Grasping Evil - Chapter 363.2

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After he made a sigh of disappointment, he immediately heard the sound of a light chuckle.

“Oh? Even Daoist Dong Xu is also afraid of difficulties? One should understand that the path of acquiring the Dao will definitely be full of difficulties. If we don’t have the willpower and courage to face those hardships, how can one attain higher realms! Life is full of ups and downs and we may run into different kinds of difficulties in different stages of our life. It is normal for us to be deceived a few times in our life. Daoist, you’re being distracted by what’s on the outside!” 

Ning Fan’s eyes curved into a mystifying smile as his figure emerged at the main hall.

His arrival didn’t surprise Dong Xu too much but his words were like a thunderclap on a sunny day that roared loudly besides Dong Xu’s ears and enlightened him, making him immediately wake up and see what he did wrong. 

It was so close!

Even though Ning Fan sounded like he was teasing and questioning Dong Xu, he was certainly pointing out his mistakes to prevent him from falling into them.

Just now, when Dong Xu was engrossed in comprehending void power, he was stuck and felt frustrated. Because of that, he actually violated one of the most lethal taboos of cultivation - backing off in the face of difficulties!

If it wasn’t for Ning Fan who had said something to make Dong Xu realize it, the failure he would’ve suffered this time would probably have become a trauma that would haunt him for the rest of his life. In the future, when he’s on the verge of breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm again, this Heart’s Devil would reappear and remind him that he would never be able to succeed.

It was Ning Fan’s reminder which had saved him from being stuck in his cultivation path! 

“Haha, thank you so much for Daoist Zhou’s advice! Mm? Ling Er didn’t follow you here…”

Since Xu Qiuling wasn’t here, Dong Xu was actually addressing Ning Fan as Daoist, treating him as someone who was at the same level as him.

It was not only because he had outstanding combat power which was already on par with the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea but also because of his high comprehension of his Dao. His temperament also made Dong Xu admire him even more. 

It couldn’t be any better for them to treat each other equally as fellow Daoists. In the cultivation world, friendship regardless of age was not surprising. 

Dong Xu wore a peculiar smile on his face as his eyes intentionally darted a few more glances on Ning Fan’s sleeve.

On his sleeves, there were some stains which were left by a woman’s rouge and cosmetics. Without a doubt, Ning Fan must have had some dual-cultivation with Xu Qiuling a moment ago. 

As such, with Dong Xu’s shrewdness, he could naturally guess as to why Xu Qiuling didn’t come and it was because she was too shy to meet others after doing some dual-cultivation.

“Daoist Zhou, your face radiates happiness and joy like the flowers in spring. You’re not only good at understanding one’s thoughts but also taking off other’s clothes. You are not a simple person, not simple indeed!”

Ning Fan shook his head and felt speechless. Who would expect that one of the supreme beings of the Endless Sea would actually make an obscene joke with Ning Fan in private?

“Let’s focus on the main objective of why I came here. Daoist Dong Xu, I have heard about your situation from Ling Er in general. It is a good thing that you can attain the Void Refinement Realm. What I can help is to provide you some instructions in two other aspects other than giving you the jade slip that contains the insights of void comprehension.”

“Oh? By all means, I would like to listen to the details.” Dong Xu was quite surprised. He didn’t expect that Ning Fan could still give him guidance in two different aspects.

If it was an ordinary person who said “I can give you some advice” to Dong Xu, the latter would definitely fall out with that person and think that the person was humiliating him.

However, Ning Fan was different. With just the jade slip containing insights regarding void comprehension, Ning Fan had already thoroughly convinced Dong Xu. That deep and profound comprehension was not something that could be owned by just any Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. Therefore, in the face of Ning Fan’s depth in his comprehension of Dao, Dong Xu felt rather insignificant and weak.

Dong Xu believed that Ning Fan wasn’t someone who liked to show off and impress others. If he said that he could give him two pieces of advice, then he would surely be able to deliver on his promise. 

“Firstly, I can give Fellow Daoist some pointers in the aspect of your state of mind.”

“State of mind?! Yes! Your state of mind has broken through to the Void Refinement Realm during your battle in Ying State Immortal Island. I have witnessed it myself!”

Dong Xu’s facial expression was immediately filled with delight. He knew that Ning Fan wasn’t someone who would only give empty promises.

Currently, Dong Xu’s state of mind was just at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm. If he could have Ning Fan’s insights in improving his state of mind and bring it to the level of Void Refinement Realm first, it would be a huge advantage for him in breaking through in his cultivation.

“May I ask Fellow Daoist as to what other advice you can give me apart from advice concerning the state of mind?”

Dong Xu’s expression was sincere and he did not seem to be embarrassed at all of Ning Fan’s words and for accepting his advice. It just showed how highly he valued Ning Fan in his heart.

“Secondly, I can tell you my experience in controlling the void power. Although I don't know how much of this can help you, I am sure that you will definitely not be disappointed.”

Ning Fan pointed one of his fingers and a trace of pitch-black fine thread flowed out from it. It was void power.

All of a sudden, Dong Xu seemed to be almost absentminded, feeling absolutely dumbfounded by what he had seen!

He thought that he had already thought too highly of Ning Fan, but this pitch-black thread of void power made him realize that he was still underestimating him!

Void power! Ning Fan could actually control a trace of void power!

There is only one explanation for it and it is the only possible explanation…  

“Could it be that Fellow Daoist has passed through the stage of ‘Void Inquiry’!!!?”

Dong Xu’s tone sounded slightly high-pitched because of his excitement.

Void Inquiry was a stage way more difficult than ‘Void Glimpse’!

‘Void Glimpse’ was the stage where the cultivator could just take a glimpse of the void power and realize its presence. On the other hand, not only could the cultivator understand void power in ‘Void Inquiry’, but also master it!

Even though Dong Xu was already at the bottleneck of the ‘Void Glimpse’ stage, he had already gotten stuck until he almost suffocated and gave up.

As for Ning Fan, however, he had already passed the stage of ‘Void Inquiry’! As a matter of fact, even countless Early Void Refinement Realm experts had been stuck at the stage of ‘Void Inquiry’ until their deaths!

That is to say that as long as he has good enough opportunities and luck, it would not be difficult for him to cultivate straight to the Mid Void Refinement Realm!

“A freak! You’re really a freak!” Dong Xu looked at Ning Fan with a weird expression while praising him incessantly with his mouth.

Could a normal cultivator who had yet to attain the Void Refinement Realm pass the stage of ‘Void Inquiry’?

Could a normal cultivator who had yet to attain the Void Fragmentation Realm master the techniques of ‘Soul Extraction’ and incarnation?

No matter what, Ning Fan had managed to achieve the impossible!

What else could he be if he wasn’t a freak!?

“Doesn’t it sound inappropriate for Fellow Daoist to call me a freak when I am providing help to you?” Ning Fan said jokingly.

“Of course it is! These two benefits that Daoist has given me can help me increase at least 10 percent of my chances in breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm! Daoist must not look down on this 10 percent increase. To ordinary cultivators, it is already difficult for them to even have a ten percent chance in breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm. Since Fellow Daoist has provided me such massive benefits, I certainly need to return the favor…”

“Oh? Does Daoist Dong Xu have something good to repay me?” Ning Fan laughed. He faintly remembered that Dong Xu had already given all the Immortal’s Abode Magical Treasure in his reserves, spiritual puppets and spiritual ores to him before.

Is Dong Xu still hiding something good up his sleeve?

“Have you forgotten about it? I still have two other benefits that I did not give you in the past.” Dong Xu said with a mysterious smile.

“Oh? Please, by all means, do tell me more.” Ning Fan’s smile faded and said with a serious tone.

“The first thing is about the drop of True Immortal's blood in between my eyebrows. I could use it to help you perform a divinity on something. Fellow Daoist must not forget to use it. Secondly, I have once told you that I have one-third of the map of the Thunder Emperor's Tomb, remember?”

“Thunder Emperor's Tomb? I have heard about it before. Besides, I have also discovered some information about it in the memories of Purple Gu and the other cultivators. It is said to be the property of the Zhou Family in the Internal Endless Sea and it seems like it is the relic of the ‘Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou’. It is a high grade Treasure of the Cosmos consisting of a chiliocosm within. It is greatly beneficial to the cultivators who cultivate in it. However, the details of it are beyond my knowledge. Moreover, I heard that it will need permission to enter that place… But it is my first time hearing that it will need a map to enter the tomb since I have returned to the External Endless Sea.”

“Hehe, that is a good place. It is the massive benefits Emperor Zhou left for the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators of the Endless Sea. In fact, the place which I prefer the most to enter into seclusion for breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm is that Thunder Emperor's Tomb. As for the one-third of the map, it was drawn by me solely based on my memories after visiting it a few times.”

“Breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm in the Thunder Emperor's Tomb?”

Ning Fan’s interest was suddenly piqued by the Thunder Emperor's Tomb.

Usually, ordinary cultivators would probably choose to have a breakthrough in their cultivation base to the Void Refinement Realm at the Lost World Palace because that place could save them time.

Meanwhile, some experts would probably choose to have a breakthrough to a higher cultivation base in the Void Realm. Even though the speed of cultivation there was very slow and it was full of danger, it was easier for one to glimpse the void power.

Ning Fan originally guessed that Dong Xu would probably choose one of the two choices as the place for him to enter his seclusion. However, it was beyond his expectations that Dong Xu had chosen the Thunder Emperor's Tomb.

How mysterious and profound that Thunder Emperor's Tomb must be to actually make Dong Xu so obsessed with it. 

Emperor’s Tomb!

Ning Fan suddenly recalled what Lu Jiefen had said to him.

Lu Jiefen said that he was one of the cultivators who had entered the emperor’s tomb before. Was he referring to the Thunder Emperor's Tomb?

The Thunder Emperor's Tomb, the tomb of ‘Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou’ who was the former lord of the Endless Sea. He is rumored to be dead… 

But is he really dead…? 

“May I ask Fellow Daoist Dong Xu what the reason is for the Endless Sea not needing to be bound by the World Law of the Rain Palace!?” Ning Fan asked doubtfully. 

“What do you think?” Dong Xu replied with the same mysterious smile he had earlier.

“I used to think that the reason why the Endless Sea does not need to abide by the laws of the Rain World is because there may be Void Fragmentation Realm cultivators living in seclusion. But after thinking more carefully about it this time, that probably isn’t the true reason. Perhaps it is because of the Thunder Emperor's Tomb that you mentioned. It has become beneficial to the Rain Palace which made them have qualms controlling the Endless Sea. Therefore, they specially gave the Endless Sea the privilege to be free from the effect of the World Law.”

“Your previous guess is half-correct and your new guess today is also the same. Precisely, there are two reasons why the Rain Palace gave up on controlling the Endless Sea. Firstly, it’s because of the Thunder Emperor's Tomb. Secondly, it’s because ‘that person’ seems to be still alive. As such, it makes the Rain Palace deeply afraid. However, that person is still actually alive! He did not die like how the rumor said! The so-called tomb is also just an illusion! No one knows about the secret of that person being alive other than the high-level officers of the Rain Palace and us, the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea!” 

“That person?” Ning Fan’s eyes glinted. It seems that Lu Jiefen and Dong Xu were very clear of the existence of ‘that person’.

“Precisely. That is who he is! That person is… ‘Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou’. Lord Thunder Emperor is still alive!”

Dong Xu’s eyes flashed with zeal.

‘Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou’ was a legendary being!

His comprehension in the Dao of Lightning was at the top among the nine worlds, and he had fought the Three Emperors of the Sword World alone without being defeated!

He created the Thunder Emperor's Tomb which had amazing power that allowed every single Divine Transformation Realm cultivator of the Rain World to become crazy for it!

“Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou!”

Ning Fan took a deep breath. He could feel the weight of the name.

Fighting the Three Emperors of the Sword World alone. This achievement was even more spectacular than that of the White-Robed Sword God who defeated one of the Sword Emperors with a single move.

I wonder how strong this Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou is compared to Emperor Moksha…


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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