Grasping Evil - Chapter 350.1

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It had been a long time ever since the last time he slept so soundly not to mention the last time he had such a mysterious dream.

In his dream, he was a snow-white butterfly. He flew into a hollow valley filled with a strong floral aroma and rested on a pitch-black orchid.

After waking up from the dream, Ning Fan found himself lying on the brightly-painted boat which was floating in the center of the sea. As he tried to get up, he felt something pressing against his arm.

When he turned his head to the side, he saw Xu Qiuling who was already awake stare foolishly at him with her bright and clear eyes, as if she would never get enough of staring at him.

Her white and delicate body was bare and she only covered her body with a red quilt embroidered with the pattern of a phoenix. As soon as she noticed Ning Fan wake up, she shifted her gaze immediately to dodge eye contact with him, unwilling to let him know that she had been obsessively staring at him for a whole morning.

“Ling Er, you got up so early. Last night was your first time so you must be exhausted. Don’t you want to rest a little bit more?”

Ning Fan looked at Xu Qiuling’s peerlessly beautiful face. For no reason, he recalled the orchid in the dream he had just now.

He kept having the feeling that he had seen Xu Qiuling before and it was a very long time ago. What made Ning Fan feel familiarity with her was not her appearance but the unique fragrance of her body.

Unfortunately, Ning Fan could not remember where he had met her. His memories had already been erased by Samsara during reincarnation.

“If I don’t wake up earlier to protect Young Master Zhou, would Young Master Zhou be able to sleep with ease?”

It was not that she was not sleepy or tired, but she just wanted to guard him and let him have a good rest instead.

“Is it fine if you don’t call me your hubby?”

“I-It doesn’t matter…” A bold lady like Xu Qiuling would also be shy to call Ning Fan that.

“But if you still address me as ‘Young Master’, wouldn’t others be unaware of our relationship?”

“Then… I would like to call you… Big Brother. Mm. Yes, it’s Big Brother… In Gusu City, many women would also address their husbands as ‘Brother’…”

Xu Qiuling sounded rather awkward. No matter how bold she was in love, she would still need a period of time to adapt herself as a newly married woman at the end of the day.

Ning Fan did not force her and the way he looked at her was always tender and affectionate. Whenever he stays with Xu Qiuling, he has a feeling that he never had before, a feeling that he would never feel when staying with other women.


This feeling was not obvious at the start. However, it became particularly overwhelming after he returned to the External Endless Sea this time.

It was because of this feeling of indebtedness that made Ning Fan who had an indifferent personality be tolerant of Xu Qiuling’s willfulness.

 “Alright. Just call me whatever you like. Is your lower part still hurting?”

“No, it’s not…” Xu Qiuling’s face flushed and quickly looked away, telling him a little lie.


As soon as Ning Fan lifted the thin quilt off her body, Xu Qiuling’s white delicate body that was stained with the marks and bruises that were left during the activity last night was exposed to the air.

Her eyes flashed with unspoken criticism and she quickly covered her chest with her bare hands. She only thought that Ning Fan was going to act impulsively again. However, the lower part of her body was still in pain and she was unable to bear what they did anymore.

When her legs were pulled apart by Ning Fan, her soft but slightly inflamed private part was laid bare before Ning Fan’s eyes. She could no longer endure the shame and closed her eyes with her teeth gently clenched. She did not resist him because she did not want to let him down.

“Big brother… Y-You… Please go easy on me… Don’t g-go in too deeply…”


Ning Fan did not know how to respond to her. Was he such a lustful man in the eyes of other women? Would he act so excessively especially when Xu Qiuling had just lost her virginity?

“Silly girl, I’m helping you get rid of the blood…”

Ning Fan cleared the erotic thoughts in his mind and used his fingers to carefully went inside Xu Qiuling’s erogenous zones while rotating his magic power.

Immediately, a cool feeling rose within her body from her torn and swollen lower part. The feeling of pain gradually subsided and was replaced by an incomparably wonderful and joyful sensation.

“Big brother is… is helping me masturbate… Mmm…”

Xu Qiuling was in extreme shame, but she would not reject any requests from Ning Fan. She would not… 

After all, she had been waiting for Ning Fan to take a good look at her for a very, very long time… 

“Mmm… Mmm…” In the middle of the quiet sea, a trace of faint moans spread very far away.

It would take at least several months to cure Xu Qiuling. According to Ning Fan’s estimation, the shortest time he would need is five months. It was not difficult to take out the remnant piece of the sword within her. The most troublesome part was to completely replenish the gold qi of her life force.

To other Fifth Revolution pill masters, it was nearly an impossible task. To Ning Fan, however, he could accomplish it in only five months.

With his personality, he rarely stayed at a place for a woman for five months. But when he saw Xu Qiuling’s pale and haggard face, his heart would feel an inexplicable heartache and it was worth staying there for five months.

As for the place to perform the treatment, Ning Fan would definitely look for a safe place for security, judging by the way he did things as he acted with rationality most of the time.

However, Xu Qiuling only wished to stay in this peaceful land of Gusu City amidst the streams and small bridge where they could stand aloof from disputes and competition during the five-month treatment process. Xu Qiuling was a sensible woman.

Ning Fan contemplated for a while and he did not reject her request in the end.

He only secretly sent a message transmitting flying sword to inform Xu Rushan and Dong Xu of their whereabouts so that they would not need to worry much.

Ning Fan’s act of sending out the message transmitting flying sword had undoubtedly used his magic power, violating the rules of Gusu City.

Shortly after the message transmitting flying sword vanished, five vaguely visible rays of light flew past the sky and dashed towards them. This group of five people seemed to be coming to punish the cultivator who had violated the rules.

They had no idea that the reason why Ning Fan used his magic power was to send out a message transmitting flying sword. Otherwise, they would surely realize that Ning Fan was a Divine Transformation Realm expert and they would definitely not dare to act rashly.

They had been residing in Gusu City for hundreds of years without revealing their identities. They had not gone out of the city before during their stay in the city, let alone know who Zhou Ming was. Otherwise, how would they be so bold to question Ning Fan.

Five old men appeared and surrounded the brightly-painted boat. All of them were inwardly astonished at the boat’s surprisingly good camouflage. If it had not been for not being deliberately concealed at this moment, the five of them would definitely have been unable to trace the presence of the boat at this place with their Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base.

“Which fellow has just used magic power? Aren’t you aware of the rules of Gusu City?! If you don’t give us a reasonable explanation, then don’t blame us for being merciless!”

As soon as one of the old men asked with a stern voice, a couple walked out from within the boat at once.

The lady wore a black silk garment. Black was an unlucky color but she did not care about the view of the secular world on that particular color. She just thought that black was more suitable for her as it made her fair complexion look even more outstanding.

On the other hand, the man wore a set of white robes. Currently, he no longer had the black-feathered cloak. He originally wore this attire. However, for Zhihe, he put on the black-feathered cloak and began his journey in devil cultivation. Currently, however, he took off the cloak to be a mortal for Xu Qiuling.


At the moment Ning Fan and Xu Qiuling showed up, even though he did not reveal the slightest trace of his magic power and aura, the five old men sucked a breath of cold air.

Ning Fan’s eyes were cold as lightning bolts. When his gaze swept across the five old men respectively, all five of them felt that they had been completely seen through instantly.

“What is his cultivation base?! This person is certainly not a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator… He should be a Divine Transformation Realm expert!”

The five old men’s expressions were filled with great fear. They could not understand. Why would a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator who had gone through Mortal Severance would come to Gusu City to experience the life of a mortal?

Normally, a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator would come here to prepare for Mortal Severance which was an essential step to attain the Divine Transformation Realm. However, what is a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator doing here?

Besides, when they thought of the strange event which happened to the Spirit Separation Grand Formation last night, they immediately concluded that the person who had his state of mind nearly broke through to the Void Refinement Realm in the city surely was the young man ahead!

What especially frightened the five old men was not Ning Fan’s aura but his piercingly cold eyes instead.

That gaze which was sharp like lightning bolts gave the five old men a feeling that as soon as Ning Fan took action, their blood would instantly splatter everywhere on the spot!

“I-It’s bad! We were actually scolding a Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor! We actually brought up the rules of Gusu City to a Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor! Are these rules applicable to a Divine Transformation Realm expert? If we mess with this man, it will only take him an instant to wipe out the entire Gusu City!”

Almost at the same time, the five old men lowered their bodies and made a deep bow towards Ning Fan without any hesitation.

“We didn’t know that Senior is a Divine Transformation Realm expert. The words we said just now are offensive. We hope Senior will forgive us!”

“Humph! Why should I forgive you?!”

Ning Fan said with a cold tone and made a step forward. Didn’t these five old men show up in an aggressive manner just now? Weren’t they claiming that they would kill Ning Fan and Xu Qiuling if he did not give them a reasonable explanation?!

With his personality, he would never show any mercy on people who came to seek trouble with him.

However, before Ning Fan could act, Xu Qiuling pulled his sleeve and her eyes were filled with petulance.

“Did you forget the promise you gave me?! No killings, no fighting! You’re currently a mortal human!”

Xu Qiuling’s eyes glinted as if she was pleading with him. The temperature of her palm slowly warmed Ning Fan’s cold heart.

“Alright, no killing…”

The look on Ning Fan’s face calmed down and the five old men immediately breathed sighs of relief. Their backs were already drenched in cold sweat during the incident just now.

Scary, it’s too scary…

They had never seen such a powerful expert before in their lifetime.

“One hundred thousand silver taels for each person. Pay me the silver taels and then get lost...”

Ning Fan’s tone was calm but there was no room for them to reject. The five old men exchanged glances with each other. Upon hearing that Ning Fan only demanded for silver taels, they took out a storage pouch respectively and threw them to Ning Fan. They made a final apology and left right afterwards. They acted much faster when they left than when they arrived.

Silver taels were nothing more than the currency used by mortals. To them, they felt very lucky that they could save their lives with just that amount of silver which was not worth mentioning at all.

As soon as the five old men returned to Gusu City, they secretly sent a jade slip to every cultivator on this island. Each of them was imprinted with Ning Fan’s appearance and mentioned that his surname was Zhou. Besides, they also emphasized that no one shall offend him. As for Ning Fan’s cultivation base, however, they mentioned nothing.

Looking at the five old men who left in a sorry state, Xu Qiuling burst into laughter.

“Big brother is so impressive… Anyhow, you have promised me not to kill anyone in Gusu City. Mm… Oh yes, why did you ask them for so much silver taels?”

“Of course it’s for buying a big mansion for you to reside while treating your illness. Don’t tell me that you want to drift with me on this river every day and night? The atmosphere above the river is too damp and it is not good for you during your recovery.”

Ning Fan turned around and gazed at the island. While looking at Gusu City, his eyes became tender.

Fine. This time I will just be willful like Xu Qiuling for once and become a mortal being for five months.

After taking out the remnant piece of the Immortal Entrapping Sword, she will definitely need five months to recover. As for me, I can use this period of time to devour the remnant piece of the blade to improve my sword sense.

Besides, I may even comprehend a new sword intent.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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