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Ning Fan then took nine consecutive steps and condensed the great power of heaven and earth. Every step he made caused the sword mountains within the Eastern Profound Sword Formation to collapse.

After taking nine steps, the great power of heaven and earth materialized into a sword. Its mighty sword light glowed in the color of the rainbow and rushed towards the five of them.


Five tragic screams were heard at the same time. The group of five was completely eliminated by Ning Fan’s Nine Steps Sky Treader!

Ning Fan flicked his sleeve and another five primordial souls were added on the sword thread.

In this battle, he captured a total of twenty primordial souls from those of the alliance. They would provide good nourishment for his spiritual puppets!

His white robes had become bloody all over.

He transformed into a ray of light and flickered a few times, taking away all the treasures stored in the sect on the Ying State Immortal Island as well as all the immortal jade which was placed on the four thousand and seven hundred sword mountains that acted as the formation eyes.

After that, he made a stomp on the ground. The force of the stomp was truly comparable to the massive force of an expert with the Fourth Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm.

With a loud bang, the whole Ying State Immortal Island fissured and broke into parts, gradually sinking into the sea.

The four thousand and seven hundred sword mountains collapsed and turned into four thousand and seven hundred traces of Nascent Soul Realm sword qi. Ning Fan opened his mouth wide and took all of them in with one deep inhalation. They were guided to his sword consciousness and became nourishment in strengthening his Sea of Consciousness.

Currently, all the cultivators on Ying State Immortal Island were dead and not even a single member of the Alliance of Ming Assassins was left!

A feeling of astonishment rose within Zuo Tong and Yun Niansu. Even Old Ancestor Dong Xu’s eyes were filled with amazement.

“The situation is now very obvious. With Zhou Ming’s current strength, he no longer has an enemy who could pose a threat to him in the Endless Sea…”

This was Old Ancestor Dong Xu’s comment on Ning Fan!

Purple Gu was in despair. His primordial spirit had been captured by Ning Fan and was strung with a sword thread.

Even though he was certain that Ning Fan would not dare to kill him, his cultivation base was dropping rapidly due to his injuries which had gotten more severe.

“Let me go! If you don’t want to be hunted down by Venerated Demon, then quickly set me free and follow me to the Demon Sealing Sect in the Internal Endless Sea to make an apology!”

“Be hunted down by Venerated Demon? Are you saying that I, Zhou Ming, will be pursued by Lu Jiefen? Do you really think he dares?!”

Ning Fan sneered at him.

Who was he? He was Zhou Ming, the vicious devil of the External Endless Sea, the ferocious general of the Luo Yun Tribe and also the man who slaughtered in the Star Sea, killed the wolf packs and struck Lu Jiefen with fear!

Would Lu Jiefen be daring enough to mess with him?!

“Zhou Ming! You’re afraid! You must be very afraid of Venerated Demon! I’ve once used the Corpse Fusion Technique to swallow a ‘Shadow Descending Poisonous Insect’ and comprehended a special ability called ‘Primordial Spirit Shadow Descending’ which allows me to call upon the virtual shadow of Venerated Demon’s primordial spirit at the expense of my cultivation base and lifespan! I dare you to let me call upon the primordial spirit of my Lord Venerated Demon! I don’t believe that you won’t be frightened out of your wits when you see him!”

Purple Gu had probably burned his brain as well when he ignited his primordial spirit.

He would at most become a nourishing bite for the spiritual puppets after being captured by Ning Fan. However, despite being on the brink of death, he still dared to spit harsh words at Ning Fan.

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with a cold light and he chuckled coldly again.

“Is there such a secret technique …? Great! It can’t be any better to have Lu Jiefen here too! I’m waiting for him to provide me an explanation!”

Ning Fan’s words made the hearts of the twenty primordial spirits including Purple Gu sink. Inwardly, all of them felt that calling upon Venerated Demon was far from good.

They had been captured by Ning Fan and had their primordial spirits strung together on a sword thread. Their very last ray of hope of salvation was that Ning Fan would be afraid of Venerated Demon and refrain from killing any one of them.

However, from what Ning Fan had said, all of them clearly understood the message. It was not just that he was not afraid of Venerated Demon, but the latter feared him instead… 

Is this even possible?

“Nonsense! Lord Venerated Demon is one of the dignified Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea. Why should he give you an explanation?! Who you think you are?! The Venerated Eighth of the Internal Endless Sea?!”

Purple Gu could not believe it. He just could not believe it!

Ning Fan did not say much to him and directly freed a trace of Purple Gu’s sealed cultivation base, giving the latter enough magic power to perform the secret technique to call upon one's primordial spirit using a planchette.

“If you can’t summon a trace of Lu Jiefen’s primordial spirit within three breaths, you will die!”

“Alright! Zhou Ming, this is what you asked for. Don’t blame me for it!”

Purple Gu’s eyes shone with a look of violence. In the form of his primordial spirit which was as large as one’s palm, he performed a series of hand seals and used some kind of bloodline secret technique.

As soon as this secret technique was completed, his cultivation base instantly experienced a sharp decline and fell to the Late Nascent Soul Realm. His appearance became hoary and old rapidly and his lifespan had been reduced by 500 years.

This special technique took a great toll on the caster but in terms of its profoundness, it was extremely beyond imagination.

In spite of a distance of ten billion li* (500m per li), this technique allows one to summon a trace of Venerated Demon’s primordial spirit from the Internal Endless Sea and descend to the External Endless Sea!


A column of purple flames emerged and invaded the heaven and earth where they were. Slowly, the flames condensed into an illusory middle-aged man in purple robes. His face was pale. He still seemed to be  wounded but his eyes were sharp like those of an eagle. The aura he emanated had even reached the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

Just as the purple-robed cultivator showed up, a tremendous pressure occupied Dong Xu’s heart while the faces of Zuo Tong and Yun Niansu greatly changed. Both of them exclaimed simultaneously.

“This purple-robed man is the Sect Master of the Demon Sealing Sect?!”

Lu Jiefen was very furious. During his trip in the Star Palace, he was attacked by a Realm Beast and barely escaped alive. However, the injuries he suffered were too severe to be healed. Therefore, as soon as he returned to the Internal Endless Sea, he immediately went into seclusion to treat his wounds. He did not even have the time to bother about any of the trivial affairs of the Demon Sealing Sect.

As such, Lu Jiefen was totally unaware of the existence of the Alliance of Ming Assassins, let alone the matter that his subordinates had messed with the person he would never dare to provoke - Ning Fan!

Feeling the thin spiritual qi in the sea breeze, Lu Jiefen immediately knew that he was now in the External Endless Sea and the reason why the virtual shadow of his primordial spirit would descend to this place must be because of Purple Gu’s summoning.

Lu Jiefen had once warned Purple Gu not to use the secret technique to summon him out of his stone chamber if it was not a life and death crisis of the Demon Sealing Sect. To him, nothing was more important than recuperating from his wounds.

“Purple Gu! Get out here! Where are you hiding?! Why did you summon my virtual primordial spirit to the External Endless Sea?! What happened?!”

Lu Jiefen grumpily glanced through the surroundings. At the next moment, his heart immediately sank as he saw Ning Fan who was hovering in midair not far away from him.

Purple Gu was being strung on a sword thread by Ning Fan. He was being held captive by him.

Looking at Ning Fan’s icy-cold eyes, countless thoughts ran across Lu Jiefen’s mind. He was figuring out whatever that had happened.

Half a breath later, he came up with a conclusion: Purple Gu had provoked Ning Fan and was captured by him! That’s why he asked for my help to deal with him!

God damn it! Why didn’t this bunch of scumbags provoked anyone else but him?! 

After all, is Ning Fan someone who Lu Jiefen could resist?

Seeing Lu Jiefen’s arrival, Dong Xu squinted his eyes.

Even though this technique of primordial spirit projection summons a virtual shadow

of the expert’s primordial spirit, it still possesses the same strength and power of the original body.

Fortunately, this virtual shadow could only appear for no more than the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. Dong Xu made up his mind to help Ning Fan resist Lu Jiefen at any time.

As one of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea, Dong Xu had dealt with Lu Jiefen countless times. Therefore, he deeply knew that the latter was a person with shrewdness and his power was extraordinary.

Even Dong Xu did not think Ning Fan would be able to beat him. What Ning Fan could at most do was to protect himself from being defeated.

In Dong Xu’s eyes, Ning Fan must be running out of magic power and strength after having a bloody battle earlier. How could he be Lu Jiefen’s match in a situation like this? 

When Purple Gu saw that the old ancestor of his own sect had arrived, his face immediately lit up with joy.

“Venerated Demon, help! Please kill Zhou Ming at once to get revenge for us!”

“Revenge my ass!”

Beyond everyone’s expectation, Lu Jiefen, a dignified supreme person, had actually spat out swear words.

Purple Gu, Gu He, Han Wei and all the other Divine Transformation Realm experts were stunned.

Wasn’t Lu Jiefen the savior that everyone has been expecting? Why didn’t he scold Ning Fan but us?

A short moment later, the thing that Purple Gu and the other experts were reluctant to believe even upon their death happened.

With an indecipherable facial expression, Lu Jiefen revealed a hint of fear when he looked at Ning Fan’s indifferent eyes.

Who is Ning Fan?! Even if Lu Jiefen was in his peak state, he would not be able to fight Ning Fan alone, not to mention the current him was still carrying severe injuries. Besides, Ning Fan still had the help of two Half-Step Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets… 

How would Lu Jiefen be bold enough to mess with Ning Fan at this moment?! To put it in a more appropriate manner, Ning Fan was the last person he wanted to provoke in the entire Endless Sea!

“Lu- No, Revered Ming, please forgive me! It’s my oversight for not knowing how my subordinates have offended Revered Ming. However, whether you want to kill or cut them into pieces, it’s up to you!”


The savior who was within the sweet dreams of Purple Gu and the other experts - Lu Jiefen, the reputable supreme being of the Internal Endless Sea, was making an apology to Ning Fan!

Dong Xu’s eyes widened with great shock.

Was Lu Jiefen in front of his eyes really the supercilious sect master of the Demon Sealing Sect whom Dong Xu had known for a long time?

This haughty old monster will actually apologize to a junior?

It seems like it’s not the first time they have met.

What exactly has that young man done in the past twenty years which made the reputable Venerated Demon be so terrified!

Xu Qiuling’s pretty eyes glinted with astonishment.

So this was the man she had taken a fancy on… Despite having a member of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea standing in front of him, he looked just like a bright moon while the other was like a firefly. When comparing the both of them, Venerated Demon was nothing special at all.


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