Grasping Evil - Chapter 372.2

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While Chu Hao played the role of the bad guy, Luo Jun took the role of the kind and generous one.

He put on a friendly smile and said in a relaxed manner.  “This matter is of great importance. It’s normal for you to have some concerns. However, I can help you dispel your doubts.”

“I’m all ears.”

“With regards to your identity, I think you must have a very close relationship with Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou and… besides, you even have the protection of the third elder of the Zhou Family. Hehe. With such an identity, even us, the members of the Rain Palace, won’t dare to betray you.”

The meaning of his words meant that if it were not for Ning Fan’s identity, the Rain Palace would very likely betray him afterwards.


Ning Fan showed neither approval nor disapproval. He did not have the slightest idea who the third elder or Zhou Chen was as he was not a member of the Zhou Family at all.

However, if this misunderstood identity can keep him safe, he would not mind letting these two old men continue to misinterpret it.

“As for the conflict of time that you are worried about, you can absolutely be rest assured. According to the Sovereign’s divination, there are still a few decades more until the next time the flames will be at their weakest. At the very least, it will be after the Pill Assembly in the Middle State. Before that, you will have sufficient time to do your own things.”

“If that is the case, time is not much of an issue. As long as there are sufficient benefits, I’m willing to undertake this mission!” Ning Fan answered after contemplating for a bit.

“Benefits? Hehe. With the resources our Rain Palace possesses, do you think we won’t be able to satisfy you? After you killed Yun Yan, you have already gathered seven types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames. There are still three more types of Demonic Flames in the Rain Palace. If you come to the Middle State in the future, they will be all yours.”

Luo Jun started to tempt Ning Fan using promises of gains. He gradually realized that Ning Fan was an extreme realistn. It was better to straightforwardly offer him benefits instead of building a friendship with him.

“Other than the three types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames, there are also immortal jade, pills, cultivation methods, secret techniques and even… human cauldrons! As long as you come to the Middle State, we will give you anything that you ask for!”

“Besides, you will also have a chance to join the Rain Palace and become a revered being! To be frank, with your identity as a devil lord and your notoriety, it’s impossible for you to join the Rain Palace in the first place. This is your only opportunity to join the Rain Palace. Once you join, the members of your family will have the right to use the name of our Rain Palace. Fellow Daoist, you should know what this means!”

Luo Jun no longer spoke any more words as he gave Ning Fan some time to think about it.

He had offered him some benefits. Immortal jade and pills were just short term benefits, but joining the Rain Palace was a benefit that would last for generations.

This means that Ning Fan’s descendants would be granted cultivation resources superior to what others have and… privileges…

Mortals attached great importance to power and influence whereas low-ranked cultivators did not need these. But when one’s cultivation base gets to a level comparable to Luo Jun and Ning Fan’s, power and influence will become important once again.

Those who were able to attain that level were only capable of doing so through having a large number of resources for cultivation.

If you do not have a significant status, by what means could you obtain those resources? Large-scale massacres were not allowed in the eight hundred cultivation kingdoms. It would be difficult to plunder and loot everywhere like what he had done in the Star Sea and the Endless Sea.

Ning Fan was also tempted by the benefits.

He might only be able to obtain tangible benefits like money and material objects when he goes to the Rain Palace in the future.

But with regards to the title of being a revered being of the Rain Palace… Ning Fan was sure that once he opened his mouth and requested it, he could instantly change his identity and become a revered being of the Rain Palace!

It was simply like turning a bandit into an officer!

With this title, my loved ones will be very safe…

This was the most tempting part to Ning Fan. His female companions were all over the Rain World. It would be impossible for him to protect them all at once.

But if he becomes the revered being of the Rain Palace… no one would dare to make trouble with his women and his forces would be able to continue to steadily develop.

In addition, there was another part which enticed him: the Immortal Flames in that abyss.

It was rare for Immortal Flames to exist and remain in the mortal world. If he takes the opportunity to devour the Immortal Flames after entering the abyss…

When the time comes, Emperor Moksha will no longer be as dreadful to him!

“I promise to help. However, I hope to immediately be granted the title of a revered being of the Rain Palace rather than waiting for the Rain Sovereign to approve.” Ning Fan said with a smile.

“It’s impossible! With your identity…” Chu Hao expressed his displeasure once again, but he choked on his words after Luo Jun gave him a meaningful glance.

“As long as you make the great oath of heart devil to keep the matters we’ve discussed secret and swear to never violate this agreement, I can make the decision and grant you the title of the revered being of the ‘Jun Tian Palace’!”

“Jun Tian Palace… I can assure you that I will never disclose this matter. However, I don’t have the habit of making an oath.”

“Zhou Ming! You’re being excessive!” Chu Hao bellowed in fury but Luo Jun held him back again. However, even Luo Jun was somewhat displeased this time.

“I’m in the Rain World. If I go against the agreement, the Rain Palace will definitely kill me. Do you think I will be able to run away? Moreover, Senior Luo also didn’t make an oath to guarantee my safety after accomplishing the mission. Doesn’t it seem like a fair deal since neither of us made an oath?” Ning Fan replied and his face remained as collected as usual.

No matter how promising and tempting Luo Jun’s words were, they were just his words. Other than the title of a revered being of the Rain Palace, could he be one hundred percent certain that Ning Fan would get the other benefits that were promised? If the Rain Sovereign insists on killing Ning Fan, would he be able to keep him alive? If Ning Fan sets his eyes upon a top grade cultivation method of the Rain Palace, does Luo Jun have the right to give it to him?

Ning Fan was just telling the truth.

“Young friend, you’re right. Daoist Chu and I will immediately return to the Rain Palace and report this matter to Lord Rain Sovereign and try to negotiate some benefits for you. I am also willing to believe that you won’t dare to betray the Rain Palace.”

Luo Jun nodded. He did not think that Ning Fan would have the courage to challenge the Rain Palace. 

In the past, even Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou had to compromise with the Rain Palace, much less Ning Fan who was just a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. How would he dare to betray the Rain Palace, right?

“Oh? So Seniors are leaving now?”

“Yes, but don’t worry, young friend. Before we leave, I will convey the message of you being a new revered being of the Rain Palace to all the forces within my reach using message-transmitting flying swords. From now on, you are Revered Ming of the Rain Palace. Hehe. I wonder how many people will envy you for your identity.”

After he finished speaking, Luo Jun and Chu Hao really sent out countless message-transmitting flying swords as promised. Their actions must have informed quite a large number of forces.

After exchanging some brief conventional remarks, the two experts left.

As for Revered Flame’s death, it was indeed written off.

Luo Jun declared to the outside world that the reason why Ning Fan gained the title of a revered being was because he condemned evil and promoted goodness by helping the Rain Palace get rid of Revered Flame which was claimed to be the poisonous tumor of the clan.

Elder Mo was stunned.

When he heard that Ning Fan became a revered being of the Rain Palace instead of being hunted down by them after killing Revered Flame, he felt like he was dreaming.

Who on earth could still be innocent after killing a revered being of the Rain Palace?!

Who could negotiate with the division lords of the Rain Palace on an equal footing while being just a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator?!

The Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea could not do it!

But Ning Fan did it!

“Hmph! Stinky Zhou Ming, you’re such a lucky bastard!”

An angry and dissonant voice came from outside the main hall.

There was also another lady wearing a worried face who came along with her.

They were Bei Xiaoman and Ya Lan.

“Give me back my Grandpa Stone Warrior! O-Otherwise…”

Bei Xiaoman stared angrily at Ning Fan. However, when she was faced with Ning Fan’s broad grin, her mind suddenly turned blank and her heart seemed to have stopped beating for a second.

“Otherwise, what will you do?” Ning Fan stared Bei Xiaoman in the eye attentively as if his interest had been piqued.

This unruly little lady is actually quite cute.


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