Grasping Evil - Chapter 364.2

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Ning Fan nodded. If he still remained in the Endless Sea ten years later, he would certainly go and compete for a thunder jade.

Ning Fan had never had the idea of giving up any of the opportunities that came across him.

However, it would be a bit too early to think about this matter since the thunder jades would only be given out in another ten years.

“Fellow Daoist Dong Xu, roughly how long will you still need to be fully prepared to break through to the Void Refinement Realm in the emperor’s tomb?” Ning Fan suddenly changed the topic.

“I will need at least a few years or at most tens of years. Breaking through to the Void Refinement Realm is not a trivial matter. However, I am quite confident after obtaining your help. I am also prepared to stay in Gusu Island and study the insights that you have gained in the breakthrough of your state of mind. With me guarding this island, it is going to be safe. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about the Pleasure Devil Island as well.”

“Is that so? If that’s the case, it means Fellow Daoist Dong Xu won’t be inside the emperor’s tomb to break through your cultivation base within these few years, right? That is fine too. If I get a thunder jade ten years later, perhaps I can enter the emperor’s tomb and help Fellow Daoist in breaking through to the next cultivation level…”

“Hehe. If that day really comes, I would really need your help in protecting me during my meditation.” Dong Xu made a smile and did not imagine it any further.

“I am preparing to leave for a period of time. After handling some trivial matters in the external sea, I will go into seclusion in the Lost World Palace to completely assimilate all the items that I have obtained from the killings I’ve done previously. After that, I will enter the Internal Endless Sea in my strongest state. It may take me a few months or maybe even a few years…” Ning Fan pondered.

When Dong Xu heard that Ning Fan was planning to leave, he immediately asked with a surprised tone.

“You want to leave for a few years? If that’s the case, you can just let Ling Er stay in Gusu Island temporarily. After her life force has been replenished, her strength has increased drastically and is now close to attaining the Divine Transformation Realm. Perhaps she would be able to achieve a breakthrough within this period of time.”

“Ling Er attaining the Divine Transformation Realm? Fine. If that is how it is, I will concoct some pills for her which could aid her in attaining the Divine Transformation Realm before I leave.”

Two women’s figures appeared in Ning Fan’s eyes. One of them was Xu Qiuling while the other one was Yin Suqiu.

These two women were about to achieve the Divine Transformation Realm. Perhaps, he could also concoct some pills for Yin Suqiu too.

He stood there, absorbed in his thoughts. These women were his family.

Family… With them around, which place that I travel to isn’t home even if I wander from place to place?

Home. My home. Other than them, my master, my brother, and there seems to be another person.

“My mother…”

He seemed to have remembered something. He looked at Dong Xu but his eyes this time were filled with a hint of hesitation and nervousness.

Even if it was just a barely significant hint of nervousness, this expression rarely appeared in Ning Fan’s eyes.

“Fellow Daoist Dong Xu, could you please help me perform a divination on something using the drop of True Immortal’s blood you have… It’s very important!”

“Oh? Of course I can! However, this drop of True Immortal’s blood can only be used once. Has Fellow Daoist made up your mind on which matter you wish me to help you foresee?”

Dong Xu was inwardly surprised. He had never seen Ning Fan behave so nervously.

It was enough to show how significant that matter was to Ning Fan.

“Mm. I have already thought about it. Please help me look for a person…”

There were a lot of things that Ning Fan wanted to know inside his heart.

He wanted to find out who the person who plotted against the Old Devil was. However, Wei Xuan had already told him about it.

He wanted to find and gather all of Weiling’s souls. However, he had some guesses on the whereabouts of her souls.

He wanted to know who the person was that had altered his fate and plotted against his luck. However, compared to that person who was in his mind right now, everything just seemed insignificant.

He wanted to find that person. During Mortal Severance in the Sea of Clouds, he discovered that the person was still alive in this world. He wanted to find her.

“Look for a person? Who do you want me to look for?”

“Her name is Ning Qian.” Ning Fan’s tone sounded calm but his eyes were flashing with a mixture of excitement and worry.

Ning Qian was his mother. He was not sure whether her mother was really still alive. All he had was just guesses.

If the result of Dong Xu’s divination was that she was dead, his hope would come to nothing.

“Ning Qian? It sounds like a feminine name. Is she your woman…? Fellow Daoist Zhou, you are really a dissolute man living an unconventional lifestyle…”

Dong Xu casually spoke and smiled. However, his words were cut off by Ning Fan’s angry stare.

“She is my mother!”

Well, there was no way Ning Fan would not be angry. After all, someone’s parents were not something to laugh at.

“*Cough* I’m sorry to have made such an insensitive remark…”

Dong Xu was astonished again. Inwardly, he just thought that Ning Fan was a dutiful son as the latter asked him to find his mother’s whereabouts using the True Immortal’s blood.

“Do you have her appearance? A keepsake or something given by her or her qi?” Dong Xu asked.

“I only know her appearance.”

With a wave of his hand, Ning Fan produced a pen and ink. He closed his eyes and recalled Ning Qian’s face.

The one in Yun Ruowei’s dream, the one who showed pity to her son on the Ten Steps Bridge, and the one who cooked for him and Zhihe in the illusory realm when he was at the Dao Asking Cliff.

Each of her impressions overlapped with each other and assimilated. Then, Ning Fan swung his pen and drew a woman who had a dignified and kind appearance on the paper.

“If I only have the appearance, the information that I can get through divination won’t be a lot. I can only do my best.” Dong Xu memorized the portrait of the woman in his heart. Then, he sat up right on his seat and began to move his fingers.

A trace of blood light flickered between his brows. Afterwards, a vast aura force flowed out from within his body. However, it stopped within the area of three zhang* (3.33m per zhang) around him.

Ning Fan clenched his fists tightly. He was hoping that Dong Xu would be able to give him a satisfying answer.

In the past, he had always thought that he was born without parents. However, since he had discovered some clues that his mother might still be around in this world, he, of course, would spare no effort to find her.

The time it takes for an incense stick to burn passed by.

Two hours flew by.

Then, the next day arrived.

Dong Xu’s face gradually turned old and pale as if performing divination on this matter was pretty arduous to him.

“I can’t see through it! I can’t! Her fate has also been altered by someone.”

“Her fate has been concealed. However, since Fellow Daoist Zhou has requested for my help, I am going to risk everything to help you do this!”

Dong Xu’s eyes were stern. In the life of cultivators, emotions had to be severed and love had to be cut off so that they could leave their mortal dust behind. Ning Fan, however, was willing to look for his mother again. This made Dong Xu admire him.

Since one has made a promise, one shall keep it regardless of anything! Although Dong Xu had no idea who that person was that was powerful enough to hide her fate, if it was to repay Ning Fan his favor, he was willing to give it his all.

“Blood, break!”

Ferocity filled his eyes. He exerted his magic power and used up the True Immortal’s blood in his glabella. Right in the next moment, he felt like his chest had suffered a heavy blow as he fell to the ground from his seat. He was coughing out blood incessantly but his eyes flashed with a hint of delight.

When he used up the True Immortal’s blood by inflicting damage on himself, he had managed to open up a gap on the veil concealing her fate and saw a part of the secret behind!

“Fellow Daoist Zhou, I have managed to foresee it! The secret of the heavens shows that if you want to find Ning Qian, you have to look for a person…”

Dong Xu suddenly paused with hesitation. He did not know whether he should tell Ning Fan the result of his prophecy.

“Who should I look for?!” Ning Fan’s eyes shone with joy. Since he was still able to find his mother, it naturally meant that his mother was still alive.

If one can’t show their filial piety when they were alive, how could they rest in peace?!

Ning Fan wanted to find his mother and make up for the standards of filial piety that he had never shown before!

“You have to find… the ‘White-Robed Sword God’ Yun Tianjue! *Cough* Perhaps I have made a mistake during my divination. Fellow Daoist, please don’t take my words to heart.”

Dong Xu who was always calm and composed was actually feeling fearful when he uttered that name.

He wondered if asking Ning Fan to find this person was a mistake.

After all, Yun Tianjue was a devilish swordsman who killed without batting an eye.

“Yun Tianjue!”

Even for Ning Fan, his mind was a little stunned when he heard of his name.

After spending so many years in the cultivation world, he was no longer the young and reckless kid in the past. How would he not know of the infamous White-Robed Sword God.

When a man carrying a sword comes from the west, all beings beneath the heavens bow in reverence!

As long as there is a sword in his hand, he would dare to defy the heavens!

That Yun Tianjue is not only peerlessly strong, but also has a cold and arrogant temper. His mood is erratic and he kills without mercy.

Ning Fan frowned slightly. Could it be that he really needed to find Yun Tianjue to ask about his mother’s whereabouts?

Not to mention that he had no idea where Yun Tianjue was right now, even if he did, no one knew if he would enrage that person by asking him a question and shred him into pieces.

“Erm… Fellow Daoist Zhou, I have a piece of advice for you. There are still other alternatives to look for your mother. If it isn’t necessary, you must not mess with Yun Tianjue. A thousand years ago, this man was still a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. However, one thousand years later, he has attained the Void Fragmentation Realm. He is incredibly strong and he is also the most ruthless and cold-blooded cultivator here. Rumor has it that during the moment he broke through to the Void Fragmentation Realm, he had gone crazy and even killed his own fourth brother… Because he had killed the Fourth Prince of the Rain Palace, he was given a serious punishment by the Divine Sovereign which was to sever one of his arms…”

“Killing his own brother?!”

Ning Fan’s brows were knitted more tightly. He could not help but harbor an ill feeling towards Yun Tianjue.

From his perspective, the people in this world were generally categorized into three types: mortals, enemies and family.

Mortals were the group of people that he was the most reluctant to kill.

When stepping into a fight with cultivators, life and death must be sorted out. Those would be his enemies.

As for his family, he would never kill them even if it would cost him his life!

Naturally, Ning Fan did not look too highly on Yun Tianjue.

Despite having strong capabilities and talent, being so cold-blooded would certainly make it difficult for him to attain the Great Dao.

“I have remembered Fellow Daoist Dong Xu’s kind advice. If it isn’t necessary, I will never mess with this ferocious person.”

“However, I will look for her no matter what!”

An idea suddenly struck him. If finding Yun Tianjue was not a feasible method, then he could actually look for Yun Ruowei.

He remembered that he had once met Ning Qian in Yun Ruowei’s dream…

Perhaps Yun Ruowei knows something about her…

Looking at Ning Fan who was absorbed in his own thoughts, Dong Xu felt rather interested.

Lewdness was the beginning of all evil while filial piety was the most important of all virtues. However, Ning Fan had both of them.

This young man is really a radical person.


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