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It was impossible for Yuan Yao’s two daughters to see through what she was thinking.

As soon as she got back to the Northern Heaven, she then rushed to the Sea of Clouds to give Bei Xiaoman the crystal of star power. Aside from that, she still had other things to busy herself with.

Since many geniuses from the Northern Heaven died in Ning Fan’s hands, Yuan Yao had to help Ning Fan settle some trivial matters… 

“Xiaoman, I have something to ask of you and you must keep it in mind. When you return to the Rain World this time, if Lu Bei finds you and requests to ascend to the Immortal World of the Northern Heaven, you must assist him as much as you can.”

“Oh.” Bei Xiaoman nodded her head as a reply.

. . .

The Pleasure Devil Sea was rich in mineral resources. Its magnetic force was chaotic just like before and there was thick, heavy black snow covering the sky. Even if it was daytime, one’s field of view would not be more than the vicinity of one hundred zhang* (3.33m per zhang) under the black snow. With the presence of the magnetic force, ordinary cultivators did not even dare to easily spread their spirit sense.

Only a white-robed young man draped with a black-feathered cloak sauntered in the snow. His countenance was calm and composed. He spread his spirit sense to a very large distance away, as if he was not afraid of the magnetic force at all. 

Anyhow, his spirit sense was at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm. It was just too much greater than that of Xu Rushan and other Early Divine Transformation Realm experts!

Every step he took was like strolling idly in a courtyard. However, right after each step, he would vanish completely.

With such a speed, he could be regarded as one of the finest experts in the Endless Sea!

Ning Fan walked past the black snow step by step but he suddenly came to a halt outside the Pleasure Devil Immortal Island. His eyes swept across the area, observing its surroundings.

Within the snow, the Pleasure Devil Immortal Island seemed to be in a state of alert. The whole floating island activated tens of thousands of formation lights and numerous cultivators were patrolling the island, as if something big had happened.

“Mm? Is it because Qiuling’s condition has worsened? I see. They are seeking medical treatment for her? A group of Third and Fourth Revolution Pill Masters are incapable of curing her.”

Ning Fan shook his head and made a step forward. Golden purple wind breeze rose around his body. In just an instant, he passed through innumerable levels of defensive formation light and drifted into the island. No one was able to stop him.

Moreover, not a single one of the cultivators on the island could detect his arrival.

There was a mountain floating above the summit of the Pleasure Devil Island. It was named the Blissful Summit and it was formed from the magical treasures of the lord of the Pleasure Devil Island, Xu Rushan.

At this moment, tens of pill refinement masters were seated in their respective guest seats in the main hall. They were all discussing Xu Qiuling’s condition.

Everyone in this group of guests were famous pill refinement masters in the External Endless Sea. Moreover, a few of them even came from the Internal Endless Sea and their expressions were rather haughty.

There were four persons on the main seats and the leader was definitely the lord of the Pleasure Devil Immortal Island, Xu Rushan. The person sitting next to him was an old man wearing linen robes. His hair was white but his complexion looked youthful and he had an awe-inspiring presence. He was none other than the Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor of the Cloud Treading Sect --- Yan Zhongze.

As for the other two on the main seats, one of them was a woman in light-yellow clothing. She wore a veil to cover her face. She was playing a qin with her eyes closed. The gentle melody of the qin reverberated within the hall but no one enjoyed it at all and she did not care.

This woman was without a doubt Xu Qiuling.

As for the last person on the main seat, he was a dirty old man dressed like a gardener. He only revealed a Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base. He was eating some pastry on his seat as if there was no one present in the room. Not a single guest in the room knew that he was actually Old Ancestor Dong Xu who appeared in front of them under the alias Shui Ye.

Apparently, Dong Xu had already revealed his identity to Xu Rushan and was treated with the highest standard of courteous reception in the Pleasure Devil Island. However, he did not tell others about his true identity. Therefore, ordinary people were unable to understand why a dirty gardener could be involved in such a solemn occasion.

Other than these four individuals, there was a faint-hearted Nascent Soul Realm cultivator standing at a side to serve the gardener. He was Old Ancestor Yu Long who was once subdued by Ning Fan and was thrown away at the Pleasure Devil Island.

“*Cough*… Every pill master, please don't argue… I wonder what exactly is the cause of my daughter’s injuries and how can she be cured?”

Xu Rushan coughed twice to interrupt the discussion among the pill masters at the guest seats. His face was filled with guilt. This guilt was because he only found out that his own daughter was suffering from a strange sickness due to the dearth of gold element in her life force three years ago.

As a father, he had failed his obligation!

“Everyone, please give your best effort. Whoever can cure my daughter can feel free to propose any request you have! As long as it is within my capabilities, I will certainly satisfy your wishes without any excuses!”

Xu Rushan's promise immediately caused many pill masters in the hall to burn with fervor.

Among this batch of the pill masters, they were at least at the Peak Third Revolution Pill Masters and more than half of them were Fourth Revolution Pill Masters. Among these Fourth Revolution Pill Masters, five of them were at Mid Fourth Revolution of pill refining skills and a few of them had unidentifiable pill refining levels.

Those who would be tempted by some empty promises were mostly the Third Revolution Pill Masters.

Each of the Fourth Revolution Pill Masters had high self-restraint and they behaved in a haughty manner. They would never be moved without a practical benefit.

“Of course you would all be excited because of the benefit promised by Old Man Xu. However, let me warn you beforehand… If you can’t cure my niece, Qiuling…  Humph!”

Yan Zhongze coldly snorted. A ghastly aura of Early Divine Transformation Realm swept across the hall like a whirlwind that rolled up the clouds. He slammed down his palm on a long table beside him and it was instantly crushed to powder. The massive force from his palm was transmitted to the floor of the hall, causing the whole Blissful Summit to tremble violently as if it was on the verge of crumbling!


This time, even the expressions of the Fourth Revolution Pill Masters were filled with a little astonishment.

This Blissful Summit was Xu Rushan’s natal magical treasure, a Low Grade Divine Transformation Realm Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasure. However, it was nearly shattered by Yan Zhongze with a single slam of his palm!

How tyrannical exactly was the force of Yan Zhongze’s palm?!

If everyone did not give Xu Rushan a satisfactory answer today, it might be a little troublesome… 

With the benefits promised by Xu Rushan and the pressure exerted by Yan Zhongze, each of the pill masters finally calmed themselves down. They then got up in succession and cupped their hands towards Xu Rushan and Yan Zhongze.

“I am Wang Wei, a feudal ranking pill master of the Wang Family from the External Endless Sea. My pill refinement technique is at the Peak Third Revolution Realm. I think that Young Mistress Qiuling’s sickness was caused by her lungs. According to the Medical Canon, ‘Autumn is gold and gold is related to the lungs’. This is a disease concerning the five internal organs and it is caused by the imbalance of magic power. With just a Third Revolution pill refined by me, I am sure that Young Mistress Qiuling can be cured!” A green-clothed young man took the lead to cup his fists and provide recommendations.

However, other than the quote he used from the Medical Canon which made everyone nod in approval, his other words were purely nonsense. Even Xu Rushan who had no medical knowledge shook his head disgruntledly.

If a Third Revolution pill is all it needs to cure Xu Qiuling, why would he need to go through so much trouble to seek medical treatment for her?

There were nearly one hundred Third Revolution pill masters on the Pleasure Devil Island. Weren’t they enough?!

“Master Wang, I disagree with you…”

An old man in taoist robe got up and shook his head in disagreement.

“Humph! Who are you? I haven’t seen you before. I guess you’re just some low-ranking pill master who popped out from nowhere!” Wang Wei retorted in displeasure.

“I’m Yang Gu. Perhaps it was because of my luck that I was appointed as the elder of the ‘Pill Island’ in the Internal Endless Sea.” The old man shook his head with a smile. His tone was flat, but his words instantly aroused astonishment in the hall.

*Suck in cold breaths*

Another feeling of shock spread in the hall. This time, even Xu Rushan and Yan Zhongze’s faces changed. Both of them stood up and cupped their fists to this old man clad in taoist robes as a courtesy.

“So it’s the reputable Master Yang Gu from the Internal Endless Sea. Please forgive us for not recognizing you!”

The seven renowned forces owned by the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea were the Divine Space Island, Bu Zhou’s Zhou Family, Giant Devil Sect, Sword Island, Heavenly Abode Island, Demon Sealing Sect, and the last one was the Pill Island respectively.

The status of the Pill Island could be said to be higher than the rest as they conducted intensive research and study in pill refinement technique and they sold high-grade pills to the experts in the Internal Endless Sea.

Moreover, this Yang Gu was one of the top ten pill masters in the Pill Island. He had an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base and he has been devoting himself to the Dao of Alchemy for thousands of years. Currently, he was halfway in achieving the Fifth Revolution Pill Technique!

Even if a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert meets a pill master of this rank, he or she needs to treat him with politeness. Thus, both Xu Rushan and Yan Zhongze did not dare to slight him.

As for Yang Gu, his words definitely had more weight than Wang Wei’s who was just a Third Revolution pill master.

“T-This junior was being rude. Senior Yang, please forgive me for my lack of manners!” Wang Wei started to panic, fearing that his previous impolite remarks would offend Yang Gu.

“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, offending me is not a big deal. However, you must remember that the matter about the Dao of Medicine must not be treated lightly like child’s play. A single wrong step can harm one’s life, and a wrong medicine can result in one’s death.

Yang Gu’s tone sounded relaxed and unflustered, emanating an air of a wise elder. His remarks made Wang Wei reveal a look of embarrassment and a majority of the Third Revolution pill masters felt ashamed of themselves at the same time.

Most of them came with the intention to seize an opportunity to benefit themselves. None of them actually had the confidence of curing Xu Qiuling. They were just trying their luck by randomly prescribing medicines.

In the Dao of Medicine, harboring this kind of intention was the most intolerable quality for a pill master.


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