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Although there was a serious backlash from the Stele of Sun and Moon, suffering injuries wasn’t a big deal to Ning Fan at all.

With his profound yet mysterious Black Star Technique, his recovery speed was definitely beyond the reach of ordinary cultivators!

For ten consecutive days, the Black Orchid Island was basked in black starlight.

Ten days later, Ning Fan pushed open the door and exited his room. He fully recovered from his injuries. In a way, he was just like a cockroach that was hard to kill.

More and more cultivators rushed to Black Orchid Island, trying to find out the source of that Void Fragmentation Realm strike.

Naturally, no one would suspect that Ning Fan was the one who unleashed that attack. What they thought was that a Void Fragmentation Realm cultivator of the Rain World had entered the External Endless Sea.

As for Ning Fan, he was too lazy to make any contact with those cultivators too. He just kept his women in his Cauldron Ring and kept his Inlaid Star Compass as well, leaving the island afterwards.

Many cultivators wanted to ask him whether he had seen a Void Fragmentation Realm old monster, but all of them instantly left in fear when he gave them a death stare. Not a single one of them dared to say a word to him.

Ning Fan’s teleportation light flew straight to the south-eastern direction. His destination was the Lost World Palace.

He had three objectives in visiting the Lost World Palace. Firstly, the Lost World Palace had four pill towers which stored countless spiritual medicines. Anyhow, Ning Fan was an honorary feudal ranking pill master of the Lost World Palace. Going there to get some spiritual medicines which nourishes primordial spirits to save Luo You was common in the first place.

Secondly, he had gathered quite a lot of heavenly materials and earthly treasures which he looted from the enemies he killed throughout his journey. Eighteen drops of Void Refinement Realm demon blood, four thousand and seven hundred traces of Nascent Soul Realm sword qi, seventeen Intent Separation Pills, the Profound Heart of Mother Earth… 

With so many excellent items, it wasn’t difficult for his magic power to attain the Divine Transformation Realm while greatly improving his sword intent. However, it would probably take quite some time for him to assimilate all of those heavenly materials and earthly treasures and boost his magic power to the Divine Transformation Realm in seclusion. Thus, Ning Fan had to make a trip to the Lost World Palace again to make use of their tower.

As for his third objective, it was to show some care to Bei Xiaoman in Yuan Yao’s stead and return Stone Warrior to her.

If Ning Fan did not have that kind of relationship with Yuan Yao, he would at most refrain from hurting Bei Xiaoman. However, it would certainly be impossible for him to show kindness to her. 

From the bottom of his heart, he already treated Yuan Yao as his wife. Since Bei Xiaoman was the so-called ‘sister’ Yuan Yao cared for, Ning Fan who was the ‘brother-in-law’ would of course need to show her some care too.

Other than returning Stone Warrior to her, he was going to check whether Bei Xiaoman had completely severed her scarlet dragon or not.

Of course, if Bei Xiaoman still had some period blood, Ning Fan would be very willing to drink a few cups of it.

Although its flavor was pretty hardcore, it was worth noting that the magic power contained in her menstrual blood was not any lesser than those in Dao Fruits.

After flying alone for tens of millions of li* (500 m per li), Ning Fan’s transportation light stopped and he descended on Penglai Immortal Island. Currently, he could completely regard the protective formation of the island as nothing.

When he made a single step, he and his shadow disappeared without leaving a trace. No one knew at all that Zhou Ming, the ferocious devil lord who had wiped out multiple forces on his own, had arrived at Penglai.

An enormous island floated in midair, casting its massive shadow over the sea. It was an island formed with the corpse of a celestial turtle. When Ning Fan visited Penglai Immortal Island for the first time, he looked at the island in awe. Now, however, the island seemed ordinary to him and his expression no longer had the slightest trace of wonder.

Everything was the same as before. The verdant hills and limpid water and the clear sky where hooded cranes would occasionally fly past while singing songs. The only thing that was different from before was that Ning Fan was no longer an insignificant Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator who was being hunted down everywhere by others.

Within Xuan Wu City at the center of the island, four ten thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) tall pill towers stood at the four cardinal directions surrounding the city while a seven storey silver tower stood at the center of the city. 

Ning Fan’s figure shimmered into existence outside of the southern tower.

In the past, that was the place where he obtained Bei Xiaoman’s approval to enter the fifth level of the Lost World Tower and attained the Nascent Soul Realm within three hundred and twenty years.

Now, he had returned. Without exposing a single trace of his aura, no one on the island managed to notice his arrival. 

Outside the southern tower, the street was bustling with activity. All of the countless cultivators seemed to be watching a scene happening on the street. With all of their attention focused on that, none of them noticed the appearance of a peerless devil lord who was standing right behind the crowd.

“*clicks tongue* Miss Ya Lan is really pitiful. That Gu Zhen has actually set his eyes upon her and wants her to be his partner… That man is rumored to be a lustful and dissolute person. He has countless wives and concubines, but all of the female cultivators that he married were cast aside like a pair of old shoes after he had his fun with them… It’s really a pity if such a gentle and kind lady like Miss Ya Lan falls into Gu Zhen’s hand…”

“Shhh! Are you trying to get yourself killed!? Gu Zhen is a divine messenger of the Rain Palace, a Fourth Revolution Pill Master, and an expert with a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base! Moreover, his master is “Revered Flames” of the Rain Palace who is also a reputable High Grade Fifth Revolution Pill Master! With such an identity, even if he has a dissolute nature, it is still understandable. Miss Ya Lan's appearance and personality are extraordinary. However, she doesn’t have any powerful background. Besides, she is just a Gold Core Realm cultivator. Being able to marry Gu Zhen would be a good thing for her.”

“Hai. But Miss Ya Lan seems to already have a person  in her heart and is unwilling to marry Gu Zhen… I heard that even some of the elders from her family are enraged because of her stubbornness. The Ya Family knows full well that they can't offend the Rain Palace…”

The crowd was animatedly discussing among themselves about the incident. However, they were clueless that their words were overheard by a young man in white robes.

“Ya Lan... She could be considered as an old friend of mine. The disciple of ‘Revered Flames’ huh? Interesting. Prior to this, Revered Flames had sent three Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators who had joined the Rain Palace to become the tower masters here. Now, he sent his disciple to marry Ya Lan by force… He seems to really harbor grudges against the Lost World Palace. Is it because of the Green Phoenix Flame that he failed to acquire in the past?”

Within the southern tower and outside the external hall, Ya Lan pursed her lips and sat at a lower seat.

The close-fitting cheongsam1 revealed the graceful curves of her body. Her face was charming but it was full of despair.

“Master Gu Zhen, please don’t force me. I-I still don’t want to marry anyone…” Ya Lan bit her lips nervously as she tried to say the words with a calm tone.


Her refusal immediately aroused dissatisfaction in a gloomy and malevolent man.

On the upper seat sat a chubby young man with a frivolous expression. He was holding a cup and taking his time to enjoy the spiritual tea.

However, when he heard of Ya Lan's refusal, the chubby young man suddenly stood up and hurled his cup at Ya Lan fiercely and said with an indifferent tone.

“Hmph! I, Gu Zhen, am a dignified Fourth Revolution Pill Master. It is your ultimate honor and fortune that I have taken a fancy on you. What rights do you have in rejecting my marriage proposal!?”


The tea cup made a perfect arc across the air, flying directly towards Ya Lan's pretty face.

Ya Lan clenched her teeth and gently turned her body to avoid the incoming cup. However, it then split into pieces and cut through Ya Lan's cheek, leaving streaks of blood on her face.

It was painful… But what’s more hurtful than the cut was the humiliation she felt.

What’s more agonizing than the humiliation she felt was the cold shoulder from her loved ones.

There were three elders from the Ya Family sitting next to Ya Lan.

All three of them were Nascent Soul Realm cultivators with two of them being at the Early Nascent Soul Realm while the other was at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm.

Despite seeing the descendant of their family being humiliated by an outsider, none of them stood up for her.

Instead, the three elders of the Ya Family looked at Ya Lan coldly, as if they were blaming her for uttering offensive words which offended Gu Zhen.

“Ya Lan! Master Gu Zhen is right! You should be thankful that he has taken a fancy on you. No matter if you're willing to marry him or not, you still need to marry him in the end. This matter is related to the survival or extinction of our family. It’s not up to you to decide!”

“Please forgive us, Master Gu Zhen. Ya Lan is still young and ignorant. She just couldn’t see the bigger picture. Master Gu Zhen, please calm down.”

Gu Zhen's gloomy eyes were filled with contempt and arrogance.

He was the disciple of ‘Revered Flames’ of the Rain Palace. Besides, he was also a dignified Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator with Fourth Revolution pill refinement techniques.  Now, since he has set his eyes upon a Gold Core Realm lady like her, how could she be allowed to reject him!

Although Ya Lan was a member of the Lost World Palace, she was only one of the most common underlings. Furthermore, this matter was a private matter of the Ya Family.

Since the Ya Family had all agreed to marry off Ya Lan to Master Gu Zhen, how could there still be any reason for her to refuse?

“If you don’t marry me, I’ll see to it that the Ya Family will definitely be annihilated!” Gu Zhen threatened with a cold menacing tone.

His threatening remark made Ya Lan smile hopelessly.

Deep inside, she was reluctant to marry him. However, it seemed like fate didn’t want her to have the right to choose.

Marry, I’ll just marry him… How could I, a mere lady at the Early Gold Core Realm, have the right to reject the request of a divine messenger of the Rain Palace? Moreover, he is also a Fourth Revolution Pill Master...

Ya Lan didn’t say much. She raised her head and shifted her gaze towards Gu Zhen. Gradually, they became calm and composed.

She did not dare to resist her fate, but she despised Gu Zhen to the marrow of her bones.

For no reason, she suddenly recalled the figure of a young man in front of her eyes.

That year, a young boy who was covered in blood came to the southern tower and claimed himself as Zhou Ming.

That year, Ya Lan offered to sleep with him with a coquettish expression and tried to be his partner in dual-cultivation. However, she was rejected by him.

Looking back, I find myself really laughable.

Today, that man has become a supreme being of the Endless Sea. He probably might not even remember that there was once a lady who had secretly fallen in love with him.

“Fine, I’ll marry him…”

Ya Lan smiled bitterly and nodded her head.


Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel


  1. Cheongsam, also known as qipao, is a type of feminine body-hugging dress with distinctive Chinese features of Manchu origin. It was called mandarin gown during 1920s-1930s.
    (Click here for picture)
    Source: Wikipedia

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