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Luo Sen had never thought that a dignified Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert like him would one day run away like a stray dog. 

When Luo Sen returned to the Ying State Immortal Island, the cultivators of the Alliance of Ming Assassins patrolling the island were stunned upon seeing him in such a state.

Am I hallucinating?

Who would’ve thought that Luo Sen, an expert who is ranked within the top fifty on the ‘Board of Devils’ of the Internal Endless Sea, would be running away for his life in such a terrible state?

“Lord Luo Sen, what exactly happened!?”

“There is no time to explain. Quickly activate the protective grand formation!”

Luo Sen descended to the Ying State Immortal Island and stashed his gunny sack which was filled with women, letting out a faint sigh.

Finally, I managed to come back alive. Now, I should go find Purple Gu and the others directly to discuss a strategy. 

Ying State Immortal Island was an island of sword cultivators.

‘Ten Sects and Three Islands’. ‘Ten Sects’ was a collective name of the top ten sects on this island while the ‘Three Islands’ was three forces made up of rogue cultivators. Just like Penglai Immortal Island, even if there was the Lost World Palace there, all the cultivators on the entire island were, in fact, like a bucket of loose sand. 

However, compared to Penglai Immortal Island, Ying State Immortal Island had one unique advantage.

Penglai Immortal Island was an island that was formed by the corpse of a humongous sea turtle.

Ying State Immortal Island, on the other hand, was formed by a massive sword of an ancient cultivator.

This sword wasn’t as prestigious as the Four Heavens Suppressing Swords. Its power was almost completely depleted after remaining there for a long period of time, becoming just an ancient relic. However, since this island was formed from a sword, it possessed a special kind of spiritual sword qi which allowed sword cultivators to cultivate.

Although the spiritual sword qi here could not even compare to one tenth of the spiritual sword qi of the Sword Island in the Internal Endless Sea, it was still able to attract some rogue cultivators who practiced the Dao of Sword to come and seek refuge in this place.

When Purple Gu successfully convinced the lord of Ying State Immortal Island to establish the Alliance of Ming Assassins, he gave an order to banish all the rogue cultivators who refused to join the alliance!

Thus, a lot of rogue cultivators had no choice but to join the alliance so that they could continue to cultivate on this island.

This spiritual sword qi was the unique advantage that only Ying State Immortal Island had. It allowed the island to gather large groups of cultivators with ease. This kind of advantage was not something the Penglai Immortal Island could imitate.

Aside from that, the island was also rich in a type of rare tree which was called the Sword Tree. Its wood was even harder than many rare spiritual minerals.

There were a total four thousand and seven hundred sword mountains on the island. And it had been rumored that each and every one of those mountains were filled with sword qi that a Nascent Soul Realm sword cultivator had condensed in his entire lifetime.

All four thousand and seven hundred sword mountains stood up straight and pierced through the clouds with each of them revealing vigorous sword qi. Moreover, by the look of the terrain and their positions, those mountains seemed to be interconnected, making them look like formation eyes which form a peerless Peak Divine Transformation Realm sword formation.

It was named as… ‘Eastern Profound Sword Formation’ and was built by the lord of Ying State Immortal Island - ‘Dong Xuanzi’ with his own hand!

Dong Xuanzi was also a sword cultivator. Well, to put it precisely, most of the cultivators that were willing to join the Alliance of Ming Assassins were sword cultivators.

At the centre of the four thousand and seven hundred sword mountains stood a large and magnificent sword palace which towered above the rest. 

Within the palace, sixteen Divine Transformation Realm experts were sitting on their respective seats. 

Having sixteen Divine Transformation Realm experts gathered together in the same room was something that was rarely seen even at the Internal Endless Sea.

The person who was sitting on the top seat was a blind old man. His face looked fierce and ruthless. He was holding a golden sword with both of his hands. This man was none other than Dong Xuanzi, an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert.

Meanwhile, the three people who occupied the seats beside him were Divine Transformation Realm experts from the Demon Sealing Sect. Two of them were at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, while the other one was Purple Gu who was currently at the Early Divine Transformation Realm.

Other than the four of them, there were Divine Transformation Realm cultivators from other forces. There was a mixture of Early and Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivators and all of them were cultivators from the Internal Endless Sea.

This batch of experts from the Internal Endless Sea were usually snobbish and despised the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators of the External Endless Sea. Even Zhou Ming who overpowered every force in the External Endless Sea was also just a cultivator with a moderate level of strength in their eyes.

To them, it seemed to be unnecessary to invite so many Divine Transformation Realm cultivators just to assassinate one Zhou Ming.

As a matter of fact, every one of them obviously knew that Purple Gu established the Alliance of Ming Assassins to seek personal vengeance on Zhou Ming and kill him. Meanwhile, the true reason he did so was to take the opportunity to create another force representing the Demon Sealing Sect to take control of the External Endless Sea.

Didn’t the Giant Devil Sect establish the Pleasure Devil Island as their subordinate force? Very well then. My Demon Sealing Sect shall establish a Ying State Immortal Island and take in a dozen Divine Transformation Realm cultivators. With that strength, we can completely control the External Endless Sea!

In order to get support from others, Purple Gu deliberately used the idea of assassinating Zhou Ming to set up the name of the alliance.

‘Ming Assassins’ clearly meant to assassinate Zhou Ming. Since Zhou Ming’s enemies were all over the External Endless Sea, using this name for the alliance would definitely win over his enemies and attract them to join. Then, I can make use of all of their strength.

But what was totally out of Purple Gu’s expectations was that even though he had used the slogan of ‘Killing Zhou Ming’, only a few third-rated forces of the External Endless Sea were willing to join the alliance.

The other forces which were slightly more powerful did not dare exact revenge on Zhou Ming. This was because the stronger the cultivator, the more understanding they had about how dreadful Zhou Ming was.

Without any choice, Purple Gu could only change his strategy by offering benefits and bribery. His method was rather practical as it had attracted quite a number of forces to join him. The ‘Profound Virtue Island’ was also one of the forces which joined the alliance for benefits.

Therefore, fundamentally speaking, Purple Gu had never put Zhou Ming in his eyes. Killing Zhou Ming was just an excuse.

However, Zhou Ming had really returned!

Purple Gu never thought that Zhou Ming would eventually return to the External Endless Sea after he had gone missing for twenty years. This time, he had even attained the Divine Transformation Realm.

When he thought of how cruel Zhou Ming was, he knew that the latter would definitely find trouble with the alliance. However, Purple Gu did not intend to give up what he had been doing. Thus, he directly sent Wang Kun, Yu Ge and Luo Sen to assassinate Zhou Ming at the Pleasure Devil Island. 

At the same time, he also warned the three of them not to kill anyone on the Pleasure Devil Island. After all, the Pleasure Devil Island was also a force under the Giant Devil Sect. With Purple Gu’s identity, he did not dare to offend the Giant Devil Sect.

“Fellow Daoist Purple Gu, you actually sent out three Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts just to assassinate a mere Zhou Ming. It seems rather unnecessary, don’t you think…?” Dong Xuanzi asked with a frown. 

“A mere Zhou Ming!? Fellow Daoist Dong Xuan better not look down on Zhou Ming. You have never seen how powerful he was before with your own eyes. Despite being just a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, he managed to kill Evil Light Monk of the Black Buddha Sect on the Pleasure Devil Island with a single finger! Now, Zhou Ming had attained the Divine Transformation Realm. His combat power will definitely rise again. I’m afraid even ordinary Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivators won’t be his match.”

Purple Gu’s gaze was solemn. He had never looked down on Ning Fan.

However, what he had said immediately made an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator coldly chuckle.

“So what if he had killed Evil Light? Evil Light was just the weakest among us Divine Transformation Realm cultivators. It’s not surprising that Zhou Ming managed to kill Evil Light stealthily if he had Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm combat power at that time.  You need to understand that the Divine Transformation Realm is totally different from the Nascent Soul Realm. Each level in this cultivation realm is difficult to advance into. Not to mention that this Zhou Ming had just attained the Divine Transformation Realm, as long as he is not at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, then he definitely won’t be a match for a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert, even if he has cultivated hard for one hundred years more!”

This expert’s words made the other old monsters nod their heads in agreement. However, a monk in black robes was rather dissatisfied with what he had said.

That black monk was clearly practicing the Buddha techniques yet his presence emanated a massive amount of devil qi. He looked like a skeleton and he had a black sword strapped on his back. Surprisingly, he possessed a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base.

“Hmph! No matter how weak Evil Light was, he was still a member of my Black Buddha Sect. Anyone who hurt Evil Light shall die!”

This black monk was actually the sect master of the Black Buddha Sect. He was Xie Gu who was also known as the ‘Sword Monk’. He was a Mid Divine Transformation Realm cultivator!

As soon as he opened his mouth, that Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator who made fun of Evil Light immediately kept his mouth shut. 

“Hehe, all of you, please stop arguing… It was all thanks to all of you that the Alliance of Ming Assassins can be established. We, the Demon Sealing Sect, will remember your kind deed deeply in our hearts. There are seventeen Peak Fifth Revolution pills here. They are the ‘Intent Separation Pill’. When Luo Sen, Liu Xuan and the other two daoists return, I will then distribute these pills to all my fellow daoists!” 

Seeing that the atmosphere became silent, Purple Gu chuckled and stood up to snap his fingers. Immediately, two ladies in purple robes entered the hall while carrying a wooden box. 

These two ladies weren’t living humans. Instead, they were condensed by seventeen thousand poisonous worms. These worms were called ‘Purple Bites’.

Including Luo Sen, Liu Xuan and the other two experts, there were a total of twenty Divine Transformation Realm experts in the alliance. Other than the three members of the Demon Sealing Sect including Purple Gu, all the others were invited people he invited. 

And the price he promised them was an ‘Intent Separation Pill’ for each of the Early Divine Transformation Realm experts. As for Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts, they would not only get one ‘Intent Separation Pill’, but also an extra one hundred million immortal jades. 

This ‘Intent Separation Pill’ was a precious thing. It was a pill that was collected by the Demon Sealing Sect from a ruin. There were only seventeen of them.

The effect of this pill was to improve a sword cultivator’s sword intent and it had a tiny chance of helping cultivators condense their sword consciousness and sword sense.

However, the pill recipe of this pill was already lost in ancient times. Being able to have these pills in this era was extremely rare.

If it was not because the Demon Sealing Sect had no sword cultivators, Purple Gu would never have taken out these pills to entice other experts.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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