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Ning Fan led a solitary life once again in the abode he created beneath the surface of the star he descended upon.

A single year in the outside world was equivalent to 128 years in this void space. Ning Fan had told Lu Qing that he was going to enter the Lost World Tower for one year. That is to say, he would stay up to 128 years after his intrusion to the seventh floor.

No one was able to bring other people to the Lost World Tower. Thus, he would be able to have a peace of mind as there wouldn’t be any external noises to disturb him.

I have 5884 units of magic power, 71440 units of demon power and 83470 traces of devil qi. My magic power is the weakest of them all. I must improve it to catch up with my other powers.

Ning Fan patted his storage pouch and took out a great number of Profound Primordial Pills.

The Profound Primordial Pill was a Peak Grade Fourth Revolution pill which was refined to aid in raising one’s magic power. These pills were excellent for Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. Each of these pills was able to increase their magic power by 1 unit when consumed.

Ning Fan had gathered a total of 1290 pellets of Profound Primordial Pills.

Since the value of a single Profound Primordial Pill was around one hundred thousand immortal jade, 1290 pellets would cost over one hundred million immortal jade. However, these pills which had such a sizable value in total all disappeared into his gut within ten days.

After assimilating all the pills, his magic power grew to 6940 units.

Mm… It’s 234 units less than what I had expected.

Well, it certainly was because the greater the number of pills one consumed, the weaker the effect of these pills.

Even so, it did not matter much to Ning Fan. During his trip in the Star Sea, he had plundered countless spiritual medicines and ingredients. Besides, he had also taken away some resources from Bei Xiaoman’s possessions. With the amount of ingredients he had on hand which were mostly one thousand years old and above, it was more than enough for him to concoct a few more thousands of pellets of Profound Primordial Pill.

Within his abode, he extended his fingers and clawed at the air. His body then glowed in green. A massive rain cauldron then materialized in front of him. It was a cauldron formed using his divine intent of rain.

His pill refinement techniques were already at the Mid Grade Fifth Revolution. The flames that he conjured were the combination of nine types of Heavenly Cold Qi and Earth Flames.

Every time he opened the lid of his cauldron, it would only take him three days to finish concocting a batch of Profound Primordial Pills and each batch contained ten pellets!

One has to know that these pellets were Peak Grade Fourth Revolution pills. Even a Low Grade Fifth Revolution Pill Master wouldn’t dare to guarantee one hundred percent success every time they concoct these pills. Moreover, they could at most concoct one pellet at a time.

Ning Fan was equipped with excellent knowledge in the Dao of Alchemy, impressive spirit sense and outstanding ability in controlling flames. Even his luck was purple, the strongest color one could ever have.

Combining his capabilities and his luck, he would really need to knock himself to death using tofu if he still fails in concocting Profound Primordial Pills.

In the first month, he managed to produce one hundred pellets. After a year, he had concocted one thousand and two hundred pellets. As time flew by, he was able to produce thirteen to fourteen pills at a time.

Six years later, he finished concocting 8000 pellets of Profound Primordial Pill and decided not to concoct this type of pill anymore.

With such a large number of pills, it would be enough to nurture a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator in the short term.

Even a Peak Grade Fourth Revolution Pill Master would never have enough wealth and resources to refine 8000 pills of such grade.

Besides, even if one has enough wealth and resources, an ordinary Fourth Revolution Pill Master would only be able to concoct one pellet in half a month and it was not even guaranteed whether the pellets would be complete or defective. As such, it would take them at least 300 years to produce 8000 pellets of Profound Primordial Pill without rest.

Six years of his hard work was equivalent to three hundred years of cultivation for ordinary pill masters. Even so, Ning Fan realized that his pill refinement techniques had improved but the improvement was not that obvious.

His Mid Grade Fifth Revolution medicine soul was already dark green in the first place. Currently, however, the dark color grew even more concentrated at nearly one percent of his medicine soul.

If the rest of his medicine soul glows black, his pill refinement techniques could then break through to the High Grade Fifth Revolution.

Let’s set aside the matter about his pill refinement techniques for the moment. After producing the 8000 pellets of Profound Primordial Pill, Ning Fan had no choice but continue his life of chewing ‘beans’. That kind of life lasted for four months.

Doubtlessly, Ning Fan’s resistance towards Profound Primordial Pills grew stronger and stronger.

At first, he was still able to raise 650 units of magic power after consuming one thousand pellets of the pills.

Then, he was only able to increase 520 units of magic power after consuming the next one thousand pellets.

The following one thousand pellets only managed to increase his magic power by 450 units of magic power.

420 units, 330 units, 290 units, 240 units.

The final one thousand pellets of Profound Primordial Pill could only improve his magic power by 50 units because his resistance to the Profound Primordial Pills became so strong that they hardly have any effect on him anymore!

Ning Fan smiled helplessly. Apparently, he was the first individual in the Rain World to consume Profound Primordial Pills to the point where they no longer had any effect.

The eight thousand pellets of Profound Primordial Pills gave him an extra 2950 units of magic power.

Currently, the total amount of magic power he had was 9890.

After spending four months munching on pills, his magic power had also become illusory. He did not consume any more pills but took out countless types of spiritual flames to devour and assimilate.

A minority of these spiritual flames were presents from cultivators of the External Endless Sea while most of them were looted from Revered Flame.

There were nearly one thousand types of Third Grade spiritual flames, two hundred types of Fourth Grade spiritual flames and three types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames.

The three types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames were the Poison Decaying Flame which ranked last among the twelve, the Profound Thunder Flame which ranked ninth and the Seven Rainbows Flame which ranked fourth.

Ning Fan’s eyes burned with zeal as he stared at the groups of flames which were floating in front of him.

If he devours the flames, not only would the power of his fire techniques and the speed of his pill refinement improve, but the soul power of the Stele of Sun and Moon would also be replenished during the process of assimilating the flames!


Black flames coiled around his body as he opened his mouth wide and inhaled deeply. Then, each group of the flames floating in midair were absorbed into his abdomen.

These spiritual flames were nearly all the reserves of the cultivators in the External Endless Sea.

It took Ning Fan nine months to completely assimilate all of the flames. Nine months later, his magic power managed to achieve a breakthrough in the bottleneck of the Divine Transformation Realm with the aid of the flames he devoured and reached 14200 units!

Within his dantian, his demon soul gradually took the form of a primordial spirit. His primordial spirit which was the size of his palm shared the same look as him. His miniature face was filled with delight and satisfaction.

Finally, his magic power had attained the Divine Transformation Realm!

At the moment he achieved his breakthrough, silver flames fell from the void space. They were obviously the Heavenly Tribulation that one would have to face after attaining the Divine Transformation Realm – the Fire Tribulation.

Ning Fan heaved a disappointed sigh.

It seems like there won’t be any of the blood lightning from the Heavenly Tribulation to temper my lightning whip anymore. But it’s not bad as this Fire Tribulation can be used to replenish the power of the Stele of Sun and Moon.

Without uttering any words, he opened his mouth and took a deep breath, drawing in all of the silver flames from above. They were immediately devoured by the Stele of Sun and Moon in his locket whereas Ning Fan remained unscathed.

After exhaling a mouthful of foul breath, he suddenly rose to his feet. His aura grew even more vigorous than before. As it spread towards all directions, his abode collapsed.

Black flames burned and circled around his body. They gave out an immense sense of danger. Now, they were a combination of five types of Heavenly Cold Qi and seven types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames.

Even though Ning Fan had yet to gather all twelve types of Heavenly Cold Qi and twelve types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames, the number of cold qi and earth flames he had obtained reached twelve.

Currently, curls of black flames danced across his palm. Even Ning Fan felt danger while dealing with the flames. The black flames were now at least comparable to Seventh Immortal Void Flames. Only Void Fragmentation Realm experts were capable of controlling that kind of flames!

Due to the limitation of Ning Fan’s current cultivation base, he was unable to unleash the full power of the flames. However, with the current power of the flames, he could make an old monster of the Void Glimpse Stage back off from fighting him if he activates them.

Evidently, the flames would become his fourth greatest trump card other than his Black Tempest Rupture Art, Wind Mist Finger and Wind Snow Technique!

It would be able to instantly eliminate a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, grievously injure a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm and leave a minor wound on a genuine Void Refinement Realm expert!

Besides, nearly one third of the soul of the Stele of Sun and Moon in the Profound Yin World was replenished after Ning Fan devoured all the spiritual flames that he had.


Ning Fan gently exhaled a mouthful of foul breath and withdrew the flames surrounding his body. Now, the three different types of power: the magic power, the demon power and the devil qi he possessed had all attained the Divine Transformation Realm. His strength improved greatly. However, his qi had become hollow and illusory.

It happened due to his excessive consumption of pills. In order to condense his qi and make it more solid, he had to use up his power.

Then, an idea struck him. He wanted to refine pills. This time, however, he would concoct Fifth Revolution pills.

Fifth Revolution pills were extremely different from the Fourth Revolution pills. The difficulty in refining these pills would be greater but their effect would, of course, be more significant.

With Ning Fan’s current pill refinement techniques and his black flames, he would need at least half a month to concoct a Low Grade Fifth Revolution pill.

As for Mid Grade Fifth Revolution pills, it would take him at least three months and it was still hard to say whether or not the pills he concocts would be defective.

For ten years, Ning Fan had been refining a type of Low Grade Fifth Revolution pill called Spirit Solidifying Pill.

Just as its name implied, the pill’s effect was to strengthen one’s primordial spirit. The main spiritual ingredients were the Heart Nourishing Grass, the Spirit Soothing Leaf and the Perfectly Warm Zoysia which was specialized in nourishing one’s primordial spirit.

Ning Fan had obtained a great deal of these spiritual medicines from the Lost World Palace. Compared to having Yu Long gather the ingredients for him, acquiring them from the Lost World Palace directly was much faster.

Within ten years, he managed to produce 225 pellets of Spirit Solidifying Pills. His success rate was ninety percent every time he concocted the pills.

Aside from concocting pills, he also fused the golden blood of the demon marshal into eighteen pills.

The eighteen drops of golden blood contained 3600 units of demon power. After fusing them into the pills, its effect changed. Instead of improving one’s demon power, it could now raise one’s magic power.

Ten years of pill refinement made Ning Fan’s magic power more solid than before.

Out of the 225 pellets, he only consumed those with the demon marshal’s blood and left the remaining 207 pellets for Luo You to stabilize her primordial spirit.

Originally, the eighteen drops of golden blood were only enough to raise 3600 units of magic power.

However, after they were fused into the pills, the power within the blood was assimilated even more thoroughly. When Ning Fan consumed the eighteen pellets, he gained 5000 units of magic power in total.

Now, his magic power was at 19060 units!


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