Grasping Evil - Chapter 356.1

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The old ancestor of the Heng Yun Sect, Wang Heng, was just a stranger to Ning Fan. He already returned the favor by helping him clear his trauma. It was, of course, impossible to give him any other benefits.

To Ning Fan, that favor just now was pretty insignificant.

However, that insignificant amount of void power from Ning Fan was of great significance as it helped Wang Heng open up the path towards the Late Gold Core Realm!

“The power of the void… A cultivator who has gone through Void Inquiry can help cultivators in the lower realms resolve their heart devils. If my master had Void Refinement Realm cultivation base in the past, he would have definitely helped me clear my heart devil and condense my gold core.  I would not have to come to the External Endless Sea… Not to mention the forces in the Endless Sea, outstanding people like the geniuses of the Rain World, the outstanding talents of the Sword World and even the geniuses of the Four Heavens certainly have Void Refinement Realm experts to help them clear their heart devils. That’s why their cultivation speed is way faster than ordinary cultivators.”

Ning Fan sighed faintly, eyes filled with emotions. 

The so-called geniuses not only had extraordinary natural talents and remarkable cultivation methods, but also strong backings which could provide them pills and training and help them resolve their heart devils...

An Early Void Refinement Realm expert was also known as a cultivator who has gone through the stage of ‘Void Glimpse’. Experts at this level only started to understand the void power but they were still unable to control it completely.

A Mid Void Refinement Realm cultivator was also known as a ‘Void Inquiry’ cultivator. Cultivators at this stage have passed the stage of Void Inquiry and can freely control the power of the void and even use it to help juniors resolve their heart devils.

For Late Void Refinement Realm and Peak Void Refinement Realm cultivators, they were also known as ‘Supreme Void’ and Primordial Supreme Void cultivators respectively.

With the help from a Void Inquiry expert to deal with heart devils, the cultivation speed of those geniuses was certainly incomparable compared to ordinary cultivators.

Ning Fan did not have any help from any powerful supporter nor any extraordinary innate talent. Before attaining the Divine Transformation Realm, his cultivation method, Yin Yang Transformation, also did not show any formidable power.

However, despite having no privileges as good as those geniuses with powerful backing, he still managed to continue in his path up until today by taking one step after another. Along his journey, what he depended on was not solely opportunities and luck, but also his ruthlessness and stubbornness of staining the world with blood.

If you beat me once, I will then hit you ten times!

If you destroy a world of mine, I will then obliterate ten worlds of yours!

All the magical treasures and spiritual herbs he had today were looted from the enemies he killed along the way.

He vowed not to yield to power in his life!

Be it the Alliance of Ming Assassins, the Ying State Immortal Island or… the Demon Sealing Sect!

Ning Fan who was in the form of the purple-armor giant traveled eastward. Innumerable cultivators followed behind him a million li* (500m per li) away. All of them were chasing after him with all their might, looking forward to spectating the showdown in the Ying State Immortal Island while watching out for opportunities.

Ning Fan paid no attention to those following him and focused his gaze straight ahead. When an island loomed in the distance in front, his eyes flashed with a cold light.

That island was called the Saint Suppressing Island and there was only one sect on it - The Profound Virtue Sect. It was one of the top ten sects and three islands of the External Endless Sea!

They saw Luo Sen’s flurried figure stopping at the sect and then escaping towards the eastern direction of the island in a hurry.

At the moment he left, tens of thousands of cultivators suddenly soared into the air from the Profound Virtue Sect and stared at the incoming giant with immense killing intent.

After trampling upon innumerable waves with the island on his shoulder, Ning Fan came to a halt a thousand li* (500m per li) away from the Saint Suppressing Island.

It was because when he stepped onto that area, countless rays of snow-white formation lights abruptly rose from the sea within one thousand li* (500 m per li) of the area, condensing into ice dragons which coiled around Ning Fan’s feet and restricted his movement!

It was a Peak Divine Transformation Grade Grand Formation - Saint Suppressing Ice Dragon Formation!

Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold. The Profound Virtue Sect had actually acted against him.

As Luo Sen has stopped on this island for a brief moment, I suppose the reason why this Profound Virtue Sect attacked me is due to Luo Sen’s instructions!

“Considering that you all are also cultivators of the External Endless Sea like me, I’m going to give you all a chance. Withdraw the formation within three breaths and I will act as if nothing happened… Otherwise, the Profound Virtue Sect will be completely eradicated!”

Ning Fan spoke in an indifferent tone and his gaze swept across each and every one of the cultivators from the Profound Virtue Sect.

Among this group of cultivators, the leader was an old man wearing a high hat and a broad girdle. He dressed in the style of an ancient great Confucian. His old eyes were slightly squinted and his expression looked haughty. His presence emanated a powerful aura of the Early Divine Transformation Realm.

This old man was doubtlessly the Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor of the Profound Virtue Sect - Liu Xuan!

Nineteen Nascent Soul Realm cultivators stood proudly around Liu Xuan and their qi was deep and heavy.

Among this group of Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, a middle-aged man with a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base was staring at Ning Fan with his grim eyes. He was the vice sect master of the Profound Virtue Sect - Zhao E!

Perhaps his Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base was nothing special, but his other identity was important.

This Zhao E was the father of Zhao Zijing. His son had once offended Ning Fan because of Xu Qiuling and was later killed by Ning Fan.

The Profound Virtue Sect’s great fame was tainted because of this incident. Besides, due to Ning Fan’s notoriety at the time, the old ancestor of the sect, Liu Xuan, was even reluctant to take revenge on him.

But twenty years later, the Alliance of Ming Assassins was established with the Demon Sealing Sect being the backer. When Purple Gu met Liu Xuan for the first time and promised great benefits, Liu Xuan was tempted by his offer and led the whole Profound Virtue Sect to join the alliance. Now, one of the killers of the alliance, Luo Sen, passed by the sect and asked for their help to drag Ning Fan down. Liu Xuan agreed to lend a hand after just hesitating for a while.

“Old Ancestor, is it appropriate to mess with Zhou Ming like this…?” A Nascent Soul Realm elder of the Profound Virtue Sect sounded a little worried. Well, he just couldn’t help with it. Ning Fan’s Baleful Qi was too strong. It was impossible for a Nascent Soul Realm elder like him not to fear Ning Fan.

“What are you afraid of?! Luo Sen has said that this Zhou Ming is merely an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert. However, Luo Sen, a dignified Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert, is desperately running for his life and is trying to escape from Zhou Ming’s pursuit. Apparently, this Zhou Ming likely has a special combat power comparable to that of a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert even though he is at the Early Divine Transformation Realm. If I was fighting against him alone, I would not be Zhou Ming’s match. But on the territory of our Profound Virtue Sect, we have the greatest formation of our sect - the Saint Suppressing Ice Dragon Formation! Why should we even be afraid of him!”

“But this Zhou Ming has a three thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall body. Perhaps he’s a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert…”

“Nonsense! Indeed, only a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert can transform into a three thousand zhang* tall giant. But try to think about it. Twenty years ago, this man was still a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. It’s already incredibly astonishing for him to break through to the Early Divine Transformation Realm after twenty years. How is it possible for him to attain the Peak Divine Transformation Realm? After one attains the Divine Transformation Realm, every advancement is extremely difficult. Therefore, he is definitely not at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm! He’s just at the Early Divine Transformation Realm!”

Liu Xuan sneered. He was not a fool. Since he dared to help Luo Sen stop Ning Fan, he had of course thought about the worst case scenario.

The worst scenario he had thought of was that Ning Fan had managed to break through to the Early Divine Transformation Realm after twenty years and his combat power had reached the formidable Mid Divine Transformation Realm.

It was not impossible for ordinary cultivators to attain the Divine Transformation Realm in twenty years’ time and even ordinary cultivators at the Early Divine Transformation Realm can’t possess the Mid Divine Transformation Realm combat power. Liu Xuan thought that he was already overestimating Ning Fan with those assumptions and thus, he would never believe that Ning Fan would be at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm.

It can’t be wrong! His three thousand zhang* tall physical body and the island on his shoulder are both illusions under the effect of some kind of illusory technique. They are just for intimidating others, like a tiger made out of paper!

Liu Xuan would not be so foolish as to risk his life fighting Ning Fan. In the territory of his Profound Virtue Sect, there was the strongest formation of the sect. One would really be a fool to not use it.

It was a Peak Divine Transformation Grade Grand Formation called the Saint Suppressing Ice Dragon Formation! According to rumors, the first generation old ancestor of the Profound Virtue Sect, Fusheng Zhenren[1], was a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert. He was also extremely proficient in formation techniques. Therefore, he set up that grand formation to protect his sect. It was so powerful that it could even defend against a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert.

Liu Xuan firmly believed that with this formation being here, not to mention Ning Fan who only had Mid Divine Transformation Realm combat power, even if he was truly a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert or even a Late Divine Transformation Realm expert, he would surely be trapped at the Profound Virtue Island by Liu Xuan and be at his mercy.

Ning Fan gave Liu Xuan three breaths of time to apologize for what he had done but he had already successfully trapped Ning Fan, how would it be possible for him to remove the formation and apologize?!

“You, the one with the surname Zhou! Don’t be proud of yourself! You’ve been trapped by the old ancestor of our Profound Virtue Sect, Liu Xuan, with this grand formation. Even if you have three heads and six arms, you would never be able to escape from it. Humph! ‘Profound Virtue Sect would be completely eradicated’... Do you really think you can eradicate us? You’re nothing!”

“Three breaths? We don’t even know if you can live for more than three breaths! You seem to have no idea that aside from our old ancestors and the Saint Suppressing Formation, our Profound Virtue Sect also has the ‘Sea Suppressing Hades’. You are going to die very soon!”

Each of the cultivators of the Profound Virtue Sect began to feel bolder seeing Ning Fan was not able to break free after being trapped by their formation light. Their faces were gradually burning with excitement.

What a rubbish Old Ancestor Revered Ming! He might dare to act so wildly in our Profound Virtue Sect but in the end wasn’t he trapped in our formation light? Isn’t he still going to end up being at our mercy?!

On Gusu Island, Uncle Qi, Wang Si and the other Nascent Soul Realm experts saw Ning Fan being trapped by the grand formation and their expressions immediately changed, especially Uncle Qi who was an expert with Mid Divine Transformation Grade formation techniques. At first glance, he knew that this Saint Suppressing Ice Dragon Formation was extraordinarily powerful.

Can’t see through it… I can’t see through it!

With Uncle Qi’s level in the Dao of Formations, he was not even able to see through where the formation eyes of this formation were!


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  1. ^ 1. Fusheng Zhenren-Fusheng (Chinese: 伏圣 Pinyin: fú shèng) means suppressing saint-Zhenren (Chinese: 真人 Pinyin: zhēn rén) is a Daoist term which means "Perfected Person"