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To the countless cultivators who were spectating, it was indeed horrifying beyond description!

Ning Fan fed the twenty Divine Transformation Realm primordial spirits to the spiritual puppets after searching their souls and memories one after another.

Those aren’t insignificant beings but Divine Transformation Realm old monsters! Despite that, they are being treated by that man like this… This man is really a madman!

Several days later, Ning Fan transformed into his giant form and carried Gusu Island on his shoulder to the sea region which was not far from the Pleasure Devil Immortal Island.

Imagine how shocking it would be to the members of the external sea and even the internal sea after Ning Fan had ferociously destroyed the island in its entirety. 

There used to be ten influential sects and three renowned islands in the External Endless Sea. However, after one of the sects and one of the islands were eliminated, there were only nine sects and two islands left!

Among the experts of the Internal Endless Sea, eighteen Divine Transformation Realm experts have been killed. All the forces which had relations with these Divine Transformation Realm experts began to decline immediately one after another. Sects like the Black Buddha Sect were immediately wiped out by their enemies with their territories being divided by others right after losing all of their Divine Transformation Realm experts.

This was the reality of the cultivation world. Making one wrong step would bring death and extinction on an entire family!

This time, all the inhabitants of the Endless Sea truly understood that the vicious devil, Zhou Ming, was really back!

These were just changes in terms of the situation in the Endless Sea.

What was even more concerning to many was, of course, Ning Fan’s notoriety. It had become so fearsome that it was able to strike fear into the hearts of the cultivators of the Internal Endless Sea for the first time.

The Venerated Eighth of the Internal Endless Sea - ‘Venerated Ming’, Zhou Ming!

Almost no one doubted whether or not Ning Fan had the capabilities to contend with the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea because of how Lu Jiefen behaved in front of him shocked too many people.

In Snowy Silver City on the Great Devil Island.

A white-haired young lady was leisurely playing on a swing with her knees stuck together. Looking at her would make one feel that she was a person who stood aloof from worldly affairs.

Beside her, several experts emanating vigorous auras were standing in front of a burly man with a dark complexion. They seemed to be reporting something to him.

After listening to everyone’s reports, the burly man’s eyes flashed with excitement and he let out a hearty laughter. A peerlessly strong aura force spread out, making ordinary Divine Transformation Realm not dare to approach him.

“Great! Great! Great!”

"He truly deserves to be the talent whom Xiao Shanzi1 has taken a fancy on. He is also worthy to be the successor of the Evil Luo Inheritance... The Venerated Eighth of the Internal Endless Sea, huh…? What a courageous young man with a strong temper. I like him!"

In the Sword Tomb on the Sword Island.

In the main hall, Venerated Sword listened to the report from his subordinates while standing with his hands clasped behind his back.

“Zhou Ming? This man is definitely powerful. He actually killed twenty Divine Transformation Realm experts and a million cultivators on his own… His sword intent is also really domineering. Is it the Immortal Entrapping Sword Intent? It seems like the remnant piece of the Immortal Entrapping Sword that Old Man Dong Xu has exchanged with me in the past has fallen into this man’s hands. Sword sense, sword intent and threads transformation sword technique… This young man truly deserves to be treated with respect!”

Venerated Sword slowly turned around and looked at one of his subordinates. His eyes suddenly turned serious.

“Guan Xiong! You have once met Zhou Ming during the auction in the Pleasure Devil Sea. What impression do you have of him? Is it possible for us to establish a friendly relationship with him?”

“Replying to Venerated Sword, this man is fierce and brutal. However, he rarely takes the initiative to stir up trouble. In my opinion, our Sword Island shouldn't mess with this man at any time. After all, no one can assure that he won’t go missing again and return twenty years later with a Void Refinement Realm cultivation base to seek revenge and eliminate his old foes. This man must not be provoked!”

“Is that so…?” Venerated Sword nodded without saying much.

In the Demon Sealing Sect on the Demon Island.

Lu Jiefen suppressed his injuries and forcibly entered into a secluded meditation. He gave an order to the entire sect that no one should find trouble with Ning Fan anymore.

At the same time, Lu Jiefen activated all the protective formations of the island for defense, maximizing the security of the Demon Island.

“I hope that this Zhou Ming won't suddenly go crazy again and attack the Demon Island. Otherwise, the only choice I would be left with is to escape again…”

Lu Jiefen closed his eyes helplessly. After arranging everything, he sent his subordinates to the External Endless Sea to send Ning Fan a generous gift. After that, he isolated himself from the outside world again to heal his injuries.

In the Pill Cloud Palace on the Pill Island.

In the past six months, Yang Gu returned to the Internal Endless Sea and had gathered many of his former friends. He planned to set out to the External Endless Sea to aid his master, Ning Fan, and help him overthrow the Alliance of Ming Assassins.

After making countless trips and spending a large sum, he was only able to invite five Early Divine Transformation Realm experts and one Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert to help him in his mission.

Although these experts claimed to come to help, their determination wavered after hearing how powerful the Alliance of Ming Assassins was. As such, they kept delaying the matter of reinforcing Ning Fan in the External Endless Sea.

However, before they could even set off to support Ning Fan, they had already received shocking news from the External Endless Sea.

Ning Fan alone had dissolved Ying State Immortal Island in its entirety and killed a million cultivators as well as twenty Divine Transformation Realm experts!

“My master is so amazing! He eliminated twenty Divine Transformation Realm experts with his power alone!”

Yang Gu said with an excited tone but his words made each of the Divine Transformation Realm experts who had previously agreed to help feel deeply astonished and regret for their actions.

What an unwise move!

If they had known that Yang Gu’s master was so powerful, they would have certainly left for the External Endless Sea without having much worries.

Because of their delay, the opportunity to help Ning Fan and win his favor went up in smoke.

“Fellow Daoist Yang, if your master needs help next time, do call me! After this battle, I am really impressed by Venerated Ming. He really deserves the title of the Venerated Eighth of the Internal Endless Sea…”

These experts started to behave in an ingratiating manner but their actions only received an unhappy reply from Yang Gu.

“Hmph! I hope that all of you will move faster next time and don’t keep waiting until the end of the battle!”

“Hehe… Of course…”

On Penglai Immortal Island in the External Endless Sea.

In the Lost World Tower, a red-robed young lady was stabilizing her Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivation base with her eyebrows knitted together.

Right at this moment, a message transmitting flying sword flew into the tower. It was cast using a secret technique. Surprisingly, it was information on Ning Fan.

Listening to Ning Fan’s splendid accomplishments from the battle, the cold eyes of the red-robed young lady suddenly flashed with surprise.

“Hmph! Stinky bad guy, you’ve finally returned after going missing for twenty years.”

“Just like what I’ve told them. Zhou Ming, you big bad guy, is really stronger than Ning Fan and Lu Bei. But my elder sister and mother won’t believe it! Hmph! Are the geniuses that they are paying attention to stronger than you?! Can they kill twenty Divine Transformation Realm experts alone?!”

The young lady revealed a pleased expression as if the splendid battle achievement was hers instead of Ning Fan’s.

“Heehee… You must have obtained many benefits after slaughtering those from the Ying State Immortal Island. Maybe you will come to the Lost World Palace for secluded meditation… This time, I won’t easily lose to you again! I will certainly snatch back Grandpa Stone Warrior from your hands fair and square! Last time, I was having my period… This time, I’ll be very serious!”

Bei Xiaoman’s eyes flashed with an unusual light. She did not know whether it was her battle intent or some other thought. Her face blushed without reason.

In the Zhou Residence on Gusu Island.

All reconstruction work was carried out progressively. Under Xu Qiuling’s care, Bai Su and her son got better by the day.

Ning Fan was sitting in the room in a meditative posture. His mind kept recalling the scenes during this time’s bloody battle. Hints of new insights slowly rose within him.

There were many cards and gifts being displayed in front of him. Doubtlessly, those were given by the forces who wanted to establish a friendly relation with him. With his current strong status, there were definitely a lot of cultivators who wanted to visit him.

Ning Fan accepted all the gifts sent by whatever forces. To him, no gifts should be refused.

As for seeing the visitors, it was being handled by Yu Long.

Among the countless cards he received, only one of them had attracted Ning Fan’s attention.

“Yun Niansu… His surname is Yun. Could he be someone from the Rain Palace…?”

“This man claims that he has entered the Pill Island. If there is an opportunity, he hopes to meet me in the Internal Endless Sea and introduce me to the experts of the Rain Palace…”

Ning Fan shook his head and put down the card. To be honest, he had no interest in making friends with the geniuses of the Rain Palace.

The Divine Space Island, Giant Devil Island and Pill Island in the Internal Endless Sea were the three islands he must go to.

Before entering the Internal Endless Sea, he must first properly settle down those who were close to him.

Besides, his magic power needed to be improved too. His demon power and devil qi were already at the Mid Divine Transformation Realm, but his magic power was still at the Half-Step Divine Transformation Realm. It had already become his weakness.

Aside from that, Ning Fan still has to ask Old Ancestor Dong Xu about the secrets of the Internal Endless Sea.

If there was really a Void Fragmentation Realm expert overseeing the Internal Endless Sea, then he must be more cautious when entering that area.

“After all of this, I can then go home… Zhihe…”

Smiling faces of the women he had made contact with appeared before his eyes.

After all these years, I wonder how they have been.

When he was lost in thought, soft and gentle footsteps were heard from outside the room.

“Big Brother, it’s bad!” Xu Qiuling shouted with an anxious tone.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Ning Fan frowned with sternness and his eyes were filled with a hint of worry.

“M-My master has reached the bottleneck of the Void Refinement Realm and he suddenly announced that he wants to meditate in seclusion to achieve a breakthrough!”

It turned out that this young lady’s panic was caused by surprise.

“Void Refinement Realm?!” Ning Fan’s eyes glinted with astonishment. It was indeed a good thing to Dong Xu.

If Dong Xu successfully breaks through to that cultivation base, it would perhaps cause a greater stir in the Endless Sea. 

Is the first Void Refinement Realm expert about to be born among the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea?


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Xiao Shanzi (小山子 xiǎo shān zi)
    Xiao means small in this case. It is referring to Xu Rushan of the Pleasure Devil Sect.

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