Grasping Evil - Chapter 345.3

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Just as Huang Yazi’s voice fell, Xu Qiuling’s body trembled for the first time and a string on the qin broke.

The original tenderness and softness in her eyes which could not be affected by anything around her turned into coldness under the veil. 

“Who do you think you are? How dare you harbor the intention to hurt Young Master Zhou’s people! I assure you that you won’t be able to take Yu Long’s head! As for me, Xu Qiuling, I would rather die than marry you! Get lost!”


Quite a number of old monsters sucked in cold breaths.

None of them had expected that Fairy Qiuling who was said to be always gentle and refined would actually lose her temper!

“H-How dare you order me to get lost!? Do you know who my master is!? Do you know that other than me, no one else in the Endless Sea can save your life?! That’s why you can only marry me! Don’t tell me that you wish to die!?” Huang Yazi's eyes were filled with resentment. After being rebuked contemptuously by Xu Qiuling, he became so angry that his voice trembled. 

“Die? So what if I die? if I die, then I will no longer need to suffer the pain of missing and longing for someone whom I love every day, just like the saying which goes, “A silkworm will only spin silk till its death. … I don’t mind if you humiliate me with your words. However, if you want to hurt Young Master Zhou’s people, I will definitely not allow you to do so! You’re a member of the Alliance of Ming Assassins. I am not happy to see you here. If you don’t leave now, I will ask my father to kill you…”  

Xu Qiuling’s expression turned calm once again. Her heart only beats for one person.

“Very well! Asking me to get lost, huh?  I will remember what you’ve said! You better don’t regret it in the future! Perhaps the Pleasure Devil Island will be… washed with blood very soon!” 

Huang Yazi smirked coldly. It wouldn't take long before the Alliance of Ming Assassins would be fully prepared. Afterwards, all forces related to Zhou Ming would be eliminated.

There would be no exception to this Pleasure Devil Island too even though it was a subordinating force under the Giant Devil Sect!

Huang Yazi flicked his sleeves, intending to walk out of the hall. But before he could even make his first step, a tremendous aura force suddenly descended from the sky. It was so powerful that it made one feel as if the vast sky had fallen upon them.

Under this aura force, no one below the Divine Transformation Realm could maintain their stance inside the hall! Especially Huang Yazi who was standing right at the center of this aura force, even with a Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base, his muscles and bones trembled and a sharp pain struck his chest as if he had just received a heavy blow. After consecutively retreating for tens of steps, only then was he able to regain his balance. However, he was already seriously injured and he was spurting out blood incessantly!

Then, a gentle breeze blew inside the hall followed by a trace of purple smoke which dashed past everyone in the hall.  A young man dressed in white robes and draped with a black cloak slowly emerged. His piercing cold eyes were staring straight at Huang Yazi.

“Just now, you said that you wanted to take Yu Long’s head, wash the Pleasure Devil Island with blood and pluck the mistress of the Xu Family… Now, I dare you to say those words again in front of me!” 

The young man only uttered those words with a bland tone. However, his tone had a mass of Baleful Qi that made even those Divine Transformation Realm cultivators there feel terrified!

At this moment, the sky above Pleasure Devil Island was dyed red by the blood-red glow of Baleful Qi!

Just as the figure of the young man appeared, Xu Qiuling suddenly felt a lump in her throat and tears welled up in her beautiful eyes … 

It was Ning Fan. He had returned. He had finally returned… 

Both Xu Rushan and Yang Zhongze’s expressions drastically changed when they realized they could not sense any sign of Ning Fan’s arrival! Judging from the transportation light that Ning Fan used, he was obviously using the teleportation technique which could only be performed by experts at the Divine Transformation Realm. Although only twenty plus years had passed, Ning Fan had managed to improve his cultivation base from the Late Nascent Soul Realm to the Divine Transformation Realm!

Even Dong Xu’s face changed. He had the highest cultivation base among all the cultivators in the hall and he had the sharpest observation skill. He was a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert. After he received Ning Fan’s insight in comprehending the power of the void, he was only a hair’s breadth away from attaining the Void Refinement Realm.

Even so, the current Dong Xu had a feeling that the current Ning Fan in front of him was undefeatable!

“Not only had this kid broken through to the Divine Transformation Realm, he could also give me such a strong sense of danger… What exactly is his current cultivation base?” 

Yu Long's eyes were filled with joy and the look on his face when looking at Ning Fan became even more respectful. Under Ning Fan’s aura force, Yu Long felt like he was a lonely small boat in the boundless sea. He immediately realized that his master had become stronger again and this time, he was terrifyingly powerful!

Master has returned. Now, the Alliance of Ming Assassins is nothing more than a mere group of clowns!

Upon seeing Ning Fan’s arrival, each and every one of the famous pill masters of the external sea started to panic.

In these twenty years, the influence of Ning Fan’s fierce name in the external sea did not grow any weaker but became even more fearsome instead!

In these twenty years, even though the Alliance of Ming Assassins had risen, there were barely any cultivators daring enough to publicly join the alliance and go against Ning Fan!

After twenty years, Ning Fan returned! This time, he brought along even greater strength and heavier Baleful Qi!

“So do you dare to say those words again in front of me?!”

Ning Fan made a step forward. However, Huang Yazi who had a respectable Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base did not have the power to resist at all. His body shook and was totally crushed into pieces. When his frightened nascent soul wanted to flee, he was pushed into Ning Fan’s hand when the latter flicked his sleeve. When Ning Fan had his tiny nascent soul in his grip, it seemed just like he was holding an ant!


An overwhelming feeling of shock rose in every expert’s hearts!

This Zhou Ming is even fiercer than before!

Killing a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert with a single step. Not even an Early Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor could necessarily perform such an unimaginable act... 

What actually is the current Zhou Ming’s cultivation base now!?

Besides, despite knowing that Huang Yazi was a member of the Alliance of Ming Assassins, Ning Fan acted without scruple.  The first move he made was to take someone’s life. He was still as bloodthirsty as before!

Huang Yazi was completely petrified.

As his miniature nascent soul was caught in Ning Fan’s hands, an irresistible feeling of astonishment immediately rose within him.

“Y-You are Zhou Ming?! How could you possibly be so strong? Even my master, Old Ancestor Purple Gu, does not have such power…”

“Purple Gu?”

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with cold light. He obviously remembered who Purple Gu was.

He was the Third Elder of the Demon Sealing Sect. This man had quite a lot of grudges against Ning Fan in the past. However, Ning Fan did not expect that he still harbored the intention to kill him after twenty years.

So there’s Purple Gu’s shadow at the back of the Alliance of Ming Assassins.

But there was one thing that Ning Fan could not understand.

Purple Gu is the Third Elder of the Demon Sealing Sect. He might not know about my current power, but Lu Jiefen who is the master of the sect knows very well. He should not be daring enough to send his men to pursue me knowing how terrifying I am.

“Could it be that Lu Jiefen has already died or he did not return to the Demon Sealing Sect? Regardless of anything, I shall know everything after searching this man’s soul…”

Without any hesitation, Ning Fan performed the Soul Memory Searching Technique on the nascent soul.

Huang Yazi let out a shriek of pain and his soul then flew away and scattered in the next moment.

Each of the cultivators in the main hall were as silent as a winter cicada.

Ruthless! This Old Ancestor Zhou Ming is just too ruthless!

Killing someone and searching one’s soul are things normal to him. He does not avoid anyone at all and he isn’t even afraid of notifying the Alliance of Ming Assassins.

He is a true devil lord! People like him would not even bat an eye when it comes to slaughtering all members of a sect or even an island!

Each of them there only felt chills swelling up from their guts.

“Zhou Ming is back… And this devil lord must not be provoked!”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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