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After several months, Ning Fan had done it with one thousand women. His cultivation method had already been improved to the peak of the Second Level.

Each and every one of the one thousand plus women went through the intense plucking session and lost their chastity. After serving Ning Fan, they began to cultivate on the island one after another. Some of them had a battle of magic power against each other while others practiced in forming battle formations.

In the bedroom, Ning Fan closed his eyes in silence. Bing Ling, Yue Ling, the Wind Demoness, the Flower Demoness and Nalan Zi surrounded him in the nude, pleasing him with their lips and tongues.

On his lower body, Nalan Zi whose eyes had been blinded was carefully wrapping Ning Fan’s fiery rod with her fragrant lips, satisfying him with the special Cuckoo Shedding Technique of the Purple Cuckoo Race.

Under the service of these women, it was enough to make any man crazy and fail to restrain their lust. However, Ning Fan’s heart was hard like steel and so he remained unaffected.

The higher the level of his cultivation method, the calmer he is when facing women and the lesser he would be enchanted by any bewitching arts or illusions.

In a certain sense, Ning Fan’s state of mind being so strong was not without any valid reason.

Restraining himself from abusing his beautiful human cauldrons like an animal would despite facing them every day and night was already a great test for a man’s state of mind.

“Master, your cultivation method hasn’t broken through yet…?” Bing Ling was hugging Ning Fan’s waist and was sensually rubbing her tender chest on his body.

The other women were also doing their best to tease Ning Fan by showing their seductive sides, helping him achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation method.

Nalan Zi seemed to be putting all of her energy in skillfully fellating Ning Fan with her tender lips.

For the sake of her younger sister, she had decided to devote her heart and body to Ning Fan. She did not know whether Ning Fan would swindle her or not. All she could do was to try harder to please him and make him happy so that he would be willing to keep his promise.


Nalan Zi felt her tongue become a little numb. She had been keeping his rod within her mouth and licked it with her tongue for four hours straight. However, he had yet to blow his load. It was enough to show how strong his mind and endurance was.

“Master, can I continue pleasing you with my hands…? My mouth is getting numb and I want to give it rest for a while…” Nalan Zi asked cautiously. The haughtiness and domineering attitude that she used to have while being the Imperial Concubine could no longer be seen anymore.

“There’s no need for that. All of you, go and get some rest. You all have had a long day.”

Ning Fan gently patted Nalan Zi’s head and nodded at the other women, signaling that they were permitted to take some rest.

Bing Ling and the others obeyed and left but their eyes were filled with disappointment. They felt like they were failures as they were unable to help Ning Fan.

Nalan Zi bit her lips and eventually left the room. She felt pretty guilty and she blamed herself hard for failing to please Ning Fan. Of course, the cause of this feeling of guilt was related to her younger sister.

After the women left, there was only Ning Fan in the room alone. When he examined his immortal veins, his brows became tightly knitted.

“Why hasn’t my cultivation method broken through yet? In the cultivation method of the Yin Yang Transformation, it has been mentioned that when attaining the Third Level, a gate of the Yin Yang Fish would appear in the sky. However, even though this gate had already been there for a few months, my cultivation method still hasn’t advanced to the Third Level…”

“Am I missing something…?”

Ning Fan seemed to have gained some new insights. He draped a cloak over his shoulders and walked out of the room. The atmosphere outside the room was as cool as water and a full moon was hanging in the dark sky.

He raised his head and looked at the sky. Beyond the formation light in the hazy dark night, a totem of a pair of Yin Yang Fish swimming by each other’s side appeared in the sky.

The pair of Yin Yang Fish which were black and white respectively seemed to fully contain all the principles in the world.

When there is kindness, there is evil. When there is good, there is bad. When there is male, there is a female. When there is yin, there is yang. When there is life, there is death. When there is black, there is white...

The understanding within him was getting deeper. Just as the new understanding gradually rose within his mind, he faintly felt that his Yin Yang Transformation was showing signs of advancement. However, because his comprehension of it was not enough, it caused his cultivation method to be unable to go to the next level completely.

“I’ve done enough dual cultivations with women and if I’m still unable to attain the next level, the problem isn’t with dual cultivating. I’m afraid it’s because I don’t have enough comprehension towards ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’.”

“Yin Yang… What are Yin and Yang…? The Yin Yang Transformation cultivation method of Emperor Ancient Chaos clearly encompasses the great Dao of the world. But why was it explained as the most intimate interaction between male and female…?”

“The principle in the Yin Yang Transformation is too profound. However, just because it’s a dual cultivation method, it was considered as garbage by people. Aren’t they a little too whimsical?”

“Why did Xiao You’er[1] insisted on practicing the Yin Yang Transformation in the past? If she cultivates this technique, I wonder which she plucked, were they men or women…”

“Emperor Ancient Chaos used to be a disciple of the Immortal Sovereign Zi Dou and discovered the Dao of Yin Yang from his master’s Dao of Samsara… This cultivation method might have been prestigious and famous during ancient times, but it has become something perverts use in later generations.”


Ning Fan’s eyes suddenly flashed with enlightenment as if he had grasped the key.

Is it really shameless for males and females to dual cultivate? If there is no intercourse between them, how can one be born into this world?

The fault is not on dual cultivation but the use of the Yin Yang Transformation.

According to hearsays, there was an emperor in ancient times who made out with three thousand women consecutively in a day and eventually ascended to the heavens.

If the Yin Yang Transformation were in the hands of Emperor Ancient Chaos Emperor, he must also be that kind of romantic emperor who is joyous of the session but not indecent.

But if this cultivation method falls in the hands of perverts, it will definitely be a shameless means for them to commit sexual immorality.

As such, it is never the fault of the cultivation method but the person who uses it!

Ning Fan suddenly understood something. Scenes of his past memories flashed in front of his eyes like a trotting horse lamp.

By using the Yin Yang Transformation cultivation method, he had subdued countless women in the past. By using the profound Mind Reading Technique, he had pried into many women’s secrets.

From the perspective of the people in this world, his actions were brazen and he would only be treated as a lascivious guy.

However, since lust is human nature, why is it wrong? Could it be that only when one who has eliminated their own desires and nature to be emotionless and merciless is practicing the righteous Dao…?

What is right and what is wrong?!

Ning Fan’s mind gradually became chaotic. He was unable to see through it!

Keeping the inherent nature or destroying it, keeping one’s emotions or being emotionless. They were two completely different great Dao in the world. The insights of the Dao involved were too profound which made him unable to think it through.

Struggle! His mind was in a struggle again!

It was as if his Heart’s Devil was knocking on the door of his heart, mocking and teasing him.

That Heart’s Devil was firmly claiming that the Dao that Ning Fan chose was wrong!

When his Heart’s Devil became more and more horrible, his eyes glinted with ferocity. He made a strike on his chest with his palm and spurted out mouthfuls of blood which also got rid of his Hearts’ Devil.

He was Ning Fan. How could he be underestimated by a mere Heart’s Devil!

He had the brutality and arrogance which no one could match!

Gradually, his mind calmed down!

“I have no shame or guilt but have a clear conscience!”

“It’s wrong to kill, but what is wrong if one kills his enemies in order to protect their countries and families?!”

“It’s right to save people, but how can it be right to save an ungrateful person who repays grace with enmity?!”

“It’s wrong to commit fornication, but the people whom I plucked were either my human cauldrons or my foes. I would not dare to say that I’m not wrong, but I have a clear conscience at the very least!”

“It’s right to accept one’s fate as destined by the heavens. However, if the heavens’ fate is to let me die and let my loved one be humiliated and die innocently, I’ll never yield to this kind of destiny!”

“...I understand now!”

Ning Fan raised his head and looked at the sky. He finally understood the profound meaning of the totem of the Yin Yang Fish that could be seen everywhere in the cultivation world.

‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ had nothing to do with right or wrong. The Heavenly Dao is merciless and it’s because of its mercilessness that everyone could be treated equally.

Ning Fan’s gaze alternated between being blank and solemn. His presence flickered unstably from time to time. Sometimes, he would be covered with white robes while other times his black hair would become longer and turn into a man in black robes that seethed with black qi.

The man in black robes was Ning Fan whereas the man in white robes was also him.

What’s wrong and right were also Yin and Yang.

There was clarity and obscurity in the Heavenly Dao. However, between the two elements, none of them was superior or inferior to the other.

If there is no clarity, there is no obscurity. If there is no Yin, there will be no Yang! 


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


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  1. ^ Xiao You’er is an affectionate way of calling Luo You, the woman inside the locket.