Grasping Evil - Chapter 362.1

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Lu Jiefen, the Sect Master of the Demon Sealing Sect, was currently humbly asking for Ning Fan’s leniency!

This spectacle was definitely even more heart-stirring than Ning Fan beating Lu Jiefen with his strength!

If Ning Fan defeated Lu Jiefen after having an intense fight with him, the outsiders might think that it was because Lu Jiefen was suffering from serious injuries. That would be a convincing explanation for everyone.

However, it was just too inconceivable for Lu Jiefen to make an apology as soon as he arrived. It was simply unexplainable.

While it might still be possible for Ning Fan to defeat a member of the seven venerated beings of the Internal Endless Sea who was already wounded, how could it be possible to make a mighty being like that ask for forgiveness in such a manner?

Why is Lord Venerated Demon afraid of Zhou Ming?! What happened between the two of them?!

A lot of people there wanted to know the answer. However, neither Ning Fan nor Lu Jiefen would reveal anything.

“Lu Jiefen! Let me ask you. Did you order your subordinates to establish the Alliance of Ming Assassins with the intention to kill me?”

Ning Fan’s voice was like a thunderclap blasting upon Lu Jiefen’s ears which sent a jolt across his heart.

“What?! Revered Ming is saying that Purple Gu and the others have been using the name of my Demon Sealing Sect to establish the Alliance of Ming Assassins with the intention to assassinate you?! They’re really… really… really foolish! Foolish to the extreme!”

Lu Jiefen glared at Purple Gu’s primordial spirit with his eyes blazing with anger.

He was in a grievous state when he returned to the Demon Sealing Sect and he absolutely did not know that Purple Gu and the others had done such a crazy thing during his absence in the past twenty years.

Establishing the Alliance of Ming Assassins? Killing Ning Fan with just a dozen Early and Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts? What a joke!

Ning Fan was a fierce and powerful man who had killed countless Divine Transformation Realm experts and slaughtered Tan Lang’s separated soul like pulverizing an ant. How could Lu Jiefen who had yet to recover from his injuries dare to offend him at this moment?!

Lu Jiefen’s expression became tense. If Ning Fan insists on holding Lu Jiefen responsible for this matter and kills his way to the Demon Sealing Sect in the internal sea, Lu Jiefen may not be able to come out of it unscathed even if he has means to keep his life intact and run away.

Besides, if he runs away from the Endless Sea, the wealth that he had been building for his entire lifetime in the Internal Endless Sea would be completely ruined.

“Revered Ming, please calm down! Forming the Alliance of Ming Assassins is definitely not my idea but my reckless subordinates’ instead. Heaven and earth can be the witness for this matter! It’s indeed my oversight why my subordinates would act so boldly. Revered Ming, please give me an opportunity to make up for my mistake. I’ll certainly prepare generous gifts which will surely satisfy you, Revered Ming!”

Lu Jiefen’s tone sounded like he was pleading.

He was pleading with Ning Fan to let the Demon Sealing Sect off and was begging him to believe that he had nothing to do with this matter!

For heaven’s sake, Lu Jiefen was already afraid of Ning Fan to the extreme, how would he get himself into trouble with him?!

Purple Gu was on the verge of losing his mind. 

He felt that he must be out of his senses! If he was not, how would it be possible for him to witness Lord Venerated Demon asking for forgiveness from someone else?!

“Impossible! I don’t believe it! It can’t be true!”

“Our Demon Sealing Sect is one of the seven renowned forces in the Internal Endless Sea and Lord Venerated Demon is one of the seven venerated beings of the internal sea. It’s impossible for him to make an apology to you, IMPOSSIBLE!”

“Zhou Ming! You’re lying to me! You’re using illusions to fool me… I don’t believe it!”

Purple Gu seemed to be laughing and sobbing at the same time. He just could not accept this cold and harsh truth.

He could not accept that Ning Fan whom he treated as an ant would be a terrifying individual who could even make Venerated Demon bow in reverence!

Suddenly, Purple Gu recalled the words he had said before.

“Zhou Ming, you shouldn’t be arrogant! Do you think you’re the Venerated Eighth of the Internal Endless Sea?”

The Venerated Eighth of the Internal Endless Sea.

The Venerated Eighth of the Internal Endless Sea. Haha!

With this Zhou Ming’s current strength and power, how could he be just the Venerated Eighth of the Internal Endless Sea. Even though he has yet to obtain the ‘Bestowal of the Emperor’s Tomb’, he was still able to make Venerated Demon yield to him!  I’m afraid his strength is ranked among the top of the Venerated Seven!

“I’ve offended such a ferocious man… I’m really stupid. STUPID!”

Looking at Purple Gu who was mentally deranged and the other two Mid Divine Transformation Realm elders, Lu Jiefen felt guilty.

They were his subordinates, but he would not dare to expect to save them from Ning Fan’s hands.

Lu Jiefen knew that Ning Fan would never pay respect to him. 

This man is cruel and merciless. Once anyone tries to go against him, he will definitely kill them all. 

The only thing Lu Jiefen hoped for was that Ning Fan would not hold the other members of the Demon Sealing Sect accountable.

Otherwise, the Demon Sealing Sect would be devastated if Ning Fan kills his way to the Internal Endless Sea. If that happens, Lu Jiefen would have no choice but to use his secret technique again to escape from him, like how he escaped from the Realm Beast last time.

That would be the worst case scenario… 

“Revered Ming, please do give me a chance to make up for my mistake. Anyhow, I’m also a supreme being who came out from the ‘Emperor’s Tomb’ and I’ve obtained the bestowal from that ‘Lord’. There are certainly a lot of excellent treasures there and they will surely satisfy you, Revered Ming!”

Lu Jiefen felt helpless. He could only make hints in the words he spoke to Ning Fan.

“Make up for your mistake…?”

Ning Fan frowned, inwardly contemplating the hidden meaning in Lu Jiefen’s words.

Is the Emperor’s Tomb he mentioned referring to the Tomb of the Thunder Emperor in the Internal Endless Sea? Who is that ‘Lord’? Since he is at a level where Lu Jiefen will address him as Lord, could he be a Void Fragmentation Realm expert?

After all, there were many secrets in the Internal Endless Sea which Ning Fan had never been in contact with. The weirdest thing was that a lawless region like this Endless Sea actually existed under the World Law set by the Rain Palace. Probably, there must be someone who was powerful enough to strike fear into the Rain Palace hiding here and make them not dare to execute the World Law at this place.

A person who could cause the Rain Palace to be so afraid of him must have at least the power of the Void Fragmentation Realm!

Lu Jiefen’s words had doubtlessly verified Ning Fan’s guess.

Lu Jiefen was hinting to Ning Fan that while it might not be a big issue to cause troubles in the External Endless Sea, he must somehow restrain himself once he enters the Internal Endless Sea… Or else, he might displease a Void Fragmentation Realm expert.

Judging from Lu Jiefen’s tone, it was not a threat, but more of a friendly reminder.

“Interesting… Considering that the Alliance of Ming Assassins was not your idea in the first place, it’s alright to let you go. Lu Jiefen, I will give you a chance. If you can bring me treasures that will satisfy me, your Demon Sealing Sect will remain without being destroyed. If not, the next time I enter the Internal Endless Sea, it will be the end for your Demon Sealing Sect!”

Ning Fan deeply stared at Lu Jiefen, giving him a warning.

The Internal Endless Sea was vast and broad and the distance to the Demon Sealing Sect was extremely far. It was not realistic to kill his way into the Internal Endless Sea now.

Moreover, there might be a Void Fragmentation Realm expert hiding in the Internal Endless Sea and this expert seemed to be backing the Demon Sealing Sect in a certain sense.

Ning Fan was not afraid of the hidden Void Fragmentation Realm expert. It was just that it was unnecessary to offend such an expert before figuring out everything.

No matter how arrogant Ning Fan was, he would not take the initiative to mess with a Void Fragmentation Realm expert. He might not have the need to show self-restraint on his enemies, but it did not mean that he had to commit a futile act like breaking a stone with an egg.

He had already avenged Gusu as he had obliterated the Ying State Immortal Island.

By killing twenty Divine Transformation Realm experts on his own, the intensity of his accumulated notoriety was enough to frighten the forces of the Endless Sea, preventing them from provoking him in the future.

Especially the fact that Lu Jiefen begged Ning Fan for mercy today. Once this incident is spread, no one would probably harbor any thoughts of assassinating or taking advantage of him anymore.

Emperor’s Tomb… that ‘Lord’… 

Ning Fan would only decide the fortune of the Demon Sealing Sect after clarifying these things.

Pieces of broken rocks of Ying State Immortal Island slowly sank to the bottom of the sea.

After getting Ning Fan’s reply, Lu Jiefen felt relieved and withdrew the virtual shadow of his primordial spirit. He no longer stayed there anymore and left directly without caring about the life and death of Purple Gu and the other experts.

Ning Fan nodded at Zuo Tong as a gesture to greet him. Then, he glanced at Yun Niansu with a strange look. After that, he descended on Gusu Island together with Dong Xu.

Gusu Island was now a wasteland with corpses and blood everywhere. It no longer had the appearance of paradise.

Ning Fan’s eyes were filled with emotion. Two-thirds of the total number of mortals in Gusu City had been killed by Luo Sen and the other two devils. If he did not arrive there in time, the remaining one-third might not even be alive.

“Ling Er, is Uncle Wang getting better…?” Ning Fan’s gaze became soft. He would only reveal this expression to Xu Qiuling. His enemies would never be able to enjoy it.

“Mm. His injuries have been suppressed. It’s all thanks to the marvelous pills Big Brother gave… However, although the physical injuries can be healed, how can the injuries on their hearts recover? They’re destined to be unable to be mortals anymore…” Xu Qiuling’s eyes flashed with sadness.

“Then, don’t be mortals anymore…” Ning Fan then went silent.

In the past, he was also a mortal and was bullied and humiliated in the All Pleasure Sect. He was unwilling to die there and was also unwilling to be bullied helplessly. As such, he chose to begin his path of cultivation to resist his fate.

Ning Fan patted the storage pouch and produced a gunny sack. He shook it and released all the mortal women inside.

He then closed his eyes. Traces of rain intent revolved within his heart. Gray clouds gradually rose and covered the sky above Gusu Island. Rain began to drizzle upon the island, extinguishing the flames of war and washing away the blood into the soil.

“Young Master Zhou, no, Immortal Zhou, thank you… Without you, I would have already…” Bai Su slightly bowed as a sign of courtesy. Without Ning Fan, she would have been sullied by Wang Kun.

“You don’t have to thank me. Just address me as ‘Young Master’. In fact, I have to thank you instead. Without your advice, your basket of eggs and the food and wine you prepared for me in these five months, I won’t be able to experience the happiness of being a mortal again.”

Ning Fan stood in the rain for a long long time.

He was waiting for more and more onlookers to come.

For half a month, Ning Fan had not stopped the rain on Gusu Island. The people of the island buried their family members, rebuilt their houses and continued living with indomitable spirits after the disaster.

During this period of time, there were always some Gold Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm cultivators coming to the Ying State Immortal Island hoping to spectate the showdown. Besides, even some Divine Transformation Realm experts from the Internal Endless Sea had secretly come to check things out after hearing the great incident that had happened in the External Endless Sea.

However, their travelling speed was too slow and they came too late. What they could only see when they arrived was the ruins of the Ying State Immortal Island and Gusu covered in rain.

In the eyes of countless cultivators of the External Endless Sea, Ning Fan was holding the primordial spirits of the twenty Divine Transformation Realm cultivators while having twenty-five Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppets standing beside him.

He wanted to search the souls and memories of each of the twenty primordial spirits in front of countless cultivators and then feed them to his puppets.

Not only would his action increase the levels of his puppets, but it would also serve as a warning to everyone in the Endless Sea.

He, Ning Fan, was unprovocable!


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