Grasping Evil - Chapter 371.2

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Their words stunned countless cultivators. 

Originally, everyone thought that these two Void Refinement Realm experts were about to seek revenge for Revered Flame. However, what happened next greatly exceeded their expectations.

What on earth was happening?

A revered being of the Rain Palace had been killed and was turned to nothing, not even a speck of his bones left. How come these two Void Refinement Realm experts still have the mood to laugh? Are they actually cracking a joke with his murderer, Ning Fan? 

Even though Ning Fan was not at fault for Revered Flame’s demise and he had done it in order to protect himself, publicly killing a revered member of the Rain Palace was a slap in the face to them. It would really be not in line with the dominating style of the Rain Palace if they do not hold him accountable for such a serious matter!

“Oh? These two seniors don’t think I’m guilty of murder?” Ning Fan was slightly surprised. Evidently, he also did not expect that the two Void Refinement Realm experts would smile at him in a friendly manner. His intention of getting rid of the two Void Refinement Realm experts was temporarily put off.

Could it be that these two experts had a grudge against Revered Flame and killing the latter just happened to align with their wishes?

“This young friend must be joking. The Endless Sea is a lawless region in the first place. There is nothing wrong with killing anyone here. Furthermore, Yun Yan attempted to kill you first, so you were just protecting yourself. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it? Don’t worry, young friend. No one will blame you for Yun Yan’s death. Both of us can assure you that! Moreover, you’re much more useful than that Yun Yan to our Rain Palace. Therefore, you don’t have to worry.”

The two Void Refinement Realm experts laughed leisurely, as if Revered Flame’s death was just a trivial matter.

Ning Fan stared deeply at the two experts. 

From what they have said, the reason why they changed their attitudes is because I’m more useful than Revered Flame.

Does the word ‘useful’ they mentioned mean that they need help with something from me? Otherwise, with their identities as Void Refinement Realm experts of the Rain Palace, they would never speak so softly to me.

I see… I have some usefulness to the Rain Palace. 

Speaking from another perspective, would this usefulness let Ning Fan obtain benefits from the Rain Palace?

“How are you, Third Elder?” One of the Void Refinement Realm experts asked with a smile.


There was a saying which goes, ‘when words are many, sin is not absent.’ Ning Fan remained silent as he had not figured out the actual intentions of these two experts.

“Hehe. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t say anything. We both know that that old man, Zhou Chen, is hiding in the space of your Treasure of Immortal’s Abode…”

“Zhou Chen?” Ning Fan was inwardly surprised but his face remained calm. This name was unfamiliar to him. At least, it was not known in the Internal Endless Sea.

Seeing Ning Fan not expressing any opinion, the two experts did not ask about that matter anymore. Instead, they changed the topic and raised another question.

“This young friend, are you willing to join the Rain Palace and become a revered being? If you have this intention, we might be able to help you by recommending you to the Rain Palace.”


Their words were too shocking. They caused an uproar among the cultivators who heard that offer.

Since when did the threshold for becoming a revered being of the Rain Palace became so low?

Didn’t the Rain Palace reject devil or demon cultivators from joining them?

Don’t they refuse to accept any person who kills people like scything flax?

Why are the experts of the Rain Palace still treating Venerated Ming with respect and are even trying to rope him in although he killed Revered Flame, a revered being of their clan?

Unbelievable. It’s too unbelievable.

Ning Fan was analyzing the words of the two Void Refinement Realm experts and made some guesses.

These two experts might really need my help on something. Otherwise, they won’t offer such a generous benefit to me.

Not everyone was able to become a revered being of the Rain Palace. Once you become a revered member of the Rain Palace, nearly none of all the eight hundred cultivation countries in Rain World would dare to provoke you.

“What are these two seniors’ requests? You might as well be frank with me about your intentions. If there are great enough benefits, I might consider giving you help.”


The faces of the two Void Refinement Realm experts lit up with delight and they gave Ning Fan a firm and solemn promise.

“This young friend, are you okay with having a detailed discussion with us about this matter? Don’t worry, we can swear with our Heart Devils not to hurt you at all! This matter wouldn’t be too difficult or dangerous to you. As for the benefits, I believe they will definitely satisfy you!”

As a matter of fact, Ning Fan did not really think that they would be able to hurt him either.

Ning Fan stared at the two experts once again. Ning Fan gradually withdrew his killing qi and descended outside the southern tower with an expressionless face. He then smiled at Bei Xiaoman.

“Young Mistress Bei, do you mind lending me a place to have further discussion with these two seniors?”

“Of course I do!”

Bei Xiaoman glared furiously at Ning Fan. Somehow, she would feel angry every time she saw Ning Fan’s smile. She just could not bear seeing his pleased and complacent face. However, a part of her felt relieved after knowing that he was safe and sound.

Fortunately, he did not cause any bigger trouble.

Just now, when she saw Ning Fan kill Revered Flame, she was scared half to death. Offending the Rain Palace was no joke.

“Really? Well, it actually doesn’t matter to me even if you mind. These two seniors, please come into the tower. Let’s have a conversation inside!” Ning Fan walked into the southern tower on his own. The two Void Refinement Realm experts exchanged glances with each other and followed. They were unable to hide the excitement in their eyes.

Bei Xiaoman was about to burst with anger!

I have already said ‘I mind’. How could he act so stubbornly without listening to whatever I say and enter the southern tower without my permission?!

Since whatever I say doesn’t matter to you, why did you still ask me in the first place?! Are you purposely trying to irritate me?!

Besides, the southern tower is my domain. Have I allowed him to enter?!

Who on earth does he think he is?! Ahhhh!

“Young Mistress, please calm down. Big Brother Zhou and the two Void Refinement Realm seniors are discussing something that is related to his life and death. If their negotiation breaks down, I wonder if those two seniors will hurt Big Brother Zhou or not… They have something that needs Big Brother Zhou’s help. That’s why they are being lenient towards him and didn’t hold him responsible for Revered Flame’s death. If… If…” Ya Lan was rather worried. Her cultivation base might not be strong, but she was a smart woman.

“Of course I know what you are saying! Otherwise, I would have directly kicked this stinky Zhou Ming out of my tower!”

Bei Xiaoman darted a glare at Ya Lan. All of a sudden, she felt rather blue.

Just now, she heard Lu Qing say that the reason why Ning Fan killed Revered Flame and his disciple was solely because of Ya Lan.

In the past, Bei Xiaoman had never paid any attention to this subordinate and did not even look her right in the eye. Now, the way she looked at Ya Lan seemed as if she was going to devour her. She felt inexplicably annoyed. Moreover, she was slightly envious of her.

She just could not stop thinking of how Ning Fan got angry because of Ya Lan and killed someone for her. Why wouldn’t he treat her the same way he treated Ya Lan?

Why would Ning Fan be so friendly and good to others but bad and cruel to her?!

“You’re not allowed to call him Big Brother Zhou! Bear that in mind! You’re not allowed! Not allowed! NOT ALLOWED!”

Bei Xiaoman stomped her feet on the ground sulkily and went off. No one knew where she had gone to prick a figurine made of straw with needles. The figurine she was pricking was no doubt Ning Fan.

Lu Qing looked deeply at Bei Xiaoman who was venting her anger while going around aimlessly and stroked his beard, understanding something.

“Hehe. The Fourth Mistress seems to have found a person she likes…”

“Although Venerated Ming is a cultivator of the mortal world, his talent and potential are incredibly impressive. In a way, he is a good fit to Fourth Mistress. But…”

Lu Qing suddenly let out a sigh.

“The Fourth Mistress already has an engagement with the noble Ximen Family. Should I care about this matter and prevent her from getting too close with Venerated Ming?”


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