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Luo Sen attempted to escape using the ‘Sen Luo1 Sword’ under his feet which was glittering with faint blood-red light. Despite being just a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, his movement speed was fast and was comparable to a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert’s.

However, compared to the giant’s terrifying speed, Luo Sen’s was totally nothing special.

“Why can this giant still travel at such a speed even though he’s carrying an entire island!? Who exactly is he!?”

Luo Sen could feel his scalp tingling. When he took a proper look at the island on the giant’s shoulder, he immediately recognized that it was Gusu Islnd, the island on which he, Wang Kun and Yu Ge committed a massacre. 

His heart thumped heavily. He instantly realized that… this giant in purple armor came to seek revenge!

However, there was one more thing that Luo Sen could not figure out. Why would the purple armored giant with such a terrific cultivation base be enraged over a mere mortal island?!

No idea. Luo Sen had no idea!

What he currently knew was that he must immediately escape to Ying State Immortal Island. As long as he could reach there alive, he had an army of one million cultivators from the Alliance of Ming Assassins by his side. He would then have no need to fear the giant anymore!

 That purple-armored giant was doubtlessly the avatar that Ning Fan transformed into.

With the strength of his physical body on top of his Third Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm combined with his Corpse Devil Body, he could totally be on par with an expert with the Fourth Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm. Thus, it was completely possible for him to transform into a massive giant with a height of three thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang).

This giant wasn’t a technique of his Dao of Body Refinement. This time, however, he deliberately turned himself into a giant because of his grievance and rage for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of mortals in Gusu City! He wanted to crush the waves of the Endless Sea and completely uproot the Alliance of Ming Assassins!

There was a heavy lump of killing intent building up in his chest that was difficult to vent out.  It was like thunderclaps that kept exploding within his mind, urging him to kill and get revenge!

Such an immense killing intent had been triggered multiple times within him. For example, during the time he eradicated the Green Clan in the Demon Sinister Forest, the time he wiped out the entire sea in the Star Sea and so on... This time, however, it was different from all the previous instances.

In the past, he killed someone to settle old grudges, seizing opportunities and resisting his fate.

This time, his intention to kill was different.  He only harboured one belief in him. That belief was a vow he made to avenge those innocent mortals of Gusu Island and vent out their grudges!

In the past, it was always the killing intent that dyed Ning Fan’s heart red.

At this moment, however, Ning Fan felt that he could manipulate all of his killing intent at will!

Originally, he would not show compassion to any strangers. In the past, he was nothing more than a butcher who killed heartlessly like a killing machine.

However, when Ning Fan saw the mournful teardrops in Xu Qiuling’s eyes, the resentment in Little Stone’s gaze, the helpless look on Bai Su’s face and each and every one of the cultivators who chose to detonate themselves to protect Gusu… 

Their cries of despair… Their unreconciled questions… Their futile struggles!

Rage consumed Ning Fan!

The broken land of Gusu Island was forcibly restored by Ning Fan using his magic power.

After the indiscriminate attacks on the island, half of the city was turned into ruins. Each and every one of the mortals there who survived the flames and bloodshed were all terrified.

They were in disbelief as to what had happened today. They were in even more disbelief that the Young Master Zhou who had purchased the haunted mansion would transform into a giant three thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall and stride across the vast sea with their island on his shoulder!

“That Uncle Zhou can actually carry our entire island on just one of his shoulders! He’s actually such a powerful immortal being!?” Those children who made fun of Ning Fan in the past were now dumbstruck.

“That young man who won twelve consecutive games against me is actually a Divine Transformation Realm expert. Moreover, he is an expert so powerful that he can even instantly kill Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts!” The Chess Madman, Uncle Qi was feeling extremely shocked while taking some pills to treat his injuries.

“My niece, Qiuling… Your husband is actually so powerful! Is he going to get revenge for us? Is he going to get revenge for our Gusu!?”

After consuming some pills, Wang Si managed to suppress his injuries. Upon seeing what Ning Fan was going to do, his bloodshot eyes revealed a hint of excitement.

“Mm. Big Brother is going to avenge you all!”

Xu Qiuling wiped off the tears in the corners of her eyes. Her expression looked pained and depressed.

Little Stone was already in the state of unconsciousness after the incident earlier. While taking care of Little Stone, Bai Su’s eyes were filled with confusion.

She finally knew that Ning Fan wasn’t a swordsman, but a sword cultivator instead. He was a sword cultivator who was so powerful that even ordinary Divine Transformation Realm experts would flee for their lives upon only hearing his name!

Bai Su was not the only person who felt shocked. Almost every single person who witnessed that scene on the island had the same feeling as her.

Luo Sen’s sword light was extremely swift and did not make much noise. As for Ning Fan, however, he certainly would stir up fright and commotion everywhere he passed by while travelling in his giant form with an island up on his shoulder. 

Gusu Island was located on the northern domain of the External Endless Sea. Ying State Immortal Island, meanwhile, was located at the far east of the External Endless Sea.

As Ning Fan was travelling all the way to Ying State Immortal Island in his giant form, he would of course pass by a lot of other islands along the way. 

Although carrying an island with him had inevitably slowed his movement speed down, his aura force had grown much more imposing.

The rogue cultivators who were passing through immediately retreated in fear upon seeing a colossal man in the sea horizon that was moving towards them with an island on his shoulder. 

“A-A three thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) tall giant! Who is he!? This man’s body refining realm is so powerful!”

“Nope! It might not be the case. Perhaps this man used some kind of illusory technique which made his body look bigger. I suppose the island on his shoulder is probably an illusion too… What kind of madman in this world would carry a whole island with his own body?” 

“This man is exuding a tremendous killing intent. Where is he going?! Who is he after!?”

“It’s Luo Sen! I have just seen a sword teleportation light. A man was standing on a sword trying to run away and that man was Luo Sen!”

“What!? That Mid Divine Transformation devil lord who was ranked within the top fifty on the ‘Board of Devils’!? Isn’t this guy a member of the Alliance of Ming Assassins? Not to mention who that giant is and whether he is able to hunt Luo Sen down, is he trying to challenge the Alliance of Ming Assassins?! Doesn’t he know that the alliance is being backed by the Demon Sealing Sect!?”

An expert with a higher body refining realm would usually be able to transform into a giant with a larger size. Usually, only experts of the Peak Divine Transformation Realm could transform into a three thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) tall giant. Of course, there were some secret techniques or secret magical treasures that could allow one to increase the size of their physical bodies to that extent. However, it would only be an illusion without any substance.

Each of the cultivators who were studying the giant could not be sure of whether the giant was a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert or not. Thus, they intended to follow him and have a clearer look. However, as soon as they began to trail after him, the giant shot them a cold stare. What came along with the bone-chilling stare was a blood-curdling bellow which reverberated across the sky like multiple rays of sword light!

“Get lost!”

By just uttering those words, these old monsters who have at the very least Gold Core Realm cultivation bases, felt like they had been cut by the sword light, making their gold cores be on the verge of crumbling.  That incident scared all of them half to death. 

“What a formidable aura force! The body of this giant is not an illusion, but a real one instead! He really is an expert with Peak Divine Transformation Realm strength!”

“Sword intent! This guy not only has a strong physical body, but also an unrivalled sword intent!”

“Retreat! Don’t mess with this person.”

“But why does he seem to be so familiar to me… Yes, it’s him! This giant, this look… It can’t be wrong! It’s really him!”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Zhou Ming! That devil lord! Zhou Ming is clearly going to attack the Alliance of Ming Assassins. How could he be just hunting Luo Sen down?  By the looks of it, he is totally preparing to wipe out the Ying State Immortal Island in its entirety!”


Each and every one of those old monsters who had seen the giant with their own eyes were not as terrified as when they heard Zhou Ming’s name.

“Zhou Ming” was like an unspeakable name. The reason why he would be so scary to them wasn’t because he had a powerful cultivation base. It was because when he goes crazy, no one could stop him! 

In the Purple Primordial Immortal Island, Purple Charm Sect!

Today was the day when the Purple Primordial Sea was sealed off. All of this was because the old ancestor of Purple Charm Sect - Zuo Tong, was going to conduct his cultivation beneath the sea. This practice would be held once every ten years and it was called “Sea Refinement and Talisman Condensation”.

The water of the Purple Primordial Sea contained a unique kind of nourishing spiritual qi. It was the most nutritious item for those cultivators who practiced the secret techniques of the Talisman Record.

The most famous quote that had ever been uttered by the old ancestor of the Purple Charm Sect, Zuo Tong, was ‘A spark of spiritual glow is a talisman. The techniques in crafting a talisman not only requires one to have the right calligraphy skill, but also has to cherish the spiritual glow inside your heart!”

Every decade, the Purple Charm Sect would seal off a vicinity of one million li* (500m per li) above the sea and set up a grand formation to completely draw out the spiritual qi of the sea. This year was no exception.

A dozen Nascent Soul Realm elders led groups of Gold Core Realm cultivators to guard the grand formation carefully, not letting anyone enter the Purple Primordial Sea. No one was able to pass through the restricted area of the sea unless they were the disciple of the sect or holds the token pass issued by the sect!

Tens of boats were blocked outside the Purple Primordial Sea by groups of experts from the Purple Charm Sect. None of the boats were permitted to continue sailing.

Most of these boats had no powerful backing. Upon hearing that the blockade was for a Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor to cultivate, no one dared to utter any complaints against the Purple Charm Sect.

The Endless Sea which was also known as the Grave of Cultivators was a place where the strong were respected and worshipped. Thus, it was very normal for a Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor to borrow a million li* (500m per li) vast sea domain to cultivate by blockading the entire area.

“Fine. We’ll make a detour. However, with our boats which are only Core Realm treasures, we have no idea how many additional months it will take to take a detour around one million li* (500m per li) to cross the Purple Primordial Sea…”

Many cultivators on the boats inwardly sighed. At this moment, however, they all heard an ear-splitting sound of a giant treading on the sea.

Hundreds of thousands of li* (500m per li) away, one could faintly see a giant in purple armor heading straight towards the Purple Primordial Sea with an unstoppable aura while carrying an island on his shoulder.

Due to the large distance between them and the giant, no one was able to tell the aexact size of that giant.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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