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Yue Lingkong froze in surprise. She had never expected that Ning Fan could make a thousand plus women obediently undress themselves with just a few words.

She knew that these were his human cauldrons. However, most of them were still untouched virgins. How could they be so obedient to him without showing any signs of resistance at all?

Ning Fan was also quite surprised. Even though he wanted to dual cultivate with all of them, he had not asked them to undress themselves on the spot.

A thousand plus women took off their clothes in such an orderly manner… They are indeed well-trained.

“Master! We, the female guards of the Ning Clan, are willing to dedicate ourselves to please Master at all times!”

The two sisters, Bing Ling and Yue Ling, smiled proudly. Without a doubt, they had to be credited for taming this large group of women.

Most of the women in the group were human cauldrons that Ning Fan bought. They were already docile in the first place. Only a minority of them were Ning Fan’s enemies. However, all of them had already been conquered by Ning Fan. Besides, after a long period of time in his Cauldron Ring, they had already been brainwashed by the two sisters. Now, they just couldn’t be any more obedient.

Bing Ling and Yue Ling had not only trained the female guards to take off their clothes and their skills in bed, but also trained them to form formations to kill enemies.

They were wholeheartedly trying to help Ning Fan share the danger and his burden. Therefore, they were always ready to charge to the battlefield and help Ning Fan block the glint and flash of cold steel.

“Thank you.”

Ning Fan approached the sisters and gently patted their heads. When he looked at the thousand plus delicate and pretty women, a multitude of feelings welled up in his heart.

“In the following months, I’ll perform dual cultivation with you all… We will do it one by one. You don’t have to come at me all at the same time.”

He was not a good person. He had these human cauldrons for the obvious purpose of practicing dual cultivation after buying them. 

However, after being influenced by Xu Qiuling, he began to care for his own human cauldrons.

To many of them, it was their first time. If he acts aggressively like how animals mated, he would give them a traumatic experience.

The only thing he could do was to let the women come to him one by one. It would at least give them a more pleasant experience.

“Little Cucumber, you're a lascivious fiend! Making out with one thousand women consecutively. You’re just shameless!” Even though Yue Lingkong was scolding him fiercely, she felt a little unconfident inside.

She was not sure if Ning Fan would also dual cultivate with her and use her to have a breakthrough on the bottleneck of his cultivation method.

After all, the body she currently had was that of a young girl’s which was completely undeveloped. Doing that kind of ‘activity’ would be extremely painful to her.

During her first time, she had nearly died because of the unbearable pain. Since then, she had a trauma of doing that activity again.

“Yue’er, you’re afraid, aren’t you?” Ning Fan asked.

“I-I…” Yue Lingkong’s voice quivered. She was really afraid. However, when she looked at Ning Fan’s teasing eyes, her dignity as a female tyrant told her not to cower before him.

“I’m not afraid! Even if I’m going to be poked to death by your little cucumber, I won’t flinch either!” Yue Lingkong wore a strong look, as if she was undaunted to meet death.

“Silly girl… If you’re not willing, I’m not going to force you. Just go and get some fresh air on this island with Weiliang and Xiaohuan but don’t stray off too far.”

It was the first time for Ning Fan to be so gentle with Yue Lingkong. That sunshine smile on his face was just like the expression he once had in Seven Apricot in the past.

Yue Lingkong’s heart felt a jolt. She had already gotten used to Ning Fan’s abusive behavior to her. When she was now being treated with tenderness by him, she found herself at a complete loss.

Human cauldrons were human cauldrons while wives were wives. Both identities were distinctively different. Perhaps the difficulties and life-and-death experiences they had together in their trip to the Star Sea had unknowingly made Ning Fan consider her as one of his wives.

“Little Cucumber, thank you… I won’t practice dual cultivation with you then…” Yue Lingkong did not flaunt and she decisively accepted Ning Fan’s kind intentions by refusing to dual cultivate with him.

Well, she had no other choice as her lower part was just too narrow. Since both Ning Fan and her would feel hurt in doing that activity, what’s the point of it?

However, after she had spoken those words, she suddenly felt a little dispirited. It was her first time in her entire lifetime that she particularly felt hatred of herself for having the body of an underdeveloped young girl.

“Help me take care of Weiliang and Xiaohuan.” Ning Fan patted Yue Lingkong’s head. After he asked the female guards of the Ning Clan to put on their clothes, he entered the devil city with them. His eyes were filled with determination.

He did not explain to all the women that the reason why he had to have such an outrageous plucking session was to attain the Third Level of his Yin Yang Transformation as soon as possible to save Luo You.

He thought there was no need for them to know about it and thus, there was no point in explaining it to them. He was going to take the virginity of these women and he did not plan to give any excuses for what he would do to evade responsibility.

If he deceives them with excuses, it would be an insult to these women who were loyal to him.

Therefore, Ning Fan would rather conceal the truth from them and tell them that the reason why he would want to perform dual cultivation with them was because he coveted their beauty. He would rather let them feel that he wanted to dual cultivate with them because he had an affinity with them.

For several consecutive months afterwards, the excited moans of women resounded within the devil city on the Black Orchid Island from time to time.

The level of Ning Fan’s Yin Yang Transformation was gradually advancing to the next level after each plucking session… 

Above the sky of Black Orchid Island, a huge totem of the Yin Yang Fish appeared. It extended into the vast sky and shone

upon the island like a door which was waiting to be opened.

Once this door is opened, Ning Fan’s Yin Yang Transformation would then break through to the next level!

Day after day, each of the ignorant cultivators who had entered the Black Orchid Island by mistake were startled and immediately left after seeing an extremely terrifying grand formation of starlight defending this place and hearing Ning Fan’s warning within the formation light.

Under the cover of the formation light, no one was able to pry into the erotic scenes that was happening on the Black Orchid Island.

However, many cultivators could vaguely hear the seductive moans from within the island. Besides, it seemed that there was more than one woman.

“It can’t be wrong! The expert on the Black Orchid Island is Venerated Ming!”

“Yes! It’s absolutely Venerated Ming. Moreover, judging from the moans of those women, Venerated Ming is dual cultivating with them. Moreover, the number of women is a lot. I’m afraid there are up to one thousand of them there.”

“What?! Venerated Ming is dual cultivating with so many women?! Could it be that he is practicing his dual cultivation method?!”

“Precisely! It's a dual cultivation method. Apart from that, I’ve seen that kind of cultivation method in ancient books before! There is an odd totem of Yin Yang Fish in the sky above the Black Orchid Island. If I’m not wrong, Venerated Ming is cultivating… the Yin Yang Evil Technique!”

“What?! He is actually practicing that kind of shameless fiendgod cultivation method?! No, I didn’t mean that. No matter how shameless the cultivation method is, it’s no longer shameless when it is being practiced by Venerated Ming…”

Each of the cultivators did not dare to offend Ning Fan, let alone saying something bad about him.

However, the news of Ning Fan cultivating the Yin Yang Evil Technique spread in the Endless Sea.

To low-grade cultivators, fiendgod cultivation methods were very rare. To Divine Transformation Realm cultivators, however, fiendgod cultivation methods could only be considered as high-end cultivation methods and many of them had practiced them.

However, even if they practiced the same kind of fiendgod cultivation method, the effect and strength of the cultivation method would vary greatly without the orthodox inheritance.

What Ning Fan needed to conceal was not the fact that he was practicing the Yin Yang Devil Vein but the fact that he possessed the Yin Yang Locket. As long as no one knew about that secret, it was enough.

Perhaps there were many other cultivators practicing the Yin Yang Transformation. However, without the Yin Yang Locket, their bewitching arts would never be as profound as Ning Fan’s.

On Gusu Island, Xu Qiuling received a message-transmitting flying sword. After reading the message, she remained silent and indifferent.

It was a message from Xu Rushan from Pleasure Devil Island. He told Xu Qiuling about Ning Fan practicing a bewitching cultivation method and he hoped that she would not be angry and understand Ning Fan.

As a matter of fact, Xu Qiuling had already known about it. Even though Ning Fan performed dual cultivation with so many women, she still loved Ning Fan no matter what.

She understood Ning Fan and she knew that he had no choice and could not back off.

“Big Brother, you still love to flaunt your superiority…”

Xu Qiuling laughed. She knew that Ning Fan must have an unspeakable reason to make out with one thousand women.

“The Third Level of Yin Yang Transformation? I’ve heard that even though the Yin Yang Transformation is a shameless cultivation method, it’s extremely difficult to practice. Those who were able to attain the third level of the cultivation method were Void Fragmentation Realm devil lords in the rumors of the ancient books. If Big Brother can attain the third level while being at the Divine Transformation Realm, he can be said to have an extraordinary talent. He is truly my Big Brother, a person who can always do things that ordinary people can’t.”

If a woman with such a gentle temperament like Xu Qiuling does not become the model of being motherly beneath the heavens, it would indeed be unfortunate.

“Father, you don’t have to worry about me. I won’t blame Big Brother because... I understand him.”

Amidst the evening breeze, Xu Qiuling gazed into the sea horizon and stroked the hair on her temples. Her eyes flashed, as if she was longing for someone.

No matter what frivolous infamy Ning Fan bore, she would still accompany Ning Fan and stay by his side for the rest of her life. She would never leave him alone anymore.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Yin Yang Fish
    It is a symbol with black and white koi fish. They are said to resemble a female and male koi fish swimming together, representing the harmony of two opposite energies coming together as one, creating a perfect balance.
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