Grasping Evil - Chapter 359.2

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Eastern Profound Sword Formation. Since it was called a sword formation, its function was, of course, not just to defend against external attacks.

The strongest thing about this sword formation was not really defense in the first place but to cut down enemies within the formation!

When Dong Xuanzi flicked his sleeve, four thousand and seven hundred rays of Nascent Soul Realm sword light revolved around his body. Each of them was equivalent to a Nascent Soul Realm sword cultivator’s full-powered strike!

While he was performing different kinds of hand seals, be it the one million rays of sword light unleashed by the cultivators or the four thousand and seven hundred rays of Nascent Soul Realm sword light, all of them converged in his hand and formed a brilliant green sword of light.

This sword of light might have the shape of a sword but it was not tangible. Instead, it was condensed purely by sword qi alone! It was seven feet long and three cun* (3.33 cm per cun) wide. And the light it emanated made it look like a green moonbeam.

This sword contained the power of one million Harmonious Spirit Realm and Gold Core Realm cultivators combined with four thousand and seven hundred Nascent Soul Realm experts and Dong Xuanzi’s all-out strike!

Holding this sword of light in his hand, Dong Xuanzi felt his physical body was on the verge of collapsing. That sword of light was just too powerful!

All of a sudden, he had a delusion in his heart.

He felt that he could even kill a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert with this sword of light even if he was just at the Early Divine Transformation Realm!

“What an incredibly strong sword qi! Dong Xuanzi, I didn’t expect that you still have such a powerful technique. Kill him! Finish him off!”

The eyes of the other Divine Transformation Realm experts flashed with hope and excitement. After all, this was Dong Xuanzi’s territory. It was not surprising at all that he knew how to condense thousands of swords into one.

“Zhou Ming! Do you dare to fight me?!”

A look of violence and savagery slowly emerged in his eyes as he spoke with a haughty tone. It was as if he had become a Peak Divine Transformation Realm expert himself.

Ning Fan’s eyes shone with contempt. To him, although the sword qi might be strong, it still depended on who was using it.

Just like Zi Chuan who displayed a Void Refinement Realm sword qi in the Star Palace which Ning Fan was able to block.

Perhaps Dong Xuanzi’s comprehension in the Dao of Sword was slightly stronger than Zi Chuan, but he had yet to condense his own sword intent. Therefore, to Ning Fan who had already formed his sword intent, that ray of sword light was full of flaws!

When Dong Xuanzi hurled that sword, it thrust towards Ning Fan’s chest with great speed, making it look like a ray of green thunderbolt. Moreover, when it reached one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) away from Ning Fan, it split into ten from one and then into a hundred from ten. Eventually, it became one million rays of sword light again!

Ning Fan’s face slightly changed.

Dong Xuanzi’s comprehension in the Dao of Sword might not be profound, but this technique which condenses sword light into one and then breaks it apart again is rather uncommon.

After converging and dispersing, there were still one million rays of sword light. This time, however, the might of these one million rays of sword light became even. It was like the pieces of wood that formed a wooden bucket. Despite the difference in length, the shorter piece was evened out by the longer one. Therefore, the power of these sword rays had naturally become much stronger.

Far away from the Ying State Island, countless cultivators were still following Ning Fan from behind. However, nearly all of them have been left in the dust by him because of his speed.

Only three Divine Transformation Realm old monsters had been able to catch up with him outside the island. The three of them were Zuo Tong from the Purple Charm Sect, Dong Xu and Yun Niansu.

Zuo Tong had been following Ning Fan’s trail all the way to the island. Dong Xu, however, rushed here with a fantastic speed after he heard about the incident happening in the Ying State Immortal Island. As for Yun Niansu, he had just bumped into this scene coincidentally. After he left Gusu City that day, he had been travelling eastward as he was preparing to enter the Internal Endless Sea to meet the messenger from the Rain Palace. However, since Ning Fan was besieging Ying State Immortal Island, he, of course, had to spectate it.

Dong Xu had a pair of keen eyes. He had the highest cultivation base among the three of them. At first glance, he was able to see through how powerful Dong Xuanzi’s technique was.

Yun Niansu had extraordinary knowledge and experience. With his identity as a genius of the Rain Palace, he had seen lots of Void Refinement Realm sword cultivators. Among the experts who had yet to attain the Void Refinement Realm, it was certainly rare to have someone able to withstand that technique Dong Xuanzi displayed.

Zuo Tong’s eyes were filled with amazement. Even though he had witnessed Ning Fan’s strength, this sword light was also not any weaker. All of a sudden, he was unable to judge who was going to come out victorious from this showdown.

When he noticed the twenty-five spiritual puppets on Gusu Island, he broke out in cold sweat. He only thought that he had really made an extremely wise choice for not messing with Ning Fan previously.

“It’s beyond my expectations that Dong Xuanzi actually has such a formidable technique… One million sword rays. The Eastern Profound Sword Formation. With these attacks being stacked up, who could withstand it other than the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea…? However, judging by how composed Revered Ming looked, he seems to still have means to counter it. Does he really have it?”

Just as his voice fell, he saw Ning Fan stashing his Separation Slayer Sword and turned his five fingers into the shape of a claw and clawed at the earth of the island. Meanwhile, he used his other hand to perform a hand seal and pointed his finger at the incoming sword rays.

By the looks of his posture, it was no doubt the famous lost knowledge that he had learnt – Heaven Breaking Sword Finger!

During the auction in the past, Zuo Tong did not manage to witness how Ning Fan killed Evil Light. However, he had heard some rumors about it. During that time, Ning Fan, a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, used a finger that broke the heavens and instantly killed Evil Light.

That finger might be strong, but there was a limitation to it. The reason why Ning Fan was able to kill Evil Light in a single move was because the latter was too weak. Besides, he was behaving too carelessly as he had underestimated Ning Fan.

Even though the current Ning Fan had already broken through to the Divine Transformation Realm and his current power was different from before, Zuo Tong did not feel that his sword finger would be capable of deflecting all one million rays of sword light.

What truly shocked Zuo Tong was Ning Fan’s Soul Extraction Technique.

After extracting the soul of the island, his magic power had been raised to the level of the Peak Divine Transformation Realm!

“Revered Ming truly is an expert at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm. However, if he only depends on his sword finger to block the one million sword rays, he is going to suffer some losses…”

The space above the vast sky and below the great land was occupied with sword light. Looking at the innumerable rays of sword light, Zuo Tong shook his head without uttering any words.

Inwardly, he had already thought that Ning Fan would not be able to block Dong Xuanzi’s attack.

Ning Fan had no idea of what the others thought. He was only contemplating the Heaven Breaking Sword Finger repeatedly with his comprehension towards that technique becoming clearer and deeper.

The five months he spent in Gusu City to comprehend swords and the killings he had gone through along his way to Ying State Immortal Island helped in improving his comprehension.

He gradually closed his eyes and mused. However, the sword light on the tip of his finger grew brighter and brighter.

Sword intent flickered within his eyes as if finally realizing the true meaning of this sword finger technique.

There were ten different hand seals in this technique. In the past, Ning Fan only assumed that these ten different hand seals were not related with each other. Therefore, he categorized the First Finger, Mountain Crush, as a Nascent Soul Realm strike and the Second Finger, Heaven Breaker, as a Divine Transformation Realm strike. Unfortunately, his assumptions were all wrong.

In the Saint Suppressing Sea, he discovered that the sword finger techniques needed to be fused together. However, during that time, he still thought that he would need to use all his ten fingers in order to fuse the ten different sword finger techniques…

It was all wrong!

The Ten Fingers of the Sword Finger Technique was a lost technique that fused all of them into one!

His eyes suddenly opened wide while his mouth was muttering some incantations. The sword light on his finger shot out abruptly, turning into ten thousand sword rays that shredded mountains and rivers.

“I understand now!”

“This is what the Ten Fingers of the Sword Finger Technique truly means!”

First, break the ethereal island, rivers and mountains!

Second, crush the vast heavens and black sun!

Third, pulverize the void space and dead bones!

Fourth, shatter the emperor’s shadow and remaining mausoleum!

Fifth, smash the imprisoning heavens and immortal’s path!

Sixth, squash life’s fate and Yin and Yang!

Seventh, crack the truth of Dao and profound techniques!

Eighth, sever the separation and reunion of the world!

Ninth, eliminate the origin and extinguish the will!

Tenth, enter samsara and return to nirvana!

Ten fingers should be one in the first place. That kind of fusion is not about pointing the sword finger twice but combining the meaning of the two types of sword fingers!

“Heaven Breaking Sword Finger, first and second stage!

After mountains and rivers collapsed, the ten thousand sword rays suddenly trembled and turned into one million jet-black sword shadows.

At this moment, the vast heavens crumbled bit by bit, disintegrating the incoming sword rays as well.

Ning Fan’s sword qi in each of the sword rays was several times stronger than Dong Xuanzi’s!

Moreover, the second stage of the Heaven Breaking Sword Finger was able to kill a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert!


After the collision of two different masses of sword qi, Ning Fan remained firmly on his spot and was standing erect, the vigorous sword qi still swirling around his body.

Dong Xuanzi, however, spurted out blood and flew backwards. Every inch of his immortal veins were already broken. As for the one million sword qi that he condensed by combining the power of one million cultivators, it faded!

“This is certainly impossible! Not even the seven venerated beings from the internal sea could withstand that finger technique of yours! What sword technique is that?!”

Ning Fan’s face lit up with delight. He finally discovered the true meaning of the Heaven Breaking Sword Finger!

In the past, I would definitely be unable to display two waves of attacks with one finger. But after condensing my sword intent, I can finally do it!


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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