Grasping Evil - Chapter 344.2

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After the death of this senior Divine Transformation Realm expert, there was no new Divine Transformation Realm expert who could succeed her position in Bi Yao Immortal Island. It was somewhat insufficient to depend on only one Divine Transformation Realm expert to defend the island.

The female cultivators of the sect were all great human cauldrons. As a matter of fact, countless devil lords had been drooling over the Bi Yao Sect. There were even several devil lords who had abducted more than ten female cultivators from this sect… 

Furthermore,  the Alliance of Ming Assassins also began to suppress the Bi Yao Sect in the past three years. The reason behind it was because of a rumor that claimed that the vice sect master of the sect, Yin Suqiu, was Zhou Ming’s woman!

Yin Suqiu had already succeeded in Nascent Formation and she even obtained the inheritance of power from the old ancestor who had passed away. Now, her cultivation base was already at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm and she was just a hair’s breadth away from attaining the Divine Transformation Realm.

However, the promotion of Yin Suqiu’s position in the Bi Yao Sect caused one of the female cultivators of the sect to be jealous of her. Because of her jealousy, she then exposed Yin Suqiu’s relationship with Ning Fan.

Her loose lips were disastrous! The Alliance of Ming Assassins then targeted Yin Suqiu as a person wanted dead!

Fortunately, Yin Suqiu had never left the sect even once and devoted herself to meditation and cultivation. Thus, none of the assassins had the opportunity to kill her.

Ning Fan’s eyes became even colder.

Not to mention how Yin Suqiu was doing, the action of the Alliance of Ming Assassins had already ignited Ning Fan’s rage.

“Suqiu is now in secluded meditation. She should be fine for the time being… Hmph… I should first cure Qiuling, then I will definitely go personally and see what qualifications this Alliance of Ming Assassins have to try laying a finger on my woman!”

With a spin, Ning Fan turned into a purple mist and disappeared in a flash, rushing towards the Pleasure Devil Immortal Island.

It seemed that although he had just returned to the external sea, there were already some matters he needed to deal with.

People will never learn to behave themselves if I don’t wash the External Endless Sea with blood!

On the Black Tortoise Star in the Void Realm of the Northern Heaven, an indifferent woman stepped on a amethyst sword shadow while flying towards the Sea of Clouds.

The Void Realm was the dichiliocosm where the Tablet Wielding Immortal Emperor resided. The woman who was stepping on the sword donned a Chinese tight-fitting dress and a pair of fragrant soft shoes. Her body emanated a multi-colored sword qi and her presence was both graceful and ethereal. She was none other than the favorite pupil of the Tablet Wielding Immortal Emperor --- Bei Li.

The reason why Bei Li was rushing to the Sea of Clouds as soon as she ended her secluded meditation was to help someone in completing their Divine Transformation.

With her identity, she would never personally take the trip to help others in mortal severance unless she meets an expert who could detect the color of luck.

Last time, she went to the Sea of Clouds in order to assist Ning Fan.

This time, however, was for her little sister.

Her fourth younger sister, Bei Xiaoman, was going to succeed in the mortal severance and leave her name on the Divine Tablet of Heavenly Dao. Then, she would officially become a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator.

“Is Xiaoman finally achieving the Divine Transformation Realm? If so, she would be returning to the Northern Heaven very soon…”

Bei Li muttered to herself as if she was worried about something. An hour later, she appeared below the three Divine Tablets of Heavenly Dao in the Sea of Clouds.

Under the Divine Tablets, the Taoist child, Yi Qing seemed to be sitting on a needle and pins. He was sighing incessantly while dealing with a young girl in red robes.

The red-robed young girl was holding a red whip. Her face was oval-shaped like a goose egg. She looked pretty and elegant but her eyes were piercing cold. She blocked Yi Qing and insisted on having a fight with him… 

She was undoubtedly the fourth young mistress of the Lost World Palace - Bei Xiaoman.

Bei Xiaoman saw Yi Qing to be quite tough and thus she wanted to test her skills on him. However, how would Yi Qing be bold enough to act against Bei Xiaoman?

After all, she was the fourth young mistress of the Lost World Palace… In case she got hurt, he will get himself into big trouble.

Once he saw Bei Li’s arrival, Yi Qing immediately felt a great sense of relief and excused himself in a hurry.

This scene made Bei Li sigh gently. She frowned slightly and scolded her sister with an indifferent tone.

“Xiaoman, you’re causing trouble again. You have just attained the Divine Transformation Realm and your cultivation base is still not stable yet. How could you throw yourself into battle with others? Junior Yi Qing didn’t fight you because he was afraid that you might get hurt…”

“Hmph! All of them look down on me! If it weren’t for the problem with my physique and my age being the youngest of all in the family, how would I only attain the Divine Transformation Realm today?! Besides, the reason I challenged him for a fight was because Yi Qing’s tone was too arrogant… During the Three Levels of Mortal Severance, every time I passed one level, he would tell me a long-winded story about a man called Ning Fan and claimed how amazing he was and what achievements he had… It’s so annoying!”

“Silly girl, that Young Master Ning was really amazing. Junior Brother Yi Qing really admires him from the bottom of his heart and he did not intend to anger you…”

Memories whirled up in Bei Li’s eyes, as if she was recalling the young man.

“Young Master Ning… Huh? Sister Li, you’re being weird. Aren’t you someone who never set your eyes upon any man? Why would you be so kind to that Ning Fan and even specially call him Young Master Ning?”

Bei Xiaoman clasped her little hands behind her back and gently stamped her little feet on the ground while looking at Bei Li with great interest. Her face was adorned with a mischievous smile and her eyes curved into a crescent shape.

“Sister, don’t tell me you have fallen for that ‘Young Master Ning’? This is not appropriate, you know? However powerful Ning Fan might be, he’s just someone from the mortal world…”

“Pah! Xiaoman, you haven’t learned to behave at all in the mortal world. It seems like you’re even getting bolder! Young Master Ning and I had only met once. How would I fall for him?!” Bei Li blushed and angrily rolled her eyes at Bei Xiaoman.

“Of course I know that Elder Sister Li is supercilious and it is impossible for you to even glance at the cultivators from the mortal world… Why are you so agitated? Furthermore, I also know a person in the mortal world. In terms of talent, I believe he is not any weaker than your Young Master Ning!”

“What do you mean by saying ‘my Young Master Ning’? Who is that person? What is his cultivation base?” Bei Li’s face lit up with interest.

“His name is Zhou Ming. He’s a bad guy and he bullies me every day! However, he’s really talented and very powerful! He has gone missing for twenty years and I don’t know where he went. Humph! I bet he must have been fooling around with that wild woman! It’s so irritating!”

Bei Xiaoman’s little face swelled with fury.

Even if ‘Zhou Ming’ has gone away to fool around with some other woman, what would she be angry for? Didn’t she hate Zhou Ming?

“Silly sister… '' Bei Li said inwardly, seeing through Xiaoman’s thoughts.

I’m afraid my little sister has really taken a fancy to a cultivator from the mortal world and that guy… is called Zhou Ming?

“What’s Zhou Ming’s bone age? What unique talent does he have? With your taste, I don’t think you would set your eyes upon any talented cultivator below the Divine Transformation Realm…”

“Mm… He’s very powerful and he is definitely ten times more powerful than your Young Master Ning! His bone age is less than four hundred years old but he’s already at the Late Nascent Soul Realm… At least before he went missing twenty years ago, he had that cultivation base…” Bei Xiaoman sounded a little dispirited.

“A four hundred years old Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator? He’s not bad though. But he’s still slightly weaker than Young Master Ning who attained the Divine Transformation Realm at just three hundred years old.” Bei Li shook her head and replied.

“Who said that?! Although that Zhou Ming was at the Late Nascent Soul Realm that time, he had once killed a Divine Transformation Realm expert. Besides, he is also a Fifth Revolution Pill Master!”

Bei Xiaoman was immediately filled with pride after speaking those words as if the four hundred years old Fifth Revolution Pill Master was not ‘Zhou Ming’ but her.

“A Fifth Revolution Pill Master! This Young Master Zhou is indeed talented… Is he a genius in the Dao of Alchemy?” Bei Li pondered as she spoke.

“You’re not allowed to call him Young Master Zhou! You don’t even know him! Go and find your Ning Fan, Zhou Ming is mine!”

Bei Xiaoman was like a vindictive child who often caused Bei Li headaches but also loved her at the same time.

It would be better if this little sister is steadier… 

I just unintentionally called out Young Master Zhou and this silly sister started to be jealous?

Does this silly sister really like that Zhou Ming? If so, it would be quite troublesome.

“Xiaoman, you should know that you already have a marriage contract with the ‘Ximen Aristocratic Family’... Speaking of which, where is your Yuan Yao Jade?! Don’t tell me you gave it to Zhou Ming?!” Bei Li’s eyes flashed with solemnity. It was a serious matter.

“I’ve placed my Yuan Yao Jade under Stone Warrior’s care… As for the Ximen Aristocratic Family… I won’t marry into their family!”

Bei Xiaoman told a little lie. As a matter of fact, her Yuan Yao Jade as well as Stone Warrior were both gone.

“Silly sister, even if you don’t marry the Ximen Aristocratic Family, it won’t be possible for you to be with Zhou Ming too…”

Bei Li intended to continue persuading Bei Xiaoman.  But suddenly, a vigorous Shedding Void Realm aura force arrived at the Sea of Clouds along with a purple glow.

Immediately, both the girls’ faces revealed a look of astonishment simultaneously.

“Mother! Why did you come?”

“The reason I came is of course to give you something. I will help you sever the scarlet dragon…”

Within the glow, Yuan Yao stepped out slowly like a fairy descending on the mortal world and remaining aloof from the world.

Her body seemed to still have some injuries. However, before her two daughters questioned her about them, Yuan Yao immediately flicked her sleeve to take out a black crystal and handed it over to Bei Xiaoman.

“Man Er, after you return to the Rain World, go and refine this crystal. You could then easily sever the red dragon in just a single attempt. Afterwards, you will no longer need to worry about the ‘Bloodthirst of Gui Vein’ and you won’t need to suppress the killing qi of Gui Vein by killing others…”

“Thank you, mother!”

Bei Xiaoman rushed forward to hug Yuan Yao with great joy. She had eagerly wished to sever her scarlet dragon even in her dream.

After all, having menstruation every month was pretty much torture to a female cultivator… 

“Oh yes, what were you both discussing just now?” Yuan Yao asked casually.

“We are talking about which genius is more outstanding! I like Zhou Ming, but Elder Sister Li likes Ning Fan!” Bei Xiaoman stuck out her tongue, trying to act cute in front of Yuan Yao.

“What do you mean by saying ‘I like Ning Fan’… ” Bei Li did not like to talk much and she was totally lacking strength to argue back.

The conversation between the both of them made Yuan Yao contemplate.

“Geniuses… I’m afraid your so-called Ning Fan and Zhou Ming cannot compare with that person…”

“Who is it?” Bei Xiaoman resided in the mortal world while Bei Li had just come out from her secluded meditation not long ago. They were entirely unaware of the significant news that was spreading in the Northern Heaven at all.

“Currently, all the geniuses and the younger generations of the Northern Heaven were almost overwhelmed by a single young man… That man was born in the mortal world but with his Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base, he defeated Zi Chuan, killed Lin Su, fought the Realm Beasts on his own, and even conquered the Star Sea… His name is Lu Bei… I think Lu Bei may be the most outstanding person among all the geniuses of this generation …”

Yuan Yao was immersed in her past memories but tried her best to conceal the changes in her expression and pretend not to know ‘Lu Bei’.

“With mother’s identity, it’s weird for her to actually praise a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator from the mortal world…” Bei Xiaoman and Bei Li both found it difficult to believe it.

However, these three women did not know that the strongest genius they were arguing about was actually… the same person!

Moreover, that person had quietly returned to the Endless Sea and was preparing to stir up a storm!


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