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Ning Fan walked all the way to the southern tower with the two Void Refinement Realm experts following behind him. Elder Mo did not dare to block them at all.

He was just an insignificant High Grade Third Revolution Pill Master. How could he afford to offend the three supreme experts in front of him, much less stop them from entering the tower.

The two Void Refinement Realm experts of the Rain Palace were certainly significant beings with esteemed identities. From today onwards, Ning Fan’s notoriety would be even more fierce.

Revered Flame’s strength could be ranked at the top three among the supreme beings of the Internal Endless Sea.

After Ning Fan defeated Revered Flame, he could now be considered as the strongest expert out of all the experts below the Void Refinement Realm in the Endless Sea!

Especially for the calm and composed look Ning Fan had when he walked across the sea of flames which covered ten thousand of li* (500m per li), he looked just like the king of all flames at that time. Elder Mo would probably never forget that scene for his entire life.

After reaching the hall on the second floor, Elder Mo excused himself with more politeness than normal. Ning Fan and the two Void Refinement Realm experts took their respective seats and began studying each other.


Ning Fan’s lips crooked into a smirk.

After killing Revered Flame, he originally planned to cover up what he had done by murdering everyone related to the incident and get rid of all eyewitnesses. He never expected that it would end like this.

The two experts of the Rain Palace both had Early Void Refinement Realm cultivation bases. One of them was wearing a bright yellow robe embroidered with dragon patterns. His hair was white and his complexion looked pale. However, he had an imposing demeanor and his presence emanated an air of majesty. His name was Luo Jun.

On the other hand, the other expert wore silver armor with black stripes. His body was skinny. Despite having no stubble on his face, he looked old and hoary. He seemed to be a body cultivator and his name was Chu Hao.

In the Rain Palace, a Divine Transformation Realm expert would be regarded as a revered being while a Void Refinement Realm expert would be appointed as a lord of a division. Both of these two Void Refinement Realm experts were the lords of their respective branches of the Rain Palace.

After briefly introducing each other’s identities, a sudden silence fell upon the atmosphere. Ning Fan knew that it was time to talk about the main topic.

“Seniors, you might as well get straight to the point. What challenge did you face that would require my help? I’m just a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator and I’m puzzled as to what you need my help with.”

“Hehe. Since you’ve asked, I will surely tell you the truth. But before that, please allow me to express my gratitude to you.” Luo Jun spoke with a mirthless grin on his face.

“Oh? You want to thank me? Why is that so?” Ning Fan was slightly surprised.

“I, Luo Jun, have a descendant who was acting as an elder in the Luo Yang Sect of the External Endless Sea. However, his sect was destroyed by a group of rogue cultivators some time ago. According to my investigation, those rogue cultivators who occupied the Black Orchid Island were chased away by you. You have really helped my descendant vent his spleen. For that, I’m grateful to you!”

Luo Jun’s face seemed sincere, as if Ning Fan had really done him a favor.

“You flatter me.”

Ning Fan refused to comment much. Inwardly, he began to ponder on Luo Jun’s words.

Was it even a favor to chase away a group of rogue cultivators? No, it wasn’t. The reason why Luo Jun thanked Ning Fan for this matter was just to ease up their relationship and create a better atmosphere for the following topic of their conversation.

Ning Fan really wanted to know what important thing Luo Jun and Chu Hao would discuss with him.

“As to what had happened today, the pair of master and disciple, Yun Yan and Gu Zhen, indeed deserved their deaths. The blame will not fall on you, my young friend. Both of us know it very well.  Thus, we certainly won’t cause any troubles to you. You can be rest assured of this!”

Luo Jun showed a friendly sign to Ning Fan. It seems that he was trying his best to get closer to Ning Fan.

“Senior, you can speak frankly. As long as there are enough benefits, I rarely refuse other’s requests.”

“Great! This young friend is indeed a straightforward person! If I still beat around the bush again, it will be my fault. The whole matter is like this. Something that belongs to our Rain Palace is sealed somewhere in an abyss of flames. You don’t have to ask about the details regarding the item as I only know a little about it. The flames within that area are… Immortal Flames! Even the Sovereign of the Rain Palace is unable to enter the sea of flames… It’s shameful to say that our Rain Palace had done our best to nurture Yun Yan in order to let him enter the sea of flames. Unfortunately, I’m afraid the chances of him succeeding is not huge even if he attains the Void Fragmentation Realm. As for you… Honestly, after witnessing you being unscathed from the attack of Yun Yan’s fire sense, it made me think that you must be the only one in the entire Rain World who can go through the Immortal Flames!”

“Immortal Flames?”

Luo Jun’s explanation surprised Ning Fan greatly.

He did not expect that the Rain Palace had set their eyes on his ability to ignore fire attacks.

The reason why he was invulnerable to flames was certainly because of the Stele of Sun and Moon in his Yin Yang Locket. It was hard to say whether he would still be immune to flames of higher grades, but at the very least, Earth Vein Demonic Flames which were Fifth Grade spiritual flames were unable to hurt him. As for Sixth and Seventh Grade spiritual flames, he also had some confidence in defending himself against them.

As for Immortal Flames…  

Fifth Grade spiritual flames were called Earth Vein Demonic Flames while the Sixth and Seventh Grade spiritual flames were called Void Flames. The Immortal Flames which were of even higher grades could only be refined and used by immortals.

Ning Fan knitted his brows. He could not be sure that he would survive heading right into the Immortal Flames.

“Hehe. Fellow Daoist need not to be afraid. Even though that abyss is covered with Immortal Flames, the Divine Sovereign has been weakening the flames with his ‘sovereign rain’ since countless years ago. The power of the Immortal Flames has been reduced by a great deal. Moreover, as the saying goes, the moon shines dimly and brightly while the tide rises and falls. There are times when the flames are strong and weak. As long as you enter that area when the flames are at its weakest, the power of the flames will probably just be at the level of a Void Flame. With your ‘indestructible fire body’ and the protection of the secret treasure of our Rain Palace, there is nothing to be afraid of.”


Ning Fan kept quiet while inwardly mulling over Luo Jun’s words.

The indestructible fire body that Luo Jun mentioned was a physique that was born with the innate ability of manipulating flames. Once this physique successfully develops, it could withstand all types of flames other than Immortal Flames.

It seemed that Luo Jun and Chu Hao had thought that the reason why Ning Fan could restrain the flames was because he had an indestructible fire body.

Anyone could open up their immortal veins and begin cultivating as long as they had enough money. It might seem fair to everybody but there was actually unfairness in it.

Cultivators with a unique physique would certainly be one step ahead than the rest in the path of cultivation.

Cultivators with a set of fiendgod cultivation methods would definitely be more superior compared to ordinary cultivators.

Ning Fan’s greatest luck in his life was meeting Zhihe who gave him the Yin Yang Locket. However, only Ning Fan knew that he actually had no special physique.

He would not make any explanation about it. There wasn’t anything bad in being considered as having an indestructible fire body. After all, no one could seize another’s physique.

If others find out that the ability he had to restrain flames was all because of his Yin Yang Locket, there would be people trying to rob his treasure at all cost.

“If the power of the flames in that abyss is only at the Immortal Void Realm, I might give it a try. But what benefits will I get for taking such a big risk? Within a short period of time, I won’t leave the Endless Sea. If these two Seniors ask me to depart now, you will just be making things difficult for me. There’s one more thing. It’s the problem that concerns me the most… How can these two Seniors ensure that I won’t be killed for the purpose of eliminating a witness after I accomplish the request of the Rain Palace?”

A frown appeared between Ning Fan’s brows. In this world, there were too many betrayals. Incidents like getting rid of one’s benefactor upon achieving their goals were just too common.

The two Void Refinement Realm experts in front of him might be soft-spoken and submissive when asking for his help, but who could ensure that they would not turn against him after their request is fulfilled?

Even if I don’t know what exactly that thing is, I’m afraid it may involve a lot of secrets since it could make the Divine Sovereign of the Rain World spend so much effort just to acquire it.

If the secrets are too important, I will most probably be killed afterwards.

Faced with Ning Fan’s question, Chu Hao made a cold snort, expressing his dissatisfaction.

Anyhow, he was a Void Refinement Realm expert, a lord of a division. It was already rare for him to speak so humbly like what he’s doing to Ning Fan. Therefore, he was quite discontented with his various questions.

If it was not for the fact that the mission of entering the abyss of flames was of great significance, Chu Hao would have directly taken Ning Fan down and planted a mental seal on him and drag him back to the Rain Palace.

“Fellow Daoist Chu! We must not offend Zhou Chen!”

Upon seeing Chu Hao on the verge of losing his patience, Luo Jun quickly reminded him through telepathy.

The reason why the both of them did not directly start a fight with Ning Fan was because it was a matter of great importance and they did not want to create new problems to complicate the issue. Secondly, they misunderstood that Ning Fan had the protection of the third elder of the Zhou Family, Zhou Chen.

After listening to Luo Jun’s reminder, Chu Hao’s expression instantly changed and he made a hollow laugh in an unnatural manner.

Even though Zhou Chen and the two of them were also Void Refinement Realm experts, Zhou Chen had already passed the Void Inquiry stage. Moreover, he could be said to be invincible among the experts at the same stage as him. As for Luo Jun and Chu Hao, they were just at the Void Glimpse stage.

As Chu Hao thought of how formidable Zhou Chen was, how would he dare to go against Ning Fan.


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