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Each and every one of the mortals died under Wang Kun’s feet. However, the more he killed, the less satisfied he felt. He wanted to find and kill someone who would hate him!

Wang Kun spread his spirit sense and scanned the whole city. Then, a cold sneer appeared on his face. He turned himself into a sword light which was nearly a thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) long and dashed towards a specific direction of the city. Every house, person and even animals that were blocking in front of his sword light were all shredded to pieces… 

His sword light faded as he stopped, descending in front of the residence of the city’s best imperial scholar. His eyes were filled with contempt. 

This imperial scholar's residence was just refurbished not long ago after its owner obtained top marks in the imperial examination.

But as Wang Kun stepped into the residence, all of the owner’s servants who resisted him died instantly. 

“Interesting! This group of servants actually dared to resist me! Very well! It should be like this so I can feel the joy of killing!”

His gaze landed on an old white-haired scholar who stood among the dead bodies and blood in the residence.

This old scholar had studied diligently for 70 years and put all of his effort to comprehend the correct path of saving the world and his people.

At the age of seventy-nine years old, he believed that he had succeeded in achieving a certain milestone and participated in the imperial examination. As a result, he passed the examination and scored the highest mark!

He then crossed the street riding a horse to propagate his own political view. He met the emperor in person, putting his life on the line in admonishing him. Thus, he gained the emperor’s respect and was granted the ‘Sword of State’ which had been used to execute the top ten most notorious evil courtiers.

He was an unyielding old man and his spirit also earned respect from the people of Gusu City.

He looked at Wang Kun indifferently, eyes filled with disdain and rage.

“Why do you all want to commit massacres in Gusu? Give me a reason!”

“You want a reason? Then let me tell you. The reason why I did all of this is… I like killing people! I like to slaughter mortals like you the most!” Wang Kun burst into laughter which sounded vicious. The smile on his face made the old man reach his boiling point but his anger then turned into calmness with a hint of contempt!

“So you are killing people just for fun! What an excellent reason! What an excellent… reason!!!”

“The one who stands above the rest and bullies those below him is nothing more than a mere ant! You’re just a mere ant who only knows of bullying weaklings!” 

In this old scholar’s eyes, Wang Kun was just as lowly as ant!

Upon hearing those words, Wang Kun's eyes darkened. He raised his sword which shone in cold light and cut the old scholar into half.

Licking the fresh blood at the tip of his sword, Wang Kun's eyes flashed with excitement. After killing that old scholar, his intent realm had actually improved by quite a lot.

“This is how it should be. Hate me! Resent me!! If you don't hate me, killing all of you will just be making my hands dirty!”

His expression was filled with brutality and ferociousness.  He then stepped out of the residence and turned into a sword beam again dashing straight to another manor.

That place was named as Zhao’s residence and there lived a well-known man of Gusu City - Philanthropist Zhao.

His name was Zhao Shan1. When he was young, he was a dissolute person. However, even when he had grown old, he still had not changed much. However, despite his dissolute nature, he always donated to others and helped the people of Gusu in areas struck by disasters. Nearly half of the entire population of Gusu had benefited from him.

Not long ago, Zhao Shan had just married a young girl. It was a joyful event in the mortal world of Gusu.

At this moment, however, Zhao Shan looked at the women who committed suicide by cutting their own throats in his yard. His eyes which were surrounded with wrinkles revealed an unspeakable resentment.

His wives and concubines were extremely beautiful. However, when Luo Sen came to kidnap them, all of them chose to end their own lives in order to keep their purity intact.

He glared at Wang Kun with his bloodshot eyes and then shifted his gaze to his dead wives, feeling pained and broken-hearted like his liver and guts were being cut to pieces.

“Give me a reason! Give me a reason why you slaughtered my whole family!”

“Reason? I just like killing people. Can there be no other reason!?”

Wang Kun looked at Zhao Shan. He wanted to anger Zhao Shan even more. He wielded his black sword and randomly slashed the women’s dead bodies on the floor, dismembering them. He was not planning on leaving these bodies complete and whole!

“You are inhumane! You are too INHUMANE!”

Zhao Shan raised his crutch, trying to swing it at Wang Kun with all the might his old body had.

His sorrow and grief were replaced with resentment. He hated himself for being too old and weak. He hated Wang Kun for being so evil and cruel.

“Good! That is the expression I want!"


The black sword pierced right through Zhao Shan's heart, brutally crushing it. Wang Kun felt that his intent realm had grown once again.

The five old men who were trapped by the sword threads could no longer tolerate it anymore.

This was the place where they had lived for thousands of years. They nearly recognized each and every one of the mortals here in Gusu City!

“I will stop you with my life!”

The green-robed old expert’s eyes were blood-red. He couldn't let Wang Kun continue killing his people anymore. His nascent soul left his physical body and performed a series of hand seals rapidly. Then, his whole body lit up with ferocious blood light, making him look like a blood-red sun.

He wanted to stop Wang Kun with his life. He wanted to detonate himself!


The explosive power from a Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator’s self-detonation had actually blasted a hole on Wang Kun's sword threads. The other four old experts did not even have the mood to grieve for their partner’s death. All of them had only one thought in their minds - stepping on their partner’s corpse and avenging him!

“Detestable! One of them has blown himself up. What a waste…” Wang Kun felt bad that one of his prey that he was waiting to savor in the end was gone. However, what made him feel even worse happened right after that.

Yu Ge who was standing at one side with nothing to do saw the four experts dashing out from the sword threads. His eyes brightened up with interest and he swung the golden sword in his hand. An all-conquering ray of sword light shot out, cutting down the four of them.

As for their nascent souls, they were literally eaten alive by him.

“Yu Ge! You snatched my prey!” Wang Kun was furious. He killed so many people only to arouse and intensify the resentment within the five elderly cultivators. Now however, all of them had been eliminated by Yu Ge.

“Hmph! So what if I snatched your prey?! Do you still want to continue killing? If no, I will then directly swallow the entire Gusu using my ‘Corpse Swallowing Technique’!”

“No need. I haven't killed enough!”

Wang Kun gave Yu Ge a dead stare, knowing that it wasn’t the right time to argue with Yu Ge.

When his gaze stopped at a mansion in front of him, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He dashed towards the mansion in a ray of sword light and stood outside. Looking at a child who was holding a wooden sword at the door and a beautiful but frightened woman who had not taken off her mourning dress, he coldly smirked.

“You have killed Uncle Xu, Third Aunt Yang, and also Grandpa Chu… I will fight you and seek revenge for them!”

Little Stone eyes were red. He raised the wooden sword in his hand and pointed it at Wang Kun.

What a great expression, an extremely great expression!

Wang Kun was overjoyed. He didn’t expect that a child would have such a strong resentment.

It’s no wonder all the devils who practice corpse refinement techniques love to refine children into corpses. The younger the child, the purer the heart. Therefore, when they hate someone, the hatred they harbor will be much stronger.

“Little Stone, run! Run away now! Mom will stop him while you run away!” Bai Su was panicking. She had never seen a cultivator before in her entire life.

Wang Kun's eyes narrowed with interest, as if he had figured something out.

“If I instill more hatred in you and kill you after that, there will then be hope for my intent realm to attain Large Accomplishment within a hundred years!”

“So this woman is your mother… Hehe…”

Wang Kun's eyes scanned Bai Su's delicate body from head to toe and licked his tongue.

With his cultivation base, he noticed a trace of the same qi within the blood of Bai Su and Little Stone at first glance. Thus, he could tell that they were most likely to be mother and child.

“Don’t you dare touch my mother!” Little Stone blocked in front of Bai Su. However, how could he stop a mighty devil lord with just a wooden sword?

Wang Kun did not even dart a glance at Little Stone. He kept his black sword, pointed one of his fingers at Bai Su and immobilized her. Then, he reached out both of his hands, intending to grab Bai Su's face.

Although he hated dual cultivation, if he could cause Little Stone to hate him even more by abusing Bai Su, he definitely would do it!

However, before his devil claws could touch Bai Su, the sword light of a wooden sword slashed his wrists.

Despite his powerful Mid Divine Transformation Realm physical body, the wooden sword left a cut on him, causing a trace of blood to trickle from it.

Wang Kun was immediately taken aback and retreated a hundred zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) away. After he confirmed that it was Little Stone who slashed him, he was shocked.

“Who carved this wooden sword!? Such a powerful sword intent. Just a little trace of it is enough to break through my physical defense!”

At the moment Wang Kun felt surprised, several boats arrived at the coast of Gusu City. They had come to rescue the city.

Nascent Soul Realm travelling lights flew into the city one by one. The leader of the group was a strong-looking man with a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base - Wang Si!

When they spread their spirit sense to check Gusu's situation, each of them were sad and furious.

“Who are you all?! Who the hell are you all?! Why did you do this?! Why?!”

“Why? Hmph…” Before Wang Kun uttered a word, Wang Si had already turned into a ray of ferocious light, charging towards him fearlessly!

“Don’t you dare hurt Little Stone!”

Wang Si’s eyes glinted with worry. When he scanned his spirit sense around the mansion and failed to sense Ning Fan and Xu Qiuling’s presence, the only thing he could think of was that both of them had been killed by Wang Kun. Rage erupted within him.

“Who are you?! You have killed Qiuling and her husband. You should DIE!”

Hundreds of years ago, it was Wang Si who brought Dong Xu and Qiuling to Gusu City.

During that time, Qiuling had stayed in Gusu for several years and she became like a niece to him.

Hundreds of years later, Qiuling returned to Gusu City again, bringing her husband along. But both of them died in Wang Kun’s hands during their visit this time.

“You’ve killed my niece! I’ll kill you! Ahh!”

Wang Si charged at Wang Kun. However, he did not lift the slightest interest within the latter at all.

Wang Si might harbor some resentment but compared to Little Stone’s, his resentment was nothing.

“I no longer need resentment like yours. Get lost!”


Wang Kun made a stomp on the ground, forming an indescribable crushing force that struck Wang Si’s chest.

With just a collision, Wang Si’s meridians were all broken and he was sent flying away while spurting out blood. Even though he was not dead, he was already in a grievous state with half of his body being incapacitated.

He was coughing out blood while looking at Wang Kun who was approaching Little Stone step by step and lecherously smiling at Bai Su.

Wang Si was so angry that his eyes were stained with blood. He wanted to kill that murderer but he was unable to do it…

“Give me a reason! Give Gusu a reason!” He faced the sky and roared. He was unsatisfied!

He was unable to accept the fact that he was too weak and ordinary. He could not accept being trampled upon by others without being able to do anything.

“Reason? The reason is because… you are all too weak!”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Zhan Shan (Chinese: 赵善 pinyin : zhào shàn)
    Zhao is a surname while Shan means kind.

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