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After searching his soul without mercy, Ning Fan immediately knew Lu Jiefen’s whereabouts.

Inside the Star Palace, Lu Jiefen suffered heavy injuries. After that, he returned to the Demon Sealing Sect. As soon as he was back in the sect, he immediately hid behind closed doors for meditation and refused to meet anyone in order to recover from his injuries.

If Lu Jiefen found out that his men were trying to oppose Ning Fan, he would definitely be the first person to stop them… Who was Ning Fan? A madman with strong enough battle power to go neck and neck with a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert. Moreover, he also had two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm fighters by his side!

After witnessing Ning Fan’s strength, Lu Jiefen would not dare to antagonize Ning Fan even if he was given ten thousand guts. Unfortunately, Lu Jiefen immediately went into seclusion after he returned to Demon Sealing Sect this time and he totally had no idea that Purple Gu was trying to assassinate Ning Fan.

As such, only the taoist, Purple Gu, dared to join the Alliance of Ming Assassins to hunt Ning Fan down!

A cold sneer appeared on Ning Fan’s face. He wanted to see what explanation Lu Jiefen would give him after he annihilates the entire Alliance of Ming Assassins!

While Ning Fan was searching someone’s soul and killing him, the group of pill masters at the other side had all fallen into chaos.

He is Zhou Ming! 

He has returned!

Fear overwhelmed each and every one of their minds, urging them to retreat even faster. Immediately, they left one after another in a hurry, as if staying here for an additional second would likely get themselves killed by Zhou Ming.

Yang Gu’s white brows were knitted together. He was an amiable person and he did not like devil cultivators who practiced the Dao of Killing.

After seeing Ning Fan kill Huang Yazi without blinking an eye, he also excused himself and left. However, he was stopped by Ning Fan.

“Fellow Daoist Yang, please stay.”

"Why!?! What advice does Fellow Daoist Zhou have for me? Could it be that you’re getting excited in killing people and now you want to kill me as well here in Pleasure Devil Island!?”

“Fellow Daoist Yang, I think there is some misunderstanding between you and me. I heard that you are a member of the Pill Island. I am thinking of requesting one pill recipe from you.”

“A pill recipe? What do you mean by requesting a pill recipe from us? The pill recipes of my Pill Island will never be open for sale to any outsiders… Hmph! Does it mean that you, the reputable Old Ancestor Revered Ming, is planning to kill me here and seize my treasures?"

Yang Gu was displeased. As a grandmaster in the Dao of Alchemy, he usually had a gentle and soft demeanor. However, he would of course have his own pride which would not bend for the strong.

There were no longer any outsiders in the hall at the current moment. There were only Yang Gu, Xu Rushan and the others left.

If Ning Fan wanted to kill Yang Gu by using the advantage of the number of people he had on his side, Yang Gu basically had no chance of winning at all. Despite that, he didn’t have the slightest feeling of fear at all.

“Fellow Daoist Yang, you’ve misunderstood me…”

Ning Fan shook his head with an expressionless face. He was not a man who favored indiscriminate killing. Huang Yazi was a man who deserved his death for his excessive actions, but this Yang Gu came from afar just to cure Xu Qiuling. He clearly harbored good intentions. Ning Fan would never kill people of his likes for no reason.

Ning Fan gave Yang Gu a friendly smile with his fists cupped, withdrawing all his aura force. That smile on his face greatly confused Yang Gu.

It’s strange… The devil lord, Zhou Ming, who is notorious for his ruthless and fierce reputation would actually smile at me, a stubborn old man and treat me with politeness.

“I have an idea to cure Qiuling and I can guarantee that her gold qi will be fully replenished. Besides, her cultivation base will greatly improve as well. However, this treatment process will be a bit too powerful and it will be very harmful to her state of mind. I’m afraid that Qiuling would not be able to withstand it with her current body… So I need some pills that can relieve her pain. I’ve heard that there’s a pill recipe in your reputable island called ‘Mind Nourishing Pill’. It is a Fifth Revolution pill and it is able to nourish a cultivator’s mind. I would like to request the recipe for this pill!”

“What?! You want the recipe for the Mind Nourishing Pill?!”

Yang Gu was stunned. But it was not because of Ning Fan’s domineering manner in asking for the pill recipe but because of the profoundness of his words.

Ning Fan’s tone sounded like it was just an easy task to cure Xu Qiuling and it would not be any difficult to refine the Mind Nourishing Pill after obtaining the pill’s recipe.

Yang Gu was really startled.

Could it be that this great devil lord Zhou, Zhou Ming, is not only a devil who commits countless killings, but also a grandmaster of the Dao of Alchemy? Is he a Fifth Revolution pill master?

However, even if he is a Fifth Revolution pill master, there is no way he would be able to cure Xu Qiuling.

Yang Gu then carefully studied Ning Fan’s features. When he realized that Ning Fan was just a young man less than four hundred years old, he immediately shook his head.

Young! Ning Fan was too young!

He had practiced his cultivation base to the Divine Transformation Realm in less than four hundred years. His natural talent was no doubt heaven-defying!

However, it was impossible for a four hundred years old cultivator to achieve Fifth Revolution in pill refinement techniques unless he or she was a prodigy in the Dao of Alchemy from the Pill World of the Upper World and was nurtured from a young age.

Furthermore, all the rumours about Ning Fan was saying that he did not come from a powerful background and he was just a rogue cultivator. For a rogue cultivator, it was already unbelievable for him to achieve the Divine Transformation Realm by luck at four hundred years old. Thus, it was definitely beyond the realms of possibility for him to have Fifth Revolution pill refinement techniques.

“Fellow Daoist Zhou, the art of medicine is not child’s play!”

Yang Gu was unhappy. From his perspective, Ning Fan was just the same as Wang Wei, young and impetuous. They thought their medical skills were extremely superb by just having a tiny fraction of knowledge about the Dao of Alchemy. 

This kind of mindset was intolerable!

“I truly agree with Fellow Daoist Yang’s words. The art of medicine is indeed not child’s play. Even the most insignificant misdiagnosis can cause a patient to die. As the saying goes, ‘as a teacher, one must not lead his students astray; as a doctor, one must not lose his conscience’…”

Ning Fan did not argue with Yang Gu anymore. He only nodded his head towards Dong Xu, Xu Rushan, Yan Zhongze and Xu Long and then slowly walked towards the lady whom he had not seen for years.

“I’m back.”

He just uttered a few simple words. But when his voice fell in Xu Qiuling’s ears, it made her heart feel even more sour.

“It’s good to see you again…Ah!”

She suddenly let out a moan. She covered her mouth with one of the hands while the other fair, delicate wrist was held by Ning Fan.

“W-What are you doing?! There are so many people here…” Xu Qiuling’s pale complexion blushed with shyness and a hint of anger.

When did I allow him to touch my wrist?

“I am not doing anything except for checking your pulse… Medicine Soul, appear!”

Ning Fan withdrew all his Baleful Qi and his face wore a stern expression. His eyes shone with traces of green light and his body was also shrouded with green qi.

In just an instant, his temperament changed greatly. A moment ago, he was still a devil lord filled with murderous intent. Now, however, he was already a pill refinement grandmaster giving off masses of medicine qi.

“Medicine Soul!”

Xu Qiuling’s pretty eyes were brimming with astonishment while Xu Rushan, Yan Zhongze and the others were all stunned.

What does the Medical Soul mean? It was self-evident!

A pill master who owns a Medical Soul must be a Fifth Revolution pill master!

Currently, Ning Fan was using his Medical Soul to diagnose Xu Qiuling’s pulse!


Yang Gu gasped in surprise.

He had never thought that a person who was less than four hundred years old could possess Fifth Revolution pill refinement techniques. However, Ning Fan who was standing in front of him did it!

Previously, he looked down on Ning Fan and despised him for boasting casually and despised the pill technique. At this moment, he recalled that Ning Fan did not disparage the Dao of Alchemy. Currently, however, when he recalled what Ning Fan had said, he realized that the latter was not disparaging the Dao of Alchemy at all. Instead, the latter was clearly profound in it and just had one hundred percent confidence in curing Xu Qiuling!

“D-Daoist Zhou, I had no idea that you’re actually a Fifth Revolution pill master! Please excuse me for my dull eyes. I didn’t manage to recognise your pill refinement level and spoke those offensive words. I hope Daoist Zhou can forgive my carelessness!”

Yang Gu cupped his fists as courtesy. He never bent his back for might but he was willing to bow his head when meeting a master whose pill refinement techniques were greater than his!

Yang Gu was a hair’s breadth away from attaining the Fifth Revolution in his pill refinement techniques. However, Ning Fan was already a Fifth Revolution pill master and his pill refinement techniques were without a doubt at a level much higher than Yang Gu’s!


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