Grasping Evil - Chapter 358.2

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“Intent Separation Pill!”

Each and every one of the old monsters there were sword cultivators. Thus, it was natural for all of them to be keen on having that pill.

There were a total of seventeen Divine Transformation Realm sword cultivators within the alliance. However, only five of them had successfully condensed their sword intent.

Sword cultivators who had yet to condense their sword intent could create their own sword intent with the help of this pill.

As for those sword cultivators who already have their own sword intent, they could use this pill to enhance it. Moreover, they would have a slight chance to successfully condense their sword consciousness and sword sense.

It was no surprise that this batch of experts would be willing to join a mere force of the External Endless Sea with this pill as a reward.

The eyes of the experts in the hall burned with fervor as they stared at the box that contained those pills.

Whiffs of fragrance from the pills came out from the wooden box. By just smelling a trace of that scent, all of the experts present felt that their comprehension of the Dao of Sword had improved a lot.   

Now, they only needed to wait for Wang Kun, Luo Sen, Yu Ge and Liu Xuan to return and they could then take a share of the pills.

At this moment, however, the sword mountains of the whole Ying State Immortal Island suddenly trembled as vigorous sword qi spread everywhere. Undoubtedly, it was caused by the activation of the ‘Eastern Profound Sword Formation’. 

“Why did the sword formation activate…?”

Each and every one of the Divine Transformation Realm old monsters looked at Dong Xuanzi with confusion. However, even Dong Xuanzi was unable to understand what had just happened.

Before he could make his way out of the sword palace to find out what was going on, a flurried and embarrassed figure walked into the sword palace. That person was Luo Sen.

Luo Sen’s body which was fat like it was made up of a mountain of meat was now covered with scars. Without a doubt, he got these injuries while he was being pursued by Ning Fan. 

His hair which was originally sparse became unkempt after much of it was cut by Ning Fan’s sword qi, making him look disheveled and worn out.

“How come Fellow Daoist Luo Sen is in such a state? Who hurt you? Where are Daoist Wang and Daoist Yu? And Daoist Liu Xuan, do you know where he is? We can’t reach him even though we used the message transmission flying swords.” 

Dong Xuanzi’s face froze. He immediately rose up from his seat as he was unable to sit composedly like before. 

Seeing Luo Sen in such a condition, Dong Xuanzi certainly realized that he encountered a huge problem. Therefore, he hurriedly asked him a series of questions.

Although he had many questions and doubts, he did not ask whether their mission was completed or not.

From Dong Xuanzi’s view, if three Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts cooperated to assassinate Zhou Ming and still failed… 

The three of them better just get a beancurd and knock their heads to death with it… 

“It’s complicated… and hard to explain in a few words… I have led Zhou Ming here… It was also me who ordered the guards to activate the formation.” Luo Sen had no idea how to explain all the things that had happened.

“Oh? Daoist Luo didn’t kill Zhou Ming and led him here instead? Mm, this is not bad either. I heard that this Zhou Ming has many secret techniques with him. If we can catch him alive and force him to tell us all of his secret techniques, it will definitely be a wonderful thing too…”

Dong Xuanzi nodded his head but he could never foresee that Luo Sen was hunted and chased back to the island by Zhou Ming.

When they heard Zhou Ming was coming, all the old monsters were exhilarated. Some of them were laughing evilly while some of them sneered coldly. As for Xie Gu, the monk in black robes, he pressed his sword and stood up. He gave a pat on Luo Sen’s shoulder with a grateful expression.

“Thank you so much, Daoist Luo!”

“What are you thanking me for…” Luo Sen’s mind was filled with confusion. 

I have just led a wicked being to all of you here, but you guys are still thanking me for it? Are all of you out of your goddamn minds?

Luo Sen muttered inwardly.

“Daoist Luo has led Zhou Ming here just right. Now I can kill him with my own hands! I have had unresolved grudges against Zhou Ming for a long time. This time, I will cut off his head myself and none of you shall interfere!”

Xie Gu’s killing intent was stern and fearsome. In his mind, killing Ning Fan was just a trivial matter like snapping a finger. 

After all, he wasn’t Evil Light. He was a Mid Divine Transformation Realm sword cultivator who had condensed his own sword intent! Why should he be afraid of Ning Fan, a mere cultivator who had just attained Divine Transformation Realm?!

“Since you’ve led Zhou Ming here, then why did you give the order to activate the formation? Are you trying to stop him outside the formation? Besides, where are Wang Kun, Yu Ge and Liu Xuan now?”

Purple Gu knitted his brows. He could faintly feel that something wasn’t right.

“Dead. All of them are dead…” A hint of fear rose within Luo Sen’s eyes. 

“Dead? Who died?”

Each of the experts was confused by Luo Sen’s words.

Wasn’t he leading Zhou Ming to Ying State Immortal Island? Who’s dead? Zhou Ming is dead? Why would this Luo Sen speak so incoherently?

As everyone was busy asking questions, a huge noise of crushing waves was heard from afar.

At first, the noise was still very far away. But a few breaths later, the noise came closer and it seemed to be just right outside of Ying State Immortal Island.

All of a sudden, a rush of baleful qi surrounded Ying State Immortal Island in its entirety.

A deafening bang which shook heaven and earth was heard across the island, as if a heavy punch had just landed on the formation light. Right afterwards, the island started to vibrate uncontrollably. Even some of the sword mountains crumbled from the force of that punch.

The seventeen Divine Transformation Realm experts in the hall were panicking. Under the immense baleful qi. Even Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts could feel that they were like a small, lonely boat drifting amidst the boundless sea!

Outside the palace, hundreds of thousands of cultivators had already exclaimed in shock with their voices echoing into the palace! 

The seventeen Divine Transformation Realm experts immediately flew out of the sword palace. All of them were in disbelief when they saw what was right in front of them.

A three thousand zhang*(3.33 m per zhang) tall giant in purple armor appeared before the island. He was carrying an island on his shoulder with one of his hands while smashing the formation light of the ‘Eastern Profound Sword Formation’ with the other one!

The strength of his punches were incredibly strong. Each time a punch landed on the formation light, there would certainly be at least ten sword mountains collapsing under that force. 

Furthermore, the baleful qi being emanated by the purple-armored giant was extremely terrifying. No one knew exactly how many Divine Transformation Realm experts he had killed in his life!

The giant’s body had been recently stained with three new traces of baleful qi. They undoubtedly belonged to the three deceased experts: Wang Kun, Yu Ge and Liu Xuan!

“Who is he? He has killed three Divine Transformation Realm experts with two of them being at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm!”

“Who is this man? Ordinary Divine Transformation Realm experts like us are definitely not able to withstand the strength of his punch!”

“Who exactly is he!?”

Gazes of astonishment all fell on Luo Sen.

Luo Sen only made a wry smile.

“Just like what I’ve said before, I have led Zhou Ming here…”

When his voice fell, the other sixteen Divine Transformation Realm experts including Purple Gu felt their blood turn cold!

“What!? He is Zhou Ming!? This three thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) tall giant in purple armor is actually Zhou Ming!?”

“This gigantic body was certainly not transformed into with the use of an illusory technique! Oh my God! How could Zhou Ming be just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator? He is clearly at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm!”

“Luo Sen! Why did you lead such a fierce madman to Ying State Immortal Island? Are you trying to get us all killed!?”

Everyone was yelling angrily at Luo Sen.

Dong Xuanzi who previously did not put Ning Fan in his eyes was now completely dumbstruck with terror. 

Xie Gu, who could not wait to kill Zhou Ming with his own hands earlier was now trembling while holding the black sword in his hands.

Each and every building which looked like a massive sword collapsed one after another as Ning Fan continued to attack.

The low-level cultivators of the alliance were instantly smashed into meat paste under the force of Ning Fan’s punch!




Even though this batch of Divine Transformation Realm cultivators had been tempered and moulded by countless seas of blood in their life, they had never seen such a crazy scene before.

A furious giant carrying an island on his shoulder emanating monstrous baleful qi was trying to sink another island!

Purple Gu only felt his scalp tingle as he saw the giant. He gradually recognized the giant’s qi and was certain that it was Ning Fan without doubt.

But Purple Gu had never imagined that Ning Fan who was just a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator twenty years ago would be this powerful twenty years later!

Based on Purple Gu’s observation of Ning Fan, if it wasn’t because Luo Sen and the others had done something that provoked him, he would never reveal such a crazy look. In normal circumstances, even during robbing others for treasures, he would always be calm and indifferent.

“Luo Sen! What exactly have you done?! How did you offend this wicked being?!” Ironically, Purple Gu who had established the Alliance of Ming Assassins himself was now blaming Luo Sen for his own fault.

“Damn it! How on earth do I know what this Zhou Ming is being mad about! What I did was nothing more than slaughtering a mortal's island…”

Before Luo Sen finished his words, their conversation was interrupted by a forceful sword intent.

The eyes of that purple-armored giant were burning with killing intent. An unrivalled sword intent rose around his body, soaring into the sky.

Under that ferocious sword intent, the five sword cultivators including Xie Gu who had condensed their sword intent felt a jolt running through their souls.

The four thousand and seven hundred sword mountains of Ying State Immortal Island began to tremble as if they were all afraid.

“Such a powerful sword intent! It can’t be wrong! This is the… ‘Immortal Entrapping Sword Intent’!”

Ning Fan paid no attention to the fearful looks of the members of the alliance. There was only one thought in his mind - flatten the entire Ying State Immortal Island!  

The victims of Gusu Island needed a reason!

“If I die, you all survive! However, as long as I live, you all shall DIE!”

Ning Fan’s indifferent tone brought upon gusts of wind and storms on the island. A massacre was about to begin! 

Unless Ning Fan dies today, nothing would remain within the territory of Ying State Immortal Island, not even a blade of grass!

After today, let’s see who else would dare to assassinate Zhou Ming!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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