and magic power remained unchanged, but his devil qi increased by a bit.

That is to say that by consuming one piece of dark crystal in this world, his devil power would increase by 1 unit!

Not only that, Ning Fan immediately found out that after he consumed the crystal, the hardness of his body had increased slightly, gradually advancing towards the Third Level of Jade Life Realm. Besides that, there was some kind of transformation happening in his body’s foundation.

The most important thing was that when he lifted one of his fingers, a ray of black starlight shot out from the tip!

“This is… ‘Natal Star Power’! By consuming the crystals of this place, not only could it increase my ‘Natal Star Power’, but also increase the level of my devil cultivation! Does this mean that the nature of the black star is rather similar to devil qi?”

“After Lu Wu gave me the white chess piece, I have gained quite a number of new insights. All of them were inherited from the Celestial Emperor. One of them is the method of comprehending the ‘Black Star Technique’. In order to completely comprehend the ‘Black Star Technique’, the first step is to understand the difference between the black star and the other types of stars. For this step, I have already gotten the necessary understanding in the past. Secondly, one would need to condense the ‘Natal Star Power’. Thirdly, one has to condense the ‘Natal Star’ using the star power. When the first ‘Natal Star’ is condensed, I will then successfully learn the ‘Black Star Technique’. If I am injured in the future, I could then summon the ‘Natal Black Star’ to heal my injuries with star power!”

“Condensing a ‘Natal Star’ will need at least ten thousand wisps of ‘Natal Star Power’. In other words, I only need to engulf ten thousand pieces of dark crystals and I can then successfully condense my first ‘Natal Star’!”

Ning Fan's gaze swept across the surroundings. This place was the world within his state of mind. With a single glance, he could tell that the approximate quantity of dark crystals in this entire world was certainly not less than 50,000!

If he can engulf all the crystals here, he could condense at least five Natal Stars and obtain fifty thousand traces of devil qi at the same time, improving the level of his devil cultivation by fifty thousand units!

“This is a chance! If I completely engulf all fifty thousand pieces of crystals here, I can obtain fifty thousand units of devil power and let my devil cultivation break through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm! Afterwards, I will then have Mid Divine Transformation Realm demon power and devil power and Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm magic power. If my magic power also attains the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, I definitely can break through to the Late Divine Transformation Realm in one go when I combine all three types of powers!”

Since there were more than fifty thousand crystals in this place, it was the perfect opportunity for Ning Fan to improve his devil power!

Inside the world within his mind, Ning Fan seemed to be the only ruler. He moved his fingers to perform a number of complicated and incomprehensible hand seals. When he opened his mouth and inhaled. Violent black gales blew, carrying countless crystals which were embedded in the world’s heaven and earth into his abdomen.

By engulfing the crystals in this manner, he managed to swallow almost one thousand crystals within just half a day.

His devil cultivation base had increased by one thousand units and one thousand traces of Natal Star Power had been condensed inside his body.

Vaguely, inside his right eye, a half, illusory black devil star was taking form.

Within his state of mind, Ning Fan was busy swallowing the star power.

While at the huge palace outside the world within his mind, Ning Fan’s physical body was standing upright for a long time with his eyes tightly shut. Every single muscle of his body stayed still, making him look just like a wax sculpture.

After consuming one thousand crystals, the fifty thousand rays of black starlight that revolved around his body was reduced by one thousand.

These one thousand star rays that had gone into his body were not only increasing his devil qi, but also improving the foundation of his body.

In front of Ning Fan’s physical body, Lu Wu's eyes gradually became stern and solemn.

“The Celestial Emperor had once said that the most difficult part in condensing the Natal Star is to condense the first star. During the process of condensing the first Natal Star, one would need to engulf ten thousand traces of star power. The most dangerous part of that process is when one has engulfed the first one thousand traces of star power. Everything has a soul including stars. When a cultivator condenses the first one thousand traces of Natal Star Power, he will face the first test of the stars … Would this man be able to pass it?”

Inside his mind, Ning Fan had no idea about the situation of the outside world. At the current moment, he was sitting amidst the frosty sky in a meditative position to refine the one thousand dark crystals inside his body.

One thousand crystals were equivalent to one thousand traces of star power. When the crystals were all completely assimilated, not only did his devil power experience a sharp improvement, but also his aura force. When he unleashed it, it conjured one thousand rays of black starlight which revolved around his body. That very scene was incredibly stunning. 

Sensing the star beams which surrounded his body, Ning Fan revealed a satisfied expression. He could feel that after condensing one thousand traces of Natal Star Power, his injuries recovered at a much faster speed.

However, a brief moment later, the starry sky in front of him suddenly trembled.

A fierce, menacing roar of a beast came from the front, resounding all over heaven and earth.

Ning Fan immediately stood up and every part of his body was on high alert. In front of him where most of the star power was concentrated, one thousand crystals suddenly crumbled and their star power converged at a point, forming a huge, dark figure of a beast.


The beast let out another deafening roar. Its eyes flashing with ferocity. When it spotted Ning Fan, it charged towards him, emanating a terrifying qi at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm!

“The power of the stars is not something a mere ant can comprehend. I am the star soul and I am here to take your life!”

The huge beast spoke human language. But as soon as its voice fell, it immediately opened its mouth and blasted out a column of flames which engulfed Ning Fan.

“A star soul…”

Ning Fan muttered to himself. With a pair of composed eyes, he steadily walked out from the sea of flames, unscathed.

In a flash, he suddenly disappeared without leaving any traces. At the next moment, he was already standing above the head of the huge beast with his hands clasped behind. As the wind blew, his sleeves fluttered. 

“A Mid Divine Transformation Realm star spirit is not enough to make me afraid… Crush!” 

Ning Fan lifted one of his feet and then stomped on the beast’s skull which was as huge as a mountain.

When that stomp landed on its head, the giant beast’s expression was immediately filled with terror. Upon receiving the tremendous impact from Ning Fan’s stomp, it gave out a loud shriek. Eventually, its huge body exploded and vanished into nothingness with a bang!

Ning Fan then opened his mouth and the one thousand rays of starlight that formed the huge beast were all sucked into his stomach.


Inside the Cloud Palace, Lu Wu wore a look of shock.

Just before a few breaths ago, the first one thousand traces of Natal Star Power condensed inside Ning Fan's body, triggering the first attack from the star soul.  

But with just a few moments, Ning Fan had crushed the star soul and seized another one thousand traces of star power.

That scene moved Lu Wu for the first time.


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