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A tremor suddenly spread across Bi Yao Immortal Island causing the mountains and land to tremble. The faces of countless cultivators greatly changed at this moment. Even without exiting the main hall, everyone could feel a vigorous aura rushing towards them.

Innumerable female cultivators flew into the sky and gazed into the distance. They could see a giant in purple armor emerge on the sea horizon. The rough sea waves were like nothing to him and in every place he passed by, millions of fish within the ocean would swim away in fear.

This giant was carrying an island on his shoulder while dragging an enormous sea snake which he had just subdued beside him.

His impressive aura that shook heaven and earth made each and every one of the female cultivators feel so shocked to the point of being speechless.

Even the two geniuses, Lu An and Liu Zong, were in awe looking at the giant with such a vigorous aura.

As the giant approached the island one step at a time, Elder Feng’s heart thumped heavily. She could finally be sure of one thing with her naked eyes.

The stench of blood on this giant’s body had Liu Xuan’s smell.

As soon as this giant appeared, his baleful qi stained half of the sky with a blood-red glow!

It can’t be wrong… This giant has killed Liu Xuan, eradicated the Profound Virtue Sect and seized their Sea Suppressing Hades. This person is definitely not someone whom Elder Feng could resist!

“Activate the ‘Shadow Swings of Blue Sky Formation’ now!”

Elder Feng gave a command and almost wanted to activate the protective grand formation herself to immediately attack the giant.

However, just as she gave the command, Yin Suqiu who was standing at a side waved her hand and stopped the cultivators who were trying to activate the grand formation.

“No! We must not activate the grand formation!” Yin Suqiu ordered.

“Suqiu! I know you resent our Bi Yao Sect. But the sect is in a life-and-death situation. How could you stop the activation of the formation because of your personal hatred and put our Bi Yao Sect in crisis?! Don’t you know who this giant is?! He’s the ferocious person who has just killed Old Ancestor Liu Xuan of the Profound Virtue Sect! If we don’t activate the grand formation, our sect will be in danger!”

Elder Feng’s eyes were filled with rage. From her perspective, Yin Suqiu was acting purely out of her hatred and trying to cause trouble to the sect.

On the other hand, the female cultivators there were all stunned upon hearing her words.

This giant killed Old Ancestor Liu Xuan and even destroyed the Profound Virtue Sect?!

This news was indeed shocking. After all, Old Ancestor Liu Xuan was one of the thirteen Divine Transformation Ream old ancestors of the external sea!

However, Elder Feng was also one of them. Since she was so certain about it, there was no way it was a lie.

Doubtful gazes landed on Yin Suqiu, causing her to laugh mockingly at herself.

So it turns out that I am just a villain in everyone’s eyes after going through fire and water for this sect…

“Elder Feng, you are the one who is stirring up trouble for the sect by activating the formation and attacking the giant!” Yin Suqiu brought up her thoughts in a straightforward manner.

“How dare you?! How dare you talk back to me with such an impertinent remark!” Her eyes were now burning with anger.

She did not expect that Yin Suqiu, a mere Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, would actually dare to criticize her!


Elder Feng let out a cold snort and an unparalleled aura struck Yin Suqiu’s body. That strike caused her face which was originally pale to become even more haggard instantly. She felt a sharp pain in her chest and a trace of blood flowed out from the one corner of her mouth. As she was being suppressed by a powerful aura force, she was unable to open her mouth to speak.

This was a warning, or more bluntly a threat given to her by Elder Feng!

Elder Feng’s action had just made her feel completely dispirited and hopeless for the Bi Yao Sect.

Is this how a cultivator of the Righteous Dao does things?!

I have been pouring my heart and soul for the Bi Yao Sect and now I am being treated like this by Elder Feng.

If this is how it is… so what if I abandon the Dao of Righteousness?!

“Hurry up and activate the formation!” Elder Feng commanded in an imposing manner, not giving any chance for Yin Suqiu to explain. She wanted to immediately activate the defensive grand formation and wield it herself to kill the giant.

Rays of formation light turned into a ferocious rain of light which then showered upon the giant in purple armor!

At this moment, the giant was already one thousand li* (500m per li) away from the Bi Yao Immortal Island. He was just a few feet away from Yin Suqiu!

His gaze shifted towards Yin Suqiu. When he saw her disheartened and worn out expression, his eyes immediately turned cold.

When he noticed the attacks of formation light from the Bi Yao Sect, he then looked into the sky and sneered.

“Interesting! Originally, I just wanted to meet an old friend of mine while passing by the Bi Yao Sect. However, I didn’t expect to see such a scene… Who allowed you to hurt her?!”


The giant in purple armor threw out a punch. When his fist which was comparable to that of a cultivator with Fourth Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm landed on the formation light, it cracked and instantly shattered in a rain of light!


Elder Feng coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. She had placed all her concentration in controlling the grand formation. Since it had been obliterated, the effect of the backlash she suffered would, of course, not be insignificant.

Her face which was full of wrinkles was overwhelmed with fear and shock.

The aura force she imposed on Yin Suqiu collapsed by itself without being attacked.

“Who is this man?! The strength of his punch is so strong that it could actually crack the ‘Shadow Swings of Blue Sky Formation’ which is a High Grade Divine Transformation Realm Formation! The strength of his punch is equivalent to a fatal blow of a Peak Divine Transformation Realm’s expert! He would be able to crush me like an ant!”

She was astonished by the giant’s strength and power.

However, she was even more stunned by the giant’s words.

Indeed, this giant was just planning to pass by the Bi Yao Immortal Island to have a look at his old friend without harboring any ill intentions. Today, however, he was infuriated!

The reason why he was so angered was not just because Elder Feng had attacked him using her formation technique but also because… she had injured his old friend.

“Who exactly is the ‘old friend’ that the purple-armored giant is talking about? Could it be…”

Elder Feng’s gaze locked onto Yin Suqiu, feeling inwardly surprised.

The giant’s spirit sense was obviously concentrating on this woman… Yin Suqiu actually knows such a strong expert?! Does she actually have such a powerful backer?!

“S-Suqiu, who is he…” The arrogance that Elder Feng had earlier subsided.

Just a moment ago, she even dared to force Suqiu to marry and use her aura force to suppress the latter. But now, she did not have the guts to even lay a finger on Yin Suqiu anymore.

“I have already told you that you can’t use the grand formation to attack him. However, you didn’t believe my words or give me a chance to explain…”

Yin Suqiu’s tone was cold. Currently, she was not concerned about the Bi Yao Sect’s life or death anymore.

The only thing that made her heart feel warmth was the infuriated expression of the giant and his angry roar that was filled with killing intent.

Who allowed you to hurt her?!

“If I may be so bold to ask Suqiu Xianzi, who exactly is this giant senior …”

Both Lu An and Liu Zong forced a smile while exchanging glances with each other.

This giant obviously had a deep relationship with Yin Suqiu. Even if they were given ten thousand guts, they would not dare to offer marriage proposals to Yin Suqiu anymore.

Yin Suqiu totally ignored the questions they raised.

When Su Yao who was also feeling slightly anxious asked her, only then did she answer with an encouraging tone.

“Sister Suqiu, who exactly is this senior…” Su Yao felt rather terrified. To her, the giant was just too formidable.

“Silly Sister, haven’t you noticed yet? He is the person whom you have been thinking day and night – Zhou Ming… Mm. Yes. Currently, he should be called Zhou Ming.”

Yin Suqiu knew Ning Fan’s identity and she was also familiar with his qi. Despite that, she would never expose his true identity to anyone.

Her tone was calm. But what she had said immediately stirred up an immense feeling of shock within all the cultivators there as if they had just seen frightful billows and terrible waves.

The giant in purple armor is Zhou Ming?!

The ferocious person who killed Liu Xuan and seized the Wild Beast is Zhou Ming?!

“He is Zhou Ming?! HE IS ZHOU MING?!” An immense feeling of regret filled Elder Feng’s heart. If she had known that the giant was Zhou Ming, she would never have the guts to activate the formation and attack him.

Yin Suqiu was just being kind earlier when she uttered those words to remind me. But I misunderstood her kind intentions and even hurt her.

How stupid was I?!

Elder Feng was inwardly scolding herself for her foolishness.

If she had known Zhou Ming and Yin Suqiu had such a deep relationship that the latter could become the reason for him to get angry, she would never lay a finger on her even if she was born with one million guts.

“It’s bad! With Zhou Ming’s ruthless and cruel personality and his capability which is comparable to the Peak Divine Transformation Realm, there is no reason for him not to kill me after I injured his woman and even attacked him with the formation! I’m afraid this devil lord will instantly flatten the Bi Yao Immortal Sect and abduct all the female cultivators here!”

Elder Feng was feeling remorseful. If the Bi Yao Immortal Island is annihilated, she would definitely be only one to blame!


Elder Feng who used to be supercilious and treated others with contempt fell to her knees towards the direction of the giant with her teeth clenched!

“Revered Ming, please show mercy. I am the one who hurt Suqiu and tried to kill you by attacking you with the formation. It has nothing to do with Bi Yao Immortal Island!”


Liu Zong and Lu An were astonished.

All the female cultivators of the sect were also flabbergasted.

The thirteen Divine Transformation Realm experts of the external sea were the strongest beings of the External Endless Sea. However, an old ancestor of that level actually knelt down before them and begged for mercy today.

Other than the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea, who else in the Endless Sea could let Divine Transformation Realm cultivators kneel in reverence?!

So this is the unprovocable Zhou Ming who dominates the external sea?

He could kill Liu Xuan on his own like nothing and cause the haughty Elder Feng to kneel down and beg for mercy!


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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