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Wang Si1 who was a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was usually known as Uncle Wang or The Fourth Uncle. He was quite well known in Gusu City.

After giving an order to the other boatmen, he steered his boat by himself, carrying Ning Fan and Xu Qiuling and sailed through layers upon layers of dense sea fog towards an island which was located far away. As for the other boatmen, they followed his order and stayed behind.

The boat was sailing at an extremely slow speed and it made Ning Fan recall his past where he was taking a boat in Wu Country.

Xu Qiuling stood beside him, gently raising herself by tiptoeing and took a deep breath of the salty sea breeze. Even though the hair on her temple was blown apart by the wind, her face was filled with happiness.

After hoisting the sail, Uncle Wang took the helm and started singing a fisherman's song. His simple singing evoked bits of Ning Fan's memories.

Originally, his state of mind had already reached the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm in front of the ‘Bell of Samsara’. At this moment, however, the limiter of his state of mind became loose and the level of his state of mind was showing signs of improvement.

"Young Master Zhou, remember that you can't use any magic power when you reach 'Gusu'. All of us are just ordinary people…” Xu Qiuling reminded him again.

"You’ve said it many times."

"Promise me not to fight with others in Gusu!"

Xu Qiuling's eyes seemed to have some kind of charm which made Ning Fan unable to resist her request.

Ning Fan nodded his head. As long as Xu Qiuling’s life was not threatened, he wouldn’t bother to be calculative with others over some trivial matters.

The sky darkened, then dawn broke and the sun rose up, hanging in the middle of the sky signaling the arrival of noon. When dusk fell, a quiet and serene island which was basked in red sunset glow became visible in the distance. 

It was not only Wang Si’s boat that had returned from the sea, but also many other boats sailing towards the island from other directions. Some of them returned from fishing while some carried several cultivators on them like Wang Si’s boat. Apparently, they came to Gusu to temper their hearts and become no different than a mortal. 

To Nascent Soul Realm old monsters, tempering one’s heart and becoming just like a mortal was to let one restrain themselves and comprehend a mortal’s life before going through Mortal Severance. Whether they could succeed in ‘Being Mortal’ and ‘Mortal Severance’ significantly determined whether they would be able to attain the Divine Transformation Realm in their lifetime. Thus, most of the cultivators who came here were Nascent Soul Realm old monsters.

There were also some Gold Core Realm cultivators like Xu Qiuling.

However, it was very rare to find a Divine Transformation Realm expert here.

On the shore of the island, a group of armored men dressed like officers were running a check on the cultivators landing on the island one by one. With their relation with Wang Si, Ning Fan was permitted to enter the island with barely any inspections. He was only asked to hide his magical treasures and storage pouch.

Other than Ning Fan and Xu Qiuling, the other cultivators who landed on the island were all requested to go through a body search without any exception. 

After Wang Si handed a heavy money pouch to Ning Fan and Xu Qiuling, he steered the boat in reverse and left the island.

Xu Qiuling then pulled Ning Fan to rent a horse-drawn carriage and went into Gusu City.

Ridges and furrows surrounded with bamboo fences, flowing river connected with a small bridge and swallow returning in the evening after sunset. 

As night fell, a spectacular fireworks display was set off at the top of Ruiyun Tower, lighting up the sky.

“It's so beautiful… it's the rainbow-colored fireworks of the Treasure Jade Pavilion…”  Xu Qiuling lifted the curtain of the window and looked at the fireworks from within the carriage. She was totally mesmerized by that beautiful scene. 

Ning Fan immersed himself even deeply into the recollection of his past. He began to have a misconception that the endless killings and bloodshed in his path of devil cultivation was just a dream. When the dream ends and he wakes up, he will still be living a plain life amidst the green mountains and clear water of Wu Country.

However, he had no other choice most of the time.

Ever since that day he embarked on his journey on the path of cultivation, there was no way he could return.

Within his eyes, the evidence of an internal struggle gradually emerged. He was internally conflicted about becoming an immortal or remaining as a mortal.

Scenes after scenes of memories flooded into his mind as if they were questioning his heart. They turned into a deep voice that kept resounding inside his heart.

“The path of cultivation has no limit. Turning back is the only salvation…”

Upon hearing Xu Qiuling reveal the origin of the fireworks display, the coachman was rather surprised.

“Miss, you have a sharp eyesight. Apparently, this is not your first time visiting Gusu. Today is the ‘Qi Xi Festival”. Miss is really blessed with luck that you were able to catch up to this festival with your lover…”

The coachman began to explain about the events happening around the city in detail. He was quite a talkative mortal, but Xu Qiuling didn't have the intention to talk to him at all.

When Xu Qiuling noticed the confused look on Ning Fan’s face, she felt a little bit concerned and gently held his hand.

When she met Ning Fan for the first time, he also had this kind of expression. Then, he cleared off his confusion in front of the bell orchid and improved his state of mind.

Today, Ning Fan was once again feeling lost. Without a doubt, he was using the ambience of this mortal city to improve his state of mind.

Xu Qiuling could not help but feel pity for him. She just wanted Ning Fan to rest as she knew that he was too tired and he pushed himself too hard.

However, it was only at this moment that Xu Qiuling realized that Ning Fan could not stop at all. He had no time to play.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have behaved so willfully and brought you here. This will only make you feel more troubled…” Xu Qiuling said regrettably and blamed herself.

“It’s fine.”

Ning Fan's eyes gradually became clearer, denying what Xu Qiuling had said. The internal struggle that was happening inside his mind just now had improved his state of mind quite a lot.

One’s state of mind would need to depend on opportunities and self-comprehension in order to improve. Without bitter and continuous training, it could not be improved.

Ning Fan would of course not let go of such a good opportunity to raise his mental state. Thus, he no longer thought that sightseeing here was a waste of time.

He held Xu Qiuling's hand even tightly and he also shifted his gaze to the fireworks display in the night sky. Then, he said with a calm tone.

“I should be the one apologizing for disappointing you for your kindness. At the end of the day, I can't become a mortal anymore… However, I don't regret choosing to walk the path of cultivation!”

“I am a cultivator!”

Ning Fan's eyes were flashing with unwavering determination. Besides, there was even the pride of being a cultivator. Now, he was no longer at an age where he would be confused about his direction. His state of mind was now not far away from achieving the Void Refining Realm!

At this moment, his body was seething with a temperament that was incompatible with the ambience of this place. The improvement of his state of mind released a trace of aura force that any cultivator below the Peak Nascent Soul Realm would not be able to notice. As soon as this aura force was spread out, the whole Gusu City shook once, but barely anyone noticed it!

At this moment, the grand formation which locked away the heaven and earth spiritual qi of Gusu City had nearly been shattered by this aura force.


Inside Gusu City, five old men who were living in seclusion within the city pushed open their doors and went out from their residences. Each of them emanated Peak Nascent Soul Realm aura. They looked at the sky with astonishment and sucked in cold breaths.

The sea domain of Gusu had been set up with a ‘Spirit Separation Formation’ which could isolate the city from all the heaven and earth spiritual qi, letting the city have an atmosphere like any other mortal cities.

This ‘Spirit Separation Formation’ was a Peak Divine Transformation Realm formation. Its design was extremely mysterious, and it could not be broken by the use of magic power.

Even a Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor would definitely be unable to break this formation without using his or her trump card.

However, this ‘Spirit Separation Formation’ of Gusu City seemed to have been nearly destroyed by a trace of aura force emanated by someone!

That trace of aura force revealed a tremendous power from one’s massive comprehension in his Dao Heart. It was obviously triggered by the improvement of one’s state of mind. That level of comprehension had totally surpassed the Divine Transformation Realm and it was almost at the level of Void Refinement Realm!

The five old men were flabbergasted. All of them realized that an extremely incredible individual might have entered Gusu City!

“Who was it! He has almost attained the Void Refinement Realm state of mind!”

However, the doubts within the five people’s minds were bound to have no answer. Besides, they had been living a secluded life, isolating themselves from the rest of the world. Thus, they were not aware of the rise of a ruthless devil lord in the External Endless Sea twenty years ago, let alone the fact that the devil lord would visit Gusu City twenty years later!

There were multitudes of tourists along a long street paved with bluestones and the melody of a pan flute could be heard everywhere.

At the place where the lantern lights were dim, a scholar in green shirt closed his eyes while feeling the atmosphere of this place. There was another young man in white robes staying by his side respectfully.

If there were cultivators from the External Endless Sea here, they will certainly be able to recognize that the white-robed young man is an outstanding figure from the Dao Law Sect which was one of the top ten sects of that area. He was the one with the finest talent among the Seven Sons of the External Endless Sea – Wang Yun!

He attained the Nascent Soul Realm at four hundred years old and broke through to the peak stage of that cultivation base at nine hundred years old. After twenty years, he had even reached the Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm. The current him was just a hair’s breadth away from the Divine Transformation Realm.

However, with his identity, how would he be accompanying the green-shirt scholar in such a respectful manner? Well, that was enough to prove that this scholar’s identity was even more extraordinary.

“Brother Yun, how is this Gusu City? Is it able to help you comprehend mortal life and break through your pill refinement realm to the middle stage of Fifth Revolution?”

Wang Yun’s tone sounded abnormally polite. From his words, one would know that the scholar in green shirt was surprisingly an Early Fifth Revolution pill master!

“Difficult… Although my pill refinement realm is difficult to improve, my state of mind has nearly attained the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. With my current progress, it won’t be long before my cultivation base can attain the Mid Divine Transformation Realm as well!”

The scholar in green shirt spoke with a calm tone, but his voice carried a sense of pride.

Not many knew that his name was Yun Niansu. He was the genius ranked second among the young generation of the Rain Palace. His bone age was just one thousand years old and his cultivation base was already at the Early Divine Transformation Realm with a Low Grade Fifth Revolution pill refinement realm!

The Seven Sons of the External Endless Sea like Wang Yun was not worth mentioning at all in front of Yun Niansu!

“Speaking of which, the Endless Sea is anyhow not Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou’s territory. Among the cultivators of the young generation, other than Zhou Qing from the Zhou Family, there isn’t anyone who is a worthy opponent. What a disappointment!”

Yun Niansu’s words made Wang Yun’s eyes become filled with shame. In terms of talent, he knew that he could not beat Yun Niansu at all. The latter cultivated both the pill refinement techniques and magic power simultaneously and he could still reach such an amazing level. He was undeniably a person that must not be underestimated.

However, after hearing Yun Niansu’s words which disparaged all the cultivators of the Endless Sea, he did not dare to agree with him.

“To be frank, I know one person whose talent is above Zhou Qing from the Zhou Family. According to rumors, he had returned to the external sea. I think even if Brother Yun has just entered the Endless Sea for a short period of time, you should have heard of his name before.”

The shadow of a young man wearing white robes draped with a black cloak emerged in front of Wang Yun’s eyes. That person trampled upon the pride and confidence of all the Seven Sons of the External Endless Sea in a windy and wintry night. 


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Wang Si (Chinese : 王四 pinyin : wáng sì)
    Wang 王 is a typical surname in Chinese. It also refers to the king in the past.
    Si 四 means four. That’s why he is also known as The Uncle Fourth.


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