Grasping Evil - Chapter 356.2

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“Niece Qiuling! This is a Peak Divine Transformation Grade Formation. Even a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert will face danger after falling into this formation! Ask your husband to escape from this formation at once!” Uncle Qi said nervously.

“No need… Big Brother will be fine. The reason why he gave the Profound Virtue Sect three breaths isn’t because he is acting kind, but in fact he’s secretly studying this formation. He probably needs just three breaths to crack this formation. After three breaths, if the Profound Virtue Sect still acts impenitently, this sect will be destroyed!”

Xu Qiuling’s eyes were filled with confidence. She had a brilliant mind and she was able to understand Ning Fan’s actual thoughts with one glance.


Even though this Saint Suppressing Ice Dragon Formation was powerful, with Ning Fan’s current level in the Dao of Formations and the techniques which he obtained from the Inheritance of the He Luo Heart Formation, he had already discovered all the formation eyes of this formation.

He just needed three breaths to crack this formation!

Traces of his magic power flowed into the formation light, secretly destroying each and every one of the formation eyes. However, the Profound Virtue Sect did not have the slightest idea and were unaware of it all.


Ning Fan uttered indifferently as the first breath had passed!

Liu Xuan’s heart thumped heavily. He could not help but wonder why Ning Fan was still so calm despite clearly being trapped in the formation.

Could it be that this man really has the confidence to break away from the Peak Divine Transformation Grade Formation? Does he really think that he can wash the Saint Suppressing Island with blood?


Ning Fan’s tone became even colder and his voice eerily calm. It did not sound like an expert who was trapped in a grand formation and knew that he was going to die in a moment at all!

“Did I miss something? Impossible! I’ve already thought too highly of Zhou Ming and dealt with him while thinking that he is a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert. Don’t tell me that his strength and power are even higher than the Mid Divine Transformation Realm?”

“Don’t tell me that he… he’s really a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert? No! It’s definitely impossible! Not a single Nascent Soul Realm cultivator is able to attain the Peak Divine Transformation Realm within twenty years! Even if the Divine Emperor of the Rain Palace lends a hand and enlightens the geniuses on how to improve their cultivation bases, it’s still impossible for one to have such a fast cultivation speed!”

Liu Xuan tried to convince himself but the feeling of unease within his heart intensified.

The higher the cultivation base of a cultivator, the stronger their immortal sense. This feeling of unease would not come without a cause. It was undoubtedly Ning Fan who gave him this feeling.

“Did I really miss something?”

“No! I don’t believe it! Sea Suppressing Hades, devour him!”

Liu Xuan’s mind was in a chaos. He did not plan to give Ning Fan the chance to count to three!

He patted his storage pouch and took out a jet-black token and sent it out after casting a spell. Immediately, a dark figure which stretched to tens of li* (500m per li) long slowly rose to the surface of the tranquil sea outside the Saint Suppressing Island.

Eventually, this figure turned into a humongous ferocious beast with a body that was more than one thousand and five hundred zhang* (3.33m per zhang) long. It broke out of the sea and emitted a deafening roar which frightened every living being within the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li).


This enormous beast was vaguely revealing an Early Divine Transformation Realm aura. Without a doubt, it was a Wild Beast!

This enormous beast was subdued by Fusheng Zhenren in the past and was then given the name of Sea Suppressing Hades. It was the protector of the Profound Virtue Sect!

“W-Wild Beast!” Uncle Qi and Wang Si were immensely horrified.

This Wild Beast looked like a glossy black sea snake. Its body which was huge like a mountain soared into the sky, baring its fangs at Ning Fan.

It’s beast eyes were soulless. It was clear that its spiritual intelligence was completely erased by the token that Liu Xuan took out, allowing it to be manipulated by him at will!

“A Soul Manipulation Token…?”

A Soul Manipulation Token allows one to manipulate another person’s soul and also the soul of a beast. With this token in hand, this beast will never defy any order even if Liu Xuan commands it to kill itself. 

Ning Fan’s eyes suddenly glinted. Three breaths of time had passed! 

They became solemn and sharp. With the aid of the power of his heart formation, he discovered all the networks of this grand formation.


As he moved both of his legs, all the ice dragons that coiled around his legs shattered!

After muttering the word, Ning Fan’s Baleful Qi stained the entire sky red and he then made a stomp on the Saint Suppressing Sea!


As soon as his foot landed on the ocean floor, an unimaginably massive force spread, stirring up waves of tearing force that were strong enough to shred an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert apart!

A shrill echoed into the sky as if the Saint Suppressing Ice Dragon Formation, a powerful Peak Divine Transformation Grade formation, was crying. Right afterwards, the grand formation crumbled and then the crushing force whizzed past the Saint Suppressing Island in its entirety. All the estates and developments of the Profound Virtue Sect were destroyed and sank into the sea!

“Breaking free from the formation and sinking the island with one single stomp! This Zhou Ming is a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert. He is definitely a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert!”

An immense feeling of surprise filled Liu Xuan’s heart and regrets budded in him immediately!

If he knew Ning Fan had such a powerful cultivation base, he would never have been so bold as to help the Alliance of Ming Assassins fight against Ning Fan even if he had ten thousand guts!

“He’s a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert. Who else can be his match other than the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea?! Run! We must run!”

Liu Xuan tried to escape but it was already too late.

Ning Fan’s killing intent had been triggered. He had given the Profound Virtue Sect a chance, but they persisted in their actions and vowed to oppose him. Therefore, Ning Fan was not going to set Liu Xuan free like how he let Zuo Tong off!


Ning Fan swung one of his palms carrying an earth-shattering force which heavily landed directly onto the Wild Beast’s body.

The strength he exerted in this attack was only enough to severely injure the Wild Beast without killing it. Without a doubt, Ning Fan did it on purpose. Since there was a free Wild Beast, there was no reason to not keep it for his own use!


The Wild Beast roared with pain as fear began to fill its empty eyes.

It had only revealed that expression once in its entire life and that was the time when it was subdued by Fusheng Zhenren. During that time, the latter who was a Late Divine Transformation Realm gave it a feeling that he was undefeatable.

Today, however, the impression that Ning Fan gave to the Wild Beast was more than a few times stronger than him!

Its instincts told it that if Ning Fan really intends to kill it, it will be killed with a just single palm strike from him no matter if it was at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm or at the Late Divine Transformation Realm!


The body of the Wild Beast crashed into the group of tens of thousands of cultivators of Profound Virtue Sect. As its gigantic body tumbled over them, countless Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were immediately crushed into meat paste.

Liu Xuan’s scalp tingled with anxiety. While escaping in a hurry, he turned around and shot out two sword shadows.

Those sword shadows were Low Grade Divine Transformation Realm Spiritual Treasures. One of them was a masculine sword while the other was a feminine sword, making the both of them a pair of compatible swords.  This pair of swords was called the Double Branched Sword. Both of them were especially sharp. Even ordinary Divine Transformation Realm experts would not dare to face the sword light of this pair of swords directly.

Liu Xuan did not think these swords would be able to hurt Ning Fan. He only hoped that they could slightly slow Ning Fan down and buy him some time.

Each of the cultivators of the Profound Virtue Sect were at a loss and in despair when they saw the Wild Beast being blasted away by Ning Fan with his palm. Their old ancestor running away in a flurry after abandoning his natal flying swords and armor only added to their despair.

The imposing old ancestor of the Profound Virtue Sect - Liu Xuan did not even have the courage to resist the great Devil Lord Zhou!

“You won’t be able to run away!”

Ning Fan opened his mouth to swallow the pair of flying swords and crushed them with his jaw!

He unleashed his sword intent within his mind and pointed his finger at Liu Xuan who was trying to escape.  

This finger was the Sword Finger Technique. It was his first time performing this technique after condensing his sword intent!

After condensing his sword intent, the first finger, Mountain Crush and the second finger, Heaven Breaker, which were two separate techniques began to unite.

Perhaps the Ten Fingers of the Sword Finger Technique were meant to be performed with one’s sword intent!

“Sword Finger, Heaven Breaker!”

“First, crush the island, rivers and mountains!”

“Next, break the heavens and the black sun!”

Tremendous sword qi revolved around Ning Fan’s body. After he pointed his finger, a flash of sword light shone through the vicinity of a hundred thousand li* (500m per li)!

The mountain range in the deep sea crumbled!

The hollow space above the sky shattered!

The area within one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) was suddenly surrounded with threads of swords, becoming a human purgatory with no place to escape!

Tens of thousands of cultivators of the Profound Virtue Sect were all dead in an instant!

Liu Xuan’s eyes shone with terror. 

The power of his Sword Finger which broke the heavens and mountains was definitely not inferior to a Peak Divine Transformation Realm magical technique!

“You’re indeed a… Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert… Ahh!”

He cried out in pain and perished in the threads of swords. Not a single piece of his body could be seen!

At the moment Liu Xuan died, a snow-white jade pendant within the storage pouches of all the Divine Transformation Realm ancestors of the renowned top ten sects and three islands of the external sea shattered respectively!

That jade pendant was the token of friendship among the thirteen Divine Transformation Realm old ancestors.

If someone’s jade pendant broke, it doubtlessly means that particular Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor had died! 

“Liu Xuan has died! A reputable Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor of the External Endless Sea has died!”

On Bi Yao Immortal Island, the face of an old woman who was reprimanding Su Yao and Yin Suqiu suddenly turned extremely unsightly.

“The Profound Virtue Sect has the Saint Suppressing Ice Dragon Formation, the Sea Suppressing Hades and even their old ancestor, Liu Xuan. Who could annihilate the Profound Virtue Sect?! Who could kill Liu Xuan?!”

Her grim expression did not escape from the eyes of other experts of the Bi Yao Sect.

Su Yao and Yin Suqiu were not able to understand why the old woman would be so tense all of a sudden.

In the main hall of the sect, two young men who seemed refined and skillful also revealed looks of nervousness.

One of them was Liu Zong, a Mid Nascent Soul Realm genius from the Ice Spirit Sect while the other one was Lu An, a Late Nascent Soul Realm genius from the Green Cloud Sword Sect.

The both of them were outstanding among the Seven Sons of the External Endless Sea!

The reason why the both of them had come to Bi Yao Immortal Island was to give marriage proposals to Yin Suqiu!


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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