Grasping Evil - Chapter 341.2

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“After condensing the first one thousand traces of Natal Star Power, one will meet the first star soul. Usually, this star possesses Mid Divine Transformation Realm level of strength. This Lu Bei is clearly also just a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. However, he was able to kill the Mid Divine Transformation Realm star soul in just an instant. This man’s battle power is slightly terrifying… I suppose he is unparalleled among the cultivators at the same level as him…”

"He truly is someone who deserves to be given the black chess piece by the Celestial Emperor. However, it is still unsure whether he can still be so calm when he meets the second wave of attack from the star soul after condensing five thousand traces of star power."

In the world within Ning Fan’s state of mind, it did not take long for him to refine the additional one thousand traces of star power. Currently, there were already two thousand traces of Natal Star Power inside his body.Rays of starlight hovered around him. Ning Fan increased his flying 

speed to the maximum, making him look like a wisp of purple smoke as he travelled among heaven and earth within that internal world.

Each of the crystals was pulled out one after another Ning Fan from the sky and earth, swallowing them all to refine his star power.

One day later, the Natal Star Power inside his body reached five thousand traces!

When the five thousand traces of star power were successfully condensed, the mass of star power in front of him suddenly turned chaotic. This time, nearly three thousand crystals broke and the star power that was unleashed condensed into a star soul beast which was much more gigantic than the previous one.


When the colossal beast roared, the earth trembled and the mountains shook.  A Late Divine Transformation Realm aura force ferociously poured out from the beast!

“The star power is not something a mere ant can comprehend. I am the star soul and I’ve come to take your life!”

The beast’s jaw lowered, intending to spew out flames again. This time, however, Ning Fan did not even give it time to open its mouth.

Looking at the gigantic fierce beast which was approximately two thousand and five hundred zhang* large (3.33m per zhang), Ning Fan’s face remained indifferent. He pointed one of his fingers and a golden purple mist suddenly blew at the sky.

This golden purple mist had the power of weathering away everything. That power was the power of Samsara; the power that could put an end to everything that has ever existed!


Before the beast could even react, it was already enveloped by the golden purple mist. Its scale mail which had a hardness comparable to golden iron was literally turned into sand which drifted down its body amidst the mist!

The beast’s pupils revealed a look of disbelief and its body quivered uncontrollably.

It was proud earlier because it claimed to be a star soul and viewed Ning Fan as a mere ant.

But in front of this golden purple mist, an irresistible fear rose within the gigantic beast.

With the power of his Wind Mist Finger, Ning Fan was not the ant in this situation but the things that existed within this world were!

Screaming in pain, the beast was reduced to floating ash and was completely weathered away.

Three thousand traces of star power dispersed from the beast’s corpse and all of them were then sucked by Ning Fan into his stomach.

“There are eight thousand traces now…”

Ning Fan muttered to himself.

Inside the cloud palace, Lu Wu's pupils dilated with surprise. If Ning Fan was said to have gained Lu Wu’s attention after witnessing him killing the star soul which was at the same level as him with just a single blow, Ning Fan could now be considered to have impressed Lu Wu after instantly killing the star soul which was a small cultivation base higher than him.

Killing enemies beyond one’s level is not something that just about anyone can do. Those who can are doubtlessly a one-in-ten-thousand genius.

At the very least, Lu Wu clearly knew that he wasn’t that kind of genius himself and he did not have the capability to kill an enemy who has a higher cultivation base than him.

However, Ning Fan did it with ease.

What Lu Wu found especially difficult to understand was the golden purple mist which appeared around Ning Fan’s body when he killed the second Star Soul.

“What technique was that golden purple mist? Anyhow, I was once the demon marshal of the Heavenly Court. Although my cultivation base was not high, I had seen innumerable experts. However, I have never seen any expert who could exhibit the power of this golden purple mist… The power contained within the mist is extremely terrifying. It is something that is beyond my comprehension…”

Lu Wu’s expression was filled with confusion.

At first, he only treated Ning Fan as a Divine Transformation Realm junior. Now, however, the way he looked at Ning Fan was similar to the way he looked at his peers.

“I can’t see through this Lu Bei! Even among the Divine Transformation Realm heavenly generals of the Heavenly Court in the past, this young man could also be considered as an outstanding expert!”

Within his state of mind, Ning Fan sat in lotus position in midair after swallowing a great number of crystals and began refining their power.

He sat there continuously for three days without moving or being affected by any external things. Three days later, he abruptly stood up and his body was already covered with ten thousand rays of starlight!

“I have ten thousand traces of star power now. It’s time to condense the first… Natal Star!”

The Celestial Emperor possessed one million Natal Stars. When he calls upon these one million stars, he could withstand the onslaughts of multiple Immortal Emperors without dying.

What Ning Fan was condensing right now was only his first Natal Star. Compared to the late Celestial Emperor, he was like a hair from nine oxen, truly insignificant.

Even so, this star was of great significance to him. It was his first step in learning the Black Star Technique and he could not afford to fail!


At the moment Ning Fan finished condensing ten thousand traces of star power, another thunderous roar of a beast reverberated through the sky. Another beast had come as expected!

Within the world’s heaven and earth, nearly ten thousand black crystals shattered and ten thousand traces of star power condensed into a three thousand zhang* enormous beast.

Another star soul! Besides, this star soul was apparently at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm!

“I only need to eliminate this star soul and I can then… condense my first Natal Star!”

Ning Fan made a step forward. His body was giving off masses of black qi and his white robes turned black!

Without even giving the star soul time to spit any harsh words, his body had already burst and dispersed into countless black shadows!

The black shadows vanished from heaven and earth. But at the next moment, they reappeared around the enormous beast and transformed into innumerable black virtual shadows that rushed towards the beast. That scene looked as if a drop of concentrated ink was spreading.

All of a sudden, the beast seemed to have just witnessed something unbelievable and its expression froze.

Subsequently, the scattered black shadows recondensed into a young man in black robes.

As for the beast, its body blew up with a bang, turning into bloody mist which permeated the atmosphere. It was instantly killed by a single move from the black shadows!

At the moment the beast died, the first black star rose at the end of heaven and earth!

An unusual feeling spread throughout every fiber of Ning Fan’s body. His bones, tendons, and skin began to fester and decay. However, when they were basked in the black starlight, they recovered and shone with life again.

His bones were rearranging themselves. Every inch of his muscle had been filled with even more energy than before.

“This is… Star Power Body Tempering?!” Ning Fan’s eyes glowed with excitement. He could feel that after condensing the first black star, his body was being reconstructed again, thoroughly remolding itself and making it become even stronger and tougher!

The first time he experienced such changes was during his second phase of corpse transformation.

This time, however, his body was being tempered by star power!

“I’m about to break through to the Third Level of the Jade Life Realm!” Ning Fan felt that his physical body was advancing to a greater body refining realm!

In the Cloud Palace, Lu Wu sighed with admiration.

He had sensed that Ning Fan had also killed the third star soul with a single move and completely condensed his first Natal Star.

As such, Ning Fan could be considered to have mastered the initial stage of the Star Technique…

“Even a Peak Divine Transformation Realm star soul was also killed instantly by this young man with a single move… Is he really just a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator? Even I am doubting my judgement right now… Hehe. This kid is indeed extraordinary. I suppose he rarely has any opponents among the cultivators below the Void Refinement Realm. If this kid were to be born in the ancient times, he would definitely be one of the candidates competing to be  an Immortal Emperor!”

“So he is the person who was invited by Lu Daochen… That kid, Chen always had a keen sense of people.”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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