Grasping Evil - Chapter 353.2

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Wang Kun produced sword threads by weaving them with his fingers and formed them into a jail to trap Little Stone within. Then, he sauntered towards Bai Su one step at a time.

Looking at Bai Su's hourglass figure and her resentful eyes which also revealed her worry for Little Stone, Wang Kun felt very pleased. He suddenly understood that it was quite reasonable for Luo Sen to be so fond of women.

Bai Su closed her eyes with humiliation. She could imagine that after ten breaths, no, nine breaths, her purity would then be taken away by this Wang Kun.

“Young Master Zhou… You are not as good as him… I suppose Young Master Zhou is probably an immortal being like you too, but he has never laid a finger on mortals like us… Even though the whole city laughed at him and looked down on him, he only dismissed the matter with a smile… You can't compare with his magnanimity!”

Bai Su had decided to bite her tongue and commit suicide when Wang Kun came near her.

She would never give her body to trash like Wang Kun!

“Young Master Zhou? What bullshit are you talking about? Who the hell is this Young Master Zhou? Are you saying that he is stronger than me and I can’t match him? Ridiculous!”

Wang Kun leaned back and laughed loudly. He felt that the mortals here were really good at joking.

“I, Wang Kun, started my cultivation path when I was still seven years old. I entered the ‘Yellow Cloud Valley’ when I was nineteen. At the age of twenty-three, I attained Harmonious Spirit Realm and condensed my gold core when I was three hundred and nineteen years old. At the age of 752, I murdered my own master and achieved Nascent Formation! I attained the Divine Transformation Realm at 1400 years old and broke through to the Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator at the age of 2200! What cultivation base does your so-called Young Master Zhou have!?”

Wang Kun didn't assault Bai Su sexually immediately. He looked at Bai Su from a distance and suddenly felt that it would be very pleasant to crush this woman’s final trace of pride and make her yield.

“I-I don't know… I don't know what a cultivation base is. Neither do I know what level he is at… I just have a feeling that while you might be able to kill me like crushing an ant, he can also kill you like an ant too… I believe so… Besides, this wooden sword was carved by him!”

A melancholic smile adorned Bai Su’s face. She knew nothing about cultivation.

She only knew that if Ning Fan was also a cultivator, he definitely is ten million times stronger than the man in front of her.

Wang Kun didn't take her words to heart.

However, after hearing that the wooden sword that managed to hurt him just now was actually carved by Young Master Zhou, he began to feel a little dreadful of that man whom he had never met before.

“Young Master Zhou? All this while you only call him ‘Young Master Zhou’. Don’t tell me you don’t even know his full name… What's his name?”

“His name…” Bai Su pursed her lips and smiled bitterly. That man had guessed correctly. She really didn't know Ning Fan's name.

“His name is Zhou Ming!”

Bai Su didn't answer. However, a voice that was cold like ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) large profound ice had answered for her!

At the moment this voice fell, only the whistling sound of a sword light bursting out from the surface of the sea could be heard. Wang Kun who had not recovered from his shock upon hearing the mysterious voice was surprised once more!

A young man wearing white robes while carrying a lady in black robes in his arms suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of Bai Su and Little Stone, shielding them from Wang Kun!

That teleportation light was no doubt a sword teleportation technique that one could only use after comprehending sword intent. It was much quicker than the usual Divine Transformation Realm teleportation technique!

It was so fast that Wang Kun and Yu Ge didn’t even notice how Ning Fan had appeared! 

Ning Fan’s presence emanated a tremendous amount of pressure, making the both of them be on the verge of suffocating.

They both immediately recognized that the white-robed young man in front of them was the person they wanted to originally assassinate - Zhou Ming!

Ning Fan slightly closed his eyes and spread his intent sense across the vicinity of fifty thousand li* (500 m per li) and scanned each and every inch of the land of Gusu City.

Within such a short period of time, two thirds of the population of Gusu City had died!

Only one day had passed after he brought Xu Qiuling into the sea to conduct her final medical treatment, but Gusu had already become unrecognizable.

“Give me a reason… A reason for slaughtering Gusu City…” Ning Fan tried hard to speak with a calm tone. Even though five months was not a long period of time, this place had given him a collection of warm memories during his stay… 

Now, however, those memories had been cruelly crushed by someone!

“Reason? Mortals are weak and thus, they deserve death. So what if I kill them all!? Zhou Ming, you’re also a devil lord who kills without blinking an eye. You don’t have to pretend to be clean and lofty here! Besides, you have come here at the right time. I can now kill you and claim the reward for this mission from the Alliance of Ming Assassins. Then I can…”

Wang Kun looked at Ning Fan with a hideous grin. But before he could finish his words, a killing intent so terrifying that even the sky trembled was being emitted from Ning Fan, covering the entire Gusu! 

“Give me a... REASON!”

Ning Fan’s eyes seemed to be shooting out blue electricity. He then made a step forward. This move seemed to be commanding thousands of clouds and wind as the color of heaven and earth suddenly changed.

At the moment he moved, a sense of imminent danger immediately rose within Wang Kun’s heart, making him feel that his life would certainly be taken.  

Before Wang Kun could even react, Ning Fan had already emerged right before him, pushing his palm towards him. It carried a massive aura force that could topple mountains and overturn seas!

Wang Kun was only able to guard his chest with his black sword, letting the incoming palm hit his sword.

This black sword was forged using ‘dark steel’ which had been tempered for ten thousand times. It was strong enough to block an impact from a crushing mountain without breaking. 

Besides, it was also a Mid Grade Divine Transformation Realm Spiritual Magical Treasure. It could cut down Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivators like a piece of paper!

However, despite being such an excellent sword, it was immediately smashed into powder under the force of Ning Fan’s palm. Then, a heavy and ferocious force smashed onto Wang Kun’s chest. The three layers of spiritual armor covering his body were broken!

With just one palm strike, Wang Kun’s muscles and bones were all shattered. His physical body trembled for a while and was directly reduced to a cloud of blood mist!    

After blasting Wang Kun to death, the remaining power of his attack did not subside. Instead, it spread out into the deep ocean through the land of Gusu Island.

All of a sudden, the water of the sea domain within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500 m per li) was dispersed by the force of Ning Fan’s palm, turning into thousands of water dragons which soared into the sky!

Yu Ge’s expression changed drastically. He totally could not believe that Wang Kun, a dignified Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert, was killed by Ning Fan with just a strike of his palm! Before he could recover from his shock, he suddenly felt chills running down his spine making the hairs on his body stand!

Behind him, Ning Fan appeared abruptly like a ghost. One of his hands went towards him, penetrating into Yu Ge’s dantian from his waist, literally pulling out his primordial spirit!

Wang Kun and Yu Ge’s primordial spirits were being gripped tightly inside Ning Fan’s hands. Both of them were frightened to the core.

They seemed to have witnessed something that was completely beyond logic and comprehension. The two of them who were Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts were actually instantly killed by Ning Fan! 

How could it be possible!? Other than the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea, who else could instantly kill a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert?!

“Y-You! What’s your cultivation base!? Killing Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts with a single strike… You aren’t an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, definitely not! You must not kill me. I was invited by Purple Gu. It was him who said that we could slaughter all we want at the External Endless Sea... You cannot kill me. If you kill me, you will definitely offend Purple Gu, the whole Demon Sealing Sect and even Venerated Demon! It might be easy for you to kill me, but it is equally easy for Venerated Demon to kill you!” 

“Venerated Demon?!” Ning Fan muttered this name and his eyes glinted with a cold light.

Wang Kun and Yu Ge thought that they had found a new bargaining chip that could make Ning Fan afraid. Thus, both of them gradually grew bolder.

“Precisely. It’s Venerated Demon! If you kill the two of us, you will definitely provoke him!”

“You said if I kill both of you… I will then offend Lu Jiefen?!” Ning Fan looked at the ruins which were stained with streams of blood within Gusu City, feeling an unvented killing intent that continued to swell in his chest! 

I was too kind for not immediately eliminating the Alliance of Ming Assassins. As such, such a disastrous incident happened today!

I was too kind for not wiping out the Demon Sealing Sect. As such, Purple Gu, that self-important little shit thought that he can do whatever he wants!

Civilians should not be dragged into wars; mortals should not be involved in the brutality of the cultivation world.

Especially Gusu City that brought warmth to me. It can’t be destroyed by anyone at will!

“Since you said that I will offend Lu Jiefen, then I will show you whether he will dare to mess with me or not!”

“Ying State Immortal Island and Alliance of Ming Assassins! All of you have crossed the line!”

“Since you all washed Gusu with blood, I will then do the same to the whole Ying State Immortal Island! I would like to see as to what explanation Lu Jiefen will give me!”

. . .

Luo Sen was overjoyed. After his trip to Gusu City, he had abducted at least ten thousand mortal women. Each and every one of these women had pure souls. He really could not wait to go back to Ying State Immortal Island immediately and enjoy these beauties.

Riding on the flying sword which was shining with blood-red light, Luo Sen was already not far away from the Ying State Immortal Island. However, he was suddenly bothered by a strange feeling.

What he felt strange about was why Wang Kun and Yu Ge had not caught up with him.

“It was nothing more than slaughtering a mortal kingdom. Why haven’t they finished yet? Humph! Wang Kun always says that I’m an indecent person, but I think that he is the true pervert. Intent realm of resentment? Loving brutally slaughtering mortals? What kind of bullshit is that? My way is much simpler. Just give them a quick one… Hehe, as for these women… Of course I have to have fun with them first before finishing them off!”

Luo Sen patted the gunny sack which was filled with women on his shoulder and licked his lips lustfully. Well, having fun with ten thousand women a day is really a wonderful thing! 


All of a sudden, a deafening noise echoed in the distance behind him.

Luo Sen turned back and looked curiously. However, just as he turned over, what he saw made him so frightened as if his insides had been emptied out.

A million li* (500m per li) away from him, there was a colossal purple black giant with the height of almost three thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang). He was holding an island with one of his hands like he was holding the sky while trudging against the sea waves, moving directly towards the Ying State Immortal Island.

Even a single trace of that giant’s qi was already enough to make Luo Sen feel an immense sense of danger.

Every single step that giant made could travel almost ninety thousand li* (500m per li) of the sea!

When Luo Sen’s gaze was studying the giant with his eyes, the giant’s cold, fearsome eyes suddenly focused on him, making him feel like he had been targeted by lightning strikes.

“You won’t be able to run away! Ice Crush!”

The giant swung his empty right fist and the sea domain within the area of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) was frozen in an instant!

At the next moment, the frozen heaven and earth broke and shattered. Then, a massive sudden force rushed towards him, striking right at Luo Sen’s back.  He shrieked in agony and fell off from his flying sword. That incident had nearly scared him to death. 

Who is this giant!?

How could it have such a fast moving speed and powerful strength! 

Shivering in fear, he quickly climbed back up to his flying sword and flew away as if his life depended on it, trying to enter Ying State Immortal Island before the giant could catch up with him. As he was running away, he was also begging for mercy! The giant gave him the feeling that he was invincible!

“F-Fellow Daoist, I have no grudges with you. Why do you want to kill me!? Give me a reason!”

“Who are you? Do you think you are competent enough to ask a reason from me, Zhou Ming?!”

Ning Fan, who had transformed into a giant, looked up to the sky and laughed coldly. His eyes revealed a hint of ferocity.

He wanted to flatten the entire Ying State Immortal Island with the Gusu Island on his shoulder!


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