Grasping Evil - Chapter 364.1

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Ning Fan passed Dong Xu two items: a jade slip and a dark bead.

Recorded in that jade slip was his whole progress in attaining his breakthrough for his state of mind.

On the other hand, the dark bead was condensed using a trace of void power. Aside from that, Ning Fan had also infused in it the understanding he had gained when he was at the stage of ‘Void Inquiry’.

These two items might seem ordinary, but it was of great significance to Dong Xu. 

He took the two items and kept them carefully. Even though he was trying his best to keep a calm exterior, he was still unable to conceal the excitement in his eyes.

These two gifts from Ning Fan could increase his chances by at least 10 percent in successfully attaining the Void Refinement Realm.

This 10 percent increase was enough to move any Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivator!

“There are no words that can express my gratitude for your great favor!”

Dong Xu's eyes turned solemn. In the past, the relationship between him and Ning Fan was only about business. He promised to help Ning Fan three times, and the latter gifted him the jade slip containing the comprehension of void power.

After that, Ning Fan’s relationship with Xu Qiuling gradually grew deeper and Dong Xu was also gradually getting closer with him.

Today, Ning Fan gave Dong Xu several benefits without holding anything back. It was a kind act like sending charcoal to another during snow. It was impossible for Dong Xu not to feel grateful.

At the bottom of his heart, he promised himself that if he really attains the Void Refining Realm in the future, he will definitely not forget his debt of gratitude to Ning Fan!

Without any hesitation, Dong Xu took out a jade slip and produced a copy of it. After that, he gave it to Ning Fan.

Ning Fan received the jade slip and studied it with his spirit sense. Right afterwards, his gaze was filled with sternness.

“Mm? Map? This is…”

The longer Ning Fan looked, the more details he discovered. This detailed map not only contained the places within the area, but also had different labels on them.

What’s the most significant part of the map was that it contained Dong Xu’s detailed description of the Thunder Emperor's Tomb.

The Thunder Emperor's Tomb was a Treasure of the Cosmos that contained a chiliocosm. It was not initially called as such, but was formerly called the ‘Su Thunder World’ instead. This Treasure of the Cosmos was obtained by Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou when he was young. It was a treasure that made him become famous and it was also rumored to be the place where he had died.

Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou died inside the ‘Su Thunder World’ while leaving this world in the hands of  the Zhou Family of the Internal Endless Sea. Therefore, its name was later changed to the Thunder Emperor's Tomb.

Before the Thunder Emperor died, he had taken painstaking effort and creatively turned the ‘Su Thunder World’ into a mysterious and profound world.

Emperor’s tomb!

Preserved within this emperor’s tomb was the Thunder Emperor’s lifetime’s worth of inheritance. However, it was also set up with innumerable dangerous traps.

To enter the emperor's tomb, one would need to get permission from the Zhou Family in the Internal Sea. The Zhou Family would release an entry quota which only allowed tens of participants. Those who were enlisted would be given a thunder jade. As long as they were within the Rain World, they could appear in the emperor’s tomb anywhere and anytime they wanted by immersing their minds and thoughts into the thunder jade!

Strictly speaking, what enters the emperor’s tomb was only a trace of the cultivator’s soul, not the entire physical body of the cultivator.

As Ning Fan read until this point, he could not help but feel impressed by Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou whom he had not met before.

The land within the Rain World was so immeasurably vast and boundless. However, as long as the person who held the thunder jade was in the Rain World, regardless of which cultivation kingdom they were in, they could enter the emperor’s tomb using the thunder jade anywhere and anytime they wish. The creation of such a profound way of entering the emperor’s tomb was impossible for a common individual.

The biggest advantage of entering the emperor’s tomb was to cultivate inside it.

For example, if a cultivator wasn’t staying in the Endless Sea, but somewhere within the eight hundred cultivation countries of the Rain World, he could split a portion of his soul and travel to the emperor’s tomb located in the Internal Endless Sea with the help of the thunder jade.

There were remnant souls of countless experts lingering within the tomb. They would transform into aggressive spirits and attack the individuals who had entered the tomb indiscriminately.

The remnant souls were the souls of the experts who were killed by the Thunder Emperor in the past. They were then sealed by him within the tomb using a secret technique of the Dao of Lightning.

No one would die fighting inside the emperor's tomb. Once the remnant souls within the tomb are killed by cultivators, they would then reform after a while with the help of the thunder power within.

As for the cultivators who entered the emperor’s tomb, if they are killed by the attacks of the remnant souls, they would at most suffer some damage to their state of mind which would not affect their original bodies.

Within the tomb, one would be able to experience life-and-death battles and even death without truly dying. This Thunder Emperor's Tomb was indeed overly profound.

However, if it only had these benefits, it would be far from being so attractive to a great number of cultivators to enter. The Thunder Emperor's Tomb was a place for cultivators to fight and kill. Since only a part of the cultivator’s soul could enter the emperor’s tomb, no one would have any cultivation base inside it.

Every single cultivator who entered the emperor’s tomb started from scratch again to attain a higher level.

Every single cultivator who entered the emperor’s tomb for the first time would only have a First Level of Vein Opening Realm cultivation base.

The method of improving one’s cultivation base was very simple and that was to keep slaughtering the aggressive spirits formed by the remnant souls inside the emperor’s tomb to get the ‘Dao Fruit of the Emperor’s Tomb’.

It wasn’t a real Dao Fruit, but a Dao Fruit that was simulated based on the true one by the Thunder Emperor using his thunder power. Its effect was far inferior to the real Dao Fruit.

However, there was a remarkable advantage of this. By swallowing this kind of Dao Fruit, it would not only improve the cultivation base of one’s separated soul inside the emperor’s tomb, but also improve the cultivation base of their original bodies!

Killings and slaughtering at will within the Rain World was forbidden. Besides, when one engages in the killing of others and seizing their treasures, they would also face the danger of being killed. As such, the chances of obtaining a Dao Fruit was extremely rare.

However, cultivators could kill the spirits within the emperor’s tomb without feeling guilty or hurting their Dao Hearts. Moreover, they could still obtain Dao Fruits. Therefore, it was doubtlessly a perfect place for training.   

Aside from that, in some territories that were occupied by stronger remnant souls, there were even spiritual medicines, magical treasures and inheritances of the Thunder Emperor. In order to obtain the inheritance of the Thunder Emperor, a number of cultivators teamed up and attacked the nests of those spirits.

Some cultivators came just to slaughter, while some came just for the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance.

The Thunder Emperor left countless treasures that he had gathered throughout his life, but the most valuable treasure among all was the thunder vein cultivation method - “Bu Zhou Thunder Art”!

This cultivation method was rumored to be hidden in the deepest part of the emperor’s tomb and was protected by several Void Fragmentation Realm remnant souls. No one had managed to seize it up until today.

Well, there was no other alternative to obtain it. Even Void Fragmentation Realm experts who had entered the emperor’s tomb would also need to improve their cultivation base from scratch. Whoever wanted to get this cultivation method would need to raise their cultivation base to the Void Fragmentation Realm at the very least in the tomb… Obviously, this was just impossible.

It was already extremely difficult to achieve the Void Fragmentation Realm themselves in the real world.  Therefore, raising the cultivation base of their separated souls in the emperor’s tomb to that cultivation base was even more illogical!

Even so, there were still many cultivators swarming into the tomb to fight and level up.

No matter what, all the killings within the tomb had nothing to do with life and death. As such, even if their separated souls died inside the emperor’s tomb, it would never inflict any damage on their true bodies. This feature made it the perfect place for training.

“Thunder Emperor's Tomb… This place is cut off from the outside world, forming another world within. One will not be able to enter the tomb without the thunder jade. But even after those who possess the thunder jades have entered the tomb, they still need to follow the Thunder Emperor’s rules to raise their cultivation base by killing those remnant souls and spirits in order to get Dao Fruits… The Thunder Emperor really is a peerless genius who has neither predecessors or successors! Perhaps he is the only person in this world who could come up with such an impressive training ground.”  

Ning Fan praised inwardly. If he had a thunder jade, he would be very willing to enter the emperor’s tomb and have a look inside. Besides, if he could raise the cultivation base of his separated soul to the Divine Transformation Realm in the tomb, he could slaughter the Divine Transformation Realm remnant souls like ants with his techniques. Then, he would be able to get countless Divine Transformation Realm Dao Fruits from the battles which would be greatly beneficial in improving his combat power!

Just as this idea rose within his head, he immediately put it off.

Another doubt struck him, making him waver from his initial thought. With a solemn gaze, he turned towards Dong Xu and asked.

“There is only one thing that I don’t understand. Why would the Thunder Emperor want to build this kind of space within the Treasure of the Cosmos before he died. Indeed, this Thunder Emperor's Tomb is a perfect place of cultivation for juniors, but I don’t think a Void Fragmentation Realm emperor would spend such a large price to leave behind benefits to junior cultivators. I suppose there is some other underlying meaning behind the Thunder Emperor’s action of building this tomb!”

“Daoist Dong Xu clearly said at first that the Thunder Emperor is dead, but then you said that he is still alive. Could it be that… the reason why Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou who is said to be dead is actually alive is related to this Thunder Emperor’s Tomb?!”

Ning Fan seemed to have thought of something. His question made Dong Xu nod his head with approval. Then, the latter explained. 

“You’re right! Fellow Daoist is really a smart person! The reason behind Lord Thunder Emperor creating this tomb was, of course, not just as simple as to benefit the junior cultivators. In the past, he was heavily injured and he was on the brink of death. There was nothing in this world that could heal him. He knew that his death was irreversible, thus he created the emperor’s tomb and used his profound ability to allow the remnant souls of the cultivators whom he had killed in the past to stay inside the place in a unique form. Just like what I mentioned earlier, all these remnant souls that linger within the emperor’s tomb will never perish. Even if they are killed by living cultivators, they will reform after some time with the power of thunder!”

“Lord Thunder Emperor has also sealed his remnant soul inside the emperor’s tomb! He can be said to have died ten thousand years ago, but still alive in another form inside his tomb! No one can explain clearly whether he is dead or alive. However, as long as his remnant soul is within the emperor’s tomb, the Rain Palace will not dare to cause trouble at the Endless Sea!”

Dong Xu’s eyes glinted with reverence and admiration.

Even though Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou had died, he still had a method to seal his remnant soul inside the emperor’s tomb, keeping himself alive in another way.

Even if Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou was only left with just a remnant soul, he could still strike fear into the Divine Sovereign of the Rain World with it!

This was the weight of Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou’s prestige!

Dong Xu slapped his storage pouch and produced a thunder jade. He passed it to Ning Fan to let him have a look.

That was a jade token which shined in silver. Dong Xu had managed to subdue it and make it recognize him as its host.

“Is this a thunder jade?” Ning Fan wore a stern expression.

“Precisely! This is the thunder jade, the essential item to enter the emperor’s tomb. However, since it has already recognized me as the host, I can’t give it to you. Otherwise, you can use my thunder jade to enter the emperor’s tomb and train inside. Every one hundred years, the Zhou Family in the Internal Endless Sea will give out 72 thunder jades. It has been ten thousand years since Lord Thunder Emperor has died. Within this period of time, there are a total of seven thousand and two hundred thunder jades that has been given out to the citizens of the Rain World. Most of them have been collected by the Rain Palace.”

“After obtaining this thunder jade, it needs to be immediately subdued and assimilated before it could be used. Because of this, this thunder jade can’t be given to others. In another ten years, the Zhou Family will give out thunder jades and there will also be 72 of them. If you have time, you can give it a try. With your combat power, it is not difficult for you to get one of these jades. If you manage to get number one thunder jade among the seventy-two of them, you will even get a massive fortune. In every competition, the competitor who is ranked first will get the ‘Thunder Jade of Bestowal’. It contains a power bestowed by Lord Thunder Emperor. By assimilating it, it could drastically improve one’s cultivation base! All of us, the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea, have once won the first place in the competition for thunder jades!”

Dong Xu gave Ning Fan a deep gaze. He believed that with his combat power, he would certainly be able to get the first place even if he competes with the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators of the Internal Endless Sea and the geniuses from the Rain Palace.

The Thunder Emperor's Tomb was filled with opportunities and fortunes. To Ning Fan, a person who was in urgent need of raising his strength, it was definitely a huge temptation.

“Ten years later…”


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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