Grasping Evil - Chapter 346.2

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Now, Yang Gu’s expression was filled with admiration and respect. The way he looked at Ning Fan was similar to the way he looked at his senior in the Dao of Alchemy!

A pill master who achieved the Fifth Revolution before even reaching four hundred years old…. Even Venerated Pill was only at the Fourth Revolution when he was four hundred years old. In other words, this man’s latent potential in the Dao of Alchemy is much greater than Venerated Pill’s. He has a high possibility of attaining the Sixth Revolution and even the Seventh Revolution in his lifetime!

“Hehe. Fellow Daoist Yang was just judging the matter as how it is. How would it be offensive? Besides, Fellow Daoist Yang came all the way from the internal sea just to cure Qiuling’s illness. I really appreciate your kind intentions. If Fellow Daoist Yang is willing to pass the recipe for refining the Mind Nourishing Pill to me, I can give you the mental spell for condensing the Medicine Soul in exchange.”

Ning Fan’s tone was calm and composed, but Yang Gu’s eyes were burning with eagerness.

Yang Gu rarely had the look on his face judging from his temperament. However, Ning Fan’s words made him unable to remain calm.

“The mental spell for condensing the Medicine Soul?! Daoist Zhou really wants to use that to exchange for the recipe of the Mind Nourishing Pill?!”

Yang Gu found it a little hard to believe.

To an ordinary Fifth Revolution pill refinement master, congealing the Medicine Soul was like crossing the river by feeling the stones. There was no such a thing as a mental spell. If there was a mental spell for it, wouldn’t everyone have equal chances of attaining the Fifth Revolution Realm?

To some aristocratic families that had inherited the Dao of Alchemy for millions of years, perhaps they did have a mental spell for congealing the Medicine Soul. However, a mental spell was definitely a secret of those respective families and none of those secrets would be passed to any outsiders.

Even the nine Fifth Revolution pill masters of the Pill Island and Venerated Pill did not have a mental spell in congealing their Medicine Souls.

But Ning Fan had it!

Could this man be a genius disciple from some kind of aristocratic family which practiced the Dao of Alchemy for countless years?

The recipe for the Mind Nourishing Pill might be precious, but the price for the mental spell for congealing the Medicine Soul was definitely immeasurable … 

The rules of the Pill Island stated that the pill recipes must not be passed to any outsiders. But who said that rules could not be broken? Besides, any other pill masters of the Pill Island would also be very willing to exchange a pill recipe of their island for the secret spell of condensing the Medicine Soul when making a deal with Ning Fan! Yang Gu immediately took out a green scroll of a pill recipe nearly without any hesitation and flicked it to Ning Fan as if he was afraid that Ning Fan would change his mind.

Ning Fan shook his head with a smile and scanned through the pill recipe with his spirit sense. After making sure the pill recipe was exactly what he had requested, he instantly took out a jade slip and then briefly imprinted the mental spell of condensing the Medicine Soul on it.

This mental spell came from the pill refinement techniques that Xi Ran passed down. It was one of the secret techniques of the Profound Medicine Race.

Of course, it was impossible for Ning Fan to give Yang Gu the complete mental spell. What he gave the latter was merely one-tenth of the complete mental spell. It was just the general method of congealing the Medicine Soul. Therefore, even if this technique was passed to others, it would not expose the secret technique of the Profound Medicine Race.

In Ning Fan’s eyes, one-tenth of the complete mental spell was not worth mentioning at all.

But to Yang Gu, this incomplete fraction of the mental spell was almost as precious as his life!

“T-This is indeed the mental spell of congealing the Medicine Soul! Even though it’s just an incomplete mental spell, it’s undoubtedly a thousand times better than finding out the way of congealing the Medicine Soul ourselves. With this, my Pill Island will certainly be able to give birth to a few more Fifth Revolution pill masters within a thousand years! Furthermore, it won’t be too long for me to attain the Fifth Revolution Realm!”

Taking a gulp, Yang Gu shifted his gaze to Ning Fan. Now, he only felt that the latter was more and more unfathomable.

Originally, Yang Gu asserted that there was no cure for Xu Qiuling and she would surely die within ten years. Originally, he did not believe that Ning Fan could save Xu Qiuling.

At this moment, he had great confidence in Ning Fan, faintly feeling that he was capable of saving that lady!

“I’m thinking of spending more time on Pleasure Devil Island to see how Daoist Zhou refines the Mind Nourishing Pill and how you cure Mistress Xu’s illness. I wonder if my request is possible?”

“Of course it is. However, if you do so, aren’t you afraid of getting involved with me and being pursued by the Alliance of Ming Assassins?” Ning Fan asked with a smile. He was of course glad to rope in some fighters by using some casual benefits.

“The Alliance of Ming Assassins? Humph! Why should I be afraid of them? Anyhow, I’m also a Half-Step Fifth Revolution pill master. I just need to raise my arm and make a call and there will be at least six to seven Divine Transformation Realm experts from the Internal Endless Sea coming to protect me. As for Daoist Zhou, you’re a real Fifth Revolution pill master. Besides, judging from your Medicine Soul, you’re not far away from attaining the middle stage of Fifth Revolution. With your pill refinement techniques, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to summon dozens of Divine Transformation Realm fighters with just a single call! The Alliance of Ming Assassins is just nothing!”

Yang Gu did not even put the Alliance of Ming Assassins in his eyes.

A killer organization that is being overseen by Divine Transformation Realm old ancestors? This kind of description was just to strike fear into some Nascent Soul Realm juniors. To a high-ranked pill master with good social relations, the Alliance Ming Assassins was nothing more than a fart.

“If the Alliance of Ming Assassins dares to act upon Daoist Zhou, this old man is willing to help you and fight by your side!”

Yang Gu said with clarity.

Since Ning Fan had given him such a great benefit, he definitely knew how to pay back this debt of gratitude.

Both Xu Rushan and Yang Zhongze were totally flabbergasted by the scene before their eyes… 

Who is Yang Gu? A pill refinement master who must be treated with great honour even by ordinary Divine Transformation Realm experts!

However, a pill master of this rank was sincerely convinced by Ning Fan with just a few words. Moreover, Yang Gu even volunteered himself to assist Ning Fan in fighting against the Alliance of Ming Assassins.

Twenty years ago, Ning Fan was only at a level where Xu Rushan and Yan Zhongze could treat him like their peers.

However, twenty years later, Ning Fan became a person whom both Xu Rushan and Yan Zhongze were afraid to offend; a person to whom they would bow their heads in submission!

Xu Qiuling’s eyes were flashing with extraordinary splendour. The man whom she had taken a fancy was indeed extraordinary.

“I’ve always believed that you would be able to cure me if you return… I’ve been waiting for you all this while.” Xu Qiuling unconsciously revealed her feelings.

“Don’t worry. I’m here for you!”

Ning Fan had a confident look in his eyes. He knew that he would definitely be able to cure Xu Qiuling!

In the Sword Island of the Internal Endless Sea.

A middle-aged man who only had a single arm swiftly descended on the Sword Island like a flash of sword light, carrying a heavy black metal sword.

As soon as he descended, the protective grand formation of the Sword Island which was a Mortal Void Realm Formation suddenly collapsed!

The fourteen million ancient swords that were buried beneath the island were trembling as if they were showing signs of fear.

Innumerable experts on this island rose into the air, looking at the white-robed middle-aged man who was hovering in midair in disbelief.

Even Venerated Sword who possessed a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivation base felt that his sword intent was on the verge of crumbling under the white-robed man’s gaze.

This man’s understanding in the Dao of Sword is incredibly profound!

“I want the Immortal Entrapping Sword.” The man’s look was indifferent. His face was covered with scruffs and his eyes were empty, his long hair hanging loosely on his back. Most of it was sprinkled with gray.

He seemed to dislike talking much as he only uttered a sentence with a flat tone to explain his purpose of coming to the island. However, the request he made had immediately roused the wrath of numerous experts from the Sword Island.

“Impudent! Who are you?! How dare you break the grand formation of my Sword Island and attempt to seize my Island Suppressing Treasure, the Immortal Entrapping Sword?! Don’t tell me you don’t know about the agreement between Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou and the Rain Palace?! Are you trying to infuriate Lord Thunder Emperor?!”

However, before this group of experts from the Sword Island could finish their words, Venerated Sword abruptly raised his hand and shouted with his deep voice, silencing everyone there.

“Be quiet!”

When his voice reverberated through the air, no one in the Sword Island dared to make any noises. It was enough to show how prestigious Venerated Sword was.

“Someone fetch the Immortal Entrapping Sword and give it to this senior!” Venerated Sword let out a helpless sigh.

“What?! It is the most valuable treasure of our Sword Island! If we lose this item, the concentration of the spiritual sword qi of our Sword Island will be reduced by at least 60%. Then, our disciples’ speed of cultivation will considerably decrease!”

Many elders raised their objections against Venerated Sword. However, these dissenting voices all quieted down after hearing what Venerated Sword uttered next!

“This man is the ‘White-Robed Sword God’, Yun Tianjue!”

Venerated Sword sighed once again. He just announced the white-robed swordsman’s name without giving much explanation.

However, after the middle-aged man’s name was heard, everyone on the Sword Island was utterly terrified.

The White-Robed Sword God… Yun Tianjue!

“We understand… Lord Venerated Sword. We will go and bring the Immortal Entrapping Sword now…” None of the elders uttered any more words.

In the cultivation world, there are some people who don’t need to give any explanations when they want something. They just need to come directly to your doorstep and declare themselves and none would dare to disobey… 

Old Devil was once an expert of that kind. As for this white-robed swordsman, he was one of them too!

After a brief moment, several elders of the Sword Island held a broken sword which was wrapped in blue cloth and handed it over to the white-robed swordsman.

That white-robed swordsman received the sword, casually glanced at it without unwrapping the cloth and a frown appeared between his brows.

“A piece of the blade is missing.”

He did not like talking much. The reason why he uttered this sentence was obviously because he was asking for the missing piece of the blade.

“Reporting to senior…the missing piece of the blade was taken away by one of my friends to temporarily suppress the condition of his disciple’s natal gold qi…”


Before Venerated Sword finished speaking, the white-robed man vanished in a ray of sword light, completely disappearing in front of everyone’s eyes.

Even Venerated Sword was also unable to capture the speed of the white-robed man with his cultivation base.

“That man is Yun Tianjue… the sword devil who has ‘shed his emotions and forgotten his heart’…” The Venerated Sword gulped in fear.

If the white-robed swordsman were to be provoked, he can annihilate the entire Sword Island with a single slash of his sword. Wiping out an island to him was just like child’s play!


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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