Grasping Evil - Chapter 354.2

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“A cultivator who turned his physical body into a giant? What is he carrying? It seems like he’s moving towards here.”

“Who is he? Is he going to rush into the Purple Primordial Sea? The Purple Charm Sect has already sealed off the sea now. If this person rushes into the Purple Primordial Sea, he will definitely disrupt Old Ancestor Zhuo Tong in his cultivation. Wouldn’t he offend the Purple Charm Sect and get himself in danger of being killed?”

While this group of cultivators were discussing spiritedly with each other, a burly man in linen robes wearing a haughty expression stepped out from the group of elders of the Purple Charm Sect who were responsible for blockading the sea. He directed a calm glance at the giant and spoke indifferently.

“Where are the Spirit Crossbowmen? Aim your crossbows at this giant! Once this man tries to intrude the Purple Primordial Sea, fire all your arrows to kill him!”


At the next moment, nearly ten thousand experts of the Purple Charm Sect drew their Spirit Crossbows and aimed at the giant who continued to charge at their direction, going against the movement of the sea waves.

The behavior of this burly man in linen robes was somewhat bossy and domineering. He laid an order to shoot down the giant just because the latter might disrupt the cultivation of the old ancestor of his own sect.

However, no one thought that the burly man was wrong. In the Endless Sea, power was everything. If there’s a Divine Transformation Realm expert overseeing your sect, you can surely be domineering and bossy too.

All the cultivators who were stopped and remained on their boats looked at the giant who was advancing from afar, inwardly feeling pity for him.

None of them knew who this expert who transformed himself into such a gigantic being was. Judging from how reckless he was by charging towards the restricted sea domain, his life was probably not going to be spared.

However, after ten breaths, be it the cultivators on the boats or the cultivators from the Purple Charm Sect, all of their expressions changed greatly.

Within ten breaths, that giant in purple armor traversed hundreds of thousands of li* (500m per li) of the sea at an unbelievable speed by treading on the waves, appearing at the border of the Purple Primordial Sea!

It was indeed astonishing to anyone who witnessed such an incredible speed!

When the eyes of all the cultivators fell on the giant’s three thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall body, all of them gasped in horror and stared at him in disbelief, especially at his shoulder as it was actually carrying a real island! 

“A three thousand zhang* (500m per li) tall physical body! Could this man be a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert?! What should we do? Should we stop this man from entering the sea?”

The eyes of the burly man in linen robes were filled with shock. When the giant approached them, just a trace of aura from this giant was enough to nearly make his nascent soul collapse… 

What exactly is this person’s true cultivation base?

Unfortunately, he had no idea… The only thing he was aware of was that this man must not be provoked. No one could fire any spirit arrow or launch any attacks at him!

While he was hesitating, another immensely strong aura force surged from within the formation and transformed into a purple-robed old man. He stood outside the grand formation as his frosty gaze locked onto the giant. His presence continued to emanate a massive aura.

An Early Divine Transformation Realm aura force?! 

This purple-robed old man was none other than the old ancestor of the Purple Charm Sect - Zuo Tong! He was one of the thirteen Divine Transformation Realm experts of the External Endless Sea!

“Who are you?! Why are you trespassing in my Purple Primordial Sea?! I am Zuo Tong and I need to use this area for my cultivation. Please take a detour!”

Zuo Tong’s words carried the majestic air of a Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor. Except for a handful of Divine Transformation Realm experts in the External Sea, no one else would dare to go against such majesty.

At the moment his voice fell, he flicked his sleeve and produced twelve fiery purple charms with mysterious runes. Each of the charms was equivalent to an attack at the Early Divine Transformation Realm!

If the giant insists on intruding the sea domain and does not take a detour, Zuo Tong would then fire the twelve Divine Transformation Realm attacks simultaneously at the giant to eliminate him!

“Whoever stands in my way shall die!”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with coldness and he slammed his gigantic palm forward. An unimaginably tremendous force rolled up a thousand waves which then took the shape of a massive palm imprint, rushing towards Zuo Tong.

At the moment the palm imprint appeared, an immense sense of danger seized Zuo Tong, depriving him of all his will to resist!

Countless parts of the sky shattered and cracks appeared amidst heaven and earth. All the waves within the vicinity of a hundred thousand li* (500m per li) were overturned by the force of Ning Fan’s palm!

Zuo Tong narrowed his eyes. The force of this incoming palm would crush him like an ant!


Without even thinking, Zuo Tong immediately turned into a trace of mist and dodged the attack in a hurry. Right at the moment he made a quick dodge, that giant palm brutally slammed on the formation which sealed off the sea domain. In an instant, a loud bang resounded within the vicinity of a million li* (500m per li) and sounds of innumerable formation eyes collapsing were heard.

Half a breath later, the formation shattered and countless fragments of the formation glowing in a variety of colors fell off one after another!


An overwhelming sense of shock rose within innumerable cultivators, including Zuo Tong who had a Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base!

In order to seal off the Purple Primordial Sea, the Purple Charm Sect established at least hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm formations and seven Divine Transformation Realm formations.

With all the formations overlapping with each other, it might also be possible to withstand a Mid Divine Formation Realm expert’s attack without collapsing.

However, under the giant’s palm attack, not a single layer of formation light was left within the vicinity of a million li* (500m per li).

This giant’s cultivation base is terrifyingly high!

Zuo Tong noticed that the giant had already shown mercy while delivering that strike just now.

Otherwise, he definitely would have not been able to avoid that strike. If the giant had used his maximum power, what has been destroyed would not only be the formation light within the vicinity but also Zuo Tong himself! Both his physical body and primordial spirit would have been eliminated under that single palm attack!

“Zuo Tong! Considering that we have met once before, I won’t hold you accountable for attacking me today. If you dare to direct your charms at me again, your Purple Charm Sect will surely be eradicated!”

The giant’s indifferent voice was filled with a terrifying Baleful Qi. At the moment he spoke, blood-red Baleful Qi dyed half of the sky red!

Zuo Tong would never forget this voice even in his dreams!

The owner of this voice had once received Yan Zhongze’s Combined Five Palms in the Pleasure Devil Immortal Island. Twenty years ago, he dominated the External Endless Sea and no one dared to mess with him!

“You are Fellow Daoist Zhou, Zhou Ming!”

Zuo Tong was in great shock.

This giant was doubtlessly Ning Fan!

Twenty years ago, Ning Fan gave his best and the strength he exhibited was only strong enough to fight with a Divine Transformation Realm expert. At that time, he only managed to make Zuo Tong feel slightly dreadful of him.

However, twenty years later, he had become so powerful that if he did not show any mercy, he could instantly kill the latter!

The formation light broke! The blockade of the Purple Primordial Sea had been lifted!

The giant trod on the waves and continued to pursue Luo Sen while Zuo Tong and the other cultivators were all rooted to the spot, unable to recover from the feeling of immense shock.

The disappearance of the formation meant that the cultivators on the boats no longer needed to take a detour as they could directly pass through the Purple Primordial Sea.

The disappearance of the formation also meant that Zuo Tong’s ‘Sea Refinement and Talisman Condensation’ had to come to a sudden end this time.  

Each and every one of the Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm cultivators found it difficult to believe that the purple-armored giant’s power was heaven-defying. With a single strike of his palm, he was able to break a formation light which was a million li* (500m per li) large and would have been able to kill Old Ancestor Zuo Tong as well if he had not gone easy on him…

Who is this man?!

Despite being forced to stop his cultivation, Zuo Tong totally did not dare to harbor any grudges against Ning Fan. His action of sealing off the sea domain for himself was extremely imperious. He was bold enough to do so because he was stronger than the rest!

However, Ning Fan possessed the capabilities of killing Zuo Tong in the blink of an eye today. If he insists on passing through the Purple Primordial Sea, who else would dare to ask him to stop outside the sea domain let alone ask him to take a detour!

At the very least, Zuo Tong was not bold enough to do that! After twenty years, Ning Fan had changed, just like the saying ‘things might still look similar as before but men don’t’. Now, Zuo Tong did not even have the qualification to stand beside Ning Fan as an equal!

After witnessing such a huge difference, he could not help but continuously sigh with emotion.

He now no longer had the courage to provoke Ning Fan.

“O-Old Ancestor, what should we do? The grand formation that sealed off the sea domain has already been shattered. The spiritual qi has already dispersed. I’m afraid that there is no way we can gather the spiritual qi for Old Ancestor to cultivate this year…” The burly man in linen robes spoke with a dispirited tone.

“Cultivation? Cultivate my arse! Zhou Ming is seething with killing intent and he had just displayed an aura which sends out a message - ‘WHOEVER STANDS IN MY WAY SHALL DIE’. I think some senseless people have provoked him. He is now going to kill them… Judging from the direction he is moving, he seems to be moving towards Ying State Immortal Island in the east… I am going there to have a look! If Ying State Immortal Island is eradicated, the forces of the External Endless Sea will be reshuffled… It’s a significant matter!”

When Zuo Tong thought of the might of Ning Fan’s palm, chills ran down his back again.

Terrifying... It’s too terrifying…

“The members of the Ying State Immortal Island truly deserve it for messing with Zhou Ming… No matter what, we, the Purple Charm Sect, must not offend him! In the past, Old Man Dong Xuan tried to lure me into joining the alliance. It’s lucky that I didn’t do so. It was really a wise choice… Old Man Dong Xuan, there is no way you can save your estate in Ying State anymore!”

“Because you have just offended a madman!”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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