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The outcome of the combined attacks of the fourteen Divine Transformation Realm experts ended in having four of them retreat in defeat while the other ten coughed out blood.

Purple Gu was among the ten experts who spurted out blood. Even though they had divided the strength of the sword among themselves, all of them ended up severely injured after their hearts were cut by Ning Fan.

The other four Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts including Luo Sen only managed to protect themselves from injuries after responding quickly by guarding their hearts with their sword qi. Despite escaping relatively unscathed, they still backed off from confronting him.

Ning Fan pointed one of his fingers once again on the island. The ethereal island, its rivers and mountains and the heavens and the black sun collapsed once again.

First and second stage!

As soon as he pointed his finger, a million sword beams spread in all directions. Thousands of Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm cultivators instantly lost their lives under the power of that technique. Moreover, among the fourteen Divine Transformation Realm experts, six were tragically killed while their primordial souls and storage pouches were seized by Ning Fan.

Even Luo Sen, a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert, was one of the six who died!

“P-Please spare my life!”

Luo Sen’s physical body was destroyed, leaving only his primordial spirit. He was then brought into Ning Fan’s hand along with the primordial spirits of the other five Divine Transformation experts and sealed their cultivation bases.

Scary, it’s too scary!

In their eyes, Ning Fan was not only powerful but also undefeatable!

After his primordial soul was captured by Ning Fan, Luo Sen shuddered in fear. The only thing he knew to do now was to beg for mercy.

But how would Ning Fan show any sympathy to him?!

It was him who massacred Gusu City… He did not deserve to live!

Ning Fan’s eyes were indifferent. He flicked his sleeve and the twelve primordial spirits including Luo Sen were all strung together through their scapulas by a sword thread that was formed from his sword intent. Their magic power was restricted and they were then kept into his sleeve.

When his sword intent pierced through their primordial souls, Luo Sen and the others were unable to tolerate the excruciating pain as it seemed to penetrate right into their souls. Despite the ruthlessness and brutality of all the Divine Transformation Realm devil cultivators, they could not help but grimace and cry out in pain.

The eight surviving Divine Transformation Realm experts including Purple Gu surrendered to despair.

At first, Ning Fan was attacked by seventeen Divine Transformation Realm experts and a million cultivators of the alliance but all of them ended up being slaughtered by him alone leaving only eight of them!

Even Divine Transformation Realm old ancestors which were regarded as rare beings in the Rain World were pierced through with sword intent by Ning Fan. To them, it was utter humiliation!

“A warrior will rather die than have himself humiliated…” Xie Gu clenched his teeth and his jaw trembled. He pointed his black sword at Ning Fan, striving to maintain a calm appearance.

However, anyone with a discerning eye would be able to notice that he was shivering. They could all see that the reputable old ancestor of the Black Buddha Sect was afraid of Ning Fan to the extreme.

A vicious devil!

Intruding the Ying State on his own, killing a million cultivators of the alliance like crushing ants, and capturing Divine Transformation Realm experts like child’s play… 

If Xie Gu had known that Ning Fan was such a devil lord, he would never have been willing to oppose him and seek his own death.

Unfortunately, it was already too late… He had already shown  his murderous intent to Ning Fan and this path which led him to his death was the result of his own choice!

Even so, he was not reconciled with the fact that everything he had achieved up until now would be ruined just like this! He had killed, rape and robbed countless times along his path of cultivation and only then was he able to attain the Mid Divine Transformation Realm. With that strength, only then could he establish the great Black Buddha Sect. After all the things he had done, he was unwilling to be humiliated by Ning Fan like a stray dog!

“Why?! Your strength is clearly comparable to the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea but why do you still hunt ordinary Divine Transformation Realm cultivators like us?! Zhou Ming, give us a reason!”

Xie Gu roared in reluctance. This roar, however, only made Ning Fan sneer coldly.


When the alliance killed the innocent people in Gusu City, did they give them any reason?!

When I came to the island and the alliance was still great in strength, why didn’t any of you try to reason with me but instantly activated the formation to kill me instead?!

Only after feeling afraid and hopeless did you all think of reasoning with me? How will there be such a good thing in the world!

“Reason? Can this… be the reason?!”

Ning Fan took out a gunny sack from Luo Sen’s storage pouch. That sack was full of women and a thick fragrance of rouge spread out from it even before it was opened.

The sack contained nearly ten thousand women who Luo Sen abducted from Gusu City!

“This is his reason to kill? We were pursued and killed by Zhou Ming just because Luo Sen has abducted some mortal women?!”

The eight Divine Transformation Realm experts were greatly confused. Even Yun Niansu and Zuo Tong were unable to understand.

The life of a mortal human is as lowly as an ant. There is nothing to be angry about even if they die or are abducted!

Xie Gu’s jaw trembled with rage.

He, a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert, was pursued by Ning Fan and got into such an exhausting situation just because of some mortals who were as lowly as pigs and dogs!

“How can the mortals be the reason?! How can the mortals be the reason for you to kill?!” Aside from Xie Gu, the other Divine Transformation Realm experts roared in discontentment.

At this moment, Ning Fan’s heart was hard like steel.  How would he take pity on some enemies who were at their wits’ end. Facing their discontentment, Ning Fan only held his head high and chuckled coldly.

“Well said! How can mortals be the reason!”

“After all, do I need a reason to kill?!”

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Under the stimulation of his killing intent, his state of mind had completely broken through to the Early Void Refinement Realm!

As a matter of fact, he was not without any reason to kill.

But if he had a clear conscience, why should he even bother to explain even if he was in the face of scolding and criticism from everyone beneath the heavens?!

If his determination did not waver, even if he was faced with a great alliance with an army of a million cultivators, there was only one spirit in him - Despite the strength of my armies, I will brave through them!

Ning Fan took a step forward. His eyes were cold and sharp like swords. The eight Divine Transformation Realm experts were startled and escaped one after another,  dispersing into eight different directions within Ying State Immortal Island.

They had given up their final resistance. It was not that they did not dare to put up a desperate fight, but because of the futility of it since even the joint attacks of the fourteen of them were still dealt with by Ning Fan with a single move. How could they, the eight remaining experts who were already defeated, have any chance to win?

Even though the Ying State Immortal Island was sealed off by the Eastern Profound Sword Formation allowing no one to enter or leave, these eight experts still tried their best to run around within the island. They were already so terrified that their minds were unable to think straight. The only thought they had in their minds now was to delay Ning Fan as much as possible!

Ying State Immortal Island was now turned into a sea of blood. The Ling Xiu Immortal Residence which was nourished by the sword spiritual qi in the past had already disappeared.

Trampling upon countless bodies on the sea of blood, Ning Fan’s cold gaze swept across the island and looked at the eight experts who were trying to escape. His eyes flashed with contempt.

The Fu Li’s purple wings stretched out from his back. They shone and glittered like crystals in the sunlight.

Ning Fan flapped his purple wings and approached one of the eight Divine Transformation Realm experts at an unimaginable speed.

Fast! It’s too fast!

His travelling speed could be ranked the fastest among the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea!

Gu He was suddenly scared half to death. He was one of the two Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts of the Demon Sealing Sect and held the title of Second Elder of the sect.

At this moment, however, he had another identity - the first person to be hunted down by Ning Fan.

He ignited his primordial spirit and flew away with all his might, allowing him to escape beyond tens of thousands of li* (500m per li).

However, Ning Fan just flapped his purple wings once and immediately caught up with Gu He. Ning Fan lifted his hand and swung his sword which drew a perfect arc in the sky with the shadow of the sword of starlight.

“Impossible! How could your speed be faster than Venerated Demon?! Ahh!”

Gu He shrieked and was then silenced.

One more person was added to the bunch of primordial spirits that were strung together with a sword thread!

Ning Fan took another step forward. This time, the person whom he pursued was the Great Elder of the Demon Sealing Sect - Han Wei, a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert.

Han Wei was escaping with his life. Suddenly, a trace of purple mist swiftly appeared in front of him and took Gu He down in an instant.

That scene sent a jolt through Han Wei. An immense sense of danger rose within him. Without waiting for Ning Fan to act, he bit off the tip of his tongue without any hesitation and transformed into his demon avatar which was a six hundred zhang* (3.33m per zhang) long white tiger.

Since he was born in the Demon Sealing Sect, he was naturally a demon and possessed the bloodline of the White Tiger Race. Even though it was only a faint trace, he was still considered as a member of one of the True Spirit Races. Without a doubt, he was not an insignificant cultivator.

However, as soon as he turned into his demon avatar, the purple star in Ning Fan’s left eye flickered. The power of his ancestral blood fused with his sword light and a slash fell upon the white tiger.

Before Han Wei could respond, his demon body was ripped into shreds. His demon soul was caught by Ning Fan with his scapula pierced with a sword thread and strung together with the others.

Now, there were only six experts left!

Ning Fan’s eyes fell on Xie Gu. In the blink of an eye, Xie Gu who had escaped more than one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) felt a sudden chill running down his spine. An extremely unpleasant feeling rose within his heart.

Several breaths of time later, a trace of purple mist materialized into a man which was blocking in front of him. His body seemed to have fused with his sword. In a flash, that figure carrying a sword of light passed through Xie Gu’s body.


Blood spurted out from him like a fountain. Right afterwards, his body divided into pieces and collapsed.

One more primordial spirit was strung on the sword thread!

Within just a bit over ten breaths, only five remained alive out of the eight Divine Transformation Realm experts. The three experts who were eliminated just now were all Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts!

The five remaining experts just had Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivation bases. How could they have the power to resist Ning Fan!

“Fight, I will fight you... I don’t believe you will dare to kill me! I don’t believe you would dare to offend Venerated Demon!”

Purple Gu looked like his sanity had left him. He rushed towards Ning Fan with all the other four Early Divine Transformation Realm experts with the inclination of detonating themselves as if they did not want their lives anymore.

They were afraid to die. At this moment, however, they were finally forced by Ning Fan’s terrifying aura force to the brink of losing their sanity.

Purple Gu laughed wildly.He was indeed not Ning Fan’s match at all, but he did not believe that he would be bold enough to kill him. He just couldn’t believe it!

“I don’t believe you will be daring enough to offend Venerated Demon, the master of my Demon Sealing Sect!”

“Is that so?”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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