Grasping Evil - Chapter 363.1

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What Xu Qiuling brought was undoubtedly good news.

Old Ancestor Dong Xu was Xu Qiuling’s teacher. If he breaks through to the Void Refinement Realm, it will be a good thing to Ning Fan, Xu Qiuling and the Pleasure Devil Island as well.

Without further delay, Ning Fan pushed the door open and walked out from his room. He grabbed Xu Qiuling by the waist and then flew towards the Su River.

Dong Xu had deliberately created an underwater abode to cultivate under the river. The reason why he would do so was probably because he liked the scenery of the Su River very much. By doing so, he could also avoid exposing his identity and then being disturbed by too many experts from the Pleasure Devil Island.

Ning Fan asked Xu Qiuling about Dong Xu’s situation in detail and learned that Dong Xu had yet to actually officially enter into seclusion. After all, breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm was not a small matter. Therefore, he certainly had to be fully prepared before then.

For example, the selection of the location for achieving his breakthrough, obtaining a Sixth Revolution Pill called ‘Void Glimpse Pill’ to increase his chances of breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm, the arrangements for the Heavenly Abode Island during his meditation, the items to resist against the heavenly tribulations after achieving the breakthrough and so on.

These were all very realistic and practical problems. With Dong Xu’s background, he would definitely have ways to settle these problems.

The reason why Ning Fan rushed to meet Dong Xu was to give him a different kind of assistance.

To a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivator, the key to whether he could break through to the Void Refinement Realm or not depended on him being able to attain the level of ‘Void Glimpse’.

As for Ning Fan, he had already passed that level and reached ‘Void Inquiry’ which was a level higher than Void Glimpse. On the basis of the comprehension of void power, Ning Fan definitely outdid Dong Xu more than one hundred times.

If he integrates his comprehension of the void into a trace of void power and gives it to Dong Xu, he would surely be able to provide him some help.

If he tells Dong Xu his insights and experience in achieving the Void Refinement state of mind, it would also be very beneficial to the latter in improving his state of mind.

For the time being, he could only think of these two areas where he could help.

“Big Brother, is there any way to help my master increase his success rate of achieving his advancement by 30 to 50%?” Xu Qiuling’s eyes flashed with hope. To her, Ning Fan was omnipotent.

“You’ve really overestimated me… Increase his chances by 30 to 50%... Do you think I’m a ‘Supreme Void’ cultivator or a Sixth Revolution Pill Master?”

Ning Fan laughed and squeezed Xu Qiuling’s delicate palm.

This silly girl really thinks highly of me.

“In my eyes, Big Brother is unrivaled and omnipotent.” Xu Qiuling sounded as affectionate as always.

“Silly girl, it’s impossible for me to be unrivaled. You haven’t seen power that stands on the pinnacle in this world… Besides, even the Immortal Sovereign may not necessarily be peerless… However, you can be rest assured. He’s your master and I’ll definitely assist him.”

Ning Fan nodded his head. He was never stingy when it came to his family.

He was indeed selfish. However, he only showed that side of him to outsiders. Well, one could only be generous to their loved ones if they are stingy to outsiders. This was an unchangeable principle.

“Big Brother, you’re so kind to me!”

Xu Qiuling suddenly felt touched by his action. She turned towards him, gently leaning towards his face and planted a kiss on his lips.

Her skill in kissing was still very lacking. Except for that night they had on the boat, she did not have many chances to behave so intimately with Ning Fan.

Compared to the desires of her physical body, she valued the joy of her soul even more. She just liked snuggling in Ning Fan’s arms. It made her feel safe and secure, as if this embrace was her entire world.


She let out a soft moan. Her affection came like the pouring rain which could not be stopped once it was unleashed.

A jolt ran across Ning Fan as he savored Xu Qiuling’s sweet lips.

After spending five months living in Gusu, he took off the black cloak and was only dressed in a set of white robes. He felt like he had found the peace and leisure of being a mortal.

He also gradually longed for the lips of his favorite women. Slowly, he began to understand Old Devil’s advice.

“Women and wine are indispensable on the path of devil cultivation.”

Women and wine were the best way to calm down one’s murderous intent.

Seeing his beauty was aroused, Ning Fan was surely not going to disappoint her sweet kiss. Since Old Ancestor Dong Xu was not in a hurry and it was far from the time he would go into seclusion, Ning Fan felt like he should take some time off.

He lifted Xu Qiuling up in his arms and laid her down on the meadow dotted with orchids near the riverbank. Taking the sky as the canopy and the earth as the matress, he held her tightly and pressed her down, acting out on his desires.

Xu Qiuling was indeed a good woman. Because of her love for Ning Fan, she never refuse any of his requests. Moreover, she would try her best to satisfy him just like how she was trying to be in sync with him at the moment.

Faint moans resounded across the riverbank.

No one would certainly be able to see the erotic activity between the two of them because Ning Fan had activated his All-Heaven Relic which concealed their figures. Currently, they were only visible to each other.

If Ancestor Wei knew that the relic he had created was being used by Ning Fan to please his beauty, how he would feel about it would certainly arouse curiosity within many.

Ning Fan had changed. He had really changed now.

At the age of sixteen, he put on the black-feathered cloak, draping over his white robes and began his journey in devil cultivation in order to protect Zhihe.

At the age of 360, he went through countless killings on his path and became physically and mentally exhausted. At this juncture, he met Lu Wan’er and Xu Qiuling. His mind and soul were nourished by these women which helped him to discover his peace and calmness he had lost in the past once again.

Zhihe was his reverse scale while Xu Qiuling was his heaven of pleasure.

While rubbing Xu Qiuling’s ample bosom, he tickled her soft and smooth private part which was warm and wet at the same time. At this moment, Ning Fan firmly believed that it was indeed happy to be alive.

Xu Qiuling responded to Ning Fan’s smooch with her tongue and moved her hips in sync with his thrusts.

She felt very blissful just like how she felt when the butterfly had plucked the orchid in the past.

However, even though she was now in her next life, she was still willing to be plucked by that butterfly without asking for anything in return.

Darkness slowly engulfed the bright sky as dusk arrived. Two individuals whose bodies were intertwined with each other finally put on their clothes and undid the layer of concealment of the All-Heaven Relic.

“B-Big Brother, I think it’s better that I don’t follow you to go find my master to help him break through to the Void Refinement Realm. It’s not convenient for me to see anyone in my current state…”

Xu Qiuling looked carefully at the hickeys on her neck and the red flush of her face which had yet to recede with the help of her little portable mirror. She gave Ning Fan a slightly petulant glance and ran back to the mansion.

That glance seemed to be blaming Ning Fan that it was all his fault.

“You’re the one who seduced me first…”

Looking at Xu Qiuling’s back, a thought suddenly struck him.

In the past, I was just killing and fighting endlessly and rarely cared for my women. Should I give them the same degree of concern and care like how I’m caring for Xu Qiuling?

He realized that his state of mind had really broadened. Perhaps it was because of his state of mind which had broken through to the Early Void Refinement Realm.

It was because of Xu Qiuling who noticed the stress in his heart and helped him vent it out.

“Master, I am gradually understanding your advice. If there is a choice, perhaps attaining the Void Fragmentation Realm after a thousand years is more suitable for me. I will then be able to have fun every day and enjoy the happiness of cultivation. But I have no choice, I only have as short as a hundred years to fight against my fate… And, I can’t lose!”

Ning Fan’s gaze gradually calmed down. Not a single trace of affection and compassion could be found in his eyes anymore.

What he was going to discuss with Dong Xu next was proper business.


Ning Fan made a step forward and vanished into a ray of sword light. In an instant, he traversed tens of thousands of li* and dived to the bottom of the Su River.

Ning Fan stopped in front of a crystal palace under the river and entered calmly.

In the main hall of the palace, Dong Xu was reading a jade slip on the table beside him. It was given by Ning Fan in the past.

It contained Emperor Ancient Chaos’ insights towards void power. However, even though his insight was profound, it might not necessarily be suitable for Dong Xu’s understanding at the moment.

The explanation that Ancient Chaos made about void power included Void Glimpse, Void Inquiry, Void Piercing, Absolute Void and Void Fragmenting. It was, of course, profound but it was hard to understand too.

Dong Xu was a person with high comprehension. After all, how could he, an individual who managed to cultivate to the level of becoming one of the seven venerated beings of the Internal Endless Sea, have weak comprehension?

However, with his intelligence, he was only able to obtain a little understanding of the void. It was extremely difficult for him to completely see through its core.

An overly elegant music like the Spring Snow might not necessarily be suitable for the highbrows and the lowbrows. In contrast, bubblegum music would be much more appealing to all.

It was the same principle.


Dong Xu let out a long sigh and heavily placed the jade slip on the table. His mind was very confused and disturbed.

It was clear that he had found the bottleneck of the Void Refinement Realm. However, he was unable to take one step further and comprehend the void power which would increase his chances of achieving a breakthrough.

“Difficult… The Void Refinement Realm is indeed difficult to attain…”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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