Grasping Evil - Chapter 357.2

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On Gusu Island, Wang Si and Uncle Qi’s admiration for Ning Fan had been magnified to the extreme.

To think that this seemingly innocent and harmless young man who had spent five months on Gusu Island was actually a ferocious man who could make a Divine Transformation Realm old ancestor fall to her knees and beg for mercy by just depending on his name.

Still wearing a mourning dress, Bai Su’s face was slightly pale but it could not cover up her incomparable beauty.

Her eyes revealed a hint of shock. Throughout her life as a mortal, she had never known that immortals and celestial beings actually existed in this world. However, she saw countless celestial beings flying in the sky after experiencing the massive change in Gusu Island.

Each of these beings had the capability of wiping out the entire Gusu Island. However, when faced with Ning Fan, all of them had no strength or will to resist. What they could only do was to kneel before him and beg for mercy.

“Young Master Zhou is too strong… Even thinking of him as a sword immortal would be too lowly for him…”

Xu Qiuling’s bright eyes shone with curiosity as she looked at Yin Suqiu and Su Yao.

With her cleverness and intelligence, she was able to tell that the two women must have a deep relationship with Ning Fan judging from how he protected them with his spirit sense.

I suppose they are his women too.

She was at the Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm while Yin Suqiu was also at the Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm.

Yin Suqiu also spread out her spirit sense when she felt a pair of curious eyes studying her from the island. From afar, their eyes met.

“Is she Ning Fan’s woman as well…?” Yin Suqiu let out a faint sigh while making a guess inside her mind.

Could it be that the reason why Ning Fan exudes such tremendous killing intent while behaving so outrageously with an island on his shoulder is to seek revenge for that woman?

Well, Ning Fan certainly had no idea that these two women were staring at each other.

As his gaze swept across Bi Yao Immortal Island, not a single female cultivator dared to lift their heads up and looked at him in the eye under his intimidating gaze.

“You are the one who injured Suqiu…?”

Ning Fan’s voice was bone-chilling. He could sense two different types of injuries within Yin Suqiu’s body.

One of them was spread all over her body. However, it was not serious. It was the one inflicted by Elder Feng.

The other one was concentrated on her forehead. It seemed to be a bloody palm imprint. If that palm imprint went slightly deeper, it could terminate her entire cultivation base!

“Who is so bold to take away Yin Suqiu’s cultivation base?!”

Ning Fan’s cold eyes burned with wrath and a rush of killing intent locked onto Elder Feng. He was about to silence her forever.

“No! It’s not me. It’s her who wanted to abandon her own cultivation base!” Elder Feng quickly explained with a pitiful tone.

“Precisely. It has nothing to do with her. I made a mistake while I was practicing my cultivation method earlier and almost destroyed my own cultivation base. It’s just a small matter.” Yin Suqiu’s eyes glinted. She was not telling the truth.

“You are not being honest with me. This is not an injury that can be caused by an accidental mistake during practice. If you don’t tell me the truth, I will just kill someone on this island and search their souls. I will then know everything!” Ning Fan uttered coldly. He would never be soft-hearted in killing someone, especially if it was his enemy.

“Y-You are not allowed to kill in Bi Yao Sect. I am the vice sect master of the sect and Sister Su Yao is the sect master! I will tell you the truth…”

Yin Suqiu’s expression became nervous. She knew Ning Fan was a true devil lord and would never be sympathetic towards his enemies.

After slightly calming herself down, she briefly recounted the matter regarding the marriage proposals earlier by skipping the unnecessary details. However, she deliberately concealed the matter regarding Elder Feng and Feng Zhen’s coercion and her longing for Ning Fan.

Despite that, with Ning Fan’s shrewdness, he was still able to guess that Yin Suqiu who was a stubborn woman with a high sense of self-pride must have endured extreme humiliation for her to choose to give up her cultivation base after being forced by Elder Feng and Feng Zhen.

Xu Qiuling looked at Yin Suqiu and let out a faint sigh.

The intensity of this woman’s love for him is not any weaker than mine…

In order not to marry anyone else other than Ning Fan, she willingly chose to give up her cultivation base… She really is a woman who is excessively stubborn about her love…

Ning Fan did not say much. His eyes were focused on Yin Suqiu without speaking anything.

This woman was still as stubborn as before. However, the thing which she was being stubborn in and persisted to maintain was no longer the so-called Righteous Dao. Currently, the thing that she would persevere in protecting without regret even if it would cost her her life had become Ning Fan.

“You don’t have to be like this… There is nothing wrong in upholding the Dao of Righteousness…”

“You are my Righteous Dao!” Yin Suqiu gave him a charming smile. Her smile was particularly captivating. However, ever since she had come to Bi Yao Immortal Island, she never revealed her smile even once.

Today, she finally smiled.

“I’m heading to Ying State to handle some matters. I will visit Bi Yao Sect again next time. Before that, I won’t allow you to do anything that will hurt yourself!”

Ning Fan ordered her with the dominant tone which he had been using since they met.

His command, however, made Xu Qiuling feel warmth in her heart.

“You are going to Ying State to fight the Alliance of Ming Assassins, aren’t you? Let me come and lend you a hand…”

“There’s no need for you to come. They are nothing more than a group of crowds that gathered like crows. You stay here. You and Su Yao will still need to take control of the overall situation of Bi Yao Sect. Elder Feng!”

Ning Fan’s eyes fell on Elder Feng once more. He was not a large-hearted person.

“I heard your Bi Yao Sect has some kind of secret technique which allows one to pass their cultivation base to the disciples of the sect. I will give you a chance to stay alive. Pass all your cultivation to Yin Suqiu!”

Ning Fan’s domineeringly spread his spirit sense and penetrated Elder Feng’s Sea of Consciousness, trying to plant a demon seal.

Her expression was filled with reluctance but she did not dare to resist and allowed him to do anything at will.

Resisting in a situation like this was equivalent to courting death. If Elder Feng resists, Ning Fan will not only kill her, but also wipe out her whole family to leave them with no chance for revenge!

This was how fierce and ruthless he was. It was because of his personality that no one dared to resist upon hearing his fearsome name!

After seeing Ning Fan forcing Elder Feng to give up her cultivation base and pass it to Yin Suqiu, the faces of countless cultivators there were filled with shock but none of them dared to question his decision.

Terrifying… This Zhou Ming is too terrifying! With just a word, he could force a Divine Transformation Realm expert to abandon her cultivation base!

It was as if Liu Zong and Lu An were sitting on a spiked rug. They wondered if this Zhou Ming would squeeze them to death like Zhao Zijing after knowing that they offered marriage proposals to Yin Suqiu.

Fortunately, Ning Fan did not pay attention to these two unimportant individuals at all. He averted his gaze and looked into the distance. Luo Sen was getting further away again. He could not stay at Bi Yao Immortal Island any longer.

“Suqiu, this woman, Feng Zhen, is arrogant and rebellious. You should know what to do with her, right? If you don’t, I will then act on your behalf…”

“No need! I know how to deal with her!”

Yin Suqiu petulantly rolled her eyes at Ning Fan.

Feng Zhen always spread rumors and stirred up trouble for her. A woman like her was the most detestable one. As a subordinate, she defied her superior and disrespected the sect master. According to the rules of the sect, the punishment was to take away her cultivation base and imprison her in the “Cold Pool” of the sect for the rest of her life.

This was how Yin Suqiu was going to deal with her. If Ning Fan was the one to handle that woman, he would definitely keep her as his cauldron by force and defile her one hundred times or even one thousand times…

Yin Suqiu never liked Ning Fan making out with another woman… She would rather prefer to let him have one less human cauldron.

She was no longer the Yin Suqiu of the past. After everything she had gone through, she had already found her Righteous Dao and that Righteous Dao of hers was Ning Fan.

“You should get going now. Don’t delay your important matter because of an insignificant woman like me…” Yin Suqiu urged.

“Mm. I have already planted a seal on Elder Feng. Before she abandons her own cultivation base, she is not going to rebel against you. As for the Sea Suppressing Hades… I will leave it to you for your protection.”

Ning Fan made a flick of his finger and a black token fell on Yin Suqiu’s hand. With this token, Yin Suqiu could control the sea beast at will to protect the sect.

Right afterwards, Ning Fan carried the island and continued advancing forward to the east, heading towards the Ying State.

It’s not far away now… I will reach Ying State Immortal Island in just another hour.

Ning Fan knew that there would be a bloody battle there.

Despite that, he was not afraid at all. Even if all the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea came, no one could block his path.

Holding the jet-black token in her hand, Yin Suqiu felt that she could actually command the massive Wild Beast at her will. All of a sudden, her thoughts became inexplicably complicated.

“I owe you a favor again… It seems like I can’t finish repaying you…”

“Silly Sister, Zhou Ming is not thinking of letting you repay him. Do you think debt of gratitude still matters between your relationship with him?” Su Yao looked at her in admiration. Ning Fan was obviously getting angry just for Yin Suqiu alone while she, Su Yao, was just a person related to Suqiu.

“Yea. We were already partners long ago…”

Yin Suqiu’s cheeks flushed red as her beautiful eyes flashed with the memories of their past.

On that day, Ning Fan and her held hands together in Great Jin.

On that day, she had sincerely treated Ning Fan as her one and only partner in her entire life.

“I must manage Bi Yao Sect well in order to become his helper. Feng Zhen must be punished. After Elder Feng removes her own cultivation base, Sister Su Yao will inherit it. In that way, both of us would achieve the Divine Transformation Realm and protect the Bi Yao Sect together. Besides, we should be strong enough to defend ourselves with this Wild Beast. In the future, we can then provide him some help if he meets any difficulties…”

“The current me is just too weak. If I want to help him, I must at least attain the Divine Transformation Realm!”

Yin Suqiu’s Dao Heart was filled with even more determination.

She could faintly feel that the incident which happened today had loosen the bottleneck of her Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base.

Soon, I’m going to attain the Divine Transformation Realm…

I will attain the Divine Transformation Realm not because I want to be recognized as a peerless beauty, but because I want to walk by your side…

Luo Sen was drenched in cold sweat as terror intensified within him!

Along his escape route, he had picked the route which would lead Ning Fan to forces with great strength, trying to make use of those forces to stop his pursuit.

However, he had never expected that as long as there were signs of resistance, those forces in Ning Fan’s path would either have their islands crushed or their sects annihilated.

The Profound Virtue Sect was wiped out by him just like that.

The Bi Yao Sect was subdued by him with just words.

“Damn it. If I had known Zhou Ming was such a powerful person, I would never have come to offend him even if Purple Gu gives me another one billion immortal jade!”

“Fine. There is no time for regret. The only choice I have now is to return to Ying State and use the reputation of the Demon Sealing Sect to protect myself.”

“Zhou Ming, you are indeed strong but I don’t freaking believe that you will be stronger than Venerated Demon of the Demon Sealing Sect!”

“Do you think you are the ‘Venerated Eighth of the Internal Endless Sea’?”

The Venerated Eighth of the Internal Endless Sea. What an excellent title…


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